Friday, July 30, 2021


      A few years ago, we started (a now closed) site that was directed at creating a resource to guide American men. It's been painfully apparent for the last decade at least that the United States is suffering a crisis of Masculinity. Nationally, we seem to have run out of it, and can't even seem to be able to define it anymore. That's one of the reasons why the blog ended up closing; not because it wasn't getting readers, but because it wasn't meeting its purpose. Most of its readers were men who already were in sync with its message, and while they probably picked up some self-improvement tips and were entertained by the stories, it became apparent that we were simply talking over most younger guys' heads. It really became noticeable when Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life came out. When you have a huge percentage of men who think that being told to stand up straight and make their beds every morning are life-changing revelations,---and even have these debated by a lot of other men---then obviously writing articles about building leadership skills and complimentarian relationships was bound not to gain any traction. 

    The sad state of our men was brought home again today when I had occasion to revisit a (then) cold-case that had piqued my interest. It happened a little over two years ago. The police have zero interest in investigating it any further, which is probably understandable since the deceased has since been identified and there's nothing but circumstantial evidence of foul play. To summarize what happened, in the Summer before the Scamdemic and Color Revolution broke out, a hiker was going up a trial in the 'Enchanted Forest' in Altadena, California. The park of this name was formerly the rancho of a lumber company executive named Charles Cobb. The estate fell into foreclosure later, and in 1971 (back in the day when Americans cared more about community than turning a fast buck), money was raised to turn the land into a park.

   At any rate, this hiker noticed the unmistakable smell of something dead and, upon investigating further, found a tent in the underbrush with a dead body inside. The police determined that she was a woman at least 55 years old and had been dead around five months. This was July, 2019. 

  This may sound like a relatively routine police case, except that almost five months to the day earlier, a Youtube video got posted which seemed to throw a different aspect on the case. A group of four Millennial idiots who host a really stupid monetized channel with over 5 million subscribers decided to film a night-time trek through the Enchanted Forest, hoping to document alleged cult activity going on there. I'm posting the link to their video, with the caveat that it is excruciatingly painful---on many different levels---to watch. If I had sons like any of these guys, I'd seriously contemplate suicide: it's that bad. 

  So these four fellows had gone only a short distance down the trail when they heard a woman crying out for help. And they did what any average American man would do these days: they turned tail and ran. Even though they made sure they had the cameras rolling for good content, it didn't even dawn on them to call the police. 

   Eventually, when they felt it safe to return, they slinked back and found some of what women call 'accessories' strewn about; and I might add here that they were of the type a woman approaching her golden years would have worn as opposed to a school-age girl (the woman found dead in the tent was 68 years old). And it's notable also that the Coroner's Report listed the cause of death as what we non-medical people refer to as a heart attack; something that easily could have been brought on by a group of attackers in a woman of that age with those pre-existing conditions. In other words, the poltroonery of these four men very well might have allowed a fatality which could have been prevented. 

  All of this would have been bad enough, but the producers of this video didn't even have enough shame not to post it. It's gotten over 8 million views since 2019 and controversy around it still goes on. As far as I know, the producers have never issued an apology or expressed remorse in any way to the woman's family; or even acknowledged her existence. 

  We hear a lot about toxic masculinity these days, but this is a specimen of what vastated Manhood really looks like. In the village I grew up in, these guys would have been run out of town for something like this. Granted, they may have staged the video and just coincidentally a corpse was found in the area later on that matched the circumstances they portrayed. It's possible---we don't know all the facts. But it doesn't the fact that their conduct---real or staged---was a disgrace to men everywhere. There were four of them who could have intervened, but chose instead not to get involved and save their own skins. And why call the police when you can get exclusive footage of someone dying and cash in on it? 

  Masculinity is not toxic because there's anything inherently wrong with men; it's been poisoned and made toxic by dysfunctional families, corrupt schools, a degenerate media, and a venal Government-Corporate Complex. We've managed to raise a generation of boys who seem to have lost the instinct to preserve and protect. In fact, the last 18 months or so seem to indicate that they've lost their instinct for self-defense as well. There's a very good chance that we won't recover anytime soon.

  The majority of comments on these videos bear this out. Most are indifferent to what went on; some were critical but outnumbered by these schmucks' defenders. The linked video was 'liked' 244,000 to 3,000. 

"People use girls screams to lure innocent people in and kill them. If they all went over to check what was happening they could've gotten killed!"

"The amount of people who think they should bring a weapon to protect themselves."👇

"They could’ve also put themselves in danger I mean, they did. Even if they would’ve went and helped her they would’ve gotten killed themselves."

"Why hate on someone for that? i would've been scared out of my mind and would've ran for my life too."

"If you would call 911 you would just get more attention pulled towards you then the Satan people would be mad at you and start trying to kill you too!"

"Why would someone hate on them for leaving? They were chased by a freaking killer cult! I would leave too!"

"You must be a Trump supporter or something. You can tell the screaming was a prank or was to lure them in because no killer would let their victim scream. So when you call the police all they're gonna find is nothing. Again you'll be wasting their time."

There we have it: the Ameroboob in all his glory. Not a thought about a fellow-human being in trouble. It's all "what's in it for me?" "I got mine, that's their tough luck!" "Blow your ideals, the thing to do is survive!" such is the spirit of the New America. That's why the Great Reset scum are running the table right now. Americans don't care if the Elites take the whole pie just as long as I get my slice!

Our culture has failed our men; and failed them radically. Some tried to warn that we were headed in this direction. Now we're here. We need real men and we don't have them.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021


    It's difficult to imagine that only two Summers ago, America was on track to being Made Great Again. The economy was moving faster than it had in over 20 years; jobs were coming back from foreign outsourcing. We were on track to Energy Independence again by 2025. Bureaucratic overreach was being scaled back; the Opioid Crisis was being reversed; gangs broken up, the Government investing in infrastructure, research and development again. Americans could put up religious displays again without fear of persecution---we were generally looking forward to 2020 and second Trump term tackling school choice, expanding infrastructure reform, and curbing price inflation.

