Sunday, July 31, 2016


     In its ongoing efforts to purge masculinity from its ranks, the Rainbow-Pride US Navy announced this week that it is naming a newly-commissioned destroyer in honor of homosexual politician Harvey Milk. But, like when Michelle Obama christened an all-girl submarine a few years ago, this likely won't cause any controversy either.

     Pentagon Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who's made it a point to name other naval vessels after social activists like Medger Evars and Caesar Chavez has even invented a new naval classification for destroyers named for labor leader John Lewis. Among other ships in this class, Earl Warren, Sojourner Truth, and Lucy Stone all will have ships named for them.

     On the one hand, one has to wonder at this point whether naval vessels named for homosexuals and other politically-correct figures aren't about what modern American servicemen actually deserve. We are talking here about sailors who cry and kneel in front of Iranian Coast Guardsman. Or Marines who crawl under their desks and dial 911 when faced with a lone gunman. Or Naval leaders who get caught in smuggling and bribery operations run by Singaporean gangsters. Those guys.

      The military has reached this point too without a peep of protest from the American public. Unfortunately, a nation's military does reflect its people. That our military is made up of gangbangers, girls wanting to be men, the Gay Mafia, pajama-boys, perverts, and drug addicts is because that is what American society now looks like.

       The subject is depressing to contemplate, however in September we will have an opportunity to see some real navies in action. The Chinese and Russia are going to conduct a joint naval exercise in the South China Sea in about six weeks. The revamped Russian Pacific Fleet---based at a state-of-the-art facility on Sakhalin Island---has already demonstrated some of its capabilities in demonstrations off the coasts of Alaska and Hawaii earlier this year. But Ameroboobs were too busy beating each other up at political rallies to notice.

      For its part, China has unveiled some of its new state-of-the-art destroyers. The Chinese Navy really excels in submarine technology. On several occasions, they have surfaced undetected within torpedo range of American ships. Once, when Obama was in Alaska, the Chinese Navy sent a task force undetected into the Bering Sea. Obama was in range of their missiles. But Ameroboobs shrug off things like these.

      What the United States has essentially become is what one writer called An Armed Madhouse. Unlike dangerous regimes of the past, where the populations were essentially decent but controlled by rogue governments, we have the world's best form of government controlled by a rogue populace. An unpleasant fact, but a fact nonetheless. Our system is not broken. Our system is functioning perfectly. It would be easy to point an accusing finger at Barack Obama or Ray Mabus, but they are products of a degenerate culture that put them in positions of power. Simply put, we cannot have a culture that depreciates gender roles, with dumbed-down, politically correct schools and a media worshipping force and fraud with a win-at-all-costs attitude and expect that will produce virile, red-blooded professional military men motivated by patriotism and other high ideals. Nor can we expect it in any other cultural institution.

       Can things really turn around here? Can we make America great again? The short answer is that, unless we collectively start rediscovering our national ideals again, we cannot.


Saturday, July 30, 2016


      Earlier this week, Allied forces surrounded the city of Aleppo, Syria---the last major stronghold of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates in the region. President Bashir Assad then made a proclamation of a kind that no Western politician would ever make. Assad apprised the Jihadists in Aleppo that they were cut off; resistance was futile---and offered an amnesty to those who would surrender.

        As of yesterday, hundreds of rebel soldiers have surrendered, including two entire towns in the Aleppo suburbs. Morale among the remaining Jihadists in Aleppo is reportedly extremely low, and Allied intelligence estimates many more will take advantage of Assad's offer.

       This is not the first time this has happened in Syria. In 2015, ISIS forces surrendered Homs---a city of 2 million people---without firing a shot after Assad offered similar terms to those holding Aleppo. It speaks well of the character of President Assad, whom the US Government-Media Complex never speaks of except in the blackest terms. He empathizes even with those who fought against and seeks reconciliation over revenge. The typical Jihadist soldier, at this point in the war, probably enlisted believing himself part of an epic struggle in a holy crusade---only to discover that his leaders were a band of criminals, cutthroats, and cowards. To men like these, an amnesty is not only a way out of a hopeless situation, but an opportunity to acknowledge their wrongs and reintegrate into a society. Repentance and restitution, as we say in Christian terms; which is also a tenet of mainstream Islam.

