Wednesday, January 31, 2018


     Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez became the latest victim of a nationwide phenomenon known as Trump Derangement Syndrome during yesterday's State of the Union address. Regular readers know of several well-documented TDS attacks from all walks of life. 

       TDS strikes without warning but is always activated by either personal or symbolic representations of President Trump, his family, or even his officials. Vice-President Pence and Education Secretary DeVos, for example, have seen TDS breakdowns in their presence though neither Trump nor his family was anywhere within hundreds of miles of them. 

       People who experience TDS attacks also invariably do so in public; and usually at the most unbelievably inconvenient times. It comes over its victim like a paroxysm; causing them to commit bizarre and sometimes even dangerous behaviors. The victims act out these dramas---observably similar to tantrums---utterly blind to any consequences to themselves or others. 

       Luis Gutierrez is the first known victim of TDS among national politicians, although Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi have at times exhibited strong potential symptoms. During the portion of the President's speech where he spoke of national monuments to thundering cheers, Gutierrez ran screaming from the Assembly with his hands over his ears. 

       The breakdown was caught on video, though due to audience applause for Trump whatever Gutierrez was shouting couldn't be heard. Previous cases indicate that TDS victims typically unleash a torrent of profanity during attacks, however; so we may presume the same of the Esteemed Gentleman from Illinois. 

         Gutierrez' PR spokesmen tried to downplay the incident, claiming that the Congressman urgently had to go to the bathroom, or something. He had calmed down sufficiently to give an interview with the sleazy anti-Trump tabloid Salon a few hours later. It's not known where Gutierrez went or what he did immediately after running from the Assembly; and---given some of the details around other TDS breakdowns---it is probably best to draw a discreet veil over the question anyway. 

        Fortunately for Chicago---and the US in general---Gutierrez is not running for re-election in 2018. But during the next few months it wouldn't hurt if the Capitol Police and EMS personnel should keep a close eye on him. 


     So tonight was the much-anticipated State of the Union Address. As a rule, I tend not to like watching these spectacles; there's usually too much political theater for my taste. I get a copy of the text and read it afterwards. Sort of like reading the box-scores instead of watching the game. 

       The speech was reportedly a huge success in spite of the Media Hyenas' attempts to distract everyone. Even the Deep-State shilling CBS producers were forced to choke back their bile and confess that the speech had a 75% approval rate. The numbers are probably much higher given the way that CBS conducts such surveys. 

        But on to the Address itself.

        The President mostly recited facts and policy-positions fairly familiar to most of us; but---because of the duplicity of the aforementioned MSM---many viewers tonight were likely exposed to this information for the first time. The economy is making tremendous progress and (official) unemployment is down to its lowest level since the Ford Administration. According to Trump, some demographics are seeing their highest employment rates in recorded history. 

         Make no mistake about it though, our growth-rate is still sluggish. But the Recession which lasted during the entirety of Obama's term is close to its end. Trump predicted that his tax cuts will accelerate this growth---and it likely will. The key though to sustaining that growth will be to curb inflation. The President hinted that he's working to lower healthcare costs---hopefully this a stepping-stone to a full deflationary policy.

          Trump then talked about Social Justice, eliding into the subject after a discussion of patriotism. He spoke of upholding the Constitution and religious liberty in particular. This in my opinion was one of the highlights of his speech. We haven't seen these principles actually applied equally in a long time. Though Trump didn't mention it, his Administration has taken an active interest in fighting things like reverse discrimination. 

           Also, he noted the reforms in the Department of Veterans Affairs and called for a $1.5 trillion investment in national infrastructure. Regular readers here need no explanation about the state of our infrastructure. A trillion dollars is probably a good start, at best. Trump also called for welfare and immigration reforms. 

              The President also addressed the Opioid Epidemic: a topic that we've discussed here at length as well as his positions on Foreign Policy. On the latter subject, he mentioned the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela before speaking of more distant trouble-spots. The sense that we got from his foreign policy remarks is that he intends to concentrate more upon regional threats than on the failed Pax Americana policy of the Deep-State Era. 

               The one new policy that Trump announced tonight was reversing Obama's commitment to closing the Guantanamo Naval Base and its prison facilities. Commitment might be a bit of a stretch---considering that Obama seems to have forgotten Guantanamo shortly after his Inauguration ceremony. This is going to be a developing story because Trump didn't state in detail why he intended to keep open the base. Could it be a crackdown on terror cells? Hopefully so. 

                Overall, the Address wasn't too bad; though not really a landmark speech either. The best part of it all was its optimism, appeals to faith, and Trump's achievements which were largely commonsense solutions to (what seemed to be) insoluble issues. At one point he referenced a family who named an adopted daughter Hope. Hope was the central theme of his whole speech---a genuine belief that things can and will improve. 

                 And very likely his 2019 Address will speak of even better things yet to come. 


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


      There were some major announcements this week, from both the White House and the Department of Justice, concerning efforts to suppress the national Opioid Epidemic. Upon the recommendation of a Presidential Task Force, the Administration declared the Opioid Epidemic a National Health Emergency last Autumn. 