   Then one day, a bunch of assholes showed up with a blueprint to 'reset' us back to Deep State times. Playing off of Americans' love for LARPing and Real-Time Soap Operas, they turned a Chinese lab leak into a national meltdown and employed it as cover for a Color Revolution. As usual, Americans acted first, and thought later; throwing all the gains of the previous three years away and many of our remaining Civil Liberties along with them. Along the way, a few of the realists even saw a golden opportunity to cash in on the panic, and some small fortunes were made. The Elites couldn't take our freedoms fast enough to keep up with the hysteria; and so when they finally overthrew the Government, they have been trying to catch up with the public ever since. 

   Today, following some recent threats from the degenerate Dr. Fauci, the Regime's Ministry of Health announced new orders 'recommendations' to bring back the Mandatory Mask. And right on cue, the Corporate Media suddenly produced a flurry of articles with the usual COVID hysteria; a 'surge' and 'record numbers of cases' being the most common propaganda-points I'm seeing in the news feed. 

   The Ameroboobs of course are already buying into it wholesale---just like they do any 'emergency' that feeds into their hunger for drama. I doubt there will be any resistance this time---probably even more compliance. The American male has sunk to the level where the State could probably order him to wear a mask but stop wearing pants; and tomorrow we'd see 4/5 of our men in public in just their underwear. 

   Unsurprisingly, the 'surge' is supposedly happening in predominantly Conservative regions. Like last Summer, when the 'pandemic' suddenly went dormant wherever Antifa and BLM were rioting, it's now supposedly come back hardest among populations of those who doubt the vaccine. The transparency behind this latest fraud ought to be obvious. The Junta's masters in Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartels are below their vax-quotas to turn an acceptable profit-margin, so they're bringing back the hated Mask to put public pressure on the 'Unvaccinated'. Instead of turning against an illegitimate 'government' as he should; the Ameroboob can always be counted on to turn against his neighbor. 

  As proof of this, just note the number of public venues voluntarily requiring Vax Passports. Small businesses: the supposed backbone of America's economy, have been leading the charge here. These are the same venues which the Revolutionaries callously locked down and turned violent thugs against just a year ago; but where money is concerned, the American of today isn't going to let a little thing like that stand between him and his bottom line. 

  Expect in the coming months an all-out pogrom against the 'Unvaccinated'. We're about to be turned into an object of public hate like Soviet Kulaks or German Jews were in the 1930s. The Regime already initiated the program of creating a quasi-Secret Police agency: The Vaccine Strike Force, empowered to ignore your privacy and property rights to offer you the chance of joining up or being put on a blacklist. The Vax, like the Mask, is a symbol of submission. 

  And don't make the mistake of believing that all of this will go away in some electoral 'Red Wave'. Just remember that what the Regime is doing now with compulsory masks and vaxes was made possible by those 'Conservatives' who exploited previous 'crises' to mandate things like drug tests, national age-limits, and sobriety checkpoints. 

     We have to start facing the reality that it's not just our national leaders, but our national character that is corrupt. If there really was a 'Silent Majority' it never would have let things deteriorate to this point. What we have to do is begin unifying within our own communities and breaking our dependence on the Beltway at the personal and communal levels as much as possible. And please don't succumb to any of this stupid 'Red Pill' advice about going with the flow and being an army of one. Interdependence with those whom we trust is going to be more important now than ever before.




Sunday, July 25, 2021


     It's been awhile since we've had a food-related post, other than covering some of the food shortages and the Elites' schemes for controlling our diets. Right now, however, we're about mid-way through White Boy Summer and more cookouts and clambakes than usual are going on. Admittedly, we do reach a certain age though, when things like surfing and beach-volleyball are best left to those who don't take quite as long to recover from that kind of strenuous recreation; and so our experience is best employed manning the grills, bonfires, etc. 😉

   One other fellow of middle-age was discussing his campaign this Summer to lose weight and get in shape (something that hanging around with younger guys often brings to mind). He was describing a type of nutritional drink he made, but complained that he disliked the taste of kale. I frankly asked why he ate that stuff and set him to thinking. 

  Americans have, for some reason, adopted similar attitudes towards food as their dysfunctional attitudes towards sex. Eating anything that is actually good is considered unhealthy, or dangerous; while consuming things that our ancestors long ago gave up on is virtuous somehow. Kale is a good example. Even though vegetables which are actually edible are sufficient to keep one in good health, it's somehow not trendy to eat them anymore. Kale itself is a European weed that poor people once ate when they couldn't afford better vegetables, or was gathered during wartime shortages. Some farms in the old country kept 'kale-yards' where they cultivated it to feed their goats. 

  Marketing pros in this country saw an opportunity to capitalize on the gullibility of American consumers and promoted the product. We've become conditioned to believe that anything that peasants or primitive peoples eat must be healthier and more noble that civilized diets. The fact that developed countries have life expectancies 20-30 years longer than those cultures doesn't seem to occur to them. Madison Avenue has a long history of doing this, even touting 'miracle foods' which are common with only the name changed. I recall a few years ago, the new wonder-grain was Kasha. Kasha is simply the Yiddish word for buckwheat. 

  All of this supposed health-consciousness hasn't a lot of results to show for it. Americans are said to be the greatest consumers of these products, and yet we're the world leaders in morbid obesity, declining fertility and birth rates, and the most over-medicated society on the planet. Unfortunately, to most Americans, reality contradicted by expert opinion doesn't count for very much. The same people who protest that a McDonald's hamburger contains nothing but meat by-products think that synthetic meats and vegetable proteins are healthier than real red meats. And we should also note that in spite of our dietary superiority, we are the world's largest consumers of vitamin supplements. 

   I suppose this level of ignorance isn't surprising in a culture which holds as settled science that gender is determined by feelings; that bad weather is caused by internal combustion engines; that marijuana is safer than tobacco; that wearing masks prevent pandemics, etc. Americans are no less ignorant when it comes to food. 

  Most of this ignorance has to do with bad parenting and faulty education. Americans today---while they stand as wholly supportive of parental rights---prefer that parental responsibility be assumed by the Government. Schools used to pick up some of the task by offering courses in Health Sciences and Home Economics; but the latter is gone and the former is run by agenda-driven ideologues. What we've produced is a population of fat, frigid females and low-T, passive-aggressive males who don't know that cheese is produced from milk but have hubris enough to believe that they are qualified to manage a national food supply. The most ridiculous example of that was in last Summer's short-lived Chaz Republic in Seattle, when the Revolutionaries addressed their new country's food supply issue by seizing a vacant lot and planting Swiss Chard there.

