Saturday, September 16, 2017


     While Anarchist jugheads are busy burning down St. Louis this weekend, the Trump Administration is concluding a successful week of boosting the US economy. Trump scored three significant trade deals this week---all in East Asia. The Corporate Media meanwhile is squawking about such far more pressing matters like a few Alt-RINOs burning Trump hats on the Internet.

      Earlier this week, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak visited the White House on the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Razak is a leader not dissimilar in character to Trump. Under his Administration, Razak has been strengthening Malaysian culture---famously standing up to Disney over their anti-family, pro-homosexual agenda. Though a predominantly Moslem country, Razak has extended liberty to Christian and other religious minorities while being an ardent foe of Jihadist groups. To the latter end, Malaysia has brought in and resettled thousands of Syrian refugees while donating millions to reconstructing Iraqi towns destroyed by ISIS.

      During the meeting, President Trump lifted some Obama-era obstructions, enabling Malaysia to purchase eight new Boeing jetliners with a purchase option on eight more. This is about a $4 billion interjection into the US Aviation industry. The two leaders also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (an agreement contingent upon Legislative approval) to sell Malaysia about $60 million in military equipment.

       A very significant development was Razak's approval of employing American contractors in the proposed Kuala Lampur-Singapore Railway project. All international business pundits had expected the contract to go to China; this is the first foreign high-speed rail project awarded to America in years. While not a significant economic boon to the US as a whole; it is symbolically important that foreign countries are welcoming American technology again.

       Other agreements reached were mutual cooperation in fighting the Jihad, criminal activities in cybercrime, and smuggling. The two countries agreed to further economic meetings to address the US-Malaysian trade imbalance. The US has been running trade deficits with Malaysia for over 30 straight years.

        In other trade-related news USDA Secretary Perdue announced that South Korea had agreed on a conditional basis to lift restrictions on US poultry and egg imports, imposed in 2014 over Avian Flu concerns. The major agricultural victory this week was Japan's agreement to lift an 11-year long embargo of American potatoes (produced in the Pacific Northwest). Idaho, Washington, and Oregon had an infestation of a type of parasite but Deep State phony environmentalism crippled attempts to eradicate the pest. These restrictions were lifted by Trump---the infestation has been suppressed, and Japan is buying again. This is an enormous boost to the nation's largest potato-producing region, which has been struggling lately. Trump has definitely proven himself the friend of farmers.

       So next week, American railroad engineers, aircraft machinists, and potato farmers can head back to work with a renewed confidence in the future. Meanwhile, the chumps in St. Louis will likely be heading to work on a rockpile, attired in striped suits.


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