Thursday, September 28, 2017


     First Lady Melania Trump was in New York City today attending a luncheon hosted by the Nicklaus Children's Healthcare Foundation, one of Mrs. Trump's favorite charities. In collaboration with Barbara Nicklaus, wife of the famous pro golfer Jack Nicklaus, Melania announced the opening of a children's park adjacent to the Miami Children's Hospital.

     Melania was a driving force behind this park, which in Pediatric Medical parlance is called a 'healing garden'. Despite the rather New-Age term, healing gardens are based on a medical principle which physicians have known for centuries: that spending time in the outdoors is therapeutic.

      For critically ill children in downtown Miami, however, excursions to the outdoors isn't realistically possible. The new park---which is open only to hospital patients---will help enormously. This is especially true since many new patients have arrived in the wake of the recent hurricanes.  

       "It's true that elements of nature help with healing, and I look forward to visiting Florida when the healing garden is ready, so that I can meet with some of the brave patients and their families who benefit from all that it will have to offer." Melania said.

       Dr. Kristine Guliserian, a heart surgeon at the children's hospital, also gave a short presentation to the group explaining other new advances in pediatric care being developed there. The Miami facility is the leading pediatric care facility in the US.

       This story was of course ignored by the Corporate Media which is focusing on Michelle Obama's latest outburst against pro-Trump MAWGA women. Melania's predecessor complained that such females are "a disgrace to their gender." A lot of children currently confined in the Miami Children's Hospital would probably disagree. They've been focusing on the DNC Hillary harlequins in Congress, kneeling in solidarity with the NFL thugs. But real women like Melania Trump and Barbara Nicklaus show solidarity with traditional feminine values. Which is why they're admired which Michelle and Hillary stew in envy.



  1. Miami Children's Hospital was renamed Nicklaus Children's Hospital in early 2015. Nicklaus Children's Hospital is part of Miami Children's Health System.