Saturday, December 31, 2022


      2022 wasn't an especially good year for anybody; but our old friends in the Red Pill Cult finished it off in an especially humiliating fashion. In October, Vox Day---who's convinced his followers that he's a superior 'Sigma' managed to get himself outsmarted and scammed by one of his own 'Legal Legion of Evil.' In November, based and Red Pilled candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker managed to lose high-profile elections: one to a milquetoast Liberal who nearly died during the campaign, and the other to a grifting street-preacher. Now, along comes Andrew Tate.

     Yes, the very man who on Christmas Day boasted that other men were nowhere near his equal has ended up in the clink for the foreseeable future. How this happened is truly the fate of warrior-poets (as Heartiste used to dub his ideal superman), heroes and martyrs. 

    It seems that, after being ejected from Romania as an undesirable alien earlier this year, Tate decided that he wasn't going to let a bunch of Eastern Bloc-heads push him around. He boldly returned to his 'villa' and---for some unknown reason other than to prove himself an 'Alpha'---decided to start a Twitter feud with Greta Thunberg. 

   Greta responded with some rather pointed (but wholly reasonable) doubts about Tate's T-levels; and of course no Alpha is going take that lying down from a woman. Tate went on a flurry of selfies showing off his {ahem} 'luxurious' surroundings. This outburst of chest-thumping gained a big enough audience to fill an entire city. Unfortunately for Tate, among the viewers were local police, who quickly put two and two together and realized that Tate was back in town against their previous warnings. The outcome was predictable from that point on. Tate should have spent more time reading history, because the last two big shots who thought they could push the Romanian people around ended up in front of firing squads

    Ah. Greta. If she wasn't such a crabby, immature Liberal with an explosive temper and learned how to cook, she might actually be a fun girl to hang around with. Oh well, she's only 19, so there's hope for her yet. Meanwhile though, Tate's acolytes are pinning all the blame for their leader's downfall on her. Red Pills are notorious for playing the Victim Card, because---obviously---they never do anything wrong. Tate certainly isn't the first of their leadership whose big mouth and bigger ego landed them in the pokey. Specimens can be seen here, here, and here; and many others go through their careers with one foot on the banana peel and the other in the Penitentiary. 

  It really speaks volumes about the low state of today's men that the likes of Andrew Tate should be seen as a role model. Romanian journalists have been showing photos of his luxury villa, and it's about what one would expect. Tacky, overpriced generic furniture: the whole place gives off the appeal of a furniture-store showroom. The place is conspicuous for it's lack of any personality, so to speak. There's nothing on the walls, no plants, no books, no artwork: it genuinely looks like one big stage-prop all set-up and put-on to project an image. The image that it actually projects is the sort of living arrangements of an entitled jerk who's suddenly come into money and wants to show it off. Tate himself isn't much of a role model.

    So all of the young men reading this just got more advice on being a man in one meme than all of Tate's costly seminars and programs. It remains to be seen whether a few months on a rockpile will make a man out of Tate or not. 




Friday, December 30, 2022


     Recently, I've criticized Dennis Prager a lot, but over the holidays he wrote an article which caused the Whacko Left a collective meltdown. He also wrote a sequel which seems to have had roughly the same effect. As we saw during four years of runaway Trump Derangement Syndrome, Leftist outrage is usually a weather-vane of truth---especially when the Left is forced to see themselves for what they really are. 

    Prager's articles basically tell some anecdotes of families broken during the holidays by intolerant ideologies. The Postmodern American Left is distinguished historically by its utter refusal to listen to facts or even contrary opinions. This is especially true of the Millennial and Zoomer generations. 

     The stories that Prager relates are truly sad; the callous behavior of the Liberals that he describes is fairly typical. Liberalism simply is what is for these people; and though few of them can give any other reason for supporting their doctrines than "everybody says so" they'll behave with the abandon of the worst religious fanatics defending what they themselves don't understand. The truly frightening thing is that if they're willing to throw aside their own families over ideological purity, God only knows what they'd do to the rest of us.

   Conservatives admittedly haven't been the best role models, as their recent treatment of immigrants and tolerance of Red Pill stupidity illustrates. And as I pointed out in the comments, well, this:

      Regardless of who or what is to blame, however, we are faced with a serious problem here. We are seeing a general trend in our society which evinces a deeply unsettling disregard for human life or even basic civilized behavioral norms. We saw this come out in drastic relief during the excesses of the Scamdemic as well as the insanity that came in the wake of the Roe v. Wade ruling. Unfortunately, we as a society learned nothing from any of this. 

