Monday, October 30, 2023


    There was an excellent article posted today by the Canadian blogsite, Gangsters Out, exposing the connections between (what the 'Conservative' Media calls) the West's War for Existence and the 2030 Agenda promoted by the backers of the Great Reset. It seems that our friends at the World Economic Forum have surfaced again on the Gaza Crisis. As typical of the WEF, they don't bother hiding what their agendas and intentions actually are: they can rely upon their stooges in the Media to spin the narrative and 'fact-check' their positions to market them effectively for public consumption. 

   Shortly before the Scamdemic and the announcement of a Great Reset (which just coincidentally happened within a month of each other), one of the WEF's listening-posts at the United Nations noted "Oil and natural gas resources in the occupied Palestinian territory could generate hundreds of billions of dollars for development. These funds could finance socioeconomic development in the oPt as part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development." Meanwhile, just as the Israeli Deep State was ordering its death-squads into the Gaza Strip, their Media reported that their Government was already raffling off oil contracts to supranational energy cartels. The various cartels involved include WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners Chevron, BP, and SOCAR, along with WEF associate partners Eni and Dana Gas. 

   Isn't it interesting how all of these recent foreign and domestic 'crises' arising in Western countries always seem to lead back to the same group? Here in the West, we're conditioned to slough off such suggestions as baseless conspiracy theories---because obviously, all throughout human history, economic and ideological interests have never conspired to do things like control global markets or governments. That, of course, doesn't apply to countries resisting the New World Order: according to the Official Narrative they are involved in a plot to overthrow our freedoms and way of life, and to believe that is not a Conspiracy Theory but to accept a settled fact

   There seems to be a misconception among many Americans that organizations like the WEF do the bidding of politicians. In reality, it is the other way around. One only has to look at the composition of the WEF Board of Trustees and the Corporations making up their 'partnerships' to see that this organization isn't just some glorified version of your local Chamber of Commerce. Side-by-side with the Corporate grandees on the Board sit high-ranking officials of both US political parties, the Canadian Government, various royal families, the European Union, the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the Japanese Government, CERN, and the World Trade Organization. The WEF's Corporate Partners include several NGOs, state-owned enterprises, and high-level government contractors. 

   These wealthy interests likewise hire paid flatters and toadies from Academia to tell them what they want to hear; hire paid henchmen to pose as political leaders to manage and enforce their agendas; and hire media personalities to sell their programs to the public.


   In the US, and throughout the Anglosphere and their confederated satrapies in general, the populace is kept divided and distracted through an organized pretense of Controlled Opposition. Currently, the Republican Party is Controlled Opposition in the US, just as the Democratic Party was during the Bush Machine years. As of 2023, the political situation in the US is at an ideal point for the Oligarchy: both sides are bitterly and irreconcilably antagonistic over details while united on supporting the deeper plots and interests of their Corporate and Financial masters. 

  Aside from the threats to human life, liberty and prosperity inherent in such a system, there is a grave danger just based upon human nature. History and Psychology have shown that there is a fatal tendency among people who reach a certain level of power and unaccountability to start believing their own baloney and, since they never get any pushback from their paid courtiers and lickspittles, start going to greater and greater extremes. This situation is worsened when they maintain a Controlled Opposition, because that segment is always appealing to the worst elements in the populace and egging on even more drastic measures. 

    Ben Shapiro and Victor Davis Hanson---a pair of Neocon swine of the worst sort---were spouting off in public again today encouraging further New World Order atrocities. Shapiro was especially virulent speaking before Oxford University in Britain. It was extremely painful to watch the current editor of a once-venerable Conservative news journal founded by the genteel and erudite William F. Buckley screaming such hysterical invective as "The only solution for Israel is to annex the Gaza Strip and kill those sons of bitches!" and "Hamas likes living in sewage and blowing things up!" 

    Shapiro was flanked by AI-generated images of alleged Palestinian atrocities; and when asked refused to condemn the death of innocent Palestinian civilians and actually had unctuousness enough to virtue-signal about it stating that 
"Compassion also requires that you obliterate terrorist threats to your own population." He went on to demand that his cohorts in Media and Academia not only censor but terminate employment for and blacklist employees who don't support the Israeli Deep State, adding that "
is a Jew hater, full stop, end of story." 

    The difficulty in posing a reasoned response to this kind of outburst is that there is no actual reason inherent in Shapiro's statements. Shapiro's speech was no different essentially in form to most of those delivered on other issues by the Whacko Left Wing in that it is raw emotion, canards, and packaged disinformation. Actually, the message itself doesn't even deviate much from the standard Left-Wing talking points: calling for political suppression of dissent, labeling opponents as racist Anti-Semites, demonizing stereotyped imagery of the alleged 'enemy,' virtue-signalling, etc. Anyone who compares Shapiro's speech with any speech from the anti-Trump Left will see that the rhetoric is exactly the same. 

   Conservatives once would have blushed with shame over a speech like this, whether they agreed with Shapiro's pro-Israel sympathies or not. This is the same kind of thing that crackpot extremists used to shout on city street-corners---and the real disgrace is that it's coming from the editor-in-chief of an internationally respected publication before one of the world's most prestigious universities. 

  Victor Davis Hanson's recent article is saying basically the same thing, although in a more measured tone. Hanson is basically trying to make the case that Bush Machine Foreign Policy of eschewing diplomacy as weakness and imposing our so-called 'national will' by force is justified. 

  Citing Theodore Roosevelt's maxim about "walking softly but carrying a big stick" Hanson misapplies it to the current world situation and says: "Our current diplomats have unfortunately forgotten that golden mean of guarded language backed with credible warnings of overwhelming force." 

  What Hanson is willfully ignorant of is that world has changed considerably since the dawn of the 20th Century. In President Roosevelt's time, it made sense for the United States to have a military at parity with other major powers. Back then, the Royal Families of Europe and East Asia had their larcenous eyes on the Western Hemisphere and keeping their hands out of the region was a constant struggle. Roosevelt's policy was about defense, not imposing America's will everywhere on the globe. 

