Sunday, June 5, 2016


         Since his ignominious flight from Raqqa, Caliph Baghdadi, the Supreme Commander of ISIS has been rather quiet. Apparently, now he has broken his silence, though unintentionally. According to Allied media reports, an ISIS courier was captured outside Mosul, Iraq bearing dispatches from the Caliph.

          Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of the Iraqi Shiite Party released some of the contents of the dispatches, the general tone of which was urging ISIS fighters to execute evacuation plans from Iraq and Syria

          "The people of Iraq and Syria do not deserve the sacrifices ISIS is making." the Caliph wrote.

           Hakim told the press that this intelligence revealed that ISIS is on the verge of complete collapse on both fronts. Western propagandists are sneering at the report, however there are good reasons to accept its authenticity. There have been an unusually high number of Jihadi leaders and officials reportedly killed or captured recently---not on the battlefront but typically in the vicinity of a border. Likewise, the insane president of Turkey has deployed troops in Iraqi territory (and by some accounts in Syria as well) to facilitate the Terrorists' escapes. Allied Forces have demanded Turkish withdrawal, but the Turks are under US/NATO air cover and have yet to move. Which ought to demonstrate which other powers are involved in the ISIS ratlines. 

             Iranian Intelligence has long held that Turkey---with covert US/NATO aid---have been moving ISIS and Al-Qaeda through Turkish territory to Libya or onto terror cells in Western Europe and the US. Obviously, they are not going all the way to Libya without some kind of assistance.

               In other news from the Eastern Front; Iraqi forces have reportedly breached ISIS defenses and entered Fallujah. ISIS is fighting behind IEDs, suicide bombers, a civilians employed as human shields, so the battle is a protracted one. Yesterday, Iraqi forces liberated the village of Saqulawiya, a key position commanding the northern highway from Fallujah.

              In Syria, Allied Forces repelled an ISIS counterattack to retake Deir Ezzur, Syrian Army troops have entered Raqqa Province along with the elite Desert Eagles commando force. The Desert Eagles are a hand-picked squadron trained and equipped by Russian Specnaz. They've proven themselves apt pupils in previous engagements against al-Qaeda and soon ISIS will have the opportunity to make their acquaintance.

               In Aleppo, nearly 300 civilians were killed yesterday when the al-Qaeda moderate rebels launched US-made TOW missiles into a residential area. Russian bombers located and neutralized the al-Qaeda missile batteries. Iranian sources state that the al-Qaeda forces in Aleppo, frustrated by these reversals have purged their top commander.

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