     Besides considerable agitprop from vested interests, what is driving this rage and hatred is reductio ad absurdum of the social heresy that the personal is political combined with a heavy admixture of socially encouraged Narcissism and Paranoia. If anyone thinks that this will lead to anything positive, they simply need to observe the current conditions in authoritarian hells like Canada or the Netherlands because that will be our future and it doesn't matter materially whether the jackboot is on the Left or Right foot. 

    Whatever wishful thinking Americans might want to engage in to the contrary, we today are closer to seeing institutions like Auschwitz on our own soil than we'd like to admit. We already have them, in fact: institutions like the ADX prisons and Guantanamo (for now) are places where the horrors rival those of the Bastille or Andersonville; and we've also seen brutal abuses in the 'public-private' prisons in several states. Americans look the other way because (for now) such crimes happen to criminals and terrorists. It's but a simple matter to 'redefine' dissent as criminal behavior to bring the Concentration Camps here. I think that we all see---given our culture's tolerance of dissent---how close this possibility actually is to realization. 

    As if we needed any further proof, consider that a poll taken five years ago (the most recent on the subject available) showed that 3 out of 5 Americans have no reservations about the use of torture; and that includes 7 in 10 who identify as Conservative and nearly half of those who identify as Liberal.

    In his articles, Prager missed the bigger picture, but the snapshot he provided should tell us all that we are headed for a major social disaster if these attitudes continue to prevail. This is why I make it an especial point of calling it out on the political Right, because our side should know better and try to be better. 

Thursday, December 29, 2022


   It's hardly any secret to anyone who's even vaguely aware of social issues that our Society is failing men on a massive scale. There are a few men online who are trying to do something: teach and support men, as well as fighting for the Rights of men within a culture which openly despises masculinity. There is, sadly, a faction which has become substantially a cult that preys on vulnerable men (usually for a hefty fee). We're talking of course about the Red Pills. The cult of the Red Pill essentially teaches men to feel empowered---without actually being so---by embracing all of the negative Feminist stereotypes and behaving like cads, bullies, and punks and pretending that such attitudes make them manly Alpha leaders. Just like Feminism, the Red Pill is an anti-male, anti-masculinity philosophy; because---again exactly like the Feminists---they teach that a man's identity is defined by society.

  So one of the new ringleaders of the Red Pilled Cult is a character named Andrew Tate. On Christmas Day, he sent this message to men via Twitter:

     There, in all its glory, is the man who fancies himself a Manly Alpha Leader's opinion of other men. He has nothing better to do on Christmas Day than sit upon his high perch and contemplate his own superiority over his Brothers. Never mind that Tate was born into a fairly well-connected family and most of his 'importance' was gained through media promoters: his website assures us that for $49.95/month the rest of us can be just like him. And as a bonus, you can be feared by other men instead of respected; and have women who are your obedient slaves instead of being with you because they actually like you. 

   If one actually thinks about it, King Charles fits Tate's definition of a manly Alpha leader. Charles is rich; he's important; other men are afraid of him; and the last woman who disagreed with him ended up dead in a suspicious car accident. I'm certain that Charles, too, would be depressed if he had to endure a year of productive work and actually earn anybody's love or respect. 

   But the broader question here is: how are statements like these in any way empowering to men? He's really not saying anything different than what Mainstream society says: a man is either a superman (according to our definition) or he's nothing. The fact that Tate would juxtapose this self-glorification of himself while depreciating other men on Christmas is probably intentional as well. It was likely intended as marketing gimmick offering disillusioned men a sort of a fake salvation.

   This is nothing new to Red Pill leaders and generally what makes them a cult. Nearly all of them preach contempt for religion and/or the traditional values it holds; meanwhile they introduce quasi-religious formulas and beliefs centered around fake concepts of masculinity. They're basically the male antipode of Lesbian Separatist Feminism. The semi-isolation which they encourage makes it easier to indoctrinate neophytes and shut out adverse evidence and argument, a tactic that Red Pill leaders share with other cultists.

