Saturday, September 29, 2018


    The Kavanaugh Hearings have generated a lot of controversy, but all of it is controversy circumventing the real sociological problem which underlies it all. Beginning with the Clarence Thomas Hearings of the early 1990's, our culture---led by fake 'elites' in Media, Academia, and Government---have gone on a full-scale anti-male witch hunt. We recently saw the revolting spectacle of actor Bill Cosby destroyed over no more than rumors of committing heterosexual acts at some time in the remote past. With Kavanaugh, we're told that sometime in High School, he got drunk and chased girls. 

    Because, really. Young men in their teens and early twenties never have wild parties and have no interest in the opposite sex. Or, if they do, they shouldn't. Thankfully, the Media has come on the scene---along with DNC apparatchiks---to expose the national horror that young men enjoy parties and sex. 

    The Kavanaugh Hearings reflect nothing other than the nadir to which our 'cultural elites' have sunk. Since the cesspool that was the Thomas Hearings occurred, both prominent and ordinary men who've been admired or worked in respected jobs have been systematically torn down upon the flimsiest pretexts. Some were acquitted but had their reputations destroyed. Others were jailed on very dubious legal grounds. This is no accident. There are elements within our culture which hate masculinity with a passion. 

    It wasn't always this way. A man was somebody with whom women and children felt safe. The Whacko Left Wing and their Feminist and Homo confederates have created a social milieu where men are feared by women and children. I recall reading on Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's blog of a German sociological study about Western attitudes towards men. The question simply showed a picture of a smiling adult male watching some children at play. They asked the question: 'Who do you think that this man is?' Respondents in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy mostly believed him a father of one of the children. Or, the second most popular answer was that he was a passing stranger waxing nostalgic of his own childhood. But in the US, UK, and Canada the top answer was the man was likely a pedophile. Tell us again that we don't have an issue with men in this country.

     We need to start recognizing and confronting this issue. Men are the natural protectors of women, children, and society at large. An emasculated society is in grave danger. I think that most women and children understand this instinctively; but cultural pressure forces these sensibilities into the background.

     The other side-effect of anti-male hysteria is that many men will withdraw from their responsibilities and turn against the very society that they should be defending. Men are instinctively afraid of insignificance. A society that rejects heroes will produce thugs. White Supremacists, gangs like MS-13, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and extremist religious cults reach out to alienated men and offer them the purpose that effete postmodern society denies them. 

      Who's really behind this, and how can we change it? The answer to the first question comes simply by asking: cui bono? Who benefits socially from turning women against men and destroying male role models for children? Here's a clue. It's also no accident that the same Leftists who promulgate anti-male hysteria also have no issue promulgating pro-homosexual policies and giving them access to children. Which leads us to the issue of change.

     It's up to women to see through this propaganda and start realizing that it is the Left and not men who are their real enemies. They need to understand three basic things:

    1. The Left's purpose in emasculating society is that they leave women and children defenseless against their own political power-plays.

    2. The Left's goal, by their own admission, is to promote androgyny and sexual anarchism. Their support for 'sexual liberation' is a smokescreen and they are just as sex-negative towards heterosexual women as they are to men.

     3. The Left cares nothing about children except to deprive women of their rights as nurturers, protectors, and educators of the young and force them into male social roles wherein women will uphold the Left with their labor and taxes. 

     The Kavanaugh Hearings are an opportunity for women to start turning the tide. If women turn their backs on the Left, then the Left will be finished and their schemes will never come to fruition. Let's see women start taking back the future. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2018


    Thus far, we haven't commented much about the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. This is mostly because other Conservative blogs have been doing an admirable job handling the subject---from outlining Kavanaugh's ideology to debunking Leftist lies. There isn't much that we could add that hasn't already been said on these subjects. 

     But what does need addressing is the mass-hysteria that Kavanaugh's nomination has generated among the Whacko Left and their wire-pullers in the Media and Academia. This is being carried on a level which we haven't seen in 26 years.

     The Confirmation Hearings for Clarence Thomas in 1992 were such a low-point in our national history that Court Nominees---regardless of party---have sailed through the Senate largely without controversy ever since. 

      Historically, Supreme Court confirmations were considered above political partisanship. Judges were usually questioned more closely about their legal philosophies and commitments to upholding the balance of power. This changed in 1987 when the Radical Left launched a brutal smear-campaign against Judge Robert Bork's nomination. When President Bush Sr. nominated Clarence Thomas, these base and unethical tactics hit their nadir. The Left falsely accused Bork of racism---which they obviously couldn't do in Thomas' case. So they played the 'sexism' card. 

      Thomas was accused of sexual harassment; a term which never existed in the American sociopolitical vocabulary until then. It's just as meaningless a term now as it was then; but the perverts in the Corporate Media drilled it into the national consciousness. All of the sex-negative laws and policies plaguing our country for the last 26 years come from the Thomas Confirmation Hearings. So does the phenomenon of women 'coming forward' in droves to pile on any man unfortunate enough to get accused of doing heterosexual things. 