    Granted, there are many of us like my friend mentioned above who simply get taken in by the slick marketing and junk science. Those things are so pervasive today that we can't help but fall prey to it on occasion. In the interests of full disclosure, I once decided as part of a 'buy local' campaign to consume only local microbrews and wines. Those concoctions were so bad that today I can't drink wine at all and prefer Root Beer to anything resembling the Golden Ale. The wines were almost as bad as the Vinegar Switchels that certain elders used to drink back in the day because they thought that promoted health. BTW, I've recently seen switchels popping up in health-food stores, although under different aliases. 

   The best way to maintain a healthy diet is to eat balanced meals with about as many calories as you use in a normal day. To lose weight, exercise more and eat less calories. Stop listening to the fake 'experts' and above all, don't assume that everything that tastes bad is good for you or vice-versa. Listen to your body because that will tell you what you need far more reliably than some media blowhard who's been hired by Big Ag. Common sense tells you that eating should be a pleasurable---not a guilty---experience. 



Friday, July 23, 2021


      Earlier in the week, the Regime handed down its first prison sentence in the political show-trials of the January 6th Insurrection---a name that has a distinctively Communist ring to it. What these alleged 'domestic terrorists' actually did, of course, was less than Leftist kooks did during the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings. And, in less 'woke' times, a march on the Capitol might be considered an understandable reaction to a putsch where a group simply declared itself winners of an election and seized power. But those were the days when American men still had self-respect, a love of freedom, and functional Testosterone levels; today, not so much. 

    In the past 8 months, the Conservative faction in American politics has done about this what it usually does: sit on the sidelines and do nothing while the Left tramples Human Rights into the ground. Yes, there has been a lot of talking---not though to the people who could actually do anything about it. I mean, a delegation of Republican Congressmen and Senators could meet with the Junta and try to secure their release. They could hold down critical legislation until the issue is addressed. They could even demand that the Supreme Court intervene: in fact, governors of States where these prisoners reside could do the same thing. Another thing they could do---which might even get some bipartisan support---is to repeal the Patriot Act and other Bush Administration laws that made things like charging Americans as domestic terrorists or enemy combatants and restricting due process for those so accused possible. 

    Yes, the Party of Principle, the Defenders of the Constitution, could do those things and maybe even have other options which their crack legal teams could devise. But they prefer instead to fight the good fight on social media. 

   One of those online bastions of Conservative thought had an article this morning about the newest standout females stepping in and taking charge: Marjorie Taylor Greene. (We should point out for non-American readers that, while Conservatives talk about traditional gender roles, the same Oedipal Complexes and Sexual Masochism so prevalent among our male population today afflicts the political Right as much as the Left. Males of both sides really prefer submission to a powerful mother-figure over the hard work and integrity it took to be an old-fashioned Statesman).

   At any rate, the Congresswoman seemed less bothered by the treatment of American citizens than by the fact that the Junta is disproportionately targeting people on the political Right.

   "8 months in prison for walking in the Capitol & taking a selfie in the senate? Did he assault anyone, steal anything, or cause damage to the Capitol? BLM rioters were let off their charges in NY & other states. During covid lockdowns, CA let murderers & rapists out of jail."

   What do the cases of the BLM in New York or prison releases in California have to do with the January 6th case? Nothing. Is she arguing that 8 months would have been acceptable if others got longer sentences? Anyway, she goes on:

   "The stories coming out seem to be political targeting designed for intimidation. Has there been an investigation into the BLM rioters who were bailed out from Kamala & Ilhan sharing the Minnesota Freedom Fund bail bond fundraising links? And their friends, family, & followers?"

   Well, no kidding! This is how Revolutionaries behave, in case nobody's noticed. This is a great example of why nobody takes Conservatives seriously. We have a massive Human Rights violation ongoing and the best that our leadership can come up with is "your side riots too and doesn't get punished." 

   The bottom line here is that American citizens should not be getting thrown into dungeons, held indefinitely without bail or charges, subject to torture and brutal prison conditions regardless of what they are accused of doing. This entire case probably violates at least a dozen Constitutional provisions and Amendments, and that should be the issue. 


    Our Founding Fathers came out of a political system where these kinds of 'legal proceedings' were normative. Being accused of a crime was considered something like a personal insult to their Royal Majesties and treated accordingly. This January 6th Case is of the same stripe: the Elites, their toadies in the Media, and their hired judges and prosecutors are all simply butthurt because a few people thumbed their noses at their authority and now they want revenge: to make examples of them. 

   Dinesh D'Souza, another renown Conservative thinker chimed in on the discussion: The sentencing of Paul Hodgkins is a window into the face of American injustice. The problem isn’t just the Biden DOJ; it’s also Obama appointed judges willing to destroy the lives of working-class people solely for being Trump supporters." It happens awkwardly enough for D'Souza, however, that so far the only person charged in connection with January 6th was released from custody on bail by an Obama-appointed judge.

  None of this was even legal in the United States until October of 2001. Actually I suspect that this is a major reason for such a milquetoast reaction from the Right: they would have to own up to the fact that Senate RINOs under Clinton and an entirely Republican Administration under Bush set every legal precedent for nearly all of the crimes that the Junta has gotten away with and more that they tend to commit. 

   These injustices aren't going to go away because the Right puts its heads in the sand; and public support for the Right is going to keep dwindling until they stand up and face the facts. The Republicans have to admit responsibility and take action to correct their mistakes because their obfuscations aren't fooling anybody. Something else that Republican leaders may wish to consider is that once the Regime has finished sacrificing the January 6th 'rioters', it's unlikely that their bloodlust is going to be satisfied; they'll soon be seeking other Right-Wing extremists to hunt down. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021


      So tonight will perusing a few online articles, I across the usual fare among 'Conservative' authors of some reputation with their typical refrain. "Oh, dear. Look what that awful Biden is doing to America. Goodness me. If we don't turn things around soon {i.e., by voting in Republicans like Bruce Jenner and Tim Scott} we could soon devolve into tyranny!" 