   As for Tate, he doesn't have to do much self-isolating. Like many other Red Pill leaders, he's been run out of every community he's settled in. Currently, he's living in Dubai---a country whose record on human rights and treatment of women best suits an 'Alpha' temperament. He decided to leave the Anglosphere for Eastern Europe after many of the financial schemes he promoted on his website started getting the attention of the authorities. He was then chased out of Romania after an incident that's never been quite satisfactorily explained; but after which the police gave him to understand that he was an undesirable alien. It never seems to occur to many Red Pill followers to question why so many of these manly Alpha leaders---whom everyone is supposed to envy and fear---so often end up getting thrown in jail or thrown out of their respective neighborhoods. 

   Masculinity is not defined by the size of one's bank account or the numbers of followers one has on social media. Dr. Emiliano Mira, now a dead White male but once a prominent academic figure stated that a man's highest goal is to become "nothing less than a complete man; i.e., a reasonable, free, serene, fair, magnanimous, and productive human being." In other words, everything that Andrew Tate and Red Pills like him are not. 

UPDATE: a few hours after this was posted, this story hit the news:

   "Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romania after police raided his luxury home in connection to a human trafficking investigation.The prolific social media personality, 36, had his villa searched by police on Thursday, Romanian outlet Libertatea reported. Self-described misogynist Andrew - who was detained alongside his brother Tristan - will face questioning by the country's organized crime and terrorism team...Andrew Tate's Eastern European home was also raided in April this year as part of a human trafficking investigation. He has previously boasted to his followers that '40 percent' of the reason he moved to Romania was because the police were less likely to pursue any sexual assault allegations against him."

    Don't you feel bad that Tate thinks you're a loser now?


Tuesday, December 27, 2022


      So, as the holiday season came to a close, lo and behold, the first headline to greet our eyes this week was this 

      "Three buses from Texas dropped off more than 100 migrants near Vice President Kamala Harris’s home in Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve, the latest in a series of transports this year from border states to Democrat-run cities to the north.The three buses with about 130 migrants traveled 36 hours from Texas to Washington, D.C. They were initially slated to travel to New York City, but were rerouted to the nation’s capital due to road closures and frigid temperatures...The buses stopped outside the Naval Observatory where temperatures in Washington, D.C., dipped into the teens Saturday, with single-digit wind chills. Some of the migrants were wearing shorts and T-shirts when they arrived, according to media reports."

    To speak candidly here, I'm getting tired of stories like this. As far as I'm concerned at this point, Conservative and Christian leaders and commentators who don't start speaking out and condemning this kind of brutality and callousness have lost what little credibility they still have. These are not the actions of strong leaders; these are the behaviors of petty thugs. 

   To add hypocrisy to his inhumanity, Texas Governor Greg Abbott addressed the Biden/Harris Junta as follows: “Your inaction to secure the southern border is putting the lives of migrants at risk, particularly in the City of El Paso. With thousands of men, women, and children illegally crossing into Texas every day, and with the expectation that those numbers will only increase if Title 42 expulsions end, the state is overburdened as we respond to this disaster caused by you and your administration. Your policies will leave many people in the bitter, dangerous cold as a polar vortex moves into Texas.”

   Does anybody seriously believe that this bastard cares about human life? If Texas is so 'overburdened' why doesn't Abbott ask for more resources to deal with it instead? The fact is---and as we've shown in many previous articles---crime and poverty rates along the Texas Border are lower than the rest of the State. Another fact is that none of these migrants being shipped out like cattle are actually here illegally. These are people who have been screened, vetted, and released from Immigrant Detention Centers and given permission to be in the United States. 

   Reading through the comments on various articles about this stunt, I've come to the unpleasant conclusion that the Red Pill/Alt-Right Cult has been as successful polluting the minds of the American Right as woke Liberalism and Political Correctness has done to the Left. One can pore through thousands of comments and not find one word of humanity or compassion towards the people being thus exploited---on Christmas Eve, no less. The mental picture this conjures in the mind: that of a self-righteous Churchian sitting down before a Christmas turkey with a tree and Nativity behind him; wearing a smug smile imagining human beings being dumped on the freezing cold sidewalks---while volunteers and real Churches are sacrificing their holiday celebrations and religious services to care for them is revolting to anyone with a moral sense. Or, more accurately, it should be revolting, because apparently the American Right has taken the Red Pill and dispensed with such quaint notions as empathy or human equality.

    The whole problem with the 'based' Alt-Right---in fact, it's distinguishing feature---is that it has wholly internalized the ethos and tactics of Left. The Right has ceased to be better than the Left; instead, it's focused now on simply changing the Narrative and exchanging one 'New Normal' for another. It's a re-enactment of the same thing Europe experienced during the last century: being offered Naziism as the antidote to Communism and believing that's an improvement---or else. 