       Before leaving Davos on Saturday, President Trump announced a crackdown by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on shady companies trafficking in bogus Opioid detoxification formulas. The agencies issued Cease and Desist Orders to 11 companies who were marketing unregulated medications unapproved by the FDA. 

       "Health fraud scams like these can pose serious health risks." Trump stated, "These products have not been demonstrated to be either safe or effective and may keep some patients from seeking legitimate, FDA-approved treatment. Selling these unapproved products with claims that they can cure Opioid addiction is a violation of Federal Law. Also, making unsubstantiated therapeutic claims violate FTC regulations against false and deceptive advertising." 

        Of course, this story was ignored by the Corporate Media---which takes in billions in advertising from Big Pharma annually. 

       Attorney-General Sessions today announced the creation of a new team called J-Code made up of tech specialists. Their job will be to take down illegal drug traffic that occurs in the so-called 'Dark Web'. Sessions stated that he was inspired to create the new team after FBI agents destroyed a major Internet Opioid ring last Summer. The website Alpha Bay was linked to 40,000 pushers who serviced nearly a quarter-million addicts and were responsible for at least two known overdose deaths. It was the biggest Darknet takedown in history, but the MSM ignored that story too. 

        Sessions said in a speech today in Louisville that he had completed a reorganization of the Drug Enforcement Agency and launched a new investigative unit within DEA. This unit will analyze Obamacare providers to ferret out ones which are dispensing unusual or suspicious levels of Opioids. According to CDC statistics, 1/3 of overdoses are connected to prescription drug abuse. 


Monday, January 29, 2018


       As if isn't aggravating enough with the Whacko Left publishing sleazy rumors about the First Family's marriage, the Alt-RINOs in the Manosphere are playing drama-queen too. The Red Pills are busy showing off their manly Alpha leadership by attacking girls again. 

        The Alpha-bully in question this time is pulp-writer Dave Freer, a toady of Vox Day. It seems that since the downfall of The Daily Stormer, Freer is vying for Andrew Anglin's position as Internet thug par excellence. He's currently viciously attacking Foz Meadows by spreading false rumors about her and her husband. Mrs. Meadows wrote a deeply moving article which indicates that she's had some serious issues relating to her pregnancy. All the more disgusting that she would become a target of abuse for these characters.

       There are some readers who may wonder why an issue mostly concerning the literary community is important in a general sense. The reason is that letting the Red Pills get away with this behavior only encourages more of it. We saw about a year ago the vicious attacks hurled against the Gersch Family by the thugs at the now-defunct The Daily Stormer. Dave Freer at The Mad Genius Club blog is doing the same to the Meadows Family. Who knows who will be next? The so-called GamerGate of 2014 gave the Alpha-Boys a taste of blood and they've hiding behind their keyboards fomenting these types of attacks. As Vox Day himself wrote just today about his opponents (both real and imaginary):

       "There is only one way to answer these people and that is to fight back at every opportunity; show neither hesitation nor remorse and defeat them resoundingly. Which is exactly what we have done and will continue to do."

       So says someone who considers Anders Breivik a hero and role-model for men. And in that same spirit, Dave Freer penned an incredibly stupid post that was alternately self-pitying and self-aggrandizing while snidely insinuating that the Meadows' maintain a 'front-marriage' that covers for homosexual child abuse. 

         Now then: what is the difference between these Red Pills' actions and those of the Mainstream Media? Didn't we learn recently from Project Veritas that the producers at CNN consider their audiences a bunch of dumb morons who have to be lied to? Freer and Vox Day behave exactly the same way. Changing the political stripes don't matter. Making up lies about Melania Trump or Foz Meadows amounts to the same thing; and both should be denounced. 

         And then, to make things worse, Freer actually compares himself to President Trump, saying: "He actually said what a lot of people thought, but were too scared to say because of the SJW thought-police "(whatever that means) "Now they discover that millions of people actually shared those opinions."

         Wrong: President Trump said what people thought about certain issues and 'millions of people' don't think anything at all about the Meadows Family. I think though that Trump disapproves strongly of Internet bullies targeting innocent people. His own family has experienced far more of that than the Meadows' or Gerschs combined. Freer evidently has delusions of grandeur if he imagines that his petty smear-campaign has the same sociopolitical ramifications as the 2016 Election had.

         We on the Political Right don't gain a thing by copying the tactics of the Radical Left. Morally wrong actions are morally wrong regardless of one's political orientation. This is why the Right---as William F. Buckley said years ago---always must be held to a higher standard and always command the moral high-ground. Most people respect moral behavior; and sacrificing our standards for temporary gain is to give up our greatest strength.



Saturday, January 27, 2018


     The perverts running the once-iconic fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) have evidently become so triggered by the White Christian Male symbol of the late Colonel Harlan Sanders that they've decided to replace him with a female. Lesbian has-been singer Reba McEntire---whose career has plummeted to doing commercials---was chosen to be the newest KFC 'spokesperson'. 

       KFC went down the drain a long time ago. No doubt someone at Corporate HQ decided a good sociopolitical controversy would generate some free advertising. It certainly no longer is the quality of their food that attracts consumers. This is a fast-food chain which really should give away free Alka-Seltzer with purchase. 