      We actually are devolving into tyranny; that isn't my issue with articles like these. My issue is with their solution. Assuming that there are even going to be elections in 2022/24, let's look back from the time President Reagan left office in 1989 until today. That's 32 years---almost one 'generation' by standard reckoning. 

      Republican Presidents: 16 years (50% of the time)

      Republican Congresses 20 years (62.5% of the time).

      7 of 9 current Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republicans (78%) Republican-appointed Chief Justices have held the position for the entire 32 years. 

     In 32 years, what do we have to show for this? Take any issue that Conservatives support: property rights, privacy rights, school choice, strengthening family and community, smaller government, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, medical choice; name one of these that's gotten better because Republicans were in office. Yes, Trump accomplished a lot---by Executive Order. He couldn't get Obamacare repealed, end Federal abortion funding, or Infrastructure Bills passed through a Congress controlled by his own party. The Junta has since nullified most of Trump's Executive Orders. Trump, incidentally, did revoke some previous EO's: something Bush never bothered to do for 8 years. 

   One of these articles had to do with the latest hot-button topic on the Right: Critical Race Theory. The author of this piece gave a hypothetical scenario (as if he couldn't find a real one) about a parent going to a public school where his daughter (it certainly couldn't be a son in this story) was in trouble with the Bureaucracy for alleged 'hate speech.' He writes:

  "Far-fetched? Sadly, no. Much of this is already happening to one degree or another. Look at all these schools that conduct something called a “Privilege Walk.” This involves all students lining up and then taking steps forward or backward based on supposed privileges they have or are denied. These always include whiteness as a privilege. This divisive, racist event tells white kids that they did not earn their achievements and black kids that they were unfairly denied theirs.

   "This is all based on supposed systemic racism, which is the invention of the critical race theory (CRT) so much under discussion recently. Things like the Privilege Walk and antiracism training use the concept of systemic racism to call for changes to our systems that they now demand produce equity, i.e. equality of outcome. But that ignores the fatal flaw of CRT: it takes any disparate outcome for blacks and attributes it to systemic racism and eliminates any other possibilities for the difference."

   The main flaw with this statement isn't that it is untrue; it certainly is happening in our nation's public schools. The problem is that we could similar articles written by David Horowitz, Walter Williams, William Bennett, Thomas Sowell, William F. Buckley, and even Rush Limbaugh---like 25-30 years ago. I can recall reading about 'Privilege Walks' back in the 1990s. 

   When the Clinton Co-Presidency came to power in 1993, Hillary put her good friend Donna Shalala in charge of purging reforming public education. Clinton's Educational Policy Advisor was Johnnetta Cole---a Communist who'd actually been registered by the FBI as a foreign agent of the Cuban Government---and they all soon went to work radicalizing our school system. Variations of CRT started appearing back then. 

  This is one reason why I have no patience with Conservatives today who are squealing that "Whaaaaa! They're imposing Critical Race Theory! We could lose a generation of kids to these radicals! Whaaaaa!" The fact is that we've already lost one (the Millennials); we're about to lose another (Gen Z); and are on a trajectory to lose a third once today's toddlers start reaching Kindergarten age. And as far as I know to the contrary---despite 'school choice' and 'parental rights' being a Conservative position---nothing whatsoever has been done at the Federal level to rein in our out-of-control public schools since the mid-1980s. 

  The same author in the above piece had, in his hypothetical example, a futurist School Diversity Enforcement Officer. Every major public school district, college, and university has had positions like these for 20 years, at least. 




    Now tell us all again that Conservatives didn't know there was a problem, and that all of this radicalization just started with Biden. It's like all of this outcry about Drag Queen Story Hour. They have been going on since 2015. That's six years that Conservatives have had to do something about it; and they've done nothing. 

   I'm sorry if this sounds harsh; but if Conservative parents are complaining that their kids have grown into woke Leftist semi-adults, I have no sympathy for them. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 States, and only about 3% of the population were doing it before the school lockdowns. Conservative alumni keep dumping cash into universities that they know fully well are corrupt PC hell-holes. In fact, at most local PTA and School Board meetings the ones opposing garbage like CRT and Drag Queen Story Hours aren't even parents anymore: they're typically there because they're concerned about their grandchildren. 

   The point here is that if Conservative parents don't care enough to take responsibility for their offsprings' education, then there's really no purpose in debating or discussing whatever nonsense they're being taught. They know that homeschooling is better; they know that there are alternatives to public education; they know that public schools at all levels are controlled by criminals, perverts, and Left-Wing fanatics, and yet they continue sending their children there. Agreed: Critical Race Theory is absurd and Drag Queen Story Hour is just sick. But if you willingly put your children into the hands of these monsters, then the consequences are your own fault. 

   If Conservatives are so concerned with what our kids are being indoctrinated with taught; then they need to put away the drugs and spend at least as much time actually interacting with and teaching their kids as they do cucking their spouses on hook-up sites. They need to spend more time thinking about what kinds of people their universities are granting doctoral degrees to than which of the 50 or so bowls the football team might go to next year. In other words, do something instead of spouting fake outrage. The only thing most kids are learning in Conservative homes is what a bunch of hypocrites, poseurs, and parasites the Right is made up of---and that is driving them into 'woke' Leftism even faster than the schools are doing. 


Wednesday, July 14, 2021


      When most people think of government propaganda, they tend to think of the ridiculous PSA's played on radio stations. In reality, as we have seen, Propaganda in the United States today is managed by experts whose full-time occupation is the control and management of the human mind. The people who employ these managers are mostly megalomaniacs and atheistic and who laugh in their sleeves at the idea of free will. 

     Jean-Marie Domenach, to whose scholarship we've referred several times, points out that free countries have a definite disadvantage in protecting the public since the concept of Propaganda is essentially freedom of speech. Besides, many of the techniques that propagandists employ are also employed in honest industries like advertising, political campaigns, and public relations. It's our responsibility to analyse malignant propaganda with the same skepticism we'd view advertisers, politicians, and PR people. In the World War eras, the U.S. government experimented with Propaganda. In WW1, the effect of propaganda in raising support for the war led to laws preventing government-produced propaganda from being used domestically. 