      The hearings were lurid, irrelevant to any judicial issue, and made the US Senate an international laughing-stock. It was a display of Trash Culture being practiced at the highest levels. It caused a number of newly-liberated ex-Communist countries to think twice about installing American-style judiciaries in their own countries. 

      The fact that the Left has returned to the tactics of the Bork/Thomas cesspools to attack Kavanaugh is only further proof of their desperation. The Leftists have no idea why they oppose Kavanaugh's nomination; nor what they'll do if he is defeated. Trump will nominate another Conservative and nothing will have been accomplished, from the Liberal standpoint. All that they are really succeeding at doing is making themselves look like fools.     

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


     President Trump visited the United Nations today, and had an extremely profitable day for the American people. The first stop was hosting a summit with representatives of 31 nations to work out global strategies for suppressing the international narcotics trade. 

     The Summit was in response to the President's Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem, issued last month. Although the proposal was then ridiculed by the Corporate Media and Hollywood nitwits, Trump's initiative was well received by the world leaders in attendance. The ultimate goal is to set up a law enforcement infrastructure on an international scale similar to the model that Jeff Sessions has employed so successfully here on a domestic level. 

     "The call is simple," the President said, "Reduce drug demand, cut off the supply of illicit drugs, expand treatment, and strengthen international cooperation. If we work together, we can save the lives of countless people in all corners of the world. And when I say 'countless', I mean millions of people."

    Trump was roundly applauded, and the President of Colombia was among the first to announce his country's participation in the program.

     Trump wasn't finished though. After a working lunch with Mike Pompeo and John Bolton; the President met in a long conference with South Korean President Moon. The result of which was the signing of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement. The new agreement---really monumental in its implications---was aimed at reducing the US/ROK trade deficit. South Korea agreed to lift trade restrictions on American automobiles, a variety of agricultural products, and medical supplies. Automobile exports to South Korea alone will double next year. "We are now going to be sending products to Korea for a change." Trump quipped. The President also announced that another meeting with North Korea would be announced soon. 

     To all of this positive news, the first question asked by an American reporter at the Joint Press Conference was: "Do you have any response to allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh?" Sigh. What can you say? The American Media is an international embarrassment. 

     Tomorrow, Trump is scheduled to meet with Egyptian President Sisi. Trade and anti-terrorism are preliminary items on the agenda. 


Saturday, September 22, 2018


    Friday was a holiday in Iran, much like Veterans' Day in the US. Every city and town was holding ceremonies, parades, and celebrations honoring those who served, and those who lost their lives, during the 1980s Iran-Iraq War. In the town of Ahvaz, however, these festivities ended in tragedy after four men opened fire on the crowd; indiscriminately gunning down everyone in their path. 

     The police reacted bravely; but by the time the attackers were subdued, 16 people were killed and around 60 critically injured. 8 more of the injured have since died from their wounds. 

       It appears that the gunmen were disguised in IRGC uniforms, and had hidden their weapons along the parade route. Preliminary indications are that a Wahhabi/Salafist terror group called Al-Ahvazyah was responsible for this dastardly crime. The terror group is largely comprised of Arab refugees (like the ones in the US and Europe) and are funded by Saudi and other Gulf State regimes. 

      Around the world, countries have condemned the attack. President Putin was among the first to reach out and offer assistance, followed shortly by the Pakistani Government. Supreme Ayatollah Said Ali Khamenei issued this statement to the people:

"In the Name of God, the Exalted:
    "The tragic and heartrending incident of the martyrdom of a group of our dear people in Ahvaz at the hands of the mercenary terrorists has once again exposed the atrocity and viciousness of the enemies of the Iranian nation. These hardhearted mercenaries who open fire on innocent women, children and men are the dependents of the same bogus and duplicitous advocates of human rights. Their spiteful hearts cannot bear to see the manifestation of national sovereignty during Armed Forces parade. Their crime is a continuation of the conspiracies by the US-backed regimes in the region which have aimed at creating insecurity in our dear country. However, to their dismay, the Iranian nation will persist on the noble and prideful path they have taken and will—like before—overcome all animosities.
    "I hereby express my solidarity and sympathy with the families of these dear martyrs and I ask God for patience and divine calm for them as well as the elevation of the heavenly ranks of the martyrs. The intelligence sectors must swiftly and meticulously track and prosecute the purveyors of these criminals and hand them in to the powerful judiciary." 
     And sadly, the Ayatollah has a point. The US has, for the last several decades, winked and looked the other way at the extremism perpetrated by the Saudi Regime and its satellites the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain. All of these countries are State Sponsors of Terrorism; yet the US acts in complete servility to them. Meanwhile, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and the Houthi Freedom-Fighters in Yemen are treated as international pariahs. All four of those entities have done more to fight radical Islamic terrorism than all of the Western Powers combined.

