Tuesday, January 9, 2018


     Along with his many other vices, Red Pill Cultist Vox Day is also a notorious cyber-bully. On the Vox Populi site, he and his disciples are hooting an internal e-mail from Google that one of his sympathizers leaked to him. It is from one Colin McMillan who, judging by the context, appears to be some sort of cybersecurity technician. McMillan writes:

     "The specific part I'm concerned with the leaks to Vox Day is: that it was done by a Googler. [i.e. a Google employee] Said Googler knows that Vox Day and his followers have a history of doxxing various 'SJWs' whom they dislike. Whoever leaked this knew full well what they were doing, and that it would put specific Googlers' lives in potential danger; and leaked confidential communications intentionally, knowing these things. And thinking that Vox Day is on their side, otherwise why would they have leaked to him in particular? Whoever did this should not only be fired, but arrested for reckless endangerment of human life." 

      It sounds as though McMillan has fairly good grasp of Vox and his disciples' characters. Vox even displayed this e-mail for the public ridicule of his Alpha-Minions who have been exhausting their puny imaginations thinking up fiendish ways to exploit this intelligence. Vox himself boasted of his infiltrators and how 'SJWs' like McMillan were just cowards and engaging in a witch hunt. 

      Vox accuses Google of censorship and being 'SJW converged'. Besides encouraging leaks within Google; encouraging doxxing and harassing its employees; Vox has also praised the infamous Google Manifesto; and encourages his disciples to use other search engines. Yet, it is interesting that both Vox Populi and Alpha Game Plan are hosted on Blogger---which is owned by Google. 

      Some censorship. And if one does a Google Search for 'Vox Day', he's not exactly buried several pages deep. Really the only Red Pill site Google ever 'censored' was The Daily Stormer---and even that was for legal liability reasons and not for blog content. 

      Despite Vox' mockery, McMillan and Google have good reasons for ferreting out leakers and considering their lives in danger. As he indicated in the leaked e-mail, McMillan is well aware that he's dealing with fanatics who are capable of nearly anything. It's simply common sense that whoever is feeding Vox these leaks puts his loyalty to his cult-leader above even his own job security. And these people are also correct in that Vox has had a long track-record of cyberbullying both real and perceived enemies---and encouraging his disciples to go even further. 

      Recall that this is a guy who admires mass-murderers like Mullah Omar and Anders Breivik; and thus McMillan is prudent enough to understand that all it will take is one kook wanting to be a hero in Vox' eyes to flip out and put Google employees in imminent danger. 

       Also, consider that it is not simply a matter of employees at Google but users of Google products who could be put at risk as well. There is no indication that that has happened; but it certainly could happen unless Google management puts its foot down; and puts it down hard on the leakers. We're not talking here about a transparency issue such as with whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. The leakers inside Google are not exposing internal corruption or violations of law; they are targeting opponents of a cult within the organization so that they can be intimidated and harassed by the cultists. 

       As for Google and free speech; just consider that they put up with this kind of treachery out of Vox and others like him and still afford him a platform. It doesn't take much discernment here to see who the good guys and bad guys are in this little melodrama.  



  1. It's hard to take sides on this battle because both are hateful. On the one hand Vox Day openly endorses ethnic cleansing and handwaves it as "the forces of history." On the other hand, Google on the side of the devils and has its tentacles wrapped around most of the internet.

    I used to be a reader of his, but when he declared war on all non whites in America (from the safety of his Italian villa) and by proxy, me, I stopped being a fan of his.

    1. Thank you, yes---his true colors need to be exposed. A lot of people agree with what he says on the surface, but on a deeper level what he and other Red Pills really want is Right-Wing Political Correctness and convergence. Speaking of Italy, that happened there before when a certain politician in a black suit offered Fascism as the antidote to Communism.

      As for Google, yes they have issues. But I'd rather an American free-market solution than sabotage and strong-arm tactics.

  2. Vox Day's cyberbulling is really dangerous. One of these days someone is going to get killed, if they haven't already. When it happens Vox will probably sit there gloating, feeling all powerful, like only a sociopath could. The schmucks who follow him, the lemmings so starved for his attention, are easy prey. They want to impress him.

    1. The Google operative in the article seems to understand that. But you bring up an interesting speculation: it may have happened already. Remember that Google does a lot of high-level contracting with the US Government and may be privy to a few things that we're not aware of.

      The way that e-mail that Vox posted was worded made me highly suspicious that somebody 'outside' of Google tipped them off about certain things.