    In 1934, fears of corporate consolidation controlling the press led President Roosevelt to sign the Telecommunications Act of 1934 which---while it didn't silence enemy propaganda---ensured competition among media outlets. The Voorhis Anti-Propaganda Act of 1940 blocked foreign regimes (like today's WEF) from operating American broadcast networks. The effects of mass-propaganda in totalitarian regimes was made manifest in WW2. The Truman Administration enacted the Fairness Doctrine in 1947 to help insure that the interests of Corporate sponsors didn't dominate televised content. In 1948, the Smith-Mundt Act prohibited government from operating news networks on domestic audiences. The Deep State has since repealed all of them, with a compromised Republican Party supporting all removals (which were signed into law by Democrats Clinton and Obama). 

   Project Veritas recently produced a segment with a CNN producer admitting to peddling fear and explaining that they have been ordered to push the 'climate change' hoax. Just a few hours ago, I happened across a segment on Yahoo News with some doofus who'd just produced a scientific study on heat waves. This person seriously argued that heat waves are more severe in minority-populated sections of major cities than in predominantly White neighborhoods, and of course 'climate change' was the reason, along with 'systemic racism.' What they are confidently expounding is scientifically impossible, but the whole presentation was another good illustration of propaganda in action. In this case, both the Climate Change and Smart Cities agendas were the 'Base Doctrine' being promoted. 

   One of the most disturbing trends in Organized Propaganda campaigns began about a decade ago---that it is that the 'narratives' being promoted are becoming increasingly irrational. Doctrines such the utter nonsense that gender has no relationship to Biology or Psychology; that COVID-19 wiped out millions of Americans though we've never seen mass-graves or any photographic evidence; that untested vaccines and cloth masks are imperative to save us from a disease with a 99% survival rate; that Climate Change is part of a racist plot to oppress minorities; that a thug who ingested enough Fentanyl to kill a herd of buffalo was murdered by being pinned to the ground with a standard self-defense maneuver---one absurdity on top of another. Along with this has been an increasing level of self-contradiction. The Propagandists told us in early 2020 that police officers were among the frontline heroes fighting the Scamdemic---90 days later, they were portrayed as bands of racist death-squads and cities purged them. They told us in October 2020 that the Trump Administration had stolen the 2016 Election and was preparing to exploit our deeply flawed Electoral process to hold power. Only a few weeks later the narrative became that our system was unquestionably free from any possibility of manipulation. 

   This change is not an accident, but part of an intentional campaign as well. It's having a terrible psychological effect especially on younger Americans. The purpose of this evil program goes beyond simple influencing: it is designed to sow confusion and make people question their own judgement and observations. This serves the Elites' purposes by obliquely establishing a cult of 'experts' who can tell us what do in any given circumstance. 

     Jean Cazeneuve, a prominent French media executive and scholar of the last century, stated that the ultimate goal of any propaganda campaign is "to impose the symbol as evidence." We have to keep their goal in mind. As we've stated before, Faith and Reason are the Propagandists' worst enemies. We spoke in previous articles of how their planners prepare Counter-Propaganda. These are scenarios of theoretical arguments that opponents of the propagandistic message would bring against it. By their own admission, even these would-be omnipotent Elites cannot devise a message capable of breaking either of those two barriers. They usually respond to Faith with ridicule and to Reason by evasion. In the end, the Elites generally deal with both by force. 

   Although the Elites have nothing but contempt for Christianity, many of their propagandists also admit to being impressed (from a technical standpoint) of the power of the Cross as a popular symbol. But since the Elites and their hirelings are spiritually vastated individuals, the true and deeper significance of the Cross is lost on them and they regard it as Counter-Propaganda. As we can see by simple observation, the current Propaganda campaigns are designed to turn the Cross into a symbol of hate, ignorance, bigotry, and division. Simultaneously, the Propagandists have been rehabilitating the symbology of Satan; turning the very adversary of the Cross into something chic and glamorous, or as a misunderstood victim who really has the best interest of humanity at heart. 

     The Propagandists deal with Human Reason and Empirical Science mostly by distraction and always carefully avoiding debate with anyone except controlled opposition. They've lately begun simply dismissing these thinkers besides. Medical or Psychological literature which contradicts the current gender/sexual narratives are brushed off as "outdated ideas," as is any other solid evidence or rational conclusions. 

    The human race is not far removed---either culturally or historically---from times of book-burnings and other attacks on intellectuals. Academia, Inc. long ago began purging intellectuals and since the Revolution have begun purging the libraries of any material contradicting official ideology. Corporate America has been effacing its own traditional symbols. Historical monuments have been torn down. The Tech Lords have been engaging in suppression and deletion of content. We're not far from wholesale scrubbing of the Internet and burning books again; and likely most of us who produce these materials will be fortunate indeed to escape the fate of our productions. 

    As part and parcel of the Counter-Propaganda, the Regime has allowed (for now) dangerous extremist cults which they can tie to 'the Right' and use to discredit them. The worst of these is the loose confederation of 'Red-Pilled' wingnuts who are really not Conservative at all, but mostly reactionary Leftists who totally accept the idea of an 'Elite' who should be ruling the world. They just don't like the current Elites and think that they should be them.

   Traditional men are alienated and demonized in our culture---even more so since the Government was overthrown---and it's bound to be getting worse for us. Grifters and parasites like the ones pictured above offer men struggling for meaning and significance a movement with promises that men can become valuable again. That is what they offer: what they actually deliver is even further social alienation; deluding men into believing themselves 'superior' to other men; and ripping off their followers in cult-like fashion. During the Trump Administration they were a continual source of cannon-fodder for Left-Wing propaganda by feeding into their negative stereotyping of Conservatives, Christians, and White Males in general. 

   Don't be duped into "taking the Red Pill" as an antidote to the Color Revolution. It's true that the Revolution is openly anti-White and anti-Male, but white men (and women) along with all men (of whatever race) need to be pulling together right now and standing up as Americans; not a bunch of men going their own ways, or aspiring to be Alphas and Sigmas lording it over Beta chumps. That is no different than what the leaders of the Great Reset want to do: isolate us, divide us by gender and race, and set themselves up as supermen pushing around their inferiors. 