     American subservience to the Wahhabi-run Gulf States is so pronounced that the blatant involvement of these countries in the 9/11 Attacks has gone ignored and unpunished. Yes, we did overthrow them in Afghanistan; but we took no action whatsoever against the regimes upholding and funding the Taliban. Saudi Arabia was the only country not bordering Taliban-era Afghanistan which officially recognized its government.

     The reason for this is because Saudi Arabia and its confederates have an economic choke-hold on the denizens of the Deep State. The Wahhabi Gulf States have massive holdings of American Media stocks as well as stocks in the corporations advertising with them. These governments also pour lobbying cash into the hands of the Swamp RINOs who advise Trump on foreign policy. Iran, meanwhile, is prohibited from investing in the United States.

    The DNC gangsters also bow and scrape before the Wahhabi Sheikhs. It's well-known that the Arabian Peninsula is one of the world's largest hub for trafficking in narcotics, white slavery, and weapons. We saw from the Fat Leonard Scandal that US officials were involved in such traffic. Iran, in contrast, is the world leader in combating these criminal activities, and has been for the last nine years. 

     The Reagan Administration's policy of isolating Iran and reinstating the Shah made geopolitical sense during the 1980s. Iran's government was unstable and in real danger of falling to a Communist or Soviet-backed group. This would have extended Soviet hegemony in Western Asia from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River. It would have been a threat to the oil-rich Gulf States as well as US allies, Israel and Turkey. At the time, this was a far greater threat to world peace than the still-nascent danger of the Wahhabi and Salafist Cults. 

     The consequences of following the same policy today are graphically seen in the photos of the Ahvaz attack. Today, international crooks and cultish fanatics are the threat. The Trump Administration needs to accept this fact and change our policies accordingly, as President Putin has done. 


     Sadly, there's been another death in the family (metaphorically speaking). A long-time blogger who went under the name of Zippy Catholic was killed in a cycling accident earlier this week. This news came to us via Zippy's colleague, blogger Mark Shea. It's unknown how old he was, but he left a wife and three children.

     Zippy was linked here on our blogroll since we began in 2016. His posts were typically pithy and to the point. It was in the comments and discussions sections that the debates really went on. Zippy was a Catholic layman and, by his own admission, wasn't a formal scholar. Many of his views were controversial and he was somewhat given to neologisms and inductivism. Nonetheless, his views always squared with Catholic teachings as he understood them. He was one of the few bloggers who would call out fake Conservatives and Alt-RINOs. And one thing I always admired about him: he'd stand up for his beliefs without apology.

     Shea also notes that Zippy was a pilot. It's a shame that we know so little of his aviation and other adventures aren't better known, because I'm certain there were a lot of them.

     Somewhat off-topic, but reading the comments at Shea's site was an exercise in patience. A few Left-Wing trolls have infiltrated the discussion; and their hateful statements under such circumstances are utterly revolting. I'm certain that if Zippy were with us, he'd remind us all that such persons represent exactly what we're fighting against. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2018


     Blogger Dalrock---one of the shamans of the Manosphere's 'Game' ideology---encountered recently a problem that cult leaders occasionally face. A new reader of his site, who's apparently sympathetic to the Red Pill but hasn't been sufficiently brainwashed and thus still retains a shred of Reason, asked a good question:

     "I’ve read many of your archived articles, I struggle to understand your actual positions on issues. Because you’re so skilled with pointing out the various errors you see in modern Christian perspectives (such as the errors with complementarianism, courtly love, etc.) I think I understand your alternatives, but I’m never quite sure. In short, you frequently oppose a position but I can rarely figure out what your actual position is. I’m interested in the positive principles and positions that you teach your children."
     Questions like these put hypocrites like Dalrock in a most uncomfortable position. Answering a question like this honestly exposes the weakness of Dalrock's theories; while answering it in too much detail could start a dangerous process of thinking among his disciples. So Dalrock prudently slithers out of it by recommending his recruit to e-mail him for some one-on-one mentoring.
     Nonetheless, Dalrock has to say something lest he appears less than omniscient. So he states:
    "This isn’t a simple question to answer because the Bible and/or the church (if Orthodox or RCC) doesn’t always offer specific scripts we should follow on (for one example) how Christians should court for marriage.  We know that fornication is prohibited, and that if a person burns with passion they should marry and not deny each other sex...
    "Other times the Bible is quite clear on what we should do (for example headship and submission), but because of the corruption we are repulsed by what it clearly tells us we should do.  Either way, the crucial first step is to recognize the corruption both in general and in specific, and root out the specific false teachings we have unknowingly adopted.  As we do this, the specific expressions of non cucked Christianity will vary, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother working to root out the corruption in the first place."
     The first paragraph is factually wrong: we're taught that we are to court those out of mutual love for one another and a shared love of a mutual faith. We become "one flesh" for creating a family to glorify God. Thus marriage is not about 'burning with passion' and forcing each other to have sex. Dalrock's idea of marriage is a strictly carnal and sensual understanding of marriage's purpose. 
      But the second paragraph is where we really come to the heart of the matter. Identifying his own ideology with actual Biblical teachings, he claims that 'corruption' is whatever opposes it. The first and most important thing (to him) is 'to recognize the corruption'. This is obviously cultish. He's basically saying that whatever Church teachings conflict with his Game/Red Pill-based theology should be dismissed categorically as corruption; while whatever Game/Red Pill promotes should be accepted as theologically sound---however much it might conflict with the Church. Why is this so? 
      The short answer is that there's no reason whatsoever why it should be so. The 'corruption' of which Dalrock speaks is a product of his own imagination. The original question posed by his potential convert exposes that fact clearly. As Cardinal Newman once pointed out about cults: those who propose that the Church is in apostasy should explain when this apostasy started. 
      However, this is no issue for these innovators. Dalrock's toady Rollo Tomassi asserts that the Holy Spirit Himself has departed the Church and been replaced by 'The Feminine Imperative." Which imperative, of course, is a figment of Tomassi's own imagination. Christ taught that the Holy Spirit would never leave the Church; and nothing in the Catechism nor any traditional Protestant Articles ever renounced Him in favor of some neo-Wiccan phantasm. 
       The best option, as always, is to trust in Christ and avoid the charlatans. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