       It's really sad in a way. Harlan Sanders was a man who got off to a bad start in life. He later converted to Christianity and settled down; opening a fried chicken-stand in Kentucky. He employed the fast-food model to chicken dinners---which 'experts' in the 1960s said couldn't be done. Sanders did it; and built a business empire that ranked with products like Coca-Cola and Hershey's Chocolate as symbolically American. Throughout the rest of his life, he maintained strict quality controls---often by paying surprise on-the-spot visits to his franchisees. And his conversion to Christianity was genuine. He often gave testimonies and speeches at various churches and youth camps free-of-charge.

         But in Postmodern America, men like Colonel Sanders have gone the way of things like chicken dinners with real meat and potatoes. Today KFC is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands. Open Secrets shows Yum! to be a heavy political contributor to pro-Corporate RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Jeff Flake (top contributor to both Senators). 

          Yum! also runs Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and Wing Street chains. KFC is headed by a foreign national, Australian Roger Eaton. Eaton is the COO at Yum! and Director of the Molson-Coors brewery conglomerate. Both beers used to be good, too, by the way.

         The effete cultural Elites are naturally giddy with excitement over KFC's bold decision. The sleazy tabloid Salon even went so far as to call KFC's critics 'trolls'. 

          In reality, KFC is going down the same road as the NFL. They're desperately trying to stay culturally relevant by making flamboyant politically-correct statements like these to attract the kinds of customers who think that eating at a PC diner is making some grand political statement.  Another reason to avoid KFC---besides the bad and overpriced food---is having to put up with the kinds of people who think that gender-bending company mascots is a noble act.

          But don't despair. There's always Chick-Fil-A and they have better chicken anyhow. 

Friday, January 26, 2018


     The annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is underway this week. President Trump became the first sitting US President to attend since the Clinton Administration. Thus, all eyes were upon him to see his vision of America in the global economy. 

      For the past few years, China has completely dominated the WEF. Last year's forum was a major political and triumph for Chinese President Xi; although the news was largely overshadowed after George Soros suffered a shameful attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome in front of key global leaders. 

       Trump's decision to attend Davos at all is a sign that his judgment is maturing on Foreign Policy. Actually meeting with foreign leaders instead of listening to RINO advisers and Alt-RINO pundits has shown Trump that the world is not a bitterly anti-American place. Most countries are willing to do business with the United States; but much of the resentment has come from the quasi-Imperialist arrogance of the past Deep-State leaders. 

      "America First does not mean America Alone" Trump told the cheering crowd. Such a statement reflects the solid evolution in his attitude. The President has come a long way from only a few months ago when he was expanding Obama's disastrous Syria Policy as well as provoking China. "A prosperous America benefits the world, and fair economic competition is essential to that prosperity."

       This statement shows that Trump has largely embraced the policy of bilateralism, which he seems to have adopted since his first meeting with Xi Jinping. Xi really pioneered the model; and it's been the driving force behind China's global economic expansion. Under this global trade model, individual countries meet as equals and conduct mutually beneficial agreements apart from the Globalist Infrastructure. Trump has successfully employed that model in recent trade-deals with China, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Argentina. 

        At this year's meeting, Trump has met so far with the leaders of Britain, Israel, Switzerland, and African Union head Paul Kagame, of Rwanda. 

         Trump also stressed at this meeting the need for 'Swamp Draining' in global economic organizations, saying that America's goal was to fight against corruption and make the system "efficient and accountable". That statement drew praise from some of the world's leaders while some noticeable wincing from EU representatives. The EU has felt quite a bit of the Trump Administration's accountability during the last year, to say the least. In fact, in spite of the anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric from the Beltway Swamp, the EU and Japan have been the countries mostly caught cheating and punished by American authorities. 

       The WEF concludes tonight. It will be interesting to discover what effect American re-entry into the world market will be. As Trump said, "America is again open for business."  But we won't hear it from the Corporate Media. The perverts running American news outlets have noted that Melania did not attend are spreading seedy rumors speculating on the Trumps' marriage. Actually, Mrs. Trump had a scheduling conflict: she was representing the US at a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony. Her native country of Slovenia was impacted severely by Nazi atrocities. 

       At some point, hopefully, foreign news outlets will invest in America and provide us with some decent news services for a change. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018


     A point we've made often at this site is that Conservatives---and others who identify as the political Right ought to be held to higher standards of word and deed than those on the Liberal Left. The reasons for this are twofold: 

       1. Our philosophy is based upon a traditional code of morality. Or, in plain English---we must practice what we preach.

        2. As our Founding Fathers pointed out, human rights are inalienable and this is premise is a self-evident truth. In other words, we must respect the inalienable rights of those with whom we disagree. And, since this is self-evident, we don't resort to the contemptible thuggery that those who despise human rights commit.

         Now, Vox Day and a clique of pulp-writers who are among his disciples are at it again. This time they've stooped to a new low---even by their nihilistic standards of behavior. Evidently enraged by their continued rebuffs from their more talented peers---people who refuse to bow to the Red Pills' self-purported Alpha Superiority---they've started a smear campaign against the Meadows Family of Queensland, Australia. 