    This new wave of realistic Conservatism is not rooted in love, but in fear---with a heavy dose of amoral greed and selfishness thrown into the mix. It's adherents long ago lost (if they ever had) a vision of what they are fighting for; and have become fixated on what they are fighting against. When one loses that direction, and social policy becomes centered on defeating one side without offering positive change, then there are no rules binding either side. Political debate and public policy simply turns into open warfare. The danger lies in the difference: in literal warfare, armies have the objective of defeating the opposing force, but this is mitigated by the fact that governments on both sides have a post-war objective. When it turns into partisan warfare---like our Republic essentially has become---then there is no larger objective involved. In partisan warfare, a leader's power is based upon winning victories, not finding solutions. 

    It's that central attitude behind our political divisions---why both parties had a temporary truce to overthrow Trump (who was actually fixing things), and why basic things like maintaining infrastructure and ensuring Americans a decent standard of living are being ignored while peripheral issues are being waged with ruthless fanaticism---and with a complete disregard for anybody who gets in the way. If the American Right doesn't change course fairly soon, the results are not going to be good. We'll either end up with a massive---and equally brutal---reaction from the Left, or we'll see a Right-Wing thug installed who'll pride himself on not being squeamish about his conduct. If anyone is inclined to doubt that, just ask yourself if anyone who'd do human beings what Abbott has done would hesitate to do it to you if he felt it politically expedient to do so. 


Thursday, December 22, 2022


   As we approach the annual Merchants/Media holiday formerly known as Christmas, Americans are suffering through the annual humiliation rituals of Virtue-Signalling, guilt-tripping, and official distancing from any reminders about what the holiday supposed to represent, there are a few things we can all be thankful for. One is that at least most of us won't get the kind of Christmas present that Head-of-State Biden found on his doorstep yesterday morning.

       Or recently when I ran into an old colleague who'd been prohibited from holiday gatherings for the last two years because of his stand against taking the Loyalty Vaxx. I asked him if it would be a problem this year. He shrugged and replied, "No. Two of them are dead and the others too sick with Vaxx 'complications' to have Christmas this year." I invited him over to an informal gathering I was planning on Christmas Eve. Breaking with tradition a bit, we're having an indoor barbecue at a secret location. No masks, no Vaxx questions, gifts optional---just good food and good beer and cigars among friends. We're not completely anti-traditional though. If I might say so, the Christmas tree and lighting arrangements look pretty good; and the forecast calls for snow. 

     Actually, given the events of the last two years, it's surprising that Christmas is still around as late as 2022. I don't give it too many more years, at least nothing resembling what it is or used to be. Frankly, I'm hoping that these sorts of clandestine underground celebrations will start a trend. Make Holidays Great Again, or something. As I've said since the Putsch of 2020, disconnect, disunite, disengage from the mainstream; because the only way that we'll change anything from within at this point is through small steps beginning with a counterculture of our own. 

   Unless, of course, one holds to the 2022 version of Christmas Cheer. That's a different story.

     It's become a matter of considering the alternative, because the pictures above are a sampling of what Mainstream Culture considers worth celebrating. 

    Of course, another good alternative for those fortunate enough to have a damsel in the house during the holidays: forget the crowds and spend the holidays together. Pro tip here: luxury hotels, lodges, chalets, spas, etc. are usually not especially busy during Christmas. Having a place like that more or less to oneself with all the amenities is a genuinely fun experience (and we're speaking from first-hand knowledge here 😇). That's the other side of the coin: beside not listening to prog 'woke' whackos, don't listen to the Red Pilled grinches' Christmas advice either. They're exactly like the Feminists in that they see everything in a relationship in terms of power. Holidays for them are notoriously gloomy. However, a grateful spouse can make a holiday special. 

   So be creative this Christmas, but tune out all of the background noise. We all know where the Globalists want to go with it, and it's nowhere that any sane person wants to go. 



Sunday, December 11, 2022


    Well it finally happened. After about 15 years on Facebook, His Royal Highness Prince Zuckerberg finally became displeased enough to banish me from his domain. The backstory behind the controversy leading to this was described in the article before the last one. The very non-judgemental and tolerant proponents of our County allowing an all-ages drag event apparently disliked being confronted with the facts.

