Wednesday, September 27, 2017


     The NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers---once an iconic American institution---was one of the instigating organizations behind last Sunday's fake anti-Anthem protests. Now it's fairly obvious that the motivation behind these publicity stunts was aimed against President Trump, who called out the NFL for its pusillanimity the day before.

       So the political motivations behind the Steelers' actions are starting to become clearer. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, it happens, is not only a Democrat but very active in the DNC. It was Tomlin who more-or-less tried to stop players from entering the stadium during the National Anthem, and denounced the one player with manhood enough to defy him.

       Tomlin and his wife Kiya hosted a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in June 2016 in their posh suburban home.


         It's not known whether any 'spirit cooking' actually happened, but quite a bit of cash was raised for Hillary's other sinister purposes. And that's not the limit of the Tomlins' activism, by any means. According to Open Secrets, Mike Tomlin gave a whopping $30,000 to the DNC in 2011 and $25,000 in 2016. He also gave the maximum individual donation of $2,700 to the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Campaigns those same years.

         Tomlin's wife Kiya, a fashion designer and media hanger-on, donated $20,000 to the DNC in 2008; $30,000 in 2011; and $25,000 in 2016. She donated the maximum to both Obama Campaigns and to Hillary's 2016 bid.

          Steelers owner Art Rooney II has tried to deflect the growing anger at Tomlin and the players by saying that they have a right to their opinions. That may be so; but we're not talking here about an average Democrat voter. Tomlin directly instigated an overtly political statement---and his deep ties to Trump's opponents casts serious doubts as to his actual motivations. It's highly probable, given these facts, that last weekend's NFL protests were orchestrated and not spontaneous at all.

          As for Rooney, his fingers are the same pies as Tomlin's. He is an executive in the firm Buchanan, Ingersoll, and Rooney PC, which Wikipedia succinctly describes as "one of the nation's largest legal and lobbying firms".  This company is the government lobbying firm in Pennsylvania and among the top 20 Federal lobbying firms. In 2016, their five top political recipients were: the DNC; the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and the activist group Women Vote!, in that order.

        Aside from arch-RINO Arlen Specter, the overwhelming number of political donations that Rooney has made has been to Democrats. He supported Al Gore, John Kerry. Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton and was an attendee at Obama's Inaugural Ball in 2009.

         I wonder how Steelers fans feel, knowing that the over-priced tickets that go to lining Tomlin's and Rooney's pockets, are also supporting the DNC? If we do get a new league, let's leave the Steelers out of it.


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