Wednesday, September 26, 2018


    Thus far, we haven't commented much about the Senate Confirmation Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. This is mostly because other Conservative blogs have been doing an admirable job handling the subject---from outlining Kavanaugh's ideology to debunking Leftist lies. There isn't much that we could add that hasn't already been said on these subjects. 

     But what does need addressing is the mass-hysteria that Kavanaugh's nomination has generated among the Whacko Left and their wire-pullers in the Media and Academia. This is being carried on a level which we haven't seen in 26 years.

     The Confirmation Hearings for Clarence Thomas in 1992 were such a low-point in our national history that Court Nominees---regardless of party---have sailed through the Senate largely without controversy ever since. 

      Historically, Supreme Court confirmations were considered above political partisanship. Judges were usually questioned more closely about their legal philosophies and commitments to upholding the balance of power. This changed in 1987 when the Radical Left launched a brutal smear-campaign against Judge Robert Bork's nomination. When President Bush Sr. nominated Clarence Thomas, these base and unethical tactics hit their nadir. The Left falsely accused Bork of racism---which they obviously couldn't do in Thomas' case. So they played the 'sexism' card. 

      Thomas was accused of sexual harassment; a term which never existed in the American sociopolitical vocabulary until then. It's just as meaningless a term now as it was then; but the perverts in the Corporate Media drilled it into the national consciousness. All of the sex-negative laws and policies plaguing our country for the last 26 years come from the Thomas Confirmation Hearings. So does the phenomenon of women 'coming forward' in droves to pile on any man unfortunate enough to get accused of doing heterosexual things. 

      The hearings were lurid, irrelevant to any judicial issue, and made the US Senate an international laughing-stock. It was a display of Trash Culture being practiced at the highest levels. It caused a number of newly-liberated ex-Communist countries to think twice about installing American-style judiciaries in their own countries. 

      The fact that the Left has returned to the tactics of the Bork/Thomas cesspools to attack Kavanaugh is only further proof of their desperation. The Leftists have no idea why they oppose Kavanaugh's nomination; nor what they'll do if he is defeated. Trump will nominate another Conservative and nothing will have been accomplished, from the Liberal standpoint. All that they are really succeeding at doing is making themselves look like fools.     


  1. I seriously wonder what GEOTUS has up his sleeve here since as a student of Sun Tzu he only ever plays to win.

    Am I the only one who hasn't read a book or been to the Cinema since the inaugaration? This presidency is the Greatest Show on Earth LOL.

    1. It really is. I never thought I'd live to see the day when I could support the US Government again.