   What our current diplomats actually have forgotten is actual diplomacy. During WW2, we had diplomatic networks with our current 'enemies' including Russia, China, and Iran. The post-War diplomats like Dulles, Rusk, and Kissinger hadn't forgotten the hecatomb that was WW2; and with the advent of atomic weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles realized that a Third World War would end in what they termed Mutually Assured Destruction. During the Cold War, they maintained these previous 'backdoor' diplomatic channels with these countries---whose diplomats likewise understood the consequences of another global conflict. They would negotiate behind-the-scenes solutions away from the heated political rhetoric to avert a war that nobody really wanted. Both sides usually came away with some face-saving compromises.

   Today, the New World Order of a universal Pax Americana proclaimed by Bush Sr. in 1990 have eliminated all of those networks. We have no one talking to Russia, there's nothing but a few functionaries of low standing in China, and we haven't talked to Iran except through intermediaries in 44 years. What passes for 'diplomacy' in the US today is simply characters like Hanson sitting around think-tanks like the Hoover Institute and drawing up position papers for the State Department to demand on other governments. Their credible threats of overwhelming force is the ultimate argument behind everything without the slightest concern for what these other countries' grievances might be. This is a recipe for inciting a war. If we look back to WW2, Germany, Italy, and Japan all took the same approach to Foreign Policy: that they were invincible and could achieve their ends through fear and threats because democracies were supposedly squeamish about fighting wars.

   After reciting the usual pro-Israeli talking-points, Hanson says: "In a recent Foreign Affairs essay, the authors argue that prior to the current bloodletting, Hamas was increasingly unpopular among Gazans. But, they insist, Israeli bombing and proposed ground invasion will sadly have the unintended effect of gaining lost sympathy for a once-loathed Hamas among the people of Gaza, and therefore only intensify Israel’s problems and isolation." Hanson takes issue with this conclusion, although that is precisely what happened. Maybe if Hamas was so unpopular in Gaza, a more measured and humane response from Israel would have won popular support instead? No: Hanson pooh-poohs the idea, stating that "As for global opinion, it is now anti-Israel as never before, as the stronger power is currently shown to be the weaker." Again here we see the distinctly Fascistic belief that human beings only respond to power---that Americans and Israelis need to be more Alpha. 

   Even more revolting, Hanson resorts to the same virtue-signalling as Shapiro, claiming that "the tragedy is that realist deterrence is moral, while naïve appeasement is immoral. Yet the former is unpopular and falsely dubbed cruel as it saves lives, while the latter is praised as humane as it dooms them," and throws out the anti-Semitic smear against anyone who believes that the Palestinians might actually have Rights worth respecting. 

   Shapiro and Hanson are further proof that we don't really have an organized Conservative opposition in America today. Conservatives are simply Liberals with cut-and-pasted terms plastered throughout the same Narrative. It's not only this way in Foreign Policy: it's this way across all domestic issues and controversies as well. Meanwhile, the Great Reset marches on while the political circus marches on at an increasingly high price. 


    This weekend, Israeli death-squads made some forays into Gaza, destroying two more hospitals among other civilian targets. There is some conflicting reports about the level of US involvement; one thing though that we have learned from circa 1989 forward is that nothing that our Pentagon or MSM say about our operations or casualties can be believed. The maniacs in the Israeli Deep State have been instigating border-clashes with Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt and broken diplomatic relations with Turkey. Local patriots in Syria and Iraq have been making sporadic attacks against the Pentagon's forces illegally occupying those nations' oil fields. The Oligarchy's objectives in the region are becoming increasingly clear; but here in the Prozac Nation, division and distraction are the orders of the day, while the Princes of Supranational Commerce to carry out their plans unobstructed. 

    Once upon a time in the US, we had an actual Opposition which at least tried to put the American people's interests first. The fake Conservative fruitcakes making up the Controlled Opposition managed to make even bigger fools of themselves than they already have. First, their new role model as a Conservative leader, Emmanuel Macron announced that he was signing a law enshrining Abortion as a constitutional Right in France. The Christian Conservative House Speaker---elected nearly a year after the 2022 Congressional turnover---already is lining up behind the Junta to stuff the Military-Industrial Complex' pockets shoring up the thugs Netanyahu and Zelensky. Probably at least 4/5 of the $106 billion that Biden and Mike Johnson plan to expropriate from US taxpayers will never even get to Israel or Ukraine; and what that kind of cash actually could do to solve American problems is not open for discussion or debate. 

     The outrage of the week on social media, however, concerns 'conservative' activist Adam Guillette, whose residence was 'swatted' on Friday. Guillette is complaining to every sympathetic news outlet (i.e. the entire MSM) that the swatting was carried out in retaliation for his pro-Israel activism.

   Assuming that Guillette didn't swat himself for publicity, it might be well to consider what sort of activism Guillette has been performing. He's been touring various East Coast universities with his flying monkeys in a bright red van. His first tour at Harvard featured the van "covered in digital LED screens, displaying the names and photos of Harvard students who had allegedly signed a letter stating that Israel was 'entirely responsible' for Hamas’ surprise attack under the heading 'Harvard’s Leading Antisemites' while circling the school’s Cambridge, Massachusetts campus." His subsequent activities included buying "web domains for the student leaders’ names and 'set up profile pages to educate the public on what they’ve done,' rigging these to appear prominently in Google search results."

   If this kind of behavior was being committed by the Whacko Left, it would hardly raise commentary because it is so typical of their tactics. Where, though, is the criticism from Conservatives over this? We condemn the Left for doxxing people, shouting down political opponents, and launching smear-campaigns. Is it suddenly justifiable now because a so-called 'Conservative' does it? Swatting people for their political positions certainly ought to be denounced, but why overlook Guillette's actions? That should be the real debate here.

   Trash Culture seems to have taken over the Conservative Movement. It really began about a decade ago with the rise of the vulgar Alt-Right. The Neocons, since 2020 at least, have adopted their tactics---which isn't surprising because the two factions are natural allies. I used to refer to the Alt-Right as Alt-RINOs for this very reason. Both factions believe that ends justify the means; that controlling the 'narrative' is more effective that standing on principle; and that winning at all costs and rule by an 'Alpha' superman is the ultimate goal of politics. Force, fraud, and fear is the ideal of both when it comes to actual governance. 