          In Postmodern America, however, we have become a nation of bullies whereby it is believed that utter destruction of an opponent with overwhelming force is the only desirable outcome. Following the terror attacks in Europe, there were American political and military pundits screaming (literally in some cases) for turning their cities to glass and carpet-bombing the whole region, and analogies were drawn between the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the fire bombing of Dresden. "Oh, if we only had a real leader" (presumably meaning Trump whom these commentators all support), "somebody not afraid to use these weapons!"

         It wasn't always this way in America, however. Amnesties have been offered before. Once upon a time, the US was noted for its magnanimity towards the defeated, and its desire for peaceful reconciliation. George Washington offered an amnesty to Tories after the War of Independence and after the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion. The Indian revolts in the War of 1812 were settled with amnesties. Lincoln used the amnesty often during the US Civil War, and we had the Marshall Plan and there were many other instances. Magnanimity is not a sign of weakness; it can only come from a position of strength.

          These same pundits, however, justified their bloodlust by claiming that, "there are no innocents in these cities!" These hypocrites should look at pictures in the Arab media today of the non-innocents leaving Aleppo to shelter in the Displaced Persons' camps. Young widows carrying babies with two or three barefoot children following them, for example.

          In related news today, the Allies reported that a Russian convoy carrying 39 tons of humanitarian aid reached Deir Ezzur, a city recently liberated from ISIS.  Allied military engineers also report that the Qamishili Air Base is undergoing repairs after last week's terror attack; and the Humanitarian Air Bridge could resume shipments as early as next week.

          And that shows the difference between our two cultures at this point in the 21st Century. One pops pills, flies into outrage, and demands blood, while the other defends and protects from a position of strength; and believes that converting an enemy is the highest form of victory.

                                                     Good Men Doing Good Things

                                                   Ameroboobs Expressing Their Outrage



    Blogger Bob Wallace has a great article today titled "The Manosphere and Blasphemy." There's not much we can add to his observations, since he essentially quoting the Game Cult's own statements.

     There are some who deny or dispute that Game is actually a religion or a cult, but the excerpt Wallace cites makes that claim fairly undeniable. According to the passage he quotes---which was wholly endorsed yesterday by the Game Leader known as the Voice of God---the Person of Christ contains within itself all of the Game Cult's masculine archetypes.

    It should be noted, of course, that there is no room for the feminine in any of this, because according to many Game theologians, women operate under a different spiritual system. In the Game paradigms, the Creation of Woman as a helpmeet as related in the Old Testament means not that the genders are designed to compliment or complete on another. It means instead that women were created for man's benefit in the same sense that dogs, horses, and sheep are. They also extrapolate the Doctrine of Original Sin into what they call The Sin of Eve. The latter belief they interpret to mean that women are inclined to rebel against God and men---hence it is necessary and justifiable for men to dominate and control them by whatever means necessary.

    Such tortuous interpretations of Scripture are common to the Gamers and to cults in general. It's a common tactic of cults to graft on to themselves various parts of established religions to give themselves an aura of legitimacy. Thus the Moonies claim to be Christians; they claim however that Christ's prophecy of the Holy Spirit refers instead to the Reverend Moon. Or the Wahhabis, who claim that the messianic prophecy of the Islamic Caliphate in the Koran refers to themselves, et cetera. Of course, these novel sects invariably also teach that the current established faiths are corrupt, and they have come into existence to purify them. The Game Cultists universally argue that modern churches are corrupted by Feminism. This is central to their teaching, and misogyny and sexual perversion is, in the main, the common bond between them. Proof of this can be seen by the fact that many Gamers are admitted Atheists who "respect" the Christian veneer of Game; while others speak highly of Wahhabi Islam and that cult's notorious brutality towards women.

     As one of Wallace's commenters noted, the Game Cult hijacked the American Men's Rights Movement and is now working feverishly to hijack American Christendom as well. They gain some superficial plausibility because Radical Feminism falsely teaches that Christianity endorses the subjugation of women---the Gamers simply flip that lie and claim that true Christianity believes exactly that and that anyone who believes otherwise is a Feminist. The reality is that traditional Christianity is the real antidote to Radical Feminism.

      In addition to the passage that Wallace cites, the Game blogs and websites are replete with similar sentiments: that Game is taught in the Bible; that the Apostles studied Game; that Churches which their philosophy are apostate, and so forth.

      Unfortunately, the Game Cult is gaining adherents, mostly in the United States where the contagion originated. Exposing it is the first step to defeating it.