    Just two articles back, we wrote of the mysterious closure at the Sunspot Solar Observatory in Otero County, New Mexico. Without explanation, the FBI and various government agencies seized the facility and the local post office. Yesterday, both were reopened. The FBI has not issued a statement, but AURA, the organization managing the observatory said the following: 

  "On September 6th, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) made the decision to temporarily vacate the Sunspot Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico as a precautionary measure while addressing a security issue. The facility closed down in an orderly fashion and is now re-opening. The residents that vacated their homes will be returning to the site, and all employees will return to work this week. 

   "AURA has been cooperating with an on-going law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak. During this time, we became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents. For this reason, AURA temporarily vacated the facility and ceased science activities at this location. 

    "The decision to vacate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel at such a remote location, and the need for expeditious response to the potential threat. AURA determined that moving the small number of on-site staff and residents off the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to ensure their safety. 

    "In light of recent developments in the investigation, we have determined there is no risk to staff, and Sunspot Solar Observatory is transitioning back to regular operations as of September 17th. Given the significant amount of publicity the temporary closure has generated, and the consequent expectation of an unusual number of visitors to the site, we are temporarily engaging a security service while the facility returns to a normal working environment. 

    "We recognize that the lack of communications while the facility was vacated was concerning and frustrating for some. However, our desire to provide additional information had to be balanced against the risk that, if spread at the time, the news would alert the suspect and impede the law enforcement investigation. That was a risk we could not take." 

      While we haven't gone as far as many on the Web in declaring a cover-up; we can't agree with many of the scientific and 'debunking'-type sites who claim that the whole thing was blown out of proportion. That is because AURA's statement is a completely unsatisfactory explanation of what transpired; and it leaves many questions unanswered. 

  1. AURA claims that they notified the FBI of a security threat and criminal activity. Why didn't they notify the Otero County Sheriff first? Jeff Sessions has set up a new system whereby local authorities and federal co-ordinate activities. Yet, to this date, nobody has informed the local Sheriff of anything.

   2. Relative to the last point: who sees suspicious activity and immediately thinks of calling the FBI? And when that does happen, how typically does the FBI respond by sending in a task force on somebody's say-so? It would be more reasonable to assume that if the FBI thought it credible, they'd ask the Sheriff to check it out and see if it was legitimate first.

    3. Regardless of who called the FBI, AURA has no authority to close down a post office. Post Office closures didn't even happen during the Unabomber attacks or during the 2001 Anthrax attacks. And what relationship did the Post Office have to the Observatory anyway?

    4. AURA makes the absurd claim that a public explanation would have alerted suspects and compromised the investigation---as if the presence of federal agents and attack helicopters would go unnoticed by the perpetrators. 

    5. If the crisis has now passed beyond the danger point, why not tell us what it involved?

   And, as we asked in our last article: Is the timing of this incident and the 9/11 Anniversary in any way related? This lack of transparency and co-ordination with local officials is highly uncharacteristic of the Trump Administration and the Sessions DOJ. Sessions announces routinely the smashing of narcotics rings and other dangerous organizations in great detail. He often gives these press conferences with local police who participated present and describes how the suspects were caught. The Administration's behavior here is very anomalous for how they normally conduct things. 

    Given the Sessions DOJ's track-record, we're still inclined here to give the Administration the benefit of the doubt. But we are owed an explanation of some kind from the Government---which is a little more specific and credible than what we just heard from AURA. We sympathize too with Otero County Sheriff Benny House's resentment. He is the top jurisdictional authority here and should be advised. That's not simply out of courtesy, that's a legal obligation of Federal agencies operating within his county. One of the main criticisms of the previous three Administrations was their habit of interjecting Federal officials into a given area and brushing aside local law enforcement as though they were irrelevant. 

