Monday, September 25, 2017


      This denizen of the Deep State was a really bad one, too. Department of Homeland Security official and special agent Christopher Ciccione was jailed today after an internal investigation exposed him as an operative of the very narcotics cartel that he was hired to suppress.

       Ciccione was in charge of Operation Cornerstone, an Obama-Era attempt to bring Cali Cartel mob-boss Jose Piedrahita to justice. In 2016, Piedrahita was indicted after an extensive investigation, but the case against him was dismissed by a Federal Grand Jury. Agents involved in the case were baffled at how Piedrahita's case collapsed; but their suspicions were ignored until the Trump Administration came in. Jeff Sessions authorized an internal investigation which discovered that Ciccione was in contact with Juan Carlos Velasco---a notorious Cali henchman.

       The indictment issued today revealed that Velasco, a ruthless thug, acted as an intermediary between Ciccione and Piedrahita. In exchange for at least $20,000 in cash; free access to Cali-affiliated clubs; and a hearty supply of prostitutes, Ciccione sabotaged the case against Piedrahita. This sabotage included falsifying agent testimony and suppressing evidence. Legal opinions within the Justice Department concurred that Ciccione's actions damaged the Government's case against Piedrahita.

      As a consequence of today's revelations, Piedrahita has been re-indicted and a warrant also issued for Velasco. Both however are apparently back in Colombia, where they still run their criminal activities---thanks to DHS Special Agent Christopher Ciccione.

       It's instructive to reflect that the MSM jackals, the NFL protestors, the Antifa, and the rest of the anti-Trump 'Resistance' want the kind of government that Ciccione represented to come back. Whatever the motivations of the recent past administrations were; they are increasingly being uncovered as either unable---or unwilling---to make the government function cleanly, fairly, and efficiently.

      We don't want them back. Seven months of Trump has done more for America than the last seven years of Obama combined.

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