    Adam Guillette's career is an example of this kind of Trash Culture writ large. He is the president of a leading 'Conservative' organization called Accuracy in Media. AIM's top three Corporate sponsors are Chevron---which has interests in the Gaza oil fields; IBM---which is deeply tied to Israel's tech and defense companies; and Novartis---a Big Pharma concern and part of a consortium selling the Scamdemic Vaxx to Israel at $56/dose. All three are WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners. The largest NGO supporting AIM is the Smith-Richardson Foundation, a think-tank widely believed to be a CIA cutout that was instrumental in promoting Bush's War on Terror. Oh well, at least Guillette isn't a Democrat; which seems to be about the only qualification one needs today to be part of the Conservative Movement. 

    Today's Conservative Movement is not only a national embarrassment, it's become an object of disgust. Conservatives need to start grasping the fact that we don't have a Conservative Party in the US right now and that we need to do some real soul-searching about our future. 

Saturday, October 28, 2023


      As it is beginning to appear more and more likely that 2023's October Surprise is leading to some type of US-involved conflict in the Middle East, we've been having a lively debate on Citizen Tom's blog  about the nature of this involvement. Though we take polar-opposite positions on this issue, it's refreshing to listen to reasoned and civil discussion from the other side for a change. Readers can follow the link if they wish to consider our respective points. I mentioned one issue, though, which I feel needs to be fleshed-out for wider discussion. 

     The general consensus of many who support a Second War on Terror goes back to something that Bush raised after the 9/11 attacks. Bush stated that the perpetrators of that crime were ideological fanatics who "hate us because of our freedoms," and that they represented "a threat to our way of life." Bush won considerable support from many of us, because---in 2001---these statements basically were true. What Bush did afterwards: subverting our freedoms and sabotaging our way of life is another story. Obama continued his policies, Trump failed to scale any of them back, the Biden/Harris Junta has accelerated them infinitely; and the Junta's nominal political opposition wants an even greater acceleration. A lot of the same rhetoric from 2001 is coming back in 2023; but the situation has changed radically since then. 

   That brings up the heart of the question. What exactly of our 'freedoms' and 'way of life' do we have left to us that are worth defending? 

   Already in the United States, about 90% of the population is upholding another 10% who control about 90% of our economy and about 100% of our sociopolitical infrastructure. By 'defending our freedoms,' they mean defending their privileges and by 'protecting our way of life,' they mean their way of life. Make no mistake about it: they fully intend that we of the 90% are going to make all the sacrifices involved in this defense. Through the psyop Strategy of Tension they will keep the 90% disunified and through the policy of Managed Democracy pretend that they have a popular mandate. 

   Is this what we really want to fight for? The 'right' of Big Ag and Big Pharma to poison our society with unsafe food, water, and drugs? The 'right' of the Academic Mafia to turn our public schools into re-education camps? The 'right' of unelected Corporate and Financial bureaucrats to combine and impose social engineering schemes upon us? The 'right' of the Deep State to tax us with no accountability for how the money is spent? The 'right' of militarized police forces to invade our privacy, impose lockdowns, and soft Martial Law any time they feel like it? The 'right' of professional politicians to surfeit in wealth and luxury by taking legalized bribes to look the other way at issues that need addressing? The 'right' of the Tech Lords and Big Media to decide for us what is and isn't acceptable discourse? 

   Things like Faith, Family, and Property Rights were the foundations of earlier causes to defend our country. All three of these traditions are under deliberate and sustained attack---not by foreign governments or ideologies, but by the very people who are calling upon us to defend our way of life now. Why should we fight for them? 

   If we actually had a Christian Conservative Movement again, we would have put the brakes on these abuses and injustices long before we arrived at the brink of a Third World War. Citizen Tom brought up the very valid point that---in the present situation now at least---opposing our system means justifying the nations that our Oligarchs have designated as enemies. That's a fair point: and it's not a delightful thought to consider that the Communist Party of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran are part of the last line of defense between Civilization and Technofascist Barbarism; however the complete inaction of Americans to elicit any sort of pushback (and worse, actual cooperation with) the objectives of the Oligarchs and the Great Reset have made this situation what it is. 

   The brutality of the Israeli Government against Gaza is the logical extension of the kind of ruthlessness and police terrorism unleashed during the Scamdemic of 2020-2022. As bad as things were in the United States, others of our Western 'allies' were going to even greater extremes: forced vaccinations, travel permits, quarantine camps, brutal suppression of dissent; and the Trudeau Regime in Canada probably topped all of them to point where even the Governments of China and North Korea were calling out their repressive measures. 

   However, what we're witnessing in the Gaza Strip isn't the culmination of Great Reset savagery, like the Canadian example it is setting the precedent for how the Great Reset is intended to be implemented universally. The Globalist Oligarchs are not joking when they're talking about depopulation, a global surveillance state, and the necessity of Woke Corporatists to manage the world's economies and order our societies. At least the Chinese Communists and Islamic Republicans are not threatening us with that. 

   Citizen Tom points out---again correctly---that we don't live in a perfect world. I agree with that, and often our lives are faced with the choice of lesser of two evils. 80-plus years ago, the Roosevelt and Churchill Administrations certainly had many policies worthy of criticism, but these rather paled against the objectives of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Today the situation is reversed. Chinese Commissars and Iranian Ayatollahs may not be role models of ideally managed Governments, but they aren't talking about wiping out high percentages of the Earth's population, reducing the rest to slavery and establishing a new Master Race either. 

   The Conservative Christian approach, as I see it, would be for the United States to get out of the Middle East altogether. Humanitarian aid, yes; but not a drop of blood or money for the Oligarchs to extend their hegemony. Instead, we should raise our calls of unity and sacrifice to addressing our own multitudinous domestic problems. Sadly, though, there isn't the popular or political will for that, so it may come down to our so-called enemies' responses.

Friday, October 27, 2023


    So, as of this writing, the suspect in yesterday's mass-shooting in Maine is still eluding the valiant first responders who've been combing the vastness of Aroostook County by sea, land, and air. The residents of that area have been ordered to shelter in place (i.e., placed under martial law). Law enforcement, during one of their near-hourly press conferences has asked the residents to call immediately if they see any sign of the suspect: though how they're supposed to see anything cowering in their hovels isn't explained. 

