Wednesday, June 29, 2016


   The US government, along with the self-appointed cultural elites, are doing an outstanding job of promoting so-called Exceptionalism abroad. We've brought to many foreign communities the civil unrest, political correctness, corporatism, bureaucratic arrogance, and crime that postmodernist America enjoys.

    Now Saudi Arabia, an autocratic state run by Wahhabi fanatics and drug addicts, would be the natural ally of American Cultural Marxists. But the crimes committed and endorsed by the Saudi regime are causing international outcry. Even such organizations as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, though somewhat dubious in the own right, have been compelled by international pressure to launch a formal protest to the United Nations over Saudi atrocities in Yemen and their overt support for criminal activities in Syria, Iraq, and Iran; and their complicity in suppressing the Shia minority in Bahrain.

     Of course, this petition is mostly for show. The US and Saudi Arabia have stonewalled all attempts to censure the Saudi government; or restrict arms-sales to that regime. This is not surprising; consider that the Saudis and their Wahhabi confederates---chiefly Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, and Bahrain---are all huge shareholders in Wall Street, and especially the US Media Cartels. The Bushmen and the Clintons likewise have huge financial investments in that region; and Obama was schooled in a Wahhabi madrassa and CIA Director Brennan is a Wahhabi convert with a residence in Riyadh. Major contractors like Halliburton and Academi (formerly known as Blackwater) are headquartered in Dubai and the Pentagon maintains numerous bases in the region.

     Nonetheless Saudi crimes are real. Saudi forces invaded Yemen last year for the purpose of ethnically cleansing the Shiite and Christian populations and installing a Wahhabi regime there. Around 3,000 civilians have been killed in Saudi-led military operations. These were not collateral damages, either. At least 69 cases have been documented where Saudi forces specifically targeted civilian infrastructure: schools, hospitals, churches, mosques and markets. They have also deployed US-made cluster-bombs for these purposes.

     Considering that the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon recently dispatched a hundred or so of its so-called 'Special Forces' to Yemen to assist Saudi repression, it is likely that the Obama Administration will again ignore and block the UN proposals. That will permit the 'Human Rights' groups some political cover to ignore Saudi crimes in the future.

      A similar situation is developing in Bahrain, where the Wahhabi government has begun a new series of brutal crackdowns on the majority Shiite population. Bahrain is now home to a US Naval Base---the same who stood by and did nothing in 2011 when Saudi and UAE troops slaughtered over a hundred Bahraini Shiite protestors in the streets. That was during the so-called Arab Spring. Bahraini citizens learned that regime change only applies to countries Wall Street doesn't control---not to ones it already has under its thumb.

      Saudi Arabia has also been involved in Jihadist intrigues in Iraq, Syria, and Iran; but like the case with Yemen and Bahrain, all with a wink and a nod from the Beltway.

        It's sad to recall that the United States once prided itself on using its power to uphold Democracy and Free Enterprise worldwide. True, we did not always live up to that ideal. But today, our country actually flaunts its disregard for both. We have become much like the former Soviet Union or the Maoist China we once opposed. And sadder still is the fact that the average Ameroboob---who couldn't find Yemen or Bahrain on a map---will not bother to hold our own government accountable for its complicity in Saudi crimes; or for its selling-out to Wahhabi interests.

       Syria, Yemen, Bahrain---these are examples of why the world needs a new global paradigm, with different leadership. Russia, China, India, and possibly a post-BREXIT Britain can pick up the global leadership role we have forfeited.

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