Sunday, September 17, 2017


      The Alt-RINOs are at it again. A month after Charlottesville, they're still playing the Victim Cards. It's been amusing to watch two of the manly Alpha leaders of the Red Pill Cult---namely Vox Day and Andrew Anglin---screeching over which is the biggest victim and accusing each other of messing things up. Really, they look more like two monkeys chattering in the treetops, throwing coconuts at each other and then beating their chests and proclaiming victory.

       Eric Striker, a writer for the semi-defunct The Daily Stormer, has launched a new podcast called Fascism Now!. He kicked off things with angry denunciation against President Trump for signing the recent Senate Resolution condemning Right-Wing extremist groups. His next step was to interview Emily Youcis, a self-described Red Pill Girl, to talk about Charlottesville.

       Emily Youcis is from Philadelphia, and used to be known quite charmingly as The Pistachio Girl, because she was a snack vendor in the stands during Philadelphia Phillies baseball games. She lost this job late last year after the stadium concessions contractor found out that she'd attended the infamous Richard Spencer NPI forum that led to an earlier Trump denunciation. Subsequent investigations found that she'd been involved in some violent protests as well as trolling on Twitter (she's since been banned there as well).

        Regarding Charlottesville, Ms. Emily advanced the novel theory that Heather Heyer wasn't murdered at the rally at all; but instead died of a heart attack because she was fat. This is sort of a variation of Anglin's opinion that Heyer was responsible for her own death because she was too fat to get out of the way of the speeding car.

         "Yes, it is confirmed that she died of a heart attack from being fat." Emily pontificated " And her fat-ass mom rallying around for sympathy points is the real murderer. Heather's mother stuffed her daughter from a year old with soda, chips, poison; overfed that little girl---she could have been a beautiful White girl if that hadn't happened---and she murdered her."

         A rather paradoxical conclusion from a former baseball-park snack-food vendor. At any rate, Heather Heyer was 32 years old when she died; so if she was fat that can hardly be blamed on her mother. As for being a Feminist, that typically stems from hatred of men; again an attitude that usually isn't developed in girlhood.

         An interesting question is what social dynamics produce women like Emily Youcis. There is a growing number of females attracted to the Red Pill Cult which isn't exactly known for being female-friendly. Now, InsanityBytes, a blogger who occasionally comments here, wrote recently that Red Pill Women tend to have two predominant characteristics: self-loathing and vengefulness.

         I think there are some grounds for this, generally speaking. When we examine the backgrounds of many of these Alt-RINO women, we find that they were remarkable for their ill-treatment of men before they were 'red-pilled'. Some of them have been married more than once; and many admit to having being red-hot viragoes in their youths. But instead of repentance in the Christian sense, they convert to hateful Red Pill doctrines and seek to retaliate against all women as atonement for their own sins.

        Just as Red Pill men invert and appropriate radical Feminist doctrines, their female counterparts invert and appropriate Feminist attitudes. Feminists hate all men and want to punish them; Red Pill women hate their own gender and want to punish other women.

       Another noteworthy characteristic that Feminists and Red Pill women share is their overt unladylike behaviors. Emily Youcis not only acts up at violent political rallies; she's a graphic artist who produces some very vulgar material. Reading her writings and listening to her speeches shows that she's also quite the little potty-mouth; not exactly a quality most men find appealing.

        Women like Emily Youcis are poles apart from really traditional/MAWGA women---as far away as radical Feminists are. They aren't role models for young women any more than Red Pill Alphas are for young men.


  1. Interesting post! Thanks for the mention. I too have curiously studied some of the red pill girls. They often tend to have a lot of resentment towards women and self loathing towards themselves. Ironically what they seem to crave is actually male dominance and protection, even from the nature of their own selves. To be rescued, controlled perhaps. They're often very rebellious, very challenging and aggressive. That is part of what that crudeness and vulgarity is about, attracting the attention of men, winning their approval and loyalty, attention seeking.

    A lot of it is fear based, fear of other women, fear of being controlled by other women,and by proxy fear of themselves. It's tragic, but somewhat comical too, if you're scared of your own self, just surround yourself with men by far more aggressive and dysfunctional than you are. Ironically it makes many of them feel submissive and safe too, because you just can't out crazy people like Vox Day and Andrew Anglin. How are you going to top that?

    Somebody smart once told me that "what men fear is often their own insignificance, but what women really fear, is our own power." I see that play out a lot in the red pill girls.

    1. Thank you---that's another good point that RPW also have a strong craving for male attention. It's interesting, and somewhat sad, that when you look at Emily Youcis, you can see these fears you mentioned very transparently. She's in her mid-20s, not unattractive, and by the time of her Red Pill conversion, already had a successful graphic arts studio and a vending concession with Aramark. She was even a local celebrity 'The Pistachio Girl' among Philadelphia sports fans. How many 26 year-old women have all that?

      It shows again that taking the Red Pill causes people---of both genders---to work against their own interests.