    Imagine the fun these people are going to have when World War III starts. Authorities are going to have a field-day issuing orders, mandates, lockdowns, and it will be just like 2020 all over again with everyone afraid of their own shadows and eagerly following instructions to stay at home and smoke pot on their sofas, watching the drama on big-screen TV. We never actually had these Police-State style community lockdowns in the US until relatively recently. They didn't happen during Pearl Harbor or the Kennedy Assassination. Today, modern totalitarians have discovered it's more cost-effective to get people to throw themselves into prison camps voluntarily than it is to round them all up.

   The political faction which poses as Conservative in the US, criticized these kinds of lockdowns (despite doing nothing to oppose them), but of course they can't want for the war to start and themselves to have the power to impose them. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Grand Poobah of the Republican Party---less than 24 hours after we more or less predicted it---came out with an Axis of Evil speech. North Korea and Iran made the list for the second time, and, like the first list under President Bush, nobody listed there had any more to do with the Palestinian Revolt than they had to do with the WTC Attacks. 

   Bush's bungling led to the Global War on Terror getting tarnished in the public mind; so the PR firms on the political Right are circulating a new meme: the West's War for Existence. They even have a logo that looks suspiciously like a Professional Wrestling banner.

    The developer of this meme is Edward Weinhaus, a pundit from the Jerusalem-based Globe Banner and lecturer at Yeshiva University; so there's little doubt as to the degree of his objectivity in Middle Eastern affairs. He also rather tellingly nicknamed himself Coach, which speaks volumes about his journalistic approach. Weinhaus has written an article promoting the new slogan, which is otherwise unremarkable except that he addresses for the first (and only) time that I know of where a 'Conservative' mentioned that there's a faction on our side who doesn't religiously follow what Pat Buchanan accurately described as "Israel and its Amen Corner." 

  "The 'Right' in America, such that it still exists, wants the mentions {sic} of the world to go awayThat ship has sailed based on the events of the last week," he comments. Hopefully readers aren't expecting a profound, in-depth, critique of Weinhaus' opponents on the Right, because here it is, in todo:

  "America has suffered 24 casualties thus far! Our citizens are held hostage! A majority want our marines to go get them! Iran being nuclear also seems like a very dangerous world! They are supporters of death squads!" You're either with us or with the enemy, in other words---and there's no need for argument because the rationale for American involvement in another Middle East bloodbath is clearly self-evident. Act first, and think later. 

   It's really not quite as self-evident as Weinhaus and other Neocons willing to fight to the last drop of other people's blood might imagine. That Americans get killed or taken prisoner when they venture into war-torn regions or commit crimes in other countries isn't wholly unheard-of; although there seems to be a belief among many on the Right that Diplomatic Immunity is a birthright bestowed on all American nationals abroad. Iran obtaining atomic weapons is seen as a great danger, though nobody seems interested in forcing Israel to give up its nuclear arsenal. 

   After screeching in his first few sentences about the supposed pro-Palestinian leanings of America's youth, Weinhaus' hopes of the Marines rushing in to save everybody comes across as a bit ironic. I suppose if their feminist commanders can get enough personnel out of jail, off drugs, and fit enough to serve in actual combat, the Few, the Out and Proud might make a showing. Given that Tel Aviv is considered an international 'gay hot-spot'  no doubt many Marines are very familiar with Israel. But, considering Weinhaus' fears about the sympathies of young---combined with the Pentagon's fears that the majority of the same age group are unfit for military service---casts some doubt that our brave xhes in uniform are going to equal the martial prowess of previous generations. Our recent military showings in the Middle East have been less than stellar, to put it mildly


      All of that is just a marketing angle, of course. As a specimen, though, of what the New Right is selling, Weinhaus holds up as role model of Conservative leadership WEF Young Global Leader and general tyrant, French President Emmanuel Macron. 

    "Macron called for an international coalition to eradicate the evil American youth seem to support. Macron’s was not a call to arms. It is a commitment to civilized values. It is congruent with the French resolve to take back their streets and enforce their laws."

   No, you moron: Macron is using terrorism as a pretext to expand his tyranny---just like he did during the Scamdemic and just like both political parties want to do in the United States. Weinhaus goes on to praise Macron: "France, whose leader unequivocally understands that illegal protests need to be stopped and the enemy called what it is, a threat to the West’s Existence. Then beaten." 

   First of all, protests are not illegal in Constitutional Republics, they are a legal Right. Secondly, suppressing protests is not a Conservative value. Weinhaus conveniently overlooks that pro-Palestinian demonstrations aren't the first that Macron has suppressed. Others have included suppressing protests against Scamdemic lockdowns; protests by farmers over land confiscation under the pretext of fighting 'Climate Change;' protests by unions to sell pension plans to Corporate Cartels; protests against instituting the Vaxx Passport (which incidentally was designed by an Israeli company); and suppression of the Yellow Vest tax protests. 

   That's the level to which the American Conservative Movement has sunk. Mitch McConnell and Emmanuel Macron are heroes and First Principles reduced to advertising slogans. We have to fight another needless war because it gives us a political advantage and be even more repressive than the Democrats to divert attention from our own failures to solve problems. 

   This isn't leadership: this is simply another conspiracy to seize power and to re-appropriate and redistribute it among a different faction of the same Deep State interests. 

Thursday, October 26, 2023


      The news was breaking all night about the latest mass-murder, this time in New England around the vicinity of Lewiston, Maine. Like a lot of other towns in this area, Lewiston was once a major industrial center (textiles), which saw its Blue-Collar base eroded by Corporate outsourcing many years ago, and today is a rather gentrified community with few economic opportunities and substandard schools. Those of us who grew up in just about any Northern State east of the Mississippi know this type of town well: some very nice older homes, well-kept parks and cemeteries, boarded-up factories, railroad crossings that haven't seen a train in 20 years, a few chain-stores and gas-stations, and a conspicuous absence of young people and families. No matter where one goes in towns like these, one gets the sense that its better days are long behind it. 

    The suspect or "person of interest in the mass-casualty event," (as postmodern Media Newspeak expresses it), is a male military veteran with a history of mental health problems. He evidently planned this event in some detail and, as of this writing, has managed to elude the police. Not knowing many details, we don't wish to speculate; but if it follows the typical pattern of these kinds of crimes, he's likely either committed suicide or is lying low planning to carry out whatever Phase Two of whatever plan the voices in his head are telling him to do. Police are usually at a disadvantage because crazy people by definition are unpredictable; and police responses and tactics unfortunately are highly predictable. 