      This story is far from over with. At the very least, something more than an ordinary crime was suspected. Trump and Sessions owe it to Americans to give us an explanation. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018


     The Palm Springs Comedy Festival has decided to self-destruct in its inaugural year by awarding disgraced 'comedienne' Kathy Griffin with its first annual award. 

   Griffin's career is noted for three major events:

1. Working infomercials for toilet seats;

2. Posing with a disgusting image of a guillotined President Trump. She was fired for doing this while the media moguls who publicized the photo made millions off the publicity.

3. Retracting her apology for #2 and then shaving her head. 


    Paul Cruz, the Festival's director said, "It was a no-brainer to honor Kathy Griffin," without realizing the irony in such a statement. 

    In fairness to Cruz, however, consider that Griffin's competitors are people like Stephen Colbert, Sarah Silverman, and Jim Carrey.  It can't be that difficult to rise above a crowd like that. Most of what passes for comedy today is actually less funny and more offensive than what we used to laugh at as 10-year old boys in the locker-room. 

     Once upon a time, Americans were noted for their sense of humor. At some point, comedy became politicized. It's to the point now where comedians score off the anger and repressed rage of an audience. Just throw out some vulgar insults against Trump, the Church, Putin, or heterosexuals and a drug-addled audience rolls on the floor with laughter. Traditional comedy---where we laugh at ourselves as a people---is considered hateful or bigoted. It's almost today as if people need permission to laugh. 

      Fortunately Hollywood is becoming so irrelevant that events like the Palm Springs Comedy Festival are nothing but echo-chambers within the media itself. The Internet has given us Youtube and similar sites where we access vintage comedy, foreign shows, and even a few talented modern innovators. We can ignore chumps like Kathy Griffin and Paul Cruz there, and have a good time doing it besides.   

Saturday, September 15, 2018


    There's been a strange story unfolding in the little village of Sunspot, New Mexico. Sunspot is home to a large national astronomical observatory, located in the remote Sacramento Mountains in Otero County. The facility is, I believe, owned by an NGO though subsidized and regulated by various government agencies; and has some connection with New Mexico State University.

    So last week, the owners of the observatory ordered the building evacuated and closed indefinitely because of an unspecified security issue. Soon, the area was taken over by FBI agents---accompanied by helicopter gunships. Otero County Sheriff Benny House was not notified in advance, and FBI agents have not coordinated with him. Neither the FBI nor AURA (the company owning the observatory) will respond to media questions; and on Friday, the Postal Inspection Service seized and closed Sunspot's post office. 

    A few citizen-activists have shown up and been shooed away by heavily-armed guards. The Internet, and to some extent even the Mainstream Media---is buzzing with theories of all sorts. Naturally, Ufologists speculate an extraterrestrial contact of some kind. We tend to doubt it so; if alien life were making contact it wouldn't make logical sense to evacuate the observatory. Astronomers and astrophysicists would be the very kind of experts the FBI would need. Besides, the CIA, NORAD, or DHS/NSA would be in charge since the FBI is essentially a domestic police force. 

    Interesting that this should happen just as there have been some good discussions on government transparency recently on various blogs. The lack of transparency in this case is disturbing. It's actually quite uncharacteristic of the Trump Administration which has been noteworthy for coordinating federal operations with local authorities. That fact hasn't escaped the notice of Sheriff House, who's been doing considerable protesting to the local press. 

     The problem in a case like this is that we haven't all the facts. But someone who does have them has decided it best not to reveal them for now. Despite the outward appearances here, the FBI is being partially transparent. They're not hiding the fact that they're there and doing something. In a dictatorial police-state, we wouldn't know that they were there at all let alone why. 

     Generally we don't engage in speculation here. But unless this action is some kind of elaborate training exercise, the situation is likely more serious than anyone is letting on. It can't be overlooked that this incident coincides with the 9/11 Anniversary. Some may wonder what kind of terrorist attack would involve a remote observatory. If, for example, they were planning an attack involving a satellite in some way, an observatory might have the equipment to carry it out. 

     That's only a guess, though, just like all the others floating around. The only reason that we can see for the secrecy is that the FBI fears compromising an investigation. At any rate, it's probably best in circumstances like these "to trust but verify." In other words, keep an eye on the situation. Public vigilance is just as important as government transparency. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


    Following some of the memorial services in commemoration of the 9/11 attacks, I had occasion to view some video footage from 17 years ago. One clip in particular was quite profound. We thought it might be worth sharing with our readers. 

    On Friday, September 14th, 2001, the late Louis Rukeyser opened his weekly PBS program Wall Street Week with the following monologue:

   "Some may think it unseemly, in this profoundly grieving nation, that we would even think of matters economic and financial tonight; but it is right and proper in respectful perspective that we do so. For it is not a coincidence that two of the four planes hijacked by murderers on Tuesday targeted the World Trade Center---the very symbol of the Economic Revolution which has raised dramatically the living standards on every continent---and, by spreading the marvelous blessings of Free Enterprise and Individual Choice, is empowering people everywhere; by teaching them the exciting news that they can control and improve their lives far better than the increasingly anachronistic despots and fanatics who would keep them enslaved in an evil past of hatred and deprivation.

