Thursday, June 9, 2016


       With Brexit looming, and EU governments in France and Italy pushing to end anti-Russian sanctions, the frustrated Obama Administration and their neo-Nazi satraps in West Ukraine have been lashing out. They are conducting joint military exercises in the Baltics and in Georgia---right on the Russian border. The Rainbow-Pride Pentagon thinks these theatrics will intimidate Russia although competent military men might question the prudence of displaying a country's tactics and abilities in front of a potential opponent. But we aren't talking about competent military men when discussing today's Pentagon.

         Even more dangerous is that Obama has deployed mid-range ballistic missile batteries in Romania, in violation of a Reagan Era treaty. The reason that these missiles were restricted along the borders was, because of their short flight-time, a potential mistake would have no time to be corrected. Given the recent number of US military accidents and the low quality of our current personnel generally, an accident is a greater possibility today than in the 1980s.

         Not only are the Romanian missile batteries in violation of international law, but their deployment---from the military standpoint---is consistent with a policy of potential or actual wartime conditions. Russia has protested this provocative action, so far to no avail.

          Today Obama deployed an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean and has moved naval warships into the Black Sea. Considering the sheer mental instability of the leadership in the Western parts of this region: Obama, Stoltenberg, Poroshenko, and Erdogan in particular---along with the political instability they are collectively fomenting in Macedonia and Armenia---any vector-point on this axis of insanity can ignite a major war.

           The psychopathic leadership in Kiev has made statements to the effect that WW3 with Russia is their actual desire. Victoria Nuland, the architect of the Maidan coup that projected these Jacobin crackpots into power, recently admitted that $100 million in US tax dollars have been spent on pro-Kiev propaganda alone. Along with Madison Avenue, Wall Street has seen to it that billions more US tax dollars have been shoveled into propping up this regime.

             Poroshenko and his cohorts have also been ramping up militarily, egged on by Obama. Kiev, with a huge subsidy from Washington has been refurbishing old Soviet-era rocket engines to fill the gaps in the Pentagon's supply (this instead of subsidizing building them in the United States, of course). The Pentagon has also sent some of their LGBTQ-friendly Special Forces to train Poroshenko's 'army' of European Skinheads and Islamic Jihadists into a fighting force.

              Today, Ukrainian artillery, for no apparent reason, shelled a residential area in the Donetsk Republic. There were some minor injuries; but such actions illustrate the character of this regime. Not to be outdone, Nadiya Savachenko, the clipped-haired, mean-faced heroine of the Western Media Cartels did some photo-ops with former street-thug leader turned Ukrainian general, Dmitry Yarosh claiming to have tested some kind of top-secret Ukrainian super-weapon. Why they would advertise a top-secret weapon on social networking illustrates the mentality under which these people are operating. Chances are though, this 'super-weapon' is something like their recently unveiled state-of-the-art battle tank: a copy of a Soviet T-64 modified with some WW2-era Nazi Panzer technology.

              The situation in the Black Sea region is a essentially a potential geopolitical disaster. And all of this is for absolutely nothing. The issues that began the conflict---access to Russian oil reserves---could easily have been solved with a trade agreement.

           But that solution, though offered by Russia,  didn't serve the interests of Wall Street monopolists who care nothing for free and fair trade. Nor did it serve the globalist agendas of Beltway Cultural Marxists. And the Ameroboob goes along blindly with all of it; eagerly awaiting the moment when can prove our Exceptionalism on the battlefield against the Russians. The relative performance of Russian forces in Syria compared to American forces there ought to indicate how such a conflict would end in reality.

            Reality, though, is something the modern Ameroboob doesn't face very well. Likely, he'll simply keep dropping his happy-pills and blame the disaster on---well, whomever the media tells him to blame.

                                                             "Go Get Those Russkies!"

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