   There are two things common to nearly all of these cases, which our Media and Political Class never seem to want to talk about. The first is that they are invariably committed by relatively young men aged 15-45; and there is a high percentage of these men with connections to certain institutions, i.e., schools and the military. Connections to other institutions: government agencies, larger businesses, and churches also frequently appear. The Official Narrative focuses on peripheral things like lack of adequate mental health treatment, access to guns, drugs, and vague definitions of 'extremism;' but nobody discusses why this seems to be affecting only one particular demographic. Many women, the elderly, and others outside this demographic also have poor access to mental health treatment, have access to guns, abuse drugs, and hold extremist positions but they aren't flipping out and gunning down everything in sight. 

   The other interesting thing about male perpetrators in this demographic is that they cut across all racial, economic, and political lines. They're not exclusively lower Middle-Class White males as the Media likes to suggest. For example the Dallas Police massacre was carried out by a young Black man; the Virginia Tech shooting was perpetrated by a young Asian; the Pulse Nightclub shooting was committed by an immigrant. Eliot Rodger and the Aurora 'Joker' Theater shooter came from wealthy backgrounds. Nor are they exclusively Right-Wing extremists; the Oregon College shooting and the Las Vegas massacre were committed by flaming Leftists. 

    If we balance that against other statistics pertaining to young men, we find that among the same demographic, suicides are among the leading cause of death; and crime and addiction rates are very high. We've also noted here many times that younger men increasingly are not interested in fulfilling traditional community roles. Fewer are marrying; fewer are seeking long-term gainful employment, fewer are seeking higher education, and it's also noteworthy that community and political leadership are largely being filled by women or retirees these days.

   When we take those factors into account, we begin to see a clearer picture. Our culture is failing its young men. When men are continually depreciated and marginalized in a society, one of three things is bound to happen: either they drop out altogether and become pot-smoking, apathetic couch-potatoes; or they become limp-wristed, gender-fluid, and submissive; or that bottled-up rage boils over and they either die by their own hand or they grab a weapon and go out and take random others with them. Most are doing the first, but the other two make the headlines. However, it must be understood that those in the latter two categories are symptomatic of the bigger problem. 

  The problem is not guns. The worst mass-murder in America's history was committed by a team of young alienated Arab men who hijacked airliners at knife-point; and the second worst was carried out by a young alienated White man with a bomb. Knives, vehicles, explosives, and poisons have all been used in these attacks. The problem is not extremism. It's totally predictable that alienated people seek out cults and fringe political movements to join with others as alienated and as mentally unstable as they are. Drugs, sexual perversion, and untreated mental illness are likewise antisocial manifestations of alienated characters.

   The fact that institutions like schools and the military figure prominently in the backgrounds of these individuals ought not to be overlooked. Both of those institutions in particular have made it a point to purge themselves of so-called toxic masculinity. A man with any sense of dignity in either one of these institutions finds himself trapped in an existential paradox. Academic achievement or military accomplishments teach him what he is capable of and instills confidence---which is immediately shattered by constant preaching about how worthless he is to society, usually at the hands of some 'superior' who got their authority from anything but merit or achievement. One can imagine the resentment which must build up in some men. 

   Given that the same types of people who control the Official Media Narratives and Counter-Narratives are also people whose jobs aren't based on merit, they certainly aren't willing to discuss Male Alienation and its causes; hence this is another Third Rail Topic---one that isn't supposed to be touched. Besides, mass-violence plays into the Oligarchy's Strategy of Tension: tragedy and gratuitous violence keeps the masses divided and distracted while our so-called 'leadership' can grandstand, do photo-ops, virtue-signal, and pretend as though they're really doing anything. Meanwhile, such events will continue and continue to escalate, while Media ratings soar, the pundits pontificate, and the politicians capitalize---until the next 'crisis' comes along for further exploitation. 



Tuesday, October 24, 2023


   The events of 2020 displayed for many of us what we'd long suspected: that the 'Left-Right', two-party paradigm in US politics is an illusion. Events in the Middle East during the past two weeks have proven it once again. It needs to be emphasized to Conservative (real ones), that the Republican Establishment is not our friend. They've tried to turn the 'narrative' on the Gaza Rebellion---which they almost all scrupulously follow down to the last detail---into a position even more extreme than the Democrats' Official Narrative, as if that were possible.

   It must be understood that the Narrative pouring forth from these Controlled Opposition websites is about selling a message. In reality, these people don't give two hoots about Israelis, or Ukrainians, or Taiwanese any more than they care about Americans. The Republican Narrative is only a marketing angle in the event that we have a national election in 2024. 

   The Narrative is very much along these lines: things were great in the US when the Bush Machine was running things. Then we tried populism with Obama and Trump, which failed. Things have gone downhill completely since 2021. The Conservative Movement is in disarray and we need a strongman. America's enemies (i.e. the enemies of Wall Street) see us as weak, and we won't survive another four years of the Democrats. 

  It's exactly the same Narrative we were sold 24 years ago. Things were great under Papa Bush. Then the Clinton Machine came in. We tried populism with Carter and Reagan, which failed. Things have gone downhill completely since 1993. The Conservative Movement is in disarray and we need a strongman. America's enemies (i.e. the enemies of Wall Street) see us as weak, and we won't survive another four years of the Democrats. 

  The fact that since the Reagan Administration, Republicans controlled Congress for 3/4 of the Clinton and Obama terms, and now nearly half of the Biden one; and that the Clintons, Obama, and Biden have done little more than expand upon precedents established by both Bush Administrations is discreetly swept under the rug. 


   This type of propaganda is especially revolting against the backdrop of a military conflict where civilian casualties are already mounting well into five figures; but if we recall the Bush years, such matters were shrugged off as collateral damage, and we should all be grateful that it's other people dying instead of us. Sure, we might have to sacrifice our liberties and endure crushing inflation and lower living standards to funnel wealth into the pockets of the Grandees in Supranational Commerce: but the sacrifice will be appreciated by our great-grandchildren when they grow up in the Pax Americana. 

   One of the Bush Machine shills who writes under the name of Carpe Diem penned a piece which is making the rounds among the Conservative Media. The title, Biden's Oval Office Speech was a Disgrace is the only truthful sentence in the whole article, and not even for the reasons that author goes on to state. 