     The questions which I raised should have been easier to refute, since we have such a scientific consensus that such events should not only be tolerated, but celebrated as a normal and healthy way of life. I expressed a real interest in seeing the studies which prove that promoting gender dysphoria among children leads to them becoming more stable, well-adjusted adults. In fact, since we've normalized such behavior a decade ago, gender dysphoria, depression, and suicides have skyrocketed among both children and teens. For that matter, among legal adults---despite social acceptance---why the so-called 'LGBTQ Community' still has among the highest rates of addictions, depression, violent crimes, registered sex offenders, suicides, and an average life expectancy somewhere around 45?

   Another question is: How is accusing such events of homosexual grooming intolerant and judgemental when the organizers of these events freely admit that is their exact purpose? Or, since gender preference is supposedly not a matter of choice, how does it happen that there are literally thousands of case studies in psychoanalytic literature detailing successful cures? 

   But the question that probably was the nail in the coffin was asking pointedly: "Do you really believe that the world will be a better place in another decade by promoting these events?" That's too close to the unnamed; the unconscious truth that all of these types of virtue-signallers share. That truth is that Reality will not be not be cheated and that Nature will take its course. It isn't that they don't know the truth; they know it and they are afraid to face it. That's why they are obsessed with denying, cancelling, or otherwise burying the facts because on a subconscious level the reality of what they're doing has them terrified. 

   What's an even worse indicator of their degenerate mental state is the constant refrain from supporters of these so-called pride events to the effect that "only God can judge." It's reminiscent of the words of one the Hebrew prophets, Isaiah, who said "Cursed are they who lead people with lies and empty promises, into lives that are sinful. They say, "Let God hurry and quickly do His judgement so that we may see what He has in mind." On the spiritual level of things, I don't believe it's a wise  policy to promote sin and then basically dare God to judge you for it. Jesus doesn't exactly come across as especially tolerant of those who intentionally damage children's bodies, psyches, and souls.

   That is the real shame and disgrace here: that innocent children are being used as pawns and unwitting dupes in these rotten schemes: and to imagine that the generation born since the homo agenda was 'normalized' a decade ago are not going to grow into dysfunctional adults is an even greater denial of reality. Recall how the breakdown of the traditional family impacted our generation negatively and try to imagine what the breakdown of gender roles and preferences is going to have when the under-12's grow up. Recall too how we were told by the 'experts' back then that feminism, unlimited access to divorce and abortion, single-parent homes, and the so-called 'gender wars' were positive developments.

   That is the reality of the situation, and ignoring it isn't going to make it go away. It's also a delusion to believe, as many on the Right seem to, that we've hit the nadir and that it can't possibly get worse. Unfortunately it can; and is trending in that very direction. The mid-20th Century saw the denial of gender roles; the 21st Century is seeing a complete denial of gender. What's planned for the future is a denial of humanity. As I've said all along, postmodernism and ideologies like the Great Reset are not progressing into the future; they are concepts designed to push humanity back into the darker ages of Prehistory. The Great Reset intends to reset us, alright---all the way back to the level of the ape. 

   Sadly, trying to explain any of this to the average Ameroboob is an exercise in futility, though. But disseminating facts has a different purpose in this day and age. The majority don't want to be convinced; but a sizable group do sense that we're going in the wrong direction and don't know why. Knowing that the Official Narrative is a tissue of lies, and why it is so helps build resistance to it. For that reason, the Tech Lords and other Oligarchs resort to blacklisting and Cancel-Culture when confronted with it. They don't fear exposure per se---in fact, recently they seem to take a special pride in confessing to their motives and deeds because they know that they'll get away with it. They aren't really that afraid of religious arguments because they believe that religion is for fools and they themselves have dethroned God and taken His place. What they do fear are the minds of those whom they don't control being armed with knowledge. 

   The Oligarch's historical predecessors during the Middle Ages were of the same mindset. The Royals and Lords of that era didn't worry much about the peasants complaining about them: but a literate man who began opening a Bible and showing how far removed the Clergy was from Christian ideals and who opened various forbidden books demonstrating that men had inalienable Rights was also prone to start thinking that he could govern himself far better than the entitled parasites could. Today, we likewise are moving into another era of Ignorance and Fanaticism. Then as now though, those who embraced the truth were those best able to resist those trends and keep Civilization alive for the future.