          Toby Meadows is a Professor of Philosophy specializing in Mathematical Logic. His wife Foz Meadows is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy author. Vox' henchmen---notably Brad Torgersen, Dave Freer, Lou Antonelli and Vox himself---have falsely accused Toby Meadows of being blogger Camestros Felapton. Camestros has been a foe of Vox and his band of literary pygmies and their attempts to co-opt the whole literary genre. And they haven't stopped there: they've gone on to accuse the Meadows Family of paedophila and other crimes. 

      So much for the Red Pills' supposed opposition to false accusations. Because they've set things up to where Toby Meadows is forced to defend himself against things he's never done; while Camestros can't defend himself without self-doxxing. Doesn't this sound much like the false rape accusations that people like Vox denounce?

        Foz Meadows wrote a rebuttal today which was a fairly dignified response. Though evidently quite to the Left politically, Mrs. Meadows appears to be quite commendably a wife genuinely devoted to her husband. And she defends him quite ably. I would add to what she's already said. Just reading some of Toby Meadows' writing online, it evinces a different writing style than Camestros'. While it's possible to assume a different writing style for a singular purpose, it's not easy to do on a regular basis. One would suppose that such superior Alpha literary geniuses like Vox, Antonelli, Torgersen, and Freer imagine themselves to be would have noticed something this basic. 

        Vox Day is a living example of why the Church lists Pride and Envy among the Seven Deadly Sins. He's not only destroyed his own credibility in literary circles by practicing both vices on a regular basis; he's dragged down his circle of flatterers and lickspittles along with him. And caused much grief across the board for innocent people from John Scalzi to Toby Meadows. 

         As Conservatives we must stand for civility and denounce all forms of the kind of thuggish tactics that Vox and his gang promote. These extremists are not our allies. They are not of the Right and never have been, and have criticized us as 'Cuckservatives' and 'Churchians' while they promote the anarchistic theories of Game/PUA and the fascistic theories of racial purity. This while pretending that they are social libertarians and Christian reformers. 


Tuesday, January 23, 2018


    An Anonymous commenter asked for some further clarification on our recent discussion about the latest Red Pill meme 'Soy Boys'. He pointed out that there's been some controversy over soy's effects on men and masculinity for some time. 

     At the time the alleged damaging effects of soy were announced, I didn't really much of it. China, the country which consumes most soy also has the world's highest population. As for its supposed feminizing effects; it always seemed that the country who gave us the term Tiger Moms seemed to suggest the opposite. I doubt that many WW2 veterans believe, after going to hand-to-hand with the Japanese Army that eating soy effected Japanese men very much. 

      Besides that, I've known Asian Martial Artists who were vegetarians (i.e. ate soybean curd, or tofu), regularly. Bodybuilders often take a supplement called Soy Protein Isolate, which doesn't seem to effect them much either.

       So, looking into the science, we're told by various sources that soy contains Phyto-Estrogens that both block and stimulate Estrogen receptors. These molecular compounds---while structurally similar to Estrogen---do not produce, but instead activate or block estrogenic receptors according to their chemical properties. German medical researcher Sergei Jargin wrote a very comprehensive treatise on this subject in 2014. 

       "Apart from singular reports" that is, individual case-studies as opposed to meta-research, "No data on modification of gender-related characteristics or feminization of humans after soy consumption can be found." Jargin stated. 

        An earlier study, done in 2001, contained a random sample of the population who were tested specifically with Phyto-Estrogens and concluded that "the Phyto-Estrogen dose consumed had no effect on semen quality."

       Thus there really isn't any evidence that soy consumption is connected to the decline of masculinity in the West; though the scientific jury is still out on whether over-consumption of soy in childhood has effects on puberty. Actually, we would assert that the main cause of declining masculinity is social: being egged on the perverts in our public schools; our mass-media; and our government officials. Which brings us to the issue of our earlier post.

        The Red Pills had not only been arguing against soy, they claim that masculinity is linked to wanton violence and ruthless aggression---which is a feminist argument. But consuming the Red Pill inclines men to these things: eating red meat, drinking raw milk, and avoiding soy does not. 

        Finally, we should point out that soy's had no effect on the Leader of the Free World's masculinity:

        Masculinity has a lot less to do with diet, and a lot more to do with attitude.

Monday, January 22, 2018


       We hadn't really intended a sequel to the last post, but the thugs who slavishly follow Vox Day have taken to some nasty tactics in retaliation for the literary community not bowing to their over-inflated egos. In a Facebook post that his since been deleted for violating policy, some Red Pill claimed to have exposed Science-Fiction blogger Camestros Felapton as an Australian philosophy professor named Meadows. 

       It has been reported on good authority that the instigator of this rumor---like many other Red Pill/Game Cultists---has a fairly extensive police record. This includes multiple charges of Filing False Police Reports and Criminal Harassment. In other words, he's a crank. Camestros himself has denied that he is Meadows; but that hasn't stopped the Alpha Bully-Boys from harassing both him and the unfortunate professor.

       Even though the doxxing attempt on Camestros is based on an obvious and transparent  lie, a pulp-writer named Brad Torgersen (who is a disciple of Vox Day's) repeated the falsehood at his blog, Mad Genius Club. Not only repeated it, but embellished it considerably. And Torgersen's ravings were repeated and expanded on further at Vox Populi. 