   Carpe Diem predictably passes over in silence the truly disgraceful parts of Biden's speech. Biden's statements like "American leadership is what holds the world together," and "We need a new world order,"  sounded a bit too close to actual Bush Machine rhetoric for comfort. Knowing that many of his readers probably didn't listen to Biden's speech, Carpe Diem can take control of the 'narrative.' The only times that he even quotes Biden is foam some outrage over our Head-of-State's virtue-signalling and pretending to care about Palestinian civilians--- complaining that Biden isn't being ruthless enough and basically arguing that the Palestinians deserve to be exterminated anyway.

  Here's more of what this character had to say: "When you elect a weak, decrepit, senile man who should have 24 hour care in a nursing home somewhere near Rehoboth Beach, not 24 hour Secret Service protection at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—it leads to the world becoming a dark, dangerous, and chaotic place." 

   Oh, really? You mean that sending armadas off the Palestinian Coast and into the Red Sea and priming the Treasury Secretary to tell Americans that we can afford another war---that's being weak? Illegally occupying Syrian oil fields and beefing up our military presence there is because we aren't being forceful enough?

   Let's hear what the Junta's Foreign Minister, Anthony Blinken had to say yesterday: "Iran is closely monitoring these events and, in some cases, actively facilitating these attacks and spurring on others who may want to exploit the conflict for their own good or for that of Iran." {a lie, which incidentally is parroted in the Conservative Media, but spun as though Liberals don't agree with it}. "We expect that there’s a likelihood of escalation, escalation by Iranian proxies directed against our forces, directed against our personnel. We are taking steps to make sure that we can effectively defend our people and respond decisively if we need to." 

  While I certainly don't endorse Biden's or Blinken's statements, it's beyond ridiculous to try and pretend, as these Neocon writers do, that Republicans and Democrats actually hold different positions on the Middle East. As if needed any further proof of this, consider that on Friday every GOP Senator lined up behind Chuck Schumer and voted to back the Junta's support for Israel. 

   "Biden tried and failed miserably to reassure the American people that he is even remotely capable of cleaning up this mess the world now finds itself in—due to his incompetence, diminished mental acuity—and the continuation of his historically disastrous foreign policy decisions." Carpe further fumes. I'd like to ask him a simple question, though: whose Administration imposed itself on the Middle East to begin with and set this disaster in motion?

     As we all know, though, both interventions in Iraq were all about protecting Americans and had absolutely nothing to do with securing Middle Eastern oil reserves for Global Oil Cartels. As spokesmen for these Cartels assure us all, the hyperinflated oil prices in the US right now is because we don't have enough of a military presence in the region and it's our 'enemies' who are somehow cheating us. Trump did have us on a trajectory to become energy-independent by 2025, but the Republicans threw him under the bus and now he's a President-in-Exile. 

   The real problem that the Republican Establishment had with Trump is that Trump actually tried to solve problems. The Political Class maintains its power largely through a Strategy of Tension, i.e. creating problems and sowing divisions. Energy Independence would lead to a productive populace, and the Oligarchy doesn't want that. They want wars, because wars enable them to rule by fear of external threats, as well as considerable profiteering on the side.

   Carpe Diem exposes this as the real Republican Party objective: "No one who listened to that 13-minute meandering, incoherent jargon should be reassured of anything, except for our enemies—who no longer fear us and no doubt will be emboldened to continue to set the world on fire, as long as Biden is in the White House." 

   It's the Bush Machine mantra all over again. You're either with us, or you're the enemy. Rule by fear, but accuse others of being terrorists. Diplomacy is weakness. People only respond to power and intimidation. War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity only concern "useful idiots like the U.N." His whole article reads like the ravings of a sociopath, liberally salted with Paranoia. 

   The Republican Establishment can't seem to grasp that Reagan and Trump won votes because they appealed to people's better natures. Reagan said that it was "Morning in America again," Trump said, "Make America Great Again." The Bush-Neocon position, in contrast, is to pander to the worst elements in human nature and project those morbid tendencies upon those who oppose them. Thus it is that writers like Carpe Diem can reconcile Israeli Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza by saying, "Well gee, if the 'innocent Palestinians' only want to live in peace, then surely they shouldn’t have any issue with the Israelis destroying Hamas once and for all—and liberating them from bloodthirsty savages." Or, for that matter, after calling for war with Iran, saying that Biden "applauded himself for being the first American president to enter both Israel and Ukraine during a war—two wars that never would have started to begin with if we had a strong leader who was respected—and he said Israel should not 'be blinded by rage.'"

   What a hypocrite. Again, I certainly don't endorse Biden's policies, but if this is the caliber of 'Opposition' we might as well support Iran because at least they really do oppose the Oligarchy's objectives. Ask yourselves how many tent cities, flash-mobs looting stores, open-air drug-dealing, and 'pride' parades one sees in Tehran and compare that to what the Republicans are doing to address any of these problems in America. Ask again if Iran is suffering runaway inflation, schools that fail to educate anyone, collapsing internal infrastructure, and declining fertility and overall health rates, and ask how the Republicans have corrected any of these problems here. Somehow, the GOP 'narrative' that we need "to defend our way of life" against theirs doesn't come across as a fair exchange. 

   If that sounds extreme, consider Carpe Diem's complaint about the Junta's evacuation of Afghanistan. He seems to forget that 20 years of 'American Exceptionalism' exasperated the Afghani people to the point where they wanted the Taliban back. Even the Saudis can't stand us any more and want us to leave. It ought to be clear by now that neither can even run the United States, so it's absurd to talk about imposing 'our will' on anybody else. 

   Ultimately, it is not even a matter of what is or is not in the interests of the American people. The Middle East conflict is simply another political and media circus; being marketed and sold for public consumption. At the higher levels, it is an ongoing conspiracy to seize more wealth and power for certain vested interests, and we need to reject all of their propaganda to the contrary. 