   We can beat the Enemy's propaganda machine, but to do so we must be informed, unwavering in our commitment, and ready to work at the community level. Don't be afraid to question the Regime's propaganda. Knowing how it works is the surest way to disable its effectiveness. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


        So today while checking out various blogs, I came across an interesting piece at Insanity Bytes. Her article concerns a Twitter statement of some sort which has been floating around again recently. Her article is a good read, but the meme she was criticizing is such a perfect specimen of contemporary propaganda, I thought it worth a discussion here.

     Let's review again the diagram of propagandist promotion:

   What we have here is a meme, or symbol, conveying an idea. The majority of Christians or Conservatives who read it are offended by it, but that is only part of the reaction that the propagandists intend to invoke. They certainly knew that their dupes would applaud what was said and that their opponents would be offended by it. But recall that the purpose of symbols, slogans, and memes is to reduce the Basic Doctrine into an idea that is accepted without thinking. What this meme is actually promoting is 'woke' culture's glorification of poverty. 

  Our culture has undergone for some time a relentless barrage of propaganda glorifying poverty to the point where street bums are regarded here like sacred cows are in India. The Left has demonized what they call 'materialism' and 'consumerism' for the last 30 years or so; and more recently we've been bombarded with supposed virtues of downsizing and "making do with less." Now Common Sense would tell anybody that poverty is not a blessing; that living like a bum is undignified; and that actually the better quality possessions one has, the better equipped one is for dealing with the problems in life. But when all the answers are contained in a slogan, there's no answer with reason. 

   Getting people to accept the idea that poverty is noble fits in well with a gang whose stated goal is to deprive us all of private property by 2030. This is why we've done an extended series on how the machinery of propaganda works. It's like the famous scene from the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate: once the symbol of the Queen of Diamonds was understood, the illusion disappeared. Once it's understood that the whole purpose of a meme like the one above is simply to trick you into surrendering your right to property, it has no power over your mind.  

   In our last article, we outlined the six techniques of a propaganda campaign; and looking back at the list one sees that this meme checks every single box. 1) It is stated in simplistic terms; 2) it exaggerates by comparing its premise with a false depiction of Christ's approval; 3) it is part of an ongoing 'narrative' against 'materialism'; 4) it plays upon pre-existing sentiments; both positive (compassion for the poor) and negative (envy of those with greater possessions); 5) it was attributed to some celebrity with a large fan-base who presumably agree with him; 6) it sets up Counter-Propaganda by listing caricatures of the political Right. Four out the five stereotypes that the writer sets up imply or advocate Property Rights, and that's what gave the game away, so to speak. 

     Those who would like to discuss the details of the meme can go over to IB's blog on the link above. Our purpose here was only to dissect it mechanically and also to show how subtly these programs operate. That particular meme was issued in 2019 and is still in currency today. It's success is based on the fact that it's so emotionally loaded that nobody contests its basic idea: that poverty is virtuous. Just asking the question: 'Wait a minute: Why is being a humble servant of the abject poor a good thing?' unravels the whole deception.* (see note).

    The Six Principles of Propaganda and the Soviets' Pyramid of Power were synthesized into a three-point method by Communist-employed scientists. The Deep State Elites imported the system for use here before the Iron Curtain fell and have been using it on us ever since. 

    1. The Planning Stage: At this level, a Base Doctrine is agreed upon as a subject for propagandist action. The action must also be monitored. "The action must be allowed to flow as long as the desired effects are produced, and the planners must be prepared to intervene and correct the narrative if the desired effect is not achieved," reads the abstract. The planners must also prepare Counter-Propaganda: "locating the topics of the opponents' propaganda and attacking them when their position is weak, but abstaining from attacking their strengths. Focus upon debilitating; disdaining the opponent who is under assault; portraying opposing topics as contradicting the facts, ridiculing them; and imposing one's own climate of force." 

    I think that we should pause momentarily and inquire of all those inclined to sneer at "some grand conspiracy for everything," would like to explain away this point. When we see new normals imposed on society virtually overnight with pundits all reading from the same script and experts all pronouncing the same conclusions---demanding 'change' that is the polar opposite of a long-standing social norm---please explain how these great popular shifts happen without an underlying conspiracy?

    The popular conception is that societal attitudes magically change from time to time and through the efforts of populist activists who devote themselves to a cause and make a difference. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is logically and empirically impossible that these movements can succeed without top-down planning, orchestration, and deployment. While spontaneous movements do occur occasionally, they are characterized by their short duration, lack of a solid program, and are typically focused upon a single objective. The Tea Party of 2010 was an example of a spontaneous movement. It grew from Conservatives exasperated with RINO Republicans and aimed at unseating long-term incumbents with populist candidates. The Tea Party really didn't continue as a power much past that election cycle. Weaponized Propaganda continues until the larger objective is accomplished because it comes from organized power and resources. 

  2. The Target Audience must be Cultivated and Assessed. This consists of  "knowing and adapting to the target-audience; selecting a unique, uniform, homogenous public, or one that is undergoing homogenisation; and of applying the contagion." The propagandists aim their initial messages at those in agreement with them or in sympathy with their objectives. 

    "According to this principle, the reality that mental contagion always intervenes must be exploited in order to determine the special characteristics of the masses and their orientation. Within a mass of people, any feeling, any act is contagious, so contagious that the individual sacrifices easier their personal interest in favor of the collective one. This shows that the group puts pressure on the individual opinion and that the various forms of conformism that arise in society can be managed therein." Again, this situation is nearly impossible to achieve on a large scale unless planning, orchestration and conspiracy is involved. 

    Many have attributed these irrational social upheavals of today to factors such as our dumbed-down schools and media, and softening of our cultural will through rampant narcotics proliferation. Those policies are part of undergoing homogenization, because to the Elites indifference to and compliance with their agendas is as desirable as willing acceptance of it. 

    3. The Principles of the Message: are issues we've discussed, the actual technique in practice. The message must be simplified to the lowest common denominator, repeated by rote, while always keeping in sight the Base Doctrine and avoiding any reasoned examination or debate on the topic. The message must appeal to cultural myths or utilize respected figures from history or contemporary celebrities. Exaggerating and magnifying the message into a 'crisis' is to be crafted carefully, either through an incident which can be exploited or a manufactured event. 

