Tuesday, June 28, 2016


     The US Corporate Media Cartels have been stirring up a frenzy of anti-British hatred in the wake of BREXIT. As we predicted as well, the Wall Street freebooters and Left-Wing street thugs are fomenting as much financial and social chaos in Britain as possible.

       The Foes of Freedom were bound to react on Britain with this kind of fury. The parasites who comprise the mainstream media, the financial syndicates, and the welfare class feel threatened by a system where they have to compete as equals on a level playing-field.

        Britain has recovered to itself the right of self-determination. They are free once again to determine their own laws without outside interference.

        One of the main benefits from BREXIT is economic. Britain now has the freedom to engage in bilateral trade; that is, they may now negotiate independent agreements for imported and exported goods. Bilateral trade has been the secret behind China's expansive economic enterprises. The ability to buy and sell in a free market could lower inflation, create jobs, and generally lift the British economy.

         Another benefit---about which numerous media lies have been promulgated---is immigration policy. Contrary to what the Establishment tells us, Britain was forced to refuse immigrants to accommodate EU demands that they accept the 'refugees' foisted upon them by Merkel and Obama. Britain now may freely ignore those demands and set policies favorable to its own national interest.

            Analysts have also pointed out that many British industries driven out by the EU may now return. EU restrictions on existing British manufacturing will be lifted. Most importantly, British resources now spent on subsidizing the EU would be spent in Britain on British needs and British interests. The British Pound Sterling will no longer be tied to the more historically unstable Euro.

           Britain will also be freed from EU/Wall Street military and national security entanglements.

           BREXIT will prove of incalculable benefit to Britain long-term. Already nations outside the Brussels/Berlin/Beltway sphere of influence are probing trade deals and investment with the independent UK. India---the major foreign investor in Britain---has reacted to BREXIT positively. Indian investors have long complained of EU obstructionism.
The EU has no free-trade agreement with India and China---as well as current sanctions on Russia---but Britain is now free to engage in reciprocal agreements with these and other countries.

           Those who opposed BREXIT never have, and have not now, the interests of the British people in mind. This ought to be clear from their post-BREXIT propaganda, financial sabotage, and instigating political instability. They would destroy Britain if they cannot control it, as they have destroyed other countries who resisted them. Britain has rejected their tyranny and now must stand firm.



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