    "Tonight on this special program, in which we will hear from five authentic titans of finance, we begin---as all of us should---with the devastating human cost. Our hearts go out to all the families of Tuesday's victims, who included two recent guests on this program: warm and brilliant men named David Alger* and Bill Meehan.** 

    "As for the economic impact of these terrible events: the short answer is that it will not be good. Despite the old myth that Wall Street thrives on war, the reverse is true and a nation already tottering on the edge of recession may now fall into it as we did in 1990. Certain industries will clearly be hurt...The economy though ultimately depends upon you and me. For the markets, like the rest of the world are moved by the largely unpredictable behaviors of human beings. Will we as consumers and investors retreat on a more permanent basis? Or will we step up to the plate now and say that this country's future is still wondrously strong? And we want to do our part now to help make it so.

     "Exactly 40 years ago, my friends, I first stared into the face of evil when as a young reporter, I covered the trial of Adolf Eichmann. Not only do we see that same face of hatred and cruelty today in Osama bin Laden; but many of the world's reactions are eerily similar---right down to those who would justify and appease the new genocide as they did the old: throwing Israel to the wolves as we did Czechoslovakia. Fortunately that is not the opinions of most Americans today. But we are not a country known for our patience---or our memory...To keep our economy strong and truly to eradicate the new terrorist threat, will take not merely anger, but sustained dedication. Do we have it? Let us hope for our sake, and that of the world, that we truly do.

      "And let me add one optimistic personal observation. Yesterday in Downtown Manhattan, stores were selling out of American flags. And one street-vendor's sign said it all: 'These colors do not run.'"

     * David Alger died at the age of 57. He was CEO of Fred Alger Management, which managed $15 billion in assets and employed 220 people. Alger's office was on the 93rd floor of the North Tower. He is believed to have been killed instantly when the first plane struck. His brother Fred Alger, who resumed running the company after David's death, stated that there were no survivors from FAM among the 35 employees working at WTC.

     **William Meehan died at the age of 49. He was the Chief Market Analyst at Cantor-Fitzgerald: a company which lost 658 employees in the attack on the North Tower. It's not known how Meehan died: he was among those trapped on the upper floor of the building before it collapsed. Mr. Meehan had three children and was a volunteer football coach at their school. He was a pioneer of Internet marketing strategy and claimed to have been the first person to have bought a Christmas tree online. 


Monday, September 10, 2018


      Sleazy PUA and Red-Pill cultist Roosh Valizadeh announced today that 9 of his 12 self-published propaganda pieces have been removed from Amazon Books. Naturally, this manly Alpha leader has the full deck of victim-cards out on display, because he "dindu nuffin!" That, and the usual, 'But everybody else is doing it!"

     Amazon did not state which of their rules Roosh violated; but Roosh himself offered no less than three possible suggestions:

     1. His writings violated rules against pornography and graphic sexual content;

     2. They violated rules against offensive and inflammatory rhetoric inciting others to violence;

     3. They violated privacy rights and trademark infringement. 

     And seriously, Roosh thinks he's some kind of a victim because he did all of these things---obviously knowingly since he admitted to them. He's hardly some target of persecution. Amazon previously did not act on a 2015 petition to ban him altogether; and even in this case, three of his books are still for sale. 

     Lest anybody assume that Roosh's views are somehow compatible with Conservatism, consider that only a few months ago, he was proscribed from entering Britain as an undesirable alien. Among other reasons the British Government gave for taking this action is that Roosh's writings express a pattern of views which "foment or justify terrorist violence in furtherance of political aims; seek to provoke others to terrorist violence; foment other serious criminal activities or seek to provoke others to serious criminal acts; and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK." Valizadeh has also been prohibited from entering Australia. 

     Like many of these Game/PUA proponents in the Manosphere; Roosh disguises a brutal misogyny as 'traditional' gender relations and promoting Men's Rights. Most of what he's written on the subject aren't suitable to be quoted here. It's interesting that he often punctuates accounts of his foreign sexual escapades by noting: "In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she couldn't legally give consent." (Roosh is a huge advocate of jumping drunk/drugged women). Other examples from his books are fairly graphic in describing his use of force to get sex. He wrote of one encounter in Poland that it "was worth the risk of being put in a Polish jail." 

      Apparently though, risking getting banned on Amazon is different. This is just another case of an Alt-RINO---the fake Right---getting what he deserved. 


Saturday, September 8, 2018


     The Gay Mafia and its confederates are snorting with outrage after a Catholic chaplain told the truth about them during a Mass at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo. An unnamed spouse of an unnamed officer alleges that Father Antonio Rigonan had the nerve to blame homosexuality for the Pennsylvania Church Scandal---and to say that such behavior was a sin in the eyes of the Church.

      After Father Rigonan referred to the clerical malpractice as carried out by "effeminate homosexuals", Captain Virtue-Signaler and Soccer-Mom gathered up their Snowflakes and stormed out of the Service. 