Tuesday, December 6, 2022


     So the Internet is abuzz today with revelations from Elon Musk about Twitter's interference in the 2020 (and doubtless other) U.S. Elections. To recap that specific year, recall that from President Trump's election in 2016 to his overthrow in 2020; we were regularly informed by MSM figures like Michael Moore, John Oliver, and Don Lemon as to the corruption of our electoral system. People like this did documentaries on easily voting machines could be hacked; election workers bribed; and a general lack of transparency. The narrative fully reversed itself after the November 2020 Putsch. Without explaining why or how; the same people who just a month before were wringing their hands over the "possibility of Trump stealing another election" were assuring us---backed by threats---that allegations of fraud were baseless and unfounded. Our electoral workers were suddenly frontline heroes too.

   These 'baseless allegations' were based on things like highly anomalous voter turnouts, several arrests of ballot-harvesters, and eyewitness testimony. More significantly, 17 State Attorneys-General thought enough of it to address the Supreme Court for intervention. California's Supreme Court ruled their voting system unconstitutional just days before the election, and Great Reset oligarchs like the Washington Post's Jeff Bezos and Time Magazine's Marc Benioff openly boasted about how they'd pulled off the coup. More recently, the Wisconsin Supreme Court found Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook guilty of undue electoral interference. 

   And guess what? None of this mattered to the Intelligencia on the Right until another billionaire Oligarch said so. 

    Yes, Conservatives have discovered suddenly that the Media is corrupt and works in the interests of 'woke' Corporate overlords. Nobody knew until Musk's revelations. 

    Victor Davis Hanson---who has become something of the archetype of the out-of-touch Conservative---penned an article detailing all of the crimes of the Corporate Media. While most of what he says is accurate, can anybody with the patience to read the whole thing find a single assertion that they haven't already known for years now?

   Then we have to consider what Hanson didn't say. How did the media get to this condition? In 1982, the largest media outlets were owned by about 50 different companies. In 2022, the ownership has been reduced to 5. In the last three decades alone, 83% of independent media outlets have been closed or absorbed by supranational conglomerates. 

  According to Hanson, it's all the Democrats' fault; in fact, he strongly implies that the problems with our media only began recently. However, in 1996, the Republican-controlled Congress gave the Clinton Co-Presidency the Telecommunications Act which lifted restrictions on Corporate ownership of the press and especially limited interlocking corporate directorates in the media. Today, it's not uncommon for one stockholder in a media cartel to own stocks in others. In 1999, the GOP gave the Clintons a repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which took down most barriers against supranational corporate mergers. 

  The Bush Administration appointed Colin Powell's son Michael to head the FCC, and the agency has been under Regulatory Capture ever since. For Bush we have to thank for the insinuation of governmental domestic espionage and erecting the internet's current algorithm, fact-checking, and organized disinformation systems. In 2013, the GOP-controlled Congress gifted Obama with an extension of the previous laws, repealing restrictions on media market-shares; along with a repeal of the Smith-Mundt Anti-Propaganda Act of 1948, which opened the door for government agencies to act as journalistic enterprises. In 1987, Republicans repealed the Fairness Doctrine of 1949 which ensured equal time be given for opposing viewpoints (which in effect legalized media bias) and in 2000, lifted laws against personal attacks and editorial sniping. Formerly, media outlets actually had to give persons or groups a week's notice of an intended attack and details of what it was along with an opportunity for an on-air rebuttal. Likewise, editors endorsing or opposing a candidate or voter initiative had to notify the opposing person or group a reasonable opportunity and a platform to respond. 

  What all of this accomplished was to create a Media Cartel with an Official Narrative faction and a Controlled Opposition faction. The fact that certain vested interests profit from this kind of antagonism ensures that the so-called 'Conservatives' will never take any measures to rectify the situation. That, and the fact that broadcast media operates a massive network of 425 Beltway lobbyists to the tune of nearly $50 million annually; while the Tech Lords have even more lobbyists at 613 and a budget exceeding $70 million


     Understand that the narrative being pushed here is another stalking horse. What's being pushed is the illusion that Corporate Media concentrations are the norm; and all that is needed for a 'free press' is having 'based and red-pilled' Corporate control as opposed to 'woke.' The general consensus among the leadership on the Right seems to be that the status quo is acceptable---only a change in the 'narrative' is important.  An MSM with a Neoconservative spin is no improvement; if anyone doubts that just look at Fox News and ask if the likes of Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto, Brian Kilmeade, and Bruce Jenner ought to represent the future of American journalism. Neither faction of the Uniparty actually wants a free and independent press. 

