Wednesday, June 22, 2016


     While Chinese President Xi Jinping is busy leading this year's Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting---which will likely unite economically and militarily most of Central Asia, Obama and his LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon are expending US funds on some further pointless military exercises in the South China Sea. If Obama fails to start WW3, his Administration will likely be remembered as producing some of the most expensive photo-ops in history.

      This week, the Village People's Navy is taking its roadshow to the Philippine Sea and features two aircraft carriers. According to an Admiral, Marcus Hitchcock, these exercises are designed to show China "our unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike groups in close proximity," as if China is supposed to be impressed with a naval maneuver developed in the 1940s; and then boasts " No other Navy can concentrate this much power on one sea."

      Maybe if Admiral Hitchcock had spent more time studying naval tactics than political correctness, he would know that concentrating forces in an era of atomic weaponry is bad strategy. Weapons of Mass Destruction are called by that name because are designed to destroy mass concentrations. But then again, we are talking about a Navy led by Admirals who are little better than pirates. 

        China, though, at whom all these provocations are aimed is taking the matter seriously.

        "The timing of the operation---just ahead of a ruling on South China Sea disputes---is surely a calculated one" a Xinhua editorial stated, "After countless promises not to take sides in the dispute, the arrival of warships is hardly an aspect of the peaceful resolution Obama claims to support."

         China is certainly right to be suspicious; Obama's treacherous foreign policy record should automatically make foreign power presume his intentions are the polar opposite of his actual words.

          But the great danger involved in Obama's passive-aggressive foreign policy is not only that it isolates us economically and weakens us diplomatically. Obama has pushed the world closer to WW3 than any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unlike 1962, the US is in no position to fight a war on that scale---even presuming our cause is just, which it is not.

          Obama's continual prodding of major powers: China, Russia, and, increasingly, Iran, is generating within those countries political elements who want a more hardline approach than their current leaders. Even more dangerous is his policy of employing highly unstable regimes as buffer-states between these powers. The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the gangsters in Turkey have made no secret of their desire for war with Russia; the drug-addicted Wahhabi Saudi regime and their satellites consider the Shia Iranians infidels; and Duterte in the Philippines and Abe in Japan have territorial designs against China. Any one of these points is a time-bomb waiting to explode and suck the US military into the conflict.

          China is not going to leave the Nansha Islands voluntarily and has made this position non-negotiable. What the Iranian Navy did to our sailors in January is going to be mild compared to what the Chinese Navy is capable of doing. And more to the point, it will be a fight over an issue that the United States has absolutely no national interest in winning, although China does have a national interest in it.

          Unfortunately, this is the motive behind this and other regional conflicts. It is not about securing US interests; it is simply to grandstand and appear powerful before the Ameroboob electorate. And the Ameroboobs need to put down their hookah pipes and turn off the cable news long enough to think long and hard about the consequences of a war with China.

          But chances are, this will not happen. It won't be until the average American starts seeing Silkworm missiles coming into his neighborhood that he'll realize there's a problem. And even then, he'll probably just blame it all on whatever scapegoat of choice he blames for all his other problems, drop some more pills, and settle into another New Normal.

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