         The problem here is that the innocent Professor Meadows has become the target of Vox' vindictiveness. Vox---ever the hypocrite---plays the Victim Card, accusing Camestros of harassing him. And, Vox includes in his article the name of Meadows' university and its anti-harassment policy. Hint, hint, winky-winky nod-nod, Minions: flood the university with demands that Meadows be fired. Because we all know that, unlike Cultural Marxists, the Red Pills never would enforce Political Correctness in the workplace, right?

         And then this disgusting Torgersen on top of it gripes that Camestros attacks "Libertarian and Conservatives". Our answer to that is that it's Red Pill fanatics like Vox, Torgersen, and Jon Del Arroz who give all Conservatives a bad name. The Red Pills/Alt-RINO Manosphere piggybacks on the Conservative Movement; but they are no more a part of it than LaRouche's whackos represent the Democratic Party. 

         Think of it this way: many of the top people writing Science Fiction today lean politically Liberal, although Libertarians and Conservatives make up a large plurality. How do we bring more Conservative values back into literature when fools like these Alt-RINOs are the image of Conservatism that people like Camestros sees? Better they see genteel and intelligent images like that of the late author Robert Heinlein, a Conservative politically and also regarded as "the dean of Science Fiction writers." Heinlein was an advocate of self-reliance and self-improvement, and despised those who blamed 'society' for their failures. Vox and his disciples would do well to follow that example themselves.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


     2018 has already been a rough year for Red Pill cult-guru Vox Day. Not only did his attempts to import his Game Ideology into comics get laughed out of public discourse, but now we learn that another of his endeavors to infiltrate legitimate Science Fiction organizations has failed too. 

      Jon Del Arroz, one of Vox' disciples, is a third-rate writer and a first-rate Internet troll. Only a week after being told he was persona non grata at the Worldcon Convention, Del Arroz found his application for membership in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. 

       Predictably, this stirred up a lot of outrage among the Gamers---who never miss an opportunity to play the victim card. Del Arroz, whose name means corn extract in Spanish purports to be "America's Leading Hispanic Science Fiction Writer". And he's playing the race card just as he has with every other rejection he's ever experienced. Vox Day---himself the only SFWA member to be expelled since its founding in 1965---took up the same meme. That's somewhat ironic given the reasons for Vox' own downfall in the organization. 

        And, too, we're treated to the same tripe that SFWA is a 'converged' organization discriminating against people on the basis of their politics. Again, this is without any foundation in fact. Conservatives make up a huge percentage of Science Fiction fans. But let us look at SFWA's own statement:

        "We did not take this step lightly and are sensitive to suggestions that this action is due to the writer's political opinions. It is not. SFWA does not, and will not, impose a political test or a political standard for membership."

          Then, in a follow-up letter published by Del Arroz himself, the SFWA leadership gets a little more explicit:

         "Based on online statements and your behavior during the past year, the Membership Credentials Committee believes that it has good and sufficient cause to deny your membership in order to keep SFWA virtual and physical spaces harassment-free and have done so."

          The inclusion of the term 'physical spaces' is telling. This was, in part, a decision based upon members' fears for their personal safety. And in case anybody suspects that this is hyperbole, SFWA gives the following examples of Del Arroz' conduct:

         "Threatening to film people without their consent at SFWA private functions; soliciting people on social media (including Facebook, Gab, and Twitter) to troll and harass other professional authors---including SFWA members and board officers; and SFWA officials of doxxing your children, supporting pedophiles, and racism, among other attacks."

         Stripped of all the diplomatic language, SFWA is essential saying that Del Arroz---like his leader, Vox---is a nutcase and only hopes to foment trouble within the organization at his Master's bidding. 

         Del Arroz was ejected from WorldCon for many of the same reasons. Their statement banning him read: "We made this decision simply because he has made it clear that he fully intends to break our Code of Conduct. We take those threats seriously. WorldCon 76 strives to be an inclusive place, as difficult as that can be; and racist and bullying behavior is not acceptable at our WorldCon. This expulsion is one step towards eliminating such behavior and was not taken lightly."

        After exhausting his vocabulary of canards to throw at SFWA, Vox tries to slough off his latest defeat by claiming that membership in SFWA is irrelevant to a writer's success. Must be why he's run for SFWA President, tries to infiltrate it with his disciples, and cheats at every Hugo Awards ceremony to gain their recognition. 

         SFWA's decision has been roundly applauded by most in the literary world; and we too support their decision. Organizations have every right to set their own criteria for membership and deny those who blatantly go against their rules. This is why we say that the Red Pills are really little different than the Cultural Marxists---another group who infiltrates organizations and imposes political correctness. 


Friday, January 19, 2018


    It's been a busy week for the US Department of Justice. Despite the Corporate Media and the phony 'Resistance' planning mayhem in DC this weekend, the FBI and the Italian Carabinieri announced today a joint crushing of a major Opioid ring. The organization was run in the US, but financed by Italian mobsters Luca Sartini and Luigi 'Jim Boy' Palma, both of Rome. Both are in custody awaiting extradition to the U.S..

