Monday, September 18, 2017


     For those who haven't been following the meltdown of the Red Pill Cult, it's still going on and getting even more ridiculous by the day. The Manosphereans are fighting among themselves again, with Vox Day---who famously said that "your skin color is your uniform"---suddenly denying that he had anything to do with instigating the kinds of behaviors at Charlottesville last month. Andrew Anglin, of the disgraced The Daily Stormer, considers Vox a traitor to the Alt-RINO movement. Anglin, for once, probably has a legitimate point.

      But both of these two manly Alpha leaders have been sneering at Conservatives as Cuckservatives and using (((anti-Semitic))) echo quotes on mainstream Jewish Conservatives. They especially dislike the Buckleyite and Reaganite Conservatives who insist on holding political discourse to high standards. And, in full accordance with that principle, Anglin's trolls have changed Vox' name to Vox Gay while Vox' Alpha Minions have taken to calling Anglin's disciples Stormpoopers.

     Keep it up, guys. No Conservative with a mental age over 10 is impressed by any of this.

     Really the only issue of any importance that's come out of any of this are some of the debates on the limits of Free Speech. Both these guys have been learning the hard way the realities of this issue.

      Vox, for example, is almost a cyber-world legend for his ability to violate even the most lenient corporate Terms of Use policies and then call 'censorship' when he's banned (typically after repeated warnings). Vox managed to get kicked out of the Science Fiction Writers Association for using their internet account to harass other members. He started Infogalactic after being blacklisted on Wikipedia as a troublemaker. And the list goes on. Vox was supportive of Gab, an alternative to Twitter, which suspended Vox' accounts on several occasions.

      Vox promoted Gab because of its loose protections on speech---now he's complaining because Anglin's trolls have been spreading allegations of Vox' sexual perversions. Vox claims these are all libelous lies; but Gab has refused his demands to remove them on the grounds that they don't violate any company policies.

       Free Speech Lesson #1: Terms of Use Policies are geared to protecting the majority of an internet company's consumers from the very thing that Vox is complaining about. Most people don't use Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking sites to be spammed, doxxed, and harassed. The term social networking ought to be one's first clue that the purpose of such businesses is to connect people of like-minded interests.

      As for Andrew Anglin: since The Daily Stormer was booted off the mainstream internet, he's been busy trying to find a webhost willing to put the publication back into circulation again. Contrary to common talk, Anglin wasn't dropped for what he said about the Charlottesville murder. He's said things like that before. Anglin was dropped because his online activities had reached a point where civil lawsuits were being filed against him. When things reach that level, companies that host sites like his start seeing the shadows of trial lawyers and negative publicity looming on their doorsteps. And usually their decision is to cut their losses before matters get worse.

      While The Daily Stormer was in existence, Anglin was continually complaining about the 'Jew Media' enforcing political correctness against him and his followers; though as we've pointed out, he wasn't stopped from publishing anything. And certainly not by the Government, even under Obama's rather elastic free-speech policies.

      So now, Anglin has been bouncing from one European country to another, finding out:

       Free Speech Lesson #2: In America, free speech is a right; in nearly every other country, it is a privilege. For all his squawking about American media control, Anglin is learning that many European countries actually have laws against writing the kinds of things he does. We don't have laws like that. And if thinks that Europe is bad, wait until he gets frustrated enough to try the laws in Asia.

       It's always been amazing listening to conspiratorial types like Anglin on radio and internet telling us "what they don't want you to know".  It should be obvious that anything they really didn't want us to know wouldn't be publically broadcast in the first place.

       So in spite of the fact that our system isn't perfect, it's still better than most.


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