    In the wake of recent mass-murders in Europe, Obama's LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon sheepishly was compelled to admit today that several small-arms, not unlike those recently employed in German attacks were missing from a US base in Germany.

   "Such cases are routinely dealt with internally," said a Pentagon spokesman.

   So this is happening routinely? Unfortunately so, but we can't expect the military-worshipping American public or the Corporate Media---most of whom are subsidiaries of Pentagon contractors---to say much about it. Last month, for example, it was revealed that massive amounts of weaponry was stolen from CENTCOM in Jordan and sold on the Black Market; and that US-backed moderate rebels in Syria were selling their surplus to Al-Qaeda and others.

   And of course there's the small matter of 90 atomic warheads at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey---which yesterday was surrounded by 5,000 angry anti-American protestors who hold Obama responsible for last week's failed coup attempt.

   What the US military is suffering from is the leveling effects of 30 years of Cultural Marxism. The Cultural Marxists have emasculated our military and undermined its pursuit of excellence. We saw the same phenomenon in the 1990s in our public schools. Schools became increasingly more violent and crime-ridden, while academic and performance have declined. The same thing today is happening in our military.

    There has always been a level of crime involved in the military, but today it is of a far different type. In the past, it involved mostly the relatively minor infractions young men might do when unsupervised: public drunkenness, visiting prostitutes, fighting, etc. Even those were dealt with sternly by base commanders who had the US Military's reputation to uphold. Today, military crimes are rife with robberies, sexual assaults, homicides. 

    On top of this, we are seeing dangerous levels of incompetence among the military leadership. Training accidents are becoming routine; air raids hitting the wrong targets; little or no security over arsenals; ships breaking down and getting captured in foreign waters, etc.

     Just how weak our military is was displayed before the whole world in Obama's bungling of the South China Sea controversy. Obama thought that he could intimidate China with military grandstanding and passive-aggressive provocations. Xi Jinping called his bluff and Obama was forced to slink away in shame.

    Rebuilding our military, like reforming our schools, will take years to accomplish, but there is currently neither the political or popular will to do either one. Trump has been the only candidate who's spoken of some military reform, but even seems to have no real understanding of the situation. When Reagan inherited the demoralized post-Vietnam military, he had mostly morale and logistical issues to overcome. Trump would literally have to rebuild from the ground up. (Hilary Clinton favors the status quo).

     The military problem, like most problems Americans face, is a social one. First, we have to come out of our collective state of denial and admit that the military needs to be fixed. We also have to come out of our collective state of denial and admit that the military is exclusively a profession for heterosexual men. We also have to stop pretending that dumbed-down, politically-corrected schools can produce professional military material; or that outsourcing military goods and services to shady Wall Street defense contractors is somehow part of the superiority of the free market.

     Doing things like these is what made our military once great; and they are what great militaries are still doing. But try and explain this to the Ameroboob, and you get knee-jerk Hollywood soundbites in response. Then, it's off to the Hookah Lounge or the Pride Parade and a weekend of outrage over so-and-so's insensitive remarks. Meanwhile, Russia will go on defeating terrorists and delivering humanitarian aid, and China will go on securing its shipping lanes, and we go on getting stoned and cursing the dead white males who fought for our---ummm---freedoms.


Friday, July 29, 2016


    July has been a remarkable month in that we have seen more than the usual number of negative examples of masculinity. Two political conventions, Obama's failed military posturing, violent street riots, screaming media pundits, and the Game Cultists; all of them loud but hardly specimens of masculine strength and confidence.

    Some of us wonder: what ever happened to the strong, silent types? We've chosen one for this weekend's viewing---next to Gunsmoke, the second-most popular Western of television's Golden Age: Have Gun Will Travel.

    Have Gun Will Travel ran an incredible six seasons on CBS from 1957-1963, and even had a corresponding radio show which ran on CBS Radio from 1958-1960. The series followed the exploits of a Western hero known only as Paladin, a name taken from the Knights of the Round Table whose character he very much mirrored. Now today the archetype of the White Knight who believes in Chivalry is held up to ridicule---especially by those in the Manosphere who can never attain to ideals of this kind.

     Paladin is a West Point graduate, a Civil War veteran who makes his residence in the Ritz-Carleton Hotel in 1870s San Francisco. There he mingles with Society; a connossieur of fine foods and wines and often accompanying a pretty girl to the opera. He reads classical literature (and the Bible!) until duty calls. Then he dons his black hat and six-gun and sallies forth in the cause of justice. Although Paladin is well-paid for his work, he will often work for free when the cause is a just one.

