Wednesday, September 20, 2017


      The Whacko Left-Wing has shown its spiritual bankruptcy on numerous occasions. CNN's former Religious Affairs correspondent partook of a cannibalistic ritual for example; and we recently read that Beltway society maven Sally Quinn promotes Satanic Black Magic.

      Then we have a contingent of these same kinds of degenerates who pose as Christians. Just as with cults, it's typically for agenda-driven radicals to win converts by pretending to have the authority of long-recognized religions behind them. Invariably that it's the mainstream religion that's in a state of apostasy while they alone have discovered long-hidden 'truths'.

       Thus a fake bishop in the United Methodist Church, one Karen Oliveto, has published an article on Facebook warning Christians not to 'idolize' (i.e. worship) Christ. Oliveto, a butch lesbian who is 'married' to a deaconess, says of Christ:

        "{He} was as human as you and me. Like you and me, He didn't have His life figured out. He was still growing, maturing, putting the pieces together about Who He was and what He was supposed to do. We might think of Christ as the Rock of Ages, but He was really more like a hunk of clay, forming and reforming Himself in relation to God."

       One of the biggest flaws in Leftist spiritual thinking is that they invariably reverse the natural order of things and assume that man makes God in his own image instead of the other way around. With their purely carnal instincts---not to mention their hyper-inflated egos---they can't imagine things like the Incarnation in any other than the literal, physical sense. The passage quoted above shows that, so far from modernism, that Oliveto's conception of God is primitive anthropomorphism. St. John makes it clear though that Christ was more than a man; His Incarnation was an emanation of Divine Will. In John's story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, for example, he notes that Christ tested His disciples by asking for advice when He knew already what He would do. Christ never had any need to figure anything out.

       Beginning with her flawed premises, Oliveto goes on to preach a homily which grossly misinterprets an encounter between Jesus and a Canaanite woman, as related in the 15th Chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel. In that story, Christ is again testing the faith of those around him; but Oliveto makes it appear as though Jesus had some politically-correct insight into the nature of bigotry and thus changed His mind:

      "This is the heart of the story. This is what offers us hope. If Jesus can change, if He can give up His bigotries and prejudices, if He can realize that He made His own life too small, and if in this realization, He grew closer to others and to God, then so can we."

      Aside from the metaphysical absurdities in this passage, there are some facts which need to be made clear: Christianity does not, and never has, taught bigotry and prejudice as a doctrine.

        1. The Bible teaches that all humans are descended from a single pair of divinely-created humans:

          2. Israel was established as a nation of priests to convert all other peoples;

           3. The fact that Old Testament prophets spoke to non-Jews indicates that there were Gentile believers even then;

            4. The New Testament makes it clear that Christ's Advent was to fulfill the Old Covenant (point 2).

           What Christian Doctrine teaches is sin is to oppose the Will of God; thus racism excludes conversion to certain groups; therefore it is sin. It's also opposing the Will of God to teach false doctrines and to subvert His Will in marriage and gender relations, as Bishop Oliveto is doing. Thus they reinterpret Scripture to make their sins virtues of necessity.

         Not being a follower of Methodism, we're not familiar with the current state of that denomination as a whole; but it certainly is past time their congregations did some serious soul-searching.


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  1. That's just awful. I've watched a lot of denominations give way to this kind of thinking where I live. The Catholic church may not endorse the LGBT lobby officially, but not long ago we had a big mock ordination of lady priests, not formally sanctioned, but pretty much attended and supported by all the local Catholics.

    On the bright side, I do encounter many Christians I call refugees, those fleeing doctrine and churches that have gone all crazy.