Sunday, October 22, 2023


     Today, as many Americans were attending Church Services and applauding their 'allies' in the Israeli Government, the Israelis managed top their crimes in Gaza by targeting civilian infrastructure in Syria. They've also been threatening Lebanon, and the US still illegally occupies oil fields in Eastern Syria. The Pentagon has also been exporting military advisors to Armenia, on Syria's Northern border. It's fairly obvious after a heavy US diplomatic push in Israel that the Oligarchy intends to widen the conflict. Israeli control over Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria would clench access to the vast oil reserves off the Levantine Coast. Somehow, I imagine that little detail was overlooked by many. I'm afraid that, were I a man of the cloth, I might have mentioned that Israel has been destroying Christian schools, churches, and hospitals in Gaza, while Hezbollah recently destroyed communication centers used for Israel's vast network of surveillance software, and reminded everyone that by their fruits ye shall know them. 

   Of course, it could be argued that this is, after all, the Holy Land, and we can't have the Moslems ruling the region (despite them having run it for over a thousand years prior to the end of WW1). Somehow, one has a feeling that not too much indignation was expressed over the fact that both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have a fairly high representation of our Rainbow-hued friends and that IDF troops guard and provide security for the pride events there, preventing any interference from pro-family protests. A whopping 25% of Tel Aviv's populace "identifies as gay;" however, that seems to be another minor detail that Conservative Christian commentators often seem to overlook.

   Another interesting story that seems to have been overlooked by the supposed Conservative Media were some remarks made by our Head-of-State after his return to the Beltway. Generally, Biden doesn't say much worth paying attention to, but it certainly seems amazing that certain remarks he made were passed over in silence by all our vigilant guardians of Liberty on the Right.

   “We were in a post-war period for 50 years where it worked pretty damn well, but that's sort of run out of steam. Sort of run out of steam. We need a new, New World Order in a sense,” Biden said. “So, I think we have an opportunity to do things, if we’re bold enough and have enough confidence in ourselves, to unite the world in ways that it never has been.” 

    One would think that certainly was clear enough; but it seems that the punditocracy on the Right is a little uncomfortable pointing out similarities between Biden and the Bushmen. It is becoming painfully obvious that the Republicans are planning a replay of the 2000 Elections, as we predicted here last Spring. We'll be told that "we can't win with Trumpism" and that we'll have to "hold our noses and vote in the Bush Machine." We'll be told that we can't survive another four years of Biden, and our only option for national salvation is a Republican. That the Bush Machine is just as beholden to the Great Reset as the DNC Machine is won't factor into the equation. The Bush Machine has a representative on the WEF Board of Trustees, just like the Clinton Machine has

    As further proof of this, the Conservative Media and politicians are already dredging up the old War on Terror propaganda as if to remind us all how much safer we all were under the Bush Surveillance State than under the Biden Security State. They've been referring to the uprising in Palestine as "Israel's 9/11" although the situations are not even remotely analogous. Thaddeus McCotter, a former Bush apparatchik in Congress until a particularly humiliating downfall and now a Bush apparatchik in the Media, even brought up a new Axis of Evil. Just as the previous axis had no connection to Al-Qaeda, none of the new ones have any connection to Hamas. They all are enemies of Wall Street and the Great Reset, however; and so must be demonized at all hazards. Nikki Haley, GOP presidential candidate and WEF Young Global Leader, even suggested that the Department of Defense become the "Department of Offense." The Swampy Pentagon is already an offensive place in more ways than one; but Nikki really wants it to stink.

    “We’ve got to be smart, and we’ve got to be ready,” Haley said. “I’m tired of talking about a ‘department of defense’. I want a ‘department of offense’. Every enemy needs to fear us.”

   This is what the Postmodern Right just doesn't seem to get: rule by fear is wholly incompatible with any kind of free society. As Thomas Jefferson said: "When a people fear the Government there is tyranny; when the Government fears the people, there is Liberty." The Second Bush Administration was one of the most tyrannical our Republic has seen, excluding the present Junta. As has been noted many times, the Biden/Harris Junta---like Obama's Administration---is executing its diabolical policies upon precedents set by the previous State of Perpetual Emergency. The only difference in approaches to the Great Reset that I can see is that the Democrats want us doped-up and weakened enough to fall into their system; while the Republicans want to impose it with whips and bayonets. 

   The real enemy isn't some imaginary Axis of Evil abroad: the real enemy is within. It starts with a public willing to sell itself into servitude for temporary security or personal advantage (mostly the latter). It ends with amoral and power-mad demagogues ready to assume control over our lives. 


Saturday, October 21, 2023


     This week, just after an Israeli missile strike leveled a Baptist hospital in Gaza, the Regime followed up by dropping a bunker-buster bomb on the oldest Orthodox Church in Gaza. The numbers of casualties are high, but unknown since a lot of Christians are buried beneath the rubble and Israeli embargoes of electricity and  jabos strafing the relief workers has hindered rescue efforts. There hasn't been much commentary over any of this in the so-called Christian or Conservative media, other than to shift the blame onto the Arabs and double-down on unquestioning support for Israel. Republicans in the Senate passed by a unanimous vote with the Democrats a resolution backing the Junta's commitment to back Israel's aggression, and House GOP members (despite not having a Speaker) introduced the GAZA Act, which would prohibit Palestinian refugees from immigrating to the US---a measure which presumably includes Palestinian Christians. Israel, like the GOP's good buddies in Ukraine, have had a recent history of persecuting Christians; but I suppose the Christian Conservative attitude towards such things is that it's their own fault for not having been born in the US. 

     I suppose that silence from our side shouldn't be surprising. After all, we're talking about a segment of the population that recently met forced lockdowns of churches (several imposed by Republican governors) either by rolling over or encouraging them. We're talking about an 'opposition' which after five decades of complete inaction on legal abortion still can't muster more than a dozen or so Ruby-Red States to ban the procedure. Fewer than that still enforce Federal marijuana laws, and despite two-thirds of States having laws defining marriage as an exclusively heterosexual union---enough to ratify a Constitutional Amendment---not one Red State has challenged homo marriage. In fact, about a quarter of our Conservative leadership sided with the Democrats again to make homo 'marriage' an official national law. 