    Gustave Le Bon---one of the first scholars to study mass-psychology---explains that "the distortion of information is perceived by the masses as a novelty, and the novelty in turn is perceived as true information. The delivery of some falsehoods circulating rapidly among crowds is not the result of total credulity, but also of the gross distortions which the events become in the imaginations of the hearers. The most banal story becomes increasingly deformed because the masses think in pictures and the evoked image generates in turn other images in full illogical inconsistency with the first image." 

    Since this method was developed, Western propagandists learned fear and guilt were deeply rooted in our cultural psyche; and they've pursued a conscious policy of both eroding privacy rights and cultivating suspicion, distrust, and envy of others. By breaking down personal contact while making private details public information sets up an individual in a social climate where fear of exposure makes going with the flow a survival-mechanism. When one believes, through propaganda, that one's neighbor is a potential paedophile, terrorist, or virus-spreader then one sees that he can reduce his own fears and secure social acceptability by turning against his neighbor. The so-called Social Credit System promoted by the globalist Elites is designed to enhance this very dynamic.

    So much for the dynamics of how we're being influenced. We hope that this series has helped identify the techniques involved---but also to point out that the Great Reset is not only based in a lie; it's support is based on an illusion. In the next article, we'll conclude with some further remarks on Counter-Propaganda and also how we can protect ourselves against the propagandists' influence.


   * Note: the invocation of Jesus has nothing to do with His actual teachings; how the propagandists portray Christ here is merely a projection of how the WEF/NWO nitwits imagine themselves and their own future roles. As Christ is God and the Earth belongs to Him, these Elites fancy that they will own all the world's wealth; but will use that position to be 'servants of the abject poor;' in this case, all of us from whom they've looted everything. They will become our 'servants' by allowing us to live in their world---reorganized and so constructed for our own good. No doubt that they will expect psalms sung and prayers offered to them as well. 

    The paradigm really isn't new. Recall in pre-republican times that the King was considered "the father of his people" and all of his subjects "his children." The paid flatterers of these monarchs taught that the King provided a 'Christ-like service' to the little people by graciously allowing them the use of his resources. In the Old South, plantation owners had the same attitudes towards their slaves. 

Sunday, July 11, 2021


    It's observable to many today that Internet memes have taken a prominent place in actual discourse. Really a meme is nothing but a symbol that conveys an idea---of which we've had much to say in the last two articles. Memes are usually accompanied by a picture and a statement or slogan: it's really the modern version of the editorial cartoons that used to appear in print newspapers.

   Most memes aren't very good, but one of the best IMO was the NPC Meme. It seems to have fallen out of currency recently, and we're probably the only blog of any note that still uses it. I've always liked it because it perfectly summarizes how Americans have been programmed by Leftist propaganda into unthinking automatons. That is also the reason why there was such a backlash against it: it was far too close to the truth. Critics on the Left claimed that it is "dehumanizing" which, of course, is nothing but projection since they are the ones who are dehumanizing us by turning us into NPCs with their propaganda in the first place.

     In the previous articles, we discussed how renegade scientists in the employ of power-drunk 'Elites' have developed sophisticated systems to influence the public; and that a model they employ was developed behind the Iron Curtain probably in the late 1970s to mid 1980s. The source for this is the abstract of a study that was suppressed written in the early 2010s. The techniques employed today are essentially the same; except that technology has made their ability to disseminate it much faster. This is why our culture seems to be degenerating at an exponential rate. The propagandists are taking weaknesses already inherent in our culture, playing to these worst elements in our nature, and moving them with the speed of computing technology. 

    We've shown in the previous articles how the Elites seek to condense their ideology into slogans and symbols for popular consumption; the idea being that these symbols evoke an unthinking and uncritical reaction. Part of the effectiveness of this method is that it reaches the most primitive level of the human mind. Symbols and slogans belong to a preliterate and tribalistic period of human development when such means were employed by our ancestors as means of communication. We've also shown that propagandists make a careful study of their target audience to determine collective weaknesses which can be exploited. What this evil group has essentially done is taken what our priests and pastors call temptation; analysed it, weaponized it, and turned into a systematic program. 

   The French sociologist Jean-Marie Domenach in his 1950 work La Propagade Politique identified six rules and techniques characteristic of an organized propaganda campaign:

   1. The Rule of Simplification and a Unique Enemy;

   2. The Rule of Distortion and Caricature;

   3. The Rule of Orchestrating;

   4. The Rule of Transfer;

   5. The Rule of Unanimity and Contagion;

   6. The Rule of Counter-Propaganda. 

   Domenach's list has since been appropriated by the Elites and pressed into their service. The first point we've mentioned. The Elites do not want reasoned arguments or detailed explanations, the objective is to frame the program in the most dumbed-down terms possible. Terms like "settled science" and "new normal" imply a finality; that there's no debate beyond that point. Along with this point is to frame an enemy, who likewise is defined in simplistic terms. The Junta, for example, has stated that "white racism is the greatest threat" to our culture---never, of course, explaining what that means or why or how it constitutes the 'greatest threat.' Most commonly, we see the prefix anti attached in propaganda to the manufactured enemy. "Anti-Choice" "Anti-Vax" "Climate Change Deniers" "Homophobic"; the opponents of the 'narrative' are always constructed to imply bigotry, close-mindedness, ignorance, etc. 

   Regarding the second point, Domenach writes: "The exaggeration of the news is a journalistic procedure commonly used by the partisan press, which highlights all the information that is favorable to it: even if it is a question of a phrase ventured by a politician, like the passage of an unknown plane or ship. Such a statement is transformed into threatening evidence. Another common procedure is the skillful use of quotations detached from their context." There was a time when many of us tried to warn Conservatives---and the American people in general---that repealing laws like the Fairness Doctrine, the Telecommunications Act of 1934, and the Smith-Mundt Anti-Propaganda Act of 1948 were bad ideas. Maybe now that 90% of the Mass Media is controlled by five 'woke' corporations which have incorporated propagandist techniques on behalf of Elites' agenda, they begin understand that not all private enterprise is benign and not all government regulation is bad. Maybe, but we're not holding our breath. 

   Too many on the Right believed both then and now that the Leftist takeover of the Mass Media is no big deal; just like stories of the Left's seizure of Academia met with laughter and eye-rolls. As it turns out, it was a very important thing. There is a big difference between a partisan press in a truly free market and a controlled press in a nominally free market. 