    As we've seen throughout the last year of the Trump Administration, many of these drug rings were piggybacking on Obamacare, and this case was no different. The scheme ran the entire length of the Obama Administration. Essentially, the mob funded an American gangster Benjamin Rodriguez of Florida to set up fake pain clinics run by corrupt practitioners to gain access to Opioids. They were mostly set up in Knoxville, one of the national epicenters of the Opioid Epidemic.

     The scheme was particularly vicious in that it deliberately targeted legitimate patients suffering from pain. The patients were prescribed Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, and Morphine with the deliberate intention of addicting them. According to the indictment, the clinics laundered the profits through front-groups run by Rodriguez to the tune of at least $21 million. 

     According to The Knox County News, the gang distributed "billions" of Opioid drugs throughout Tennessee and that their organization has been linked to over 700 overdose deaths. The FBI itself has identified nine patients of the fake clinics whose deaths were directly tied to malpractice. 

       Others charged in the indictment were Sylvia Hofstetter who ran the pain clinic central to the scheme; along with Clyde Tipton and Maynard Alvarez who ran the money-laundering front-companies. This group actually got away with billing Obamacare to purchase the narcotics through fraudulent documents. Seven medical providers have also been indicted. 

         The Defendants are variously charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Narcotic Distribution Resulting in Death, Illegal Kickbacks and Defrauding Medicare. 

         US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions thanked all persons and agencies involved in suppressing this nest of vipers. He also added that, as a result of this investigation alone, 30 other drug traffickers have been apprehended; along with "approximately 80-90 smaller Opioid distributors". Sessions said that there are currently 35 pending indictments involving 140 people---including medical practitioners---who were also exposed during the investigation. 

         This case unraveled one of the worst Opioid trafficking schemes discovered so far: and it was probably the main culprit behind the severe Opioid Epidemic in East Tennessee. Keep that in mind tomorrow when we watch idiots in pink hats and black masks protesting in DC. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018


     After yesterday's embarrassing outburst at a high-level White House meeting, the Corporate Media hyenas have been slamming the Trump Administration for removing reporter Jim Acosta. The fact that he was behaving like a raving maniac---giving both the American press and public a bad name in front of Kazakhstan's president---notwithstanding. 

       The Media ignored the achievements made during this meeting. Though it took some searching on the web, we found a Kazakh news outlet in English and added it to our links. The Kazakh media gave an entirely different (i.e. based in reality) perspective on the meeting: highlighting a new era of positive relations between our two countries. During the second half of Obama's term, American trade with Kazakhstan declined by nearly half between 2012 and 2016. The Trump Administration successfully negotiated a bilateral agreement worth $7.5 billion and both countries. Kazakh President Nazarbayev hailed a 'new era' in US-Kazakh relations. Nazarbayev, it should be noted, introduced some of the very same tax reforms as Trump's in Kazakhstan last year.

       The above photo---not seen in US news feeds--- is of American trade delegate Ray Washburne and the CEO of Kazakh Invest, Saparbek Tuyakbayev, signing a $3 billion comprehensive trade package for American investment in Kazakhstan. Among the largest investors is General Electric, which has contracted to build at least 300 railroad locomotives there. In exchange, Kazakhstan is purchasing about a hundred Boeing aircraft. In spite of the massive anti-Trump howling of the Liberal Seattle Establishment; this is the third major contract for Boeing that Trump has secured: China and Malaysia agreed to buy hundreds of American-built aircraft in 2017. 

       In addition, Kazakhstan also lifted some unspecified agricultural embargoes and Trump reciprocated by allowing certain imports.  

     IWEP, the leading Kazakh economic think-tank reported "For Astana (the Kazakh capitol) Washington is one of the key partners in foreign policy and a major economic investor. As Donald Trump has noted, America regards a strong, sovereign, and independent Kazakhstan as a valuable friend and strategic partner in Central Asia. Our main benefits from interaction with the Americans will be the accumulation of high-tech innovations. The new agreements will allow Kazakhstan to realize digital efficiency in the economy."

      Kazakhstan will also chair the UN Security Council. President Trump praised Kazakh efforts in global nuclear weapons control as well as its counterterrorism efforts. 

       "Upon the advent of the new Administration and Trump's 'America First' agenda, the issue of America's decreasing role in our internal affairs was discussed." the IWEP statement pointedly noted. "However, the meeting between Nazarbayev and Trump indicates that the role of the region's relationship with the US is at a high level."


       The two Presidents also signed a bilateral military agreement coordinating efforts between the Pentagon and Kazakh Defense Forces to combat terrorism. Trump also endorsed Kazakhstan's petition to join the International Cybercrime Convention.

       So there we have it: the news that the US Media ignored---drown out by Acosta's rampage. All of the above, though, were reported in BNews, the Kazakh English-language service. Not to belittle Kazakhstan here; but it's a sad commentary on the state of the American media when we---literally in this case---have to go to the other side of the planet to get to the truth. 


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


    For the second time this week, a high-profile public figure has suffered an embarrassing attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome: this time in the White House itself and in front of a visiting Head-of-State. This incident---which comes shortly after the President passed a routine mental health exam---is also the third time in the last 30 days that a member of the Mainstream Media has cracked up in public.