   After the 2nd Bush Administration invaded Iraq, the Provisional Government there begged for US protection of indigenous churches which were being attacked by extremists. Bush refused; although American missionary churches funded by Christian Conservatives who supported Bush got such protection. Every attempt from that time forward to give Christians an immigration status as victims of religious persecution has been blocked. Even Christians actually fleeing Soviet-style Regimes like Venezuela end up getting loaded on cattle-cars and dumped on freezing city streets by Republican Governors. Leftist States like California persecute Christian charities for not promoting abortion and homosexuality; Conservative States persecute Christian charities for helping other Christians escape persecution. There wasn't a lot of outcry from Conservative Christians over any of this either.

    Readers outside the US may have trouble understanding these apparent contradictions, but here it's fairly clear. Religion and Politics in the United States are not about traditions or values: they are commodities to be packaged, marketed, and sold. When massive amounts of cash are funneled into both from countries like Israel and Ukraine (while countries like Iran and Russia are prohibited from doing so), it's fairly obvious whose side the marketing shylocks are going to take. 

   Speaking for myself, I support a wholesale ban on all foreign lobbying. If these countries want a say in American politics, all they have to do is ratify the US Constitution and petition Congress for Statehood, like the rest of us did. Then they'd have two Senators and seats in House like everybody else---and actually be entitled to US Military protection. However, under our current system, it's much easier for Corporate Interests to launder money through these offshore sites, which gets shifted back to lobbying firms who hire marketing agencies to glorify these same leaders and portray them as defenders of the Common Man. It always comes down to the most cost-effective option with these people: fairness and justice, not so much.

   In this regard, there's really practically no effectual difference between Christian Conservatives and Secular Liberals. The packaging may be different, but that's as deep as it goes. 

    Such is the case, and such will continue to be so until the American public starts waking up to the fact that that there's no 'Red' or 'Blue' solution to any of these problems; no political messiah is coming to save them from themselves; and that our problem is a spiritual one. We've come to this point because selfishness, envy, and opportunism have been put before the principles that underlie a society of free men. Until that change happens, Christians abroad will go on being slaughtered, while we at home work harder for less, and the Oligarchy and their henchmen go on laughing all the way to the bank. 

Thursday, October 19, 2023


    So our nominal Head-of-State managed to do some photo-ops in the Middle East and Virtue-Signalled by pledging to transfer some more American wealth into the hands of his favorite NGOs under the guise of humanitarian aid for Gaza. The old hypocrite had hoped for an international summit, but the Egyptian and Palestinian Presidents, along with the Saudi and Jordanian monarchs, called his bluff and cancelled the meeting. 

   I was discussing the situation in the Middle East online with a Russian fellow who reminded me of something I'd forgotten about, though a decade ago it was one of the major backstories behind Obama and Hillary's skulduggery in the region. 

  In 2000, a major undersea oil field was discovered by British engineers on the East Mediterranean Coast, extending down from Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the Gaza Strip and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. Russia later concluded a series of treaties with those nations to begin development of the oil fields, completing the Gaza Marine I and Marine II derricks during the Obama years.

  Just coincidentally, about the same time, a series of color revolutions broke out in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert just coincidentally, was implicated in a scandal and forced to resign. The color revolutions in Egypt and Syria failed; but the last Israel-Gaza Conflict broke out in 2014, just coincidentally under a previous Netanyahu term, 

   Frustrated after being thwarted in Syria, Obama sent the Pentagon to seize and occupy the oil fields in Eastern Syria, where they illegally remain to this day. President Trump ordered them to leave, but the Pentagon disregarded his order, and the Biden/Harris Junta recently even took the astonishing step of ordering naval personnel to serve on tankers transporting the stolen oil. The expropriated oil is worked in Syria by forced labor impressed by US troops, where it goes isn't exactly clear.

  With Saudi Arabia's recent moves to leave the Western orbit and align itself with the BRICS nations, suddenly these oil reserves off the Gaza Coast become important again. It's just such an astounding coincidence that Gaza suddenly became a world hotspot again, just as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt became BRICS members. What an amazing coincidence too, that the Israeli Prime Minister just happens to be deeply connected with the Boston Consulting Group, and its interests in the World Economic Forum (where companies such as BP, Exxon/Mobil, and Royal Dutch Shell are proud members). 

  It is quite odd---that with all of this supposed anti-Israel bias in the Corporate Media---that nobody seems to have noticed that control of a major oil field is in play along with who controls Gaza. It's a silence eerily reminiscent of the Kosovo Conflict, the post 9/11 War on Terror, or the Syrian Civil War: somehow discussion of which Corporate Interests might benefit from our Government's totally disinterested and humanitarian motives in intervening in these conflicts seemed never to be raised in polite discourse. 

  It's truly an amazing coincidence that all of these States of Emergency always seem to involve geopolitical areas with vast undeveloped resources. It's also quite amazing that we citizens of the West are always called upon to sacrifice our own resources and civil liberties, but somehow the profit-margins and political influence of these Supranational Conglomerates and Banks all seem to fatten substantially during and after these crises. Our political leadership, too, which can't come to a consensus on how address things like mass poverty and failing infrastructure puts aside its differences and sings the same tune, albeit in different tempos.


     Janet Yellen, the Junta's Finance Minister---who made millions advising WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners CitiBank, Goldman-Sachs, Google, UBS, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and Salesforce---says that we all need to work harder and sacrifice more, to defend our freedoms, of course: not to transfer more wealth into the hands of Wall Street like these conspiracy kooks might imagine. What passes for a political opposition in the United States only disagrees with the Junta to the extent that it considers them to be too moderate. In Britain, what passes for an opposition there is calling upon bonny King Chuck and his puppet Prime Minister to follow Israel's example and establish a one-party state. France and Germany have already banned pro-Palestinian protests. 

    Again: one has to wonder exactly what the compelling national interest for such extraordinary measures and statements would be over a country the size of New Jersey 6,000 miles away fighting over a territory smaller than many US counties? True, during the Cold War, Israel served a strategic purpose for the United States, and even today seems to be quite capable of defending itself. Outside of North Korea, Israel is probably one of the most heavily militarized and fortified countries in the world. So what exactly is our interest there?

    The answer is that we, that is, the American People have no interests there. Supranational Corporations and the Deep States they control have considerable interest there, however. Like nearly every intervention and manufactured 'crisis' we've endured since the first Bush Administration, wealth transfers, seizure of foreign resources, and consolidating political powers are the only actually motives, no matter how the Official Narratives and Official Counter-Narratives are played by the compliant Media and hired 'experts.'