   Overwhelming control over the organs of information has made application of the 3rd Rule of Orchestration much easier. "The fundamental issues are specified each week in a memorandum from the Political Bureau, whose text is always clear and concise, developed by the entire Communist press and its speakers until it reaches the last step, at the base, where they appear on posters, petitions, oral, door-to-door propaganda, etc. This is how the great campaigns are undertaken by the Communist Party." Domenach explains. Essentially, the think-tanks and policy institutes maintained by today's global Elite follow the same procedure. "A great propaganda campaign succeeds when it expands into infinite echoes. When it succeeds, everywhere the same topic is discussed in the most diverse ways, and when it has established a true phenomenon of resonance whose rhythm can be maintained and amplified between those who started it and those whom it has affected." In other words, the creation of an 'echo chamber' is a goal to which the propagandist aspires; but they hope to make these echoes all across the social spectrum. 

   Americans are well-known for having miniscule attention-spans, and skillful manipulators know that the program, slogans, an symbols must be refreshed occasionally without ever losing sight of the Base Doctrine. "Conducting and developing a propaganda campaign requires its progression be closely monitored, and that it be continually fed with new information and slogans; later to resume it at the opportune moment in a different form while appearing as original as possible." Our culture has sunk even to the abysmal level where propagandists can completely contradict their earlier narratives and still maintain the Base Doctrine. A perfect specimen was the propaganda surrounding the 2020 'Election.' In January 2020, the propagandistic slogan was that "Trump colluded with Russia to compromise the Election." As late as October 2020, the narrative ran variously to the effect that Trump would exploit the Scamdemic to compromise the Election and remain in power. By mid-November, when the Putschists had succeeded in seizing the Government with fake Electoral returns, the narrative switched "to baseless allegations that our electoral system is comprised." And if polls are to be believed, about 75% of the Ameroboobs fell for this obvious lie. 

     Before continuing with the remaining three principles, we should pause here because no doubt the question of responsibility might have arisen in thinking minds. Given that the Elites have extensive resources and misapplied science at their disposal to manipulate, disinform, and miseducate the human mind---what does this mean for Free Will and Moral Responsibility on behalf of the public?

    Domenach gives us a clue to the answer: "It is evident, on the other hand, that to obtain this resonance the objective of the campaign must correspond to a more or less conscious desire in the spirit of the great masses." As we have shown, the propagandists seek out weaknesses to exploit. In spiritual terms, all that the propagandist actually does is take an existing sin, appeal to it, and amply and encourage it. He continues, speaking of the Fourth Rule, the rule of transfer:

    "True propagandists never believed that propaganda could be made on no basis or that they could impose any idea on the masses at any time. As a general rule, propaganda always operates on a pre-existing substrate, whether it is a national mythology or a simple complex of hatreds and prejudices." It is an unfortunate fact that propaganda works essentially by telling people what they want to hear; while excusing them for not seeing what they don't want to see. The Rule of Transfer is connecting these hatreds and prejudices to the program.

   "It would be wrong, therefore, to see in propaganda an all-powerful instrument that guides the masses in any direction. This is well known by journalists who do not offer their readers more than selected information and digested in order to reassure and affirm their convictions. All the art of the opinion newspapers consists of suggesting to the reader, through the selection and presentation of the news, arguments that serve as support for their own partisanship, and knowing how to inspire that feeling comforting that is expressed with phrases such as: "I was sure", "I had already said it", "What I would have bet ", etc." 

    "Pol Quentin, in his book on political propaganda expressed the need to draw upon preconceived and sometimes childish opinions and prejudices, of the ancestral archetypes, when he said: 'No energy, even potential, should be lost in an activity in which reaching the primordial is essential. The American School of Psychology proves, for example, that racial prejudices are firmly rooted in the individual from five years of age. A political campaign that makes instant gratification its mainspring will try to connect its new programs with the source of mental energy that constitutes that pre-existing stereotype. It will thus be benefited by a true transfusion of conviction.'"

    On a sociopolitical scale, we have thugs like Obama was, who wore the facade of diversity and inclusion and hope and change with a friendly wink and a nod that accepted all of his followers' hatreds and prejudices as long as they aligned with his. The Junta is following the same policy. Those who are "woke" are like the 'smart boys' in on the great secret concealed from the rest of us. This is evident in the condescending arrogance so characteristic of the 'woke.' They are completely the slaves of their ideology at this point. 

    The Rule of Unanimity and Contagion are staged demonstrations of mass-support for the program. The entertainment media produces comedies, music, films, etc. promoting the slogans and symbols of the Elites' agendas. The Black Lives Matter rallies of last Summer were more violent expression of this rule in action. 

    In a similar way, we see 'woke' corporations suddenly fall like dominoes into the hands of the propagandists. In 2014-15 Corporate America embraced the so-called 'Gay Agenda' en masse; while in 2020 they became crusaders against so-called 'Systemic Racism.' The simultaneous actions the Corporations, Media, 'activists', Academia, and Government take is not accidental. They are ordered to move in unison to create the illusion of overwhelming popular support. 

    The Rule of Counter-Propaganda is fairly self-explanatory without going into much technical detail. We've seen it used extensively whenever the Elites covet some foreign nation's resources to justify American military "intervention." It's often employed domestically as well---and with increasing frequency. Essentially, this rule encompasses what we call 'demonizing.' More recently, this Rule has been accompanied with increasing repression---such as suppressing opinion under the guise of "combating fake news" "stopping the spread of disinformation" "zero tolerance for hate" etc. Fake news, disinformation, and hate: these are never defined but the average Ameroboob assumes that they must be bad because the previous discussed techniques has reduced their level of critical thinking to sound-bites and buzzwords. 

    The techniques outlined by these Western scholars have been synchronized with the Communist system (described in the last two articles) by mercenary Academics into an organized method of manipulation which we will discuss further in the next installment. But recall always that Knowledge is Power. Propaganda, no matter how sophisticated, can't survive in the light of Truth. Its strength lies in the secrecy with which it is deployed. The Regime which developed the Elites' propaganda machinery came to a disastrous end itself once the people saw the truth behind the facade. We can free ourselves too, by recognizing who is pulling the wires and how.