     "There were a lot of young troops attending Mass alone," she huffed to the Media, "My husband and I grew uncomfortable that our presence there might be seen as standing by the Chaplain's comments!"

     In typical hysterical Leftist fashion, the wife denounced the priest to his Bishop; who---much to her chagrin---stated that he agreed with the priest and would take no action against him. 

     Despite massive homosexual infiltration into the US Military, the laws governing the conduct of chaplains state that an ecclesiastical official's words cannot be challenged if they are not in conflict with official doctrines of the chaplain's denomination. Obama tried to circumvent this regulation by purging traditionalist ministers and replacing them with more 'progressive' clergy.

     But things have changed since Obama's time. This incident is illustrating that a pushback against Political Correctness is finally seeping into the Pentagon. The Military Clergy are the natural ones to lead these changes. We certainly can't count on RINO Mattis and his camarilla of Obama-appointed commanders to do the job. 

     The Media and people like this complaining wife are disgusting hypocrites. They have no problem with granting homosexuals access to boys and young men in schools, the scouts, the military---but somehow believe that the Church is the only place where homosexual predators exist. They have no issue with cities allowing half-naked or cross-dressing males to march in front of kids in public so-called 'Pride Parades'. But they can't allow terms like 'heroic' to describe men whom young men should actually respect. 

     It's time to make heroism fashionable in the Military again. And Father Rigonan and Archbishop Broglio are heroes. 



Thursday, September 6, 2018


     Yesterday afternoon, 45 sheriffs from across the United States visited the White House. They met briefly with President Trump and presented him with a plaque for his good work in fighting crime and illegal immigration. 

     Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts stated during the ceremony that "we have been trying for the last 20 years to get Congress to move on the security aspects of immigration reform and nothing has happened. And what's really amazing, Mr. President, is that with your strength of purpose and the commitment to your convictions, you've accomplished more in less than two years in support of law enforcement's dealing with illegal immigration than Congress has in two decades!"

     The sheriffs applauded, but the Media Hyenas who were present gnashed their teeth at hearing Trump being praised. And their bile only worsened when, during Trump's acceptance speech, the President praised law enforcement personnel for persevering in their duties in spite of media negativity. 

     One unnamed Hyena in the Press Pool blurted out (though it had nothing to do with the sheriff's meeting): "There's an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times that says, 'I am part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration. Your reaction?"

     The President turned to the Sheriffs and said: "Can you imagine? We have somebody inside what I call 'the failing New York Times' who claims to be part of the Resistance inside of my Administration!"

     The sheriffs burst out laughing, which only infuriated the media swabs some more.

     "This person works for the Administration, they said!" the reporter screeched.

    Trump turned again to the Sheriffs and said: "This is what we have to deal with. And you know the dishonest media---because you people deal with it as well as me---but it's really a disgrace."

     The President then went on to scold the reporters for ignoring the manifold accomplishments of his Administration. He concluded by saying, "So the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial...'Anonymous' meaning gutless. A gutless editorial."

     The Sheriffs broke into an enthusiastic applause and the Media was hooted out of the room. Naturally, the Corporate Media didn't report any of this, but there were numerous articles treating the op-ed---an obvious forgery---as serious news. 

    The full text of the President's speech is at the White House website, however. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


    Today, after a fairly routine US Senate inquest into allegations of foreign tampering with social media, Senator Marco Rubio attempted to give a statement to reporters gathered outside. Suddenly, Alex Jones---recently banned from several internet platforms for inciting civil unrest---interrupted the Senator and shouted down reporters. 

    When Rubio began advocating for competition in social media, Jones suddenly began screaming about alleged censorship of his own program. "What about Democrats purging conservatives?" Jones shouted, and grabbed the senator by the shoulder. When Rubio warned that he would defend himself, Jones roared to the press that he was being threatened.

     Jones didn't let up for three straight minutes, calling Rubio a "frat boy," accusing him of being a homosexual and in collusion with China as the crowd stood by in shock. Jones also began boasting pompously of his 'millions of supporters.' 

      Senator Rubio left the podium in disgust. Later though, he told reporters from The Miami Herald that "If you keep making crazy people into superstars, you get even crazier [the media] give these guys way too much attention."

     The Senator has a point. About the only good thing that came out of this incident is that the Mainstream Media got a chance to see what their own behavior looks like when somebody else does it. 

     And that's another point. Even the Left-leaning Miami Herald noted with some ironic amazement: "The interruption was not from an impatient reporter or a Liberal protester." We're accustomed to seeing this kind of behavior from the Whacko Left. But it doesn't belong anywhere on the Right. And given the fact that Congressmen Scalise was shot at a baseball game and Senator Paul was brutally beaten in his own yard---not to mention the road rage, violent protests, and restaurant confrontations---it's a wonder that Rubio didn't follow through on his warning as preemptive self-defense. 