     Paladin represents a masculine type that has largely disappeared from our culture and completely disappeared from the media: a combination of strength, intelligence, refinement and moral character. With that many masculine qualities combined in one character, it is small wonder that effete postmodern audiences are not keen about Have Gun Will Travel

      The idea of a chivalrous knight-errant, too, is repugnant to Postmoderns. Our culture recognizes only one masculine virtue: strength and, by extension, power. Hence we see the Cultural Marxists disempowering men, while those in the Manosphere/Alt-Right elevate raw strength and power into a fetish. But that is not real strength, it is simply domination

     True masculine strength is not based on some nebulous deference to the so-called Feminine Imperative, as some in the Manosphere claim; nor is some equally ethereal Patriarchal Oppression, as the Cultural Marxists believe. It is rooted in humility, a concept from Christianity and Ancient Chivalry. The truly strong man has humility enough to understand that he is still less powerful than God. Because he answers to God for his actions, he defends God's creatures less powerful than himself. 

     Those who worship power for its own sake recognize no God higher than themselves; and consequently must resort to instilling fear in others with continual displays of their strength. It is said by many that we, in 21st Century America, have become a nation of bullies---and this is why we have become so. The truly strong man gains power by earning the respect of others; it is those who are only superficially strong who must resort to fear.

     Have Gun Will Travel is great viewing for its action, intelligent and morally-challenging plots. For those who would enjoy seeing too, what the masculine ideal really looks like, Paladin is a character-study about as close to it as one can get. It is available on DVD and episodes are widely available on Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

     As a side note, Richard Boone, who portrayed Paladin, was a producer and director in his own right, produced a dramatic variety series on NBC from 1963-1964 titled The Richard Boone Show which is also in the public domain and worth watching. Every episode opened with an immaculately-dressed Boone emerging from behind a theatre curtain amidst a crowd of tuxedoed men and elegant women, all celebrating. Boone would address the live audience: "Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us for tonight's presentation." He then waved his hand at those celebrants, "May I present the players in tonight's program."

       Ahhhhh...those old days of male power and privilege! Before the personal became political people could actually enjoy life without feeling guilty about it.



     An angry member of the Game Cult took some exception to our exposing the truth about them recently and left a warning that the Gamers were discussing us at one of their sites. What they are saying or discussing is really of no relevance to us. Fanatics are prone to behave in such ways.

      What makes a fanatic is really not difficult to understand. Fanatics are people whose souls---or egos if you will---are so void that they must link their entire sense of self-worth to a cause. Psychologically healthy individuals, too, feel a need for an adherence to a greater purpose---an ultimate meaning in life. In healthy people this is typically filled by a religious faith or by a philosophy.

      But religion and philosophy require study, exploration, and thought. This is not enough for the fanatic: who wants everything answered by a quick and easy formula; and to be part of a movement whose members are superior to all others. They invariably therefore see themselves at war with a world-at-large who fails to recognize their greatness. The fact that, for untold millennia, humans existed without their superior, secret knowledge is of no consequence to them.

       The Game Cult, the Radical Feminists, and the Gay Mafia are fanatics whose entire Ego Identities are dependent on their sexuality and sexual practices, in the same way that other fanatics might adhere to a religious cult or political gang. The Gamers add an pseudo-Christian element to their beliefs---a cultish trick designed to give an aura of Divide Authority to their absurd beliefs. As an example, one Game leader who calls himself The Voice of God, published an article today explaining how Christ contained within His Being all the elements of Gamer Masculine Archetypes. How all this came to be unnoticed by 20 centuries of popes, saints, theologians, and mystics is not explained. 

       The most dangerous thing about the Game Cult is that is calculated to capitalize upon victims of our current social dysfunction. The Cultural Marxists have created a social milieu in 21st Century America where masculinity is not valued, men are marginalized and openly discriminated against. When the sickly specimens of masculinity like those displayed at both recent political conventions are held up as male role models; it is small wonder that the extremism of the Game Cult appeals to lost and socially alienated men.

