Tuesday, June 21, 2016


      Allied media sources report this morning the good news that an unknown number of Christian and Yazidi women were rescued from the clutches of ISIS outside of Fallujah today. Zulfikar Baldavi, commander of an Iraqi Volunteer Unit, told the press that the female hostages were bound for the Slave Market but were abandoned in a cell when their ISIS captors fled Fallujah.

       ISIS and other Jihadists have forcibly deported hundreds of women to Turkey where they are sold in the Black Market slave trade. Turkey is a member of NATO; a Coalition Partner of the Obama Administration and, as such, largely has escaped world scrutiny for the numerous Crimes Against Humanity in which its government has been complicit.

      Baldavi also stated to the press that Allied Forces are continuing to clear Fallujah of Jihadi snipers and booby-traps. The Iraqi Volunteer Units are comprised of citizen-soldiers fighting alongside the regular army; in a capacity not unlike the French Maquisards in WW2 or the American Minutemen of our War of Independence.  

       In other war-related news, Syrian forces repulsed an ISIS counterattack against the recently captured oil fields east of Raqqa. Lebanon---a recent participant in the Alliance---announced that its forces had destroyed an Al-Qaeda camp on their northern border. The camp was apparently employed as a way-station for the Jihadi Ratlines; smuggling fleeing war criminals from the area.

       Russian military sources also announced that 2 1/2 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered by convoy this morning to refugee settlements southwest of Damascus.

                                                         Good Men Doing Good Things

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