Thursday, June 30, 2016


      After the Orlando Massacre and the BREXIT vote, the American Media Cartels are busily milking the alleged terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey to throw the public into panic-mode and drive up ratings revenue. Why do we say "alleged terrorist attack"? For two reasons:

       1. Nothing that comes from Turkish President Tyyip Erdogan's mouth should be believed at face value, and

       2. Nothing that comes from the Obama Administration or the Mainstream Media should be taken at face value either.

        The issue here is not whether or not the Istanbul attack actually occurred; the issue is whether or not it was what the authorities and experts involved claim that it was. Given some various events surrounding both Erdogan and Obama recently, we will simply note that the Istanbul attack was very conveniently timed. However, we will not engage in speculation until further details emerge from more reliable sources; but these nonetheless are matters for consideration.

         Now the American media has been stoking the flames of Ameroboob outrage and hysteria over this event; apparently forgetting that even more Americans were killed in an attack in Orlando just two weeks ago. In spite of the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility for Orlando and the attacker proclaimed sympathy with the Jihad; the same Government-Media Complex who scoffed at any connection between Orlando and ISIS is now throwing up its collective hands in horror that such an event could happen here!

        As a point of fact, it can happen here; it is happening here, and has been happening for some time. The postmodern Cultural Marxists have somehow created this false dichotomy in the public mind that premeditated mass-murder and terrorism are two different things. In reality, they are the same things. It's expedient, though, for the Government-Media to wrangle over definitions, motivations for these crimes, and other abstractions because they can then capitalize on the confusion. As a matter of national policy, these things are completely irrelevant. They are useful to Law Enforcement and others concerned with public safety and crime prevention---which is in many ways a science---but to public policy they mean nothing.

          Anarchist street riots, lone kook mass-shooters, and Jihadist terrorists are not going to be stopped by Hate-Speech laws, gun control, increased domestic espionage, or any other political grandstanding. These things are happening because our society and culture are breaking down. We are not being attacked from without, but from within.

          American culture has degenerated into an effete, narcissistic society where our traditions and values are derided and scoffed at; where the rights of interest groups supersede the rights of the individual; and both official law and unofficial groupthink is employed as an instrument of force to compel obedience to political correctness. Under such circumstances, envy and revenge dominate political and social discourse and mass-violence is bound to happen. Reverse these societal trends, and they will stop happening, as they rarely happened before when our society operated under different values.

        When a culture believes in its ideals, when fairness for all is the prevailing attitude, when law is an instrument of justice; then mass-violence is an aberration; like a natural disaster. People join together to help the victims and things return to normal.

         But Americans of today could care less about anything of these things. They prefer the passive-aggressive course, which is to lament their 'victimhood' one day and get their revenge on somebody else the next. The same attitude which is predominant in the minds of most perpetrators of mass-violence. And that's why these violent outbursts will continue to happen.  

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