      All Conservatives must hold ourselves to higher standards. We are perfectly justified in distancing ourselves from people like Alex Jones. During the 90's, Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase Character Matters. William F. Buckley said the same earlier; and more anciently than either, Christ taught that by their fruits you shall know them. Conservatism and Liberalism bear different fruits. The whole concept of political correctness is based on the philosophy that there is no distinction between one's actions and one's beliefs. Thus Liberals see nothing wrong with illegal, immoral, or uncivil actions if they advance 'correct' beliefs.

      Alex Jones encouraged his followers to harass Sandy Hook survivors; no different in spirit from Liberals encouraging confrontations in public venues. Jones violated social media terms of use; no different than Liberal groups doxxing, brigading, and troll-storming Conservatives. Jones encouraged violence at protests; just like Antifa does. Today Jones shouted down a Republican Senator; who else do we know who does that? 

     Jones' actions are not the fruits of a Conservative philosophy. That's something we all need to keep in mind, because such fruits never bring good results.


Sunday, September 2, 2018


     The Media and various interest groups have been milking the death of Senator John McCain for all it's worth (to them). It's too bad that they didn't feel the same way back in 2008---we could have avoided Obama, Clinton, and Kerry and our country would have been much better off. If he'd been the GOP nominee in 2000, we'd have avoided Bush Junior and his Merry-Men as well. 

      What's troubling to me is seeing some of the really vulgar and disgusting commentary coming from so-called Conservatives, who should know better. Admittedly, there were times when McCain made political decisions and said things that were angering. When a historical figure's life ends, we can assess his character only in an analysis of his total life. One thing we keep hearing is that McCain was really a Liberal. So we did some research of Senator McCain's lifetime ratings among various Left-Wing interest groups. Here are the results:

Planned Parenthood: 9%
Food Policy Action: 0%
Animal Welfare Institute: 0%
Defenders of Wildlife: 8%
Common Cause: 0%
League of Women Voters: 17%
NAACP: 17%
ACLU: 11%
NEA: 0%
American Federation of Teachers: 0%
Progressive Punch: 13%
CAIR: 75%
Brady Campaign: 14%
SEIU: 8%
AFL-CIO: 16%
American Federation of Gov't. Employees: 0%
Americans for Democratic Action: 5%
Human Rights Campaign (Homo Lobby): 0%

    Overall, McCain's positions seem to indicate a Moderate-Conservative stance. Certainly not a 'Liberal' or 'as bad as Obama',  by any means. How did he score with Conservatives?

National Right to Life Committee: 100%
National Federation of Independent Businesses: 100%
US Chamber of Commerce: 82%
Americans for Prosperity: 89%
Campaign for Working Families: 100%
NRA: 64%
Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance: 100%
American Conservative Union: 82%
Citizens Against Government Waste: 94%
FRC Action: 82%

     From a Conservative standpoint, that's a fairly respectable showing. But one would never know that from reading the Corporate Media or Alt-RINO sites.

Saturday, September 1, 2018


      At the conclusion of this week's annual SOAR (Saving Our Appalachian Region) Summit, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett announced the formation of a new pilot-program aimed at bringing Opioid-addiction treatment to rural areas. The program is the first of its kind in the country.

      Under the proposal, the USDA will provide distressed, government-owned lands to non-profit Opioid treatment organizations, who will refurbish the homes into transitional housing and outpatient centers. The State of Kentucky---home of the first such program---will fund and oversee the operation.

      "From quality of life to economic opportunity, the Opioid Crisis is impacting rural prosperity in communities across the country. Under the leadership of President Trump, we are committed at USDA to building innovative partnerships and driving greater collaboration with rural partners to address this crisis at the local level." said a USDA Press Release, which was ignored by the Mainstream Media. 

      The common misconception among many is that the Drug Epidemic is an exclusively urban phenomenon. The fact is that rural communities have been hit extremely hard by both Meth-amphetamines and Opioids. These areas typically haven't the resources to fight or treat narcotics traffic effectively---which makes them ideal territories for such criminals. According to CDC statistics, the overdose rates in some rural districts are higher than most large cities. Kentucky was chosen for the program because 54 of the nation's 200 most Opioid-distress counties are located in that state. The Richmond Register reported on Friday that 74% of Kentucky farmers "have been personally impacted by the Opioid crisis."

     There were 1,575 deaths from Opioid overdoses in Kentucky last year alone. 

     Isaiah House is the private entity chosen to work with the Government on this project. Isaiah House has a highly-successful 16-year record of treating addiction. They offer a holistic approach including medical, legal, and financial assistance to help patients transition back into society. The CEO is Rev. Ronnie Ping of the Southside Christian Church. Testimonials from recovered patients show that spiritual recovery is integral to Isaiah House's philosophy. 

     Recall that less than two years ago, the Obama Administration and the Whacko Left Wing were trying to defund and even close down faith-based organizations like these. The Trump Administration, in contrast, is working with them to achieve positive results. We predict that this program will be a success. USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue stated that if indeed successful, the initiative will be applied to rural areas nationwide.