     Jim Acosta, a multimillionaire working for CNN, was among other reporters at a joint White House Press Conference with visiting Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. According to witnesses, Acosta began shouting over other reporters some incoherent babble about immigration from Norway. The President calmly responded that he welcomed immigrants from everywhere; probably somewhat puzzled since the number of Norwegians illegally in the US is estimated to be less than a dozen people and the topic had nothing whatsover to do with the Press Conference.

    The conference then concluded, but Acosta began screaming and flapping his arms frantically, as stunned media personnel from across the world looked on. White House staff promptly escorted the still-raving reporter from the room who allegedly shouted profanity and made obscene gestures in the ante-room. 

      Acosta then took to Twitter, falsely accusing Trump of censorship. The Press Conference was supposed to hear out the President of Kazakhstan. That country will hold chairmanship of the UN Security Council in 2018. That meeting may have been just a little more newsworthy than the phantoms floating around in Acosta's mind. Not to mention the $7.5 billion trade deal that Trump negotiated with the Kazakh President which will benefit American manufacturing and agriculture. 

       CNN has instead, however, been reporting the fake news about an opprobrious term Trump allegedly used in a closed-door meeting. In spite of FCC prohibitions against using the term on live television, CNN has said it nearly 200 times during the last week, according to the Media Research Center. 


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


    Vice-President and Mrs. Pence are regular churchgoers. This Sunday, they visited the Metropolitan Baptist Church but weren't prepared for what would happen next. 

     It seems that the pastor, one Maurice Watson, spotted the Vice-President in the congregation and suffered an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome. As the shocked audience looked on, the Reverend Watson stopped in mid-sermon to fly into anti-Trump tirade. 

     Watson was nearly apoplectic; and for no reason. The source of his outrage over some alleged remarks Trump made at a meeting---which is now being exposed as a hoax. As for Pence: he wasn't even present at that meeting. But in the paroxysms of a TDS attack, nothing but blind rage---directed at any personal or even symbolic representative of Trump, motivates behavior. 

      There's no point in reciting here what Watson said: since they were based on fake news, his comments have no relevance to anything worthy of discussion. The Media Hyenas are of course applauding this outbreak of insanity and breach of ecclesiastical decorum. But the real story should have been Pence's dignified and classy reaction. He refused to leave the church and listened respectfully as befitting a Christian in the House of God. Although we have to go to the foreign press to read it; the Vice-President afterwards issued a statement to the effect that he wasn't embarrassed by it and that the man was entitled to his own opinion. 

        However, we don't think it amiss here to remark that if Pastor Watson is really concerned about degrading minorities, he should visit some of the nearby neighborhoods in Baltimore and Washington and ask himself why he isn't doing much to alleviate the degrading crime, poverty, and drugs rampant in his own backyard. 

        As of this writing, the Baptist Conventions have yet to issue a statement, but we predict that they soon will. Quite a few Baptists happen to be Trump supporters. 


Monday, January 15, 2018


     There's been a video going viral on the Manospherian sites lately about Soy-Boys. Apparently, the Red Pills have imbibed the notion that the decline in American masculinity is somehow connected to consuming too many soy products in childhood. Cultures which consume large quantities of soy never produce masculine men, right?

        Nonetheless, the Alpha-Boys have taken the idea and run with it. In a gushing review of Soy Boys, Red Pill Cultist Sfcton believes that he has hit upon a revelation. So he informs us that what separates Alphas from Soy-Boys is their capacity for violence. Because again, we all know that spoiled, soft, Snowflakes have no capacity to commit violent acts, right?

     The capacity for violence is inherent in men. Civilized men channel that capacity into constructive channels. What actually separates men from thugs is their capacity to control violence. That is, use it in only as a means of self or communal defense. And even then excessive violence---employing more than is necessary to incapacitate the enemy---is morally wrong. This doesn't mean compromising with evil, either. Harry Truman was one of our most devout Christian presidents; yet he had no qualms about using atomic weapons to force the unconditional surrender of Japan and end WW2. 

        Violence without morality is simply thuggery and terrorism. Sfcton apparently sensed this inconsistency and tries to weave Red Pill Gnosticism into his argument: "Same with turning the other cheek. You cannot turn the other cheek if you lack the capacity for retribution...the worst kinds of chumps church up their b----h status with religious edicts."

        This is wrong again. Christ taught his Church that turning the other cheek was an act of Faith---that God would judge. What he and other Red Pills don't understand that turning the other cheek doesn't refer to personal defense at all; but refers to attacks of any kind on the polity of the Church. The entire passage refers to Ecclesiastical Discipline. 

       In the comments section, Sfcton clarifies further to his applauding disciples: "Sheep always see Christ as the Lamb. Men see Christ as the Lion."

        Apparently including John the Baptist, who announced Christ by saying: "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the world's sin!"  Or for that matter, Jesus Himself, who stated: "But because you are not My sheep, you refuse to listen. My sheep listen to My voice: I know them and they follow Me." (St. John x:26-27). 

         And the Apostle St. Peter had occasion to mention lions: "Your adversary, the Devil, is walking about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, and stand firm in your Faith; knowing that your brothers and sisters throughout the world are undergoing the same suffering." (I St. Pet. v:8-9). 

