Sunday, September 24, 2017


       The controversy between President Trump and the National Football League has really intensified. The President yesterday expressed what many---if not most---Americans actually think about the NFL. Most Americans love football, but thoroughly despise the NFL as an institution. A lot of us see it as another cultural swamp in need of draining.

       The Corporate Media hyenas---who imagine all Trump supporters as beer-swilling, low-IQ couch-potatoes---pounced on the story and egged on their confederates in the NFL Players' Union to inflame matters worse by staging fake 'solidarity protests' throughout the NFL today. Both the Corporate Media and the NFL leadership hold their followers in complete contempt; and hope that publicity stunts like these will alienate voters---whom they presume will follow celebrity-athletes like sheep.

       As for the millionaire perverts and drug addicts who pass for 'athletes' these days, we shouldn't be surprised at their behavior. Most of them are simply punks and thugs who find themselves at home in the gangland-like moral atmosphere of postmodern professional sports. They'll sell out their own teams for a higher contract, so selling out their country and disrespecting its institutions and traditions comes naturally to them.

        It wasn't always this way, of course. We're only a few decades removed when public prayers were actually said at football games in addition to the National Anthem. And they were said by people like:

          Who, as a young man in WW2 saw his family interned by the US government for being non-naturalized citizens of Italy. Instead of burning flags and running around in a black hood smashing windows, young Gino enlisted and came back from the Pacific Theatre a decorated war hero. Taking advantage of the GI Bill, he finished college, and was drafted by the Baltimore Colts in 1952. Now a Hall-of-Fame member, Marchetti founded a successful restaurant chain and retired a rich man.

           One of the most valuable things that team sports used to teach young men like Gino Marchetti was how hard work can turn defeat into victory. Even when the inequalities and unfairness that often comes in life seem insurmountable. The longest field-goal in NFL history was made by a kicker who was born without a hand and partially missing a foot.

       In our postmodern culture where victimhood is honored above all else, stories like these seem unbelievable. The whole American ideal, however, is based on overcoming incredibly difficult challenges. Football was, at least in the past, a game of strategy as much as skill. But intelligence, innovation, and excellence left the NFL a long time ago.

      The fake-news is also naturally trying to spin the controversy as somehow 'racist' as if there is some natural inconsistency between being patriotic and being Black. The ignoramuses on the Whacko Left fail to understand that Blacks have been a part of the NFL from the beginning.

        And back then Black athletes had a lot more discrimination and prejudices to overcome than the sad-sacks of today who won't stand for a patriotic ceremony but don't mind cashing their paychecks. Paychecks, incidentally, which are about 100,000 times higher than what their counterparts in the 1920s were paid.

          The actions of the NFL players today are bound to backfire on them. They may imagine themselves too big to fail; but they are really a bunch of pygmies in the bigger scheme of sports history.

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