   As for Elon Musk's 'revelations' they will go nowhere, nor are they really intended to. Musk is simply positioning himself as the official mouthpiece of the Controlled Opposition. Musk himself is a proponent of transhumanism and merging human souls into the Corporate Machine. He has a long history of donating heavily to Democrats (with a few RINOs scattered in for good measure). His biggest donation came in 2015 to then-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Emmanuel later tapped Tesla to build Chicago's proposed mass-transit upgrade. SpaceX was partly funded by CIA financial operative Michael Griffin who later became Bush Jr.'s head of NASA. Griffin picked up Musk after failed negotiations to build in Russia (which is likely responsible for Musk's fanatical anti-Russian mindset). 

   Musk was also picked by Klaus Schwab as a WEF Young Global Leader in 2008. His brother Kimbal Musk is a WEF/Great Reset activist. Besides Kimbal Musk, Tesla's Board of Directors features Controlled Opposition Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch's son, James; along with WEF operatives Hiromichi Mizuno and Joe Gebbia, head of AirBNB and another WEF Young Global Leader

   SpaceX' Board also includes Kimbal Musk, along with Gwynne Shotwell a wealthy businesswoman with deep ties to NASA and the Military-Industrial Complex. Steve Jurvetson, a former consultant WEF Strategic Partner Bain & Co. and Obama's  Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship also sits on the Board. Another Board Member, Antonio Gracias is a Trustee of the shady Deep-State connected Aspen Institute. In 2021, the Aspen Institute "launched the Commission on Information Disorder to counter “malicious” actors “undermining trust and sowing discord in civil society” by spreading false information. The commission has been criticized for its left-of-center political bias, criticism of conservatives and President Donald Trump, and support from leading liberals. Some of the commission’s liberal advisors have been accused of censoring news critical of the Democratic Party and left-wing interests." One of the participants in this scheme, interestingly enough was involved in Twitter's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal which Musk now purports to 'expose' (as the linked article shows, this has been known for nearly a year). SpaceX Board Member Brian Gower is a figure in the legal Marijuana trade. Donald Harrison is an executive at Google which manages stakeholder relations.

   Just a few more details that Conservative pundits will claim they didn't know about at some point in the future. 

  After the so-called 'purge' at Twitter ends, we can expect people just like these to fill their positions. Twitter is a prime example of why Corporate Media concentrations are dangerous to any free society. Pundits on the Right can claim ignorance all they want to, but it doesn't change the fact that our Media is hopelessly compromised regardless of which Oligarch operates it.


Friday, December 2, 2022


     At the same time that America's Party of faith, family, and freedom was selling out to the Gay Mafia and enshrining homo 'marriage' into law, there was actually some unexpected good news on the international front. Japan---which has been more or less a servile lapdog of the U.S. Deep State since WW2---said no to the International Bully and their largest District Court struck down an attempt to impose further US-backed cultural rot on their soil. 

   "The Wednesday ruling by the Tokyo District Court rejected the argument by eight plaintiffs that the Japanese legislation, which only recognizes marriages between a man and a woman, violates the constitutional equality provisions. The basic law’s article on freedom of marriage requires matrimony to be based on the mutual consent of both sexes, the court noted."

   Let's give a round of applause to the Empire and hope that this sets a trend of the Japanese stiffening their resistance to the Beltway.

    Unfortunately, Common Sense doesn't cross the Pacific as easily as engineered epidemics are said to do. The local news in my smallish, but supposedly 'Red' County announced that our first-ever all-ages Drag Event will be held here a week from tomorrow.😔

    The ostensible purpose of this event---likely backed financially by out-of-state NGOs and definitely backed by the legal force of our thuggish, pro-homo Attorney-General--- is to raise money for unprivileged children during Christmas. Where once we spread Christmas Cheer, we now spread Gender Dysphoria and call that progress. 

    Some had posted protests towards the event on Facebook which were removed swiftly by the Tech Lords; while pro-event posts with effusive praise, pro-homo vitriol, and even doxxing the opposing commenters were allowed to stand. That's probably not too surprising, but the local supporters' comments were exceptional in their utter detachment from Reality. Here are a few specimens:

"I have been to a drag show and you can't beat the non judgement environment..the queens are true performers and amazing people ...and a lot of fun ..i am proud to say i have 2 beautiful gay nephews ..besides who has the right to pass judgement but GOD himself .."

