Saturday, September 30, 2017


     This afternoon in Washington, DC a few thousand anti-Trump blockheads congregated in Lincoln Park for the March for Racial Justice. They huffed and stormed their way to the Department of Justice Building where they screamed insults at the empty edifice (unaware apparently that federal employees don't work on weekends).

      Maurice Cook, the ringleader of the mob, told the Corporate Media that "that all of us can come together in love, to fight against this racist regime and start the process of dismissing White Supremacy!"

      If any of these 'activists' had bothered to read the Justice Department's Press Releases for the last 30 days, they would have seen:

9/29: 'DOJ launches $47 million program to fight human trafficking.'

9/29: 'DOJ wins $365,000 sexual harassment lawsuit against Kansas Housing Authority.'

9/29: 'Las Vegas Police official pleads guilty to excessive force violations.'

9/28: 'DOJ sues Guam Government for racial discrimination under the Fair Housing Act.'

9/28: 'DOJ sues Crop Production Service for hiring discrimination against US workers.'

9/27: 'DOJ wins $700,000 for veterans whose vehicles were illegally repossessed under the Active Servicemen's Relief Act.'

9/20: 'California relators sentenced in foreclosure/bid-rigging scheme.'

9/19: 'DOJ settles employment discrimination case on behalf of Army reservist.'

9/19: 'DOJ settles employment discrimination lawsuit against the State of Rhode Island.'

9/18: 'Third Texas man pleads guilty to hate crime for assault based on victim's sexual orientation.'

9/17: 'DOJ secures $907,000 from CitiGroup for illegal vehicle repossessions.'

9/15: 'Utah man charged with hate crime for using stun-gun in racially-motivated attack.'

9/15: 'Four men sentenced for running Child-Exploitation enterprise.'

9/14: 'DOJ obtains $70,000 judgement against Indiana Housing Authority for discrimination under the Fair Housing Act.'

9/13: 'Prison transport officer indicted for sexually assaulting female prisoners.'

9/8: 'Tennessee case protecting the rights of persons with developmental disabilities reaches successful conclusion.'

9/6: 'Louisiana prison official pleads guilty to beating shackled inmate.'

9/5: 'DOJ settles against Edmonds, Washington landlords for discrimination against families with children.'

9/5: 'DOJ settles with Bethlehem, Pennsylvania officials over violations of Religious Land Use Act over proposed mosque.'

      So what exactly are these crackpots protesting against? Maybe that Trump is actually enforcing laws on behalf of minorities and the poor? Because when we look through the same list of DOJ press releases, the only legal action taken against minorities were related to narcotics, gang activity, smuggling, and illegal immigration.

      The organizers of the march speak for themselves. At the top is the aforementioned Maurice Cook, owner of a minor consulting firm inside the Beltway. Co-organizer Dorcas Davis, one of the instigators of the pink-hat 'women's marches also, is a self-described 'educator and artist' at the diploma mill, CUNY. Andrea Ciannavei, MSM parasite, Occupy Movement leader, a organizer of the Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin also led today's gang. There were also a pair of cigar-store Indians, one Johnnie Jae, a.k.a. 'The Brown Ball of Fury' and Gabriel Black Elk, an anti-police activist living in Denver. No doubt the latter two were placed on the organizers' list as tokens; to counter President Trump's growing popularity among American Indians.

       Thus, despite the MSM propaganda, the March for Racial Justice was a complete flop; it accomplished absolutely nothing except to create another publicity-stunt for the Left.

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