Saturday, September 1, 2018


      At the conclusion of this week's annual SOAR (Saving Our Appalachian Region) Summit, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett announced the formation of a new pilot-program aimed at bringing Opioid-addiction treatment to rural areas. The program is the first of its kind in the country.

      Under the proposal, the USDA will provide distressed, government-owned lands to non-profit Opioid treatment organizations, who will refurbish the homes into transitional housing and outpatient centers. The State of Kentucky---home of the first such program---will fund and oversee the operation.

      "From quality of life to economic opportunity, the Opioid Crisis is impacting rural prosperity in communities across the country. Under the leadership of President Trump, we are committed at USDA to building innovative partnerships and driving greater collaboration with rural partners to address this crisis at the local level." said a USDA Press Release, which was ignored by the Mainstream Media. 

      The common misconception among many is that the Drug Epidemic is an exclusively urban phenomenon. The fact is that rural communities have been hit extremely hard by both Meth-amphetamines and Opioids. These areas typically haven't the resources to fight or treat narcotics traffic effectively---which makes them ideal territories for such criminals. According to CDC statistics, the overdose rates in some rural districts are higher than most large cities. Kentucky was chosen for the program because 54 of the nation's 200 most Opioid-distress counties are located in that state. The Richmond Register reported on Friday that 74% of Kentucky farmers "have been personally impacted by the Opioid crisis."

     There were 1,575 deaths from Opioid overdoses in Kentucky last year alone. 

     Isaiah House is the private entity chosen to work with the Government on this project. Isaiah House has a highly-successful 16-year record of treating addiction. They offer a holistic approach including medical, legal, and financial assistance to help patients transition back into society. The CEO is Rev. Ronnie Ping of the Southside Christian Church. Testimonials from recovered patients show that spiritual recovery is integral to Isaiah House's philosophy. 

     Recall that less than two years ago, the Obama Administration and the Whacko Left Wing were trying to defund and even close down faith-based organizations like these. The Trump Administration, in contrast, is working with them to achieve positive results. We predict that this program will be a success. USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue stated that if indeed successful, the initiative will be applied to rural areas nationwide. 


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