Friday, September 1, 2017


    Christopher Cantwell, a Manospherean Red Pill cultist, gave an interview recently to his disciples from his present domicile in the Charlottesville Jail. Cantwell compared his current plight to Adolf Hitler's 1923 conviction for the Beer Hall Putsch. Cantwell is currently being held without bond for a violent attack on some Leftist protestors. Although he and the other Red Pills blame alleged police bias, Cantwell was arrested after bragging about the attack to the media and even posting videos of himself engaging in violence on the Internet.

     The interview was conducted by his fellow Red Pill, Jason Kessler. Kessler is no stranger to the Charlottesville Jail himself. Like many in their movement, Kessler has a lengthy criminal record. His includes convictions for shoplifting, obstruction of justice, and numerous misdemeanors.

       Kessler was formerly a Left-Wing extremist who was part of the Occupy Movement and was a known Obama supporter. He claims to have been red pilled (converted to the cult) in 2013. Today he's as much of a Right-Wing fanatic as he formerly was on the Left. Kessler was the ringleader of the whole Charlottesville Unite the Right debacle.

        Besides playing the victim card, Cantwell urged his minions to engage in digging up dirt on his accusers and raising money for his legal defense fund. To that latter end, he and Kessler have enlisted the aid of another Manospherean, Augustus Invictus.

         Invictus, whose real name is Austin Gillespie, is a lawyer by profession. He's a huge advocate of ethnic cleansing via a second civil war. Invictus claims to have been converted about a decade ago after the DEA raided a known pill-mill in which Invictus was employed.

          "No comparable job existed for me and I was effectively rendered destitute." Invictus says of his Red Pill epiphany, "I swore vengeance on the DEA and vowed that I would return to college, go to law school, enter politics; and that one day I would shut their office down and put their families on the street."

         Cantwell is a regular commenter on Manosphere blogs; Invictus once famously said that women ideally are "the prizes of a conquering hero." His wife divorced him allegedly after his Red Pill delusions led to domestic abuse. He's published several rather lurid poems filled with violent rape scenes and threats of vengeance on women who he believes have wronged him.

          And these are specimens of men who hold themselves up as Alpha leaders and the vanguard of a renaissance of American masculinity. Be it known that traditional American men never behaved nor thought like these three. These three are punks; trying to recruit vulnerable men to their shady enterprises. Their pseudo-philosophizing is only a way to cover their characters.

           Beware of such men. They are not great heroes leading some great revolution; they are thugs leading their followers on the road to ruin.




  1. Thank you for saying that men DID NOT used to be this way. They have this ideal that they are the authentic men, and I can't recall, within my 61 years of life, men being this way, even before feminism. The closest I can come to on their male role models are Vikings or Scots highlanders or maybe farther back in time....

    1. You're welcome. Yes, the Red Pills take the negative stereotypes of pre-Feminist Era men and hold that up as actual history and as a positive thing. You're right traditional men never acted like this. The closest I've seen culturally are probably the Samurais and Imperialist Japan down to 1945. Vox Day even rhapsodizes about being governed by 'A god-emperor on a cherry-blossom throne' and others talk of a society of 'warrior-poets'. Women in Imperial Japan were treated as little more than breeding stock.

  2. I'm not sure if you or IB saw this, but this lady is all over Facebook. I was appalled to find her video on a number of my friend's timelines but I think they don't understand what the red pill is.