Saturday, June 25, 2016


      There is an interesting post at Citizen Tom's blog, which is part of an ongoing debate, apparently with a partisan of the Game Cult over the much-debated topic of female submission.

       In order to understand why this issue is debatable in the first place, we must bear in mind that 21st Century America is a deeply androgynous, sex-negative, and homosocial culture. Most of us who attempt to defend what remains of our former society are doing so in the context of our Christian pluralistic tradition. The Cultural Marxists in their attacks on Christianity intentionally distort Biblical and Patristic teachings on gender polarity to fit their absurd class-struggle social paradigms. But as Citizen Tom rightly points out, it is useless to expect Christian standards to apply to a non-Christian orientation.

      The problem, though, comes about when Cultural Marxist sophistries begin infiltrating the Church itself. The Game Cult has become an especially pernicious influence in contemporary religious thought because it accepts the fundamental premises adduced by Radical Feminism and cloaks them under the mantle of Christian Doctrine. For example, the Cultural Marxists falsely teach that certain Biblical passages advocate that women are inferior to men and that a woman's moral duty is to be in subjection to their husbands. The Game Cult wholly agrees with this---but teach it as a purified form of Christianity; allegedly freed from Feminist influence. In this we see that the Game Cult's version of Biblical gender-roles is nothing more than the Feminist myth of a nebulous patriarchal ecclesiastical conspiracy rewritten to accommodate a different audience.

       Citizen Tom explains that submission is an act of will. Whether he realizes it or not, this has been the teaching of the Church since the beginning. St. Clement of Alexandria, in his third chapter of The Stromata wrote at great length about love as an act of the will. Of course St. John and St. Paul had already outlined the same concept. Our contemporary culture holds---as the Game Cult does---that Love is nothing more than a combination of biological drives and subconscious impulses. But Will is what completes the dynamic. With it, we have stable relationships based on deep and true love; without it, we have broken, transient relationships; gender identity disorder; and neuroses.

         Christianity really teaches nothing innovative or revolutionary about gender polarity; it refines and explains the spiritual and theological background behind what already exists in human nature. Feminist duplicity and Game Cult opportunism have turned polarity into a competitive concept---when in reality it is a co-operative and complimentary one. St. Paul somewhere gives the metaphor of a pair of oxen yoked together, working for a common cause. Each gender has properties---strengths and weaknesses---unique to itself which the other must complete.

           Again, Citizen Tom explains: "The woman submits because she knows she is one with her man. She submits because they are so joined as to be one and the same. If a man wants his wife to love and trust him as a godly woman should, then he must strive each day to earn her love and trust."

             And that is an excellent summary of what female submission really means. What a contrast to the cutthroat power-struggle offered by our postmodernist realists. It is the ideal that Christianity offers. And, by the same token, one of the reasons that Christian ideals are detested by the cultural elites. By depicting these ideals as illusions; by fomenting chaos and competition between men and women, both genders become easy prey for those offering control and stability---for a price.



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