         The Red Pills make the same theological error as some Pacifist Christian sects, who proscribe violence under any circumstances. They go to the opposite extreme, though, and make violence a Holy Act of Obligation. The moral approach to violence is a medium between the two, as St. Augustine taught. Thus Sfcton is wrong again when he says: "If you're the kind of guy who has to call 9-1-1 when someone is kicking in your door, you're a b---h." The reason civilized societies have armies and police forces is because (in theory) they are acting under the moral authority of a lawful government. In instances where individuals have to use force independently, there is always an official inquest for the same reason. What you do if someone is kicking in your door is call 9-1-1 first; then prepare yourself to take action only if you have to. 

         It doesn't make one more of a man to drive a nail with a sledgehammer and then sneer at men who (appropriately) use a tack-hammer. It's the same with violence---it's how and when it's used that makes a man. 


Sunday, January 14, 2018


     Despite a denial from the White House and various Senators, the Corporate Media is still pretending that the President actually made derogatory remarks about conditions in Third World countries. Left-Wing politicians have joined in the booing chorus, because, as we residents of the West Coast all know, Leftist-run cities in no way resemble the Third World. Right? Let's look at a few of these Socialist Workers' Paradises:

Seattle: 'America's Greenest City' ranks tops in rats, roaches, and bedbugs, according to HUD. Wouldn't you like to be shopping here:

Or Portland. Another 'compassionate' Liberal city where nearly a dozen people froze to death on the streets last Winter:

And 'progressive' cities like Sacramento, where you don't find dangerous narco-gangs like the Third World, right?


And then there's Oakland, the crime and drug-capital of the West Coast:

San Francisco takes the 's---hole' meme literally. The city actually has to close streets to pedestrians because the human feces and drug paraphernalia have made them impassible. BART escalators routinely break down because they are jammed with human excrement:

Then we come to Santa Barbara, 'The American Riviera'. Home to some of the most aggressive street-bums in the country. Such beautiful beach-fronts:

Los Angeles boasts a district known as 'Murder Alley' in South Central. Parts of this home to the Liberal Hollywood glitterati look indistinguishable from Latin American barrios: 

And San Diego, likewise:

And last but not least, Honolulu, which, well, is another pit:

And this is just the West Coast. According to UN statistics, the US ranks 8th in homicides, higher than Pakistan and Colombia. We have the worst drug addiction rates bar none; our abortion and out-of-wedlock birth rates are higher than South American or African nations. Our infant mortality rate is about the same as Cuba and Malaysia---the absolute worst in the developed world.

America's combined rate of functional and complete illiteracy is 43%; unofficial unemployment rates during Obama's second term was estimated at 24%. A higher percentage of Americans live in poverty than citizens of Morocco and Albania do; by the US government's own statistics.  

That's the country that the Deep State left for the Trump Administration to clean up. It wouldn't hurt us in the least if the Left-Wing media started worrying a little bit more about the s---holes in our own backyard than they are about making up fake news stories. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018


     So out in the sunny Pacific today, residents of the Hawaiian Islands spent the morning in near panic. While mass-hysteria isn't uncommon in the deep-blue states of the West, this outbreak actually had an underlying reason. 

    An Emergency Alert was issued around 8 A.M. Hawaiian time which read: "Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill."

    This turned out to be a false alarm. But in the fallout (no pun intended) of the whole incident, one question is going unasked:

     If this were a real ICBM attack---is that the type of warning that should be considered appropriate? There's no information as to what type of missile to which this referred. They tell us to seek shelter without telling us where to go. Since the great 'progressive' President Carter eliminated Civil Defense programs (except for the state-of-the-art shelter in Washington DC protecting the 'Elites), most Americans have no idea what to do in the event of an atomic attack. 

      There was a viral video, for example, of some ignoramus hustling his family into a storm-drain. Those underground vaults are death-traps in a real bombing. Not only do they cave in, but high-voltage wires break and so do water mains. Some will also flood with inflammable gas when the gas lines break; or deadly toxic sewer lines break. Never go to a place like that in an emergency---and basements are no better, by the way. 

      So clearly, we need to rethink emergency responses. Russia, China, Iran, and many other countries have clearly established and upgraded concentration zones for this very problem. 

      Now the other issue is determining how this false alert happened. The White House stated that it appeared to be a problem at the State level. Michael Kucharek of NORAD stated that his agency was investigating, as did FCC Chair Ajit Pai.  Naturally, the Whacko Left-Wing were spreading 'false flag' rumors and media saps like 'comedian' Jim Carrey couldn't wait to bash Trump:

       "If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican Congress to continue alienating the entire world, we are all headed for suffering beyond all imagination." Carrey pontificated, apparently oblivious to the incalculable damage that Hollywood has done to America's global image. 

       Some on the Right have speculated that it was really a Deep-State ploy to embarrass Trump. That's certainly a more a plausible theory; but if it's true, the Federal investigation had better hold some people accountable. 

       As usual, it's best to draw objective lessons from the mishap and not jump into finger-pointing until NORAD and the FCC have determined exactly where the fingers need be pointed.