Friday, September 8, 2017


    President Trump's nominee for a federal judgeship met with hostile anti-Catholic rhetoric when appearing before a Senate Confirmation Hearing on Wednesday. Amy Barrett, the nominee, is a law professor at Notre Dame and former law clerk to the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia died under mysterious circumstances on a Texas ranch in 2016.

     Senator Diane Feinstein ambushed Mrs. Barrett---who incidentally is a mother of seven children---by accusing her of putting "dogma over law".

      "You are controversial," Feinstein sneered, "because many of us who have really lived our lives as women recognize the value of finally being able to control our reproductive systems...when I read your speeches, the conclusion I draw is that Dogma lives loudly within you, and that is of concern."

        What a place we've come to in America when living one's faith is 'cause for concern' among American Senators. Never mind that feminist crackpots like Feinstein have made the right to choose practically a dogma from which no woman dares dissent. But maybe we should expect this from Feinstein. She used to be an official in a city that looks like this:

        Such are specimens of Feinstein's constituency. No wonder they hate and fear the Church.

         Senator Richard Durbin, a 'Cafeteria Catholic' from Illinois chimed in as well. "I'm the product of 19 years of Catholic education. And every once in awhile, Holy Mother the Church does not agree with a vote of mine." (Actually, this happens quite frequently); "You use a term in that article that I've never heard before. You refer to 'orthodox Catholics'. What is an orthodox Catholic? Do you consider yourself one?"

          Durbin is another multimillionaire politician whose wife works for a political consulting firm. Most of his top campaign donors are legal firms that specialize in suing hospitals and filing class-action lawsuits; as well as insurers who cover abortions. His Catholic education did him little good if he doesn't know what orthodoxy refers to. He represents a state with a growing White Supremacist, anti-Catholic population.

         The antics of these two drew denunciations from Catholic leaders, including John Garvey, Chancellor at Catholic University of America, who once worked with Mrs. Barrett. And indeed it is an egregious example of some of the worst Catholic-baiting since President Kennedy ran for election in 1960.

         Senators Feinstein and Durbin should be reprimanded by the Senate and forced to abstain from voting on future Catholic nominees. But whether the RINOs in the Senate will go that far is doubtful.



  1. I saw the clip of Durbin inquiry and was shocked. And this is the first time I've read the entire Feinstein "question" and now I'm almost speechless.

  2. Catholic dogma is a problem for these neo-Fascist Leftist political hacks but Stalinist dogma never is.

    Democratic bigots on parade:

    I don't remember whether I mentioned to you that Steve Bannon's parents were traditional Catholics in the Deep South. No wonder he is such an independent thinker.

  3. Correction. Bannon is from Richmond - technically speaking not the "Deep South," but the South nonetheless. An ocean apart from growing up Catholic in New Haven, San Francisco, or Cleveland.