"Who knew that raising money for kids in need would make all the people in town angry."

"Your children are in more danger around politicians and priests than drag queens." 

 "If singing, dancing and sitting on Santa’s lap is grooming then what have you been doing to y’all’s kids for the last 70+ years?"

"Just another person who is not educating themselves on this event or the drag community. You just want to be judgemental let me guess it in the name of Christianity."

   Comments like these have me convinced that---while a huge part of the problem--- dumbed-down schools and media propaganda aren't solely responsible for the obvious declining rate of cognitive reasoning abilities in American society. People don't just get this stupid naturally. Some have pointed out that average IQ levels have been dropping in the United States, but that's not the whole story either. People who have lower-than-average intelligence are typically not this aggressive or self-righteously amoral. In fact, most of the congenitally low-IQ are fairly nice and even have a charming, often child-like native innocence when it comes to understanding right and wrong. Even if they can't compose 500-page dissertations on Societal Ethics, they usually intuitively get the general idea of such tomes. A good example of this is Africa, which is frequently cited as having the lowest average IQ of all continents. Yet most African people are intelligent enough to understand that men and women are different; and that a society needs a union of the two sexes to continue. Hence, most African countries sensibly prohibit the Gay Mafia from recruiting over there.

      If Americans had any sense of shame left, it ought to be a national disgrace that our moral state has managed to sink lower than Africa's; but then again most Americans probably don't know where Africa even is and could care less.

     I strongly suspect that a major reason we've reached this state is largely because of the proliferation of narcotics throughout the nation. Our county, for example, used to be an international producer of fruit crops and major exporter of livestock and timber products. Today, marijuana is the leading cash crop here, both in consumption and production. Our county is also one of the highest per capita in consumption of mind-altering prescription drugs, and of course there's a flourishing underground meth and opioid trade. Narcotics like these not only have a debilitating effect on natural sexual drives and fertility; it's also been known since the Second World War that such drugs blunt both the reasoning and moral capacity of those imbibing them. Experiments done by the Nazis showed that under the influence of Methamphetamines (called by Big Pharma today 'antidepressants' and 'painkillers') ordinary men could be turned into unconditional order-taking zombies convinced of their own superiority and righteousness without the slightest regard for the crimes upon others that they committed. 

    Dr. Joost Meerloo, a psychiatrist who worked with the Dutch Underground and the Allied Forces during the war remarked upon a peculiar discovery he had made regarding such soldiers. When interrogating the fanatical and ruthless SS men, Meerloo learned that he could get them to crack easily and reveal their secrets simply by having the interrogator mimic the behavior of typical SS officers: yelling, berating, threatening. These 'elite' Nazi soldiers were so conditioned by drug use and their training that they responded automatically to whatever they perceived as a superior authority. Regular German soldiers, in contrast, rarely gave more than name, rank, and serial number and would laugh at interrogators who attempted such methods on them. 

   Reading Meerloo's account, it was striking to me the similarity between the wartime interrogations and how easily modern Americans can be convinced of the supreme righteousness of any policy---no matter how evil or absurd---yet flip to the polar opposite of a New Normal on command. The other similarity which cannot be overlooked is the growing irresponsible and unaccountable authoritarian direction of our political and economic leadership combined with heavy psychological drug use among the general public. In fact, there is a growing body evidence suggesting that many recent mass-killings and other acts of senseless but brutal violence are linked to perpetrators who used psychiatric drugs. For obvious reasons, we won't be seeing any scientific studies done on this subject for a long time; but whether these perpetrators were acting on voices in their own heads or instructions suggested by an interested third-party is unknown. 

    The result of this kind of mind-manipulation is reflected in the Facebook comments quoted above. These jugheads are conditioned to laugh off obvious threats to their own family and accusations of 'grooming'---in spite of the fact that the organizers of these events admit that they're doing exactly that. This is also the reason that Conservatives are deluding themselves if they believe that a political solution is realistic. If anyone actually has ever tried to reason with a drug addict, they will see the even greater futility of political campaigns convincing entire voting blocs of their errors. The only real effective cure has been proven to be a spiritual change on the part of the addict. Nota bene, it was no accident that during the Scamdemic churches were closed while dispensaries stayed open. 

   We on the Right need to recognize this, and organize ourselves into a counter-culture before we can move forward and reclaim the majority again.