       But joining a cult and pretending to be an 'Alpha' solves nothing. All that the Game Cult actually contributes to society is to take the worst Cultural Marxist stereotypes of masculinity and convert them into virtues. What American men need to do to reclaim their rights and natural positions in society is to press for social reforms. The reasons why this not happening is not because they are Betas or Omegas or whatever. It's because American men have largely abdicated their responsibilities as fathers, guardians, and community leaders in exchange for Cultural Marxist promises: access to cheap and easy sex; unfair economic advantages; and no responsibility for the young---all things the Game Cultists fully endorse and encourage.

         The Gamers do not represent Masculinity any more than the Male Feminists do; they are really two sides of the same coin. Recognizing them for what they are is the first step to reclaiming American manhood.



Thursday, July 28, 2016


     During his tour through Poland today, Pope Francis spoke out against recent Jihadist attacks in Europe---including one which claimed the life of an elderly French priest. He said that

     "The word that is being repeated is 'insecurity', but the real word is 'war'. Let us recognize it. The world is in a state of war, in fragments. Now there is this one war, it is not organic, but it is organized and it is war. We should not be afraid to speak this truth. The world is at war because it has lost peace."

      Which statement instantly drew down the wrath of the American Left; for daring to expose the fact that their own policies are directed at ethnically cleansing those who hold traditional values. His Holiness then added:

     "This is not a war of religion. There is a war of interests. There is a war for money. There is a war for natural resources. There is a war for domination of peoples. This is the war. All religions want peace. Others want war. Do you understand this?"

       Which statement immediately drew down the fury of the American Right; for daring to expose their hypocritical motives in conducting the War on Terror.

       What is fueling the terror attacks in Europe and North America is not because there is an intrinsic flaw in Islam, per se, it is that Western governments have flooded armaments and support for sectarian violence in the Middle East. Since 2011, Western governments have flooded Wahhabi regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and others who have armed brutal proxy wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iraq. The Wahhabis are ethnically cleansing and enslaving Sunni and Shiite Moslems along with Christians, Jews, and other sects in these regions. It is no surprise then, that these proxies end up returning to the US and EU; armed, trained, and radicalized to carry on the Jihad in the very countries that sponsored them in the first place.  

      The weapons traffic into these regions is an estimated well into the billions of dollars as well as other organized crime activities. It is well documented that the Wahhabis are engaging in massive narcotics operations. Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda have been caught manufacturing methamphetamines in both Syria and Iraq and transporting them into Wahhabi countries for export to the West. The Taliban---another Wahhabi gang---is increasing opiate production in US-controlled Afghanistan and shipping their produce to the West. And then there is the issue of the thousands of women and children kidnapped and sold into slavery by the Wahhabi terrorists. Where does anyone suppose they go? Follow the money. Slaves are not cheap; so they obviously aren't going to countries where is an abundance of cheap labor or where sex is easily available. Consider the governments and corporations who do business with the Wahhabi Regimes, and the reader can draw his own conclusions about where these slaves are going. 

     Pope Francis is right: religion is the excuse, not the reason, behind global terrorism. The Jihad is a product of Organized Crime using religious fanatics as proxies and pawns and hiding behind political policy as a cover. The Pope understands this and so a few governments like Russia's. Until we in the West come out of our state of collective denial and start seeing our own 'leadership' for what it really is, incidents like the ones in France will continue---to the power and profit of the very gangs pretending to fight it. 




Wednesday, July 27, 2016


    Julian Assange, the intrepid champion of transparency and the scourge of corrupt political gangs, released another batch of internal Democratic Party communications today. Assange told CNN that more were on the way, infuriating Democratic Party apparatchiks.

    Recall that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Leon Panetta and a few other Democrat leaders now expressing outrage over these leaks were the same ones who authorized the NSA to commit blanket domestic espionage on innocent citizens---completely illegal of course---and recently argued before the Supreme Court the supposed 'right' of the FBI to hack private databases with no legal warrant.

    Assange, it should be noted, is turning what we expected to be a fairly contrived and lackluster convention into a really newsworthy event.

    The question which ought to be raised---but is prudently ignored by the US Government- Media Complex is: Just how good is American cybersecurity?

     Besides the DNC, the last year has seen database breaches in the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, IRS, some government contractors holding sensitive information, and two massive and extremely serious ones in the federal Office of Personnel Management. China is believed to been behind one of the latter---a retaliatory move against Obama for his antics in the South China Sea---but still, the fact that China obtained personnel records of every federal employee is quite serious.

      To underscore our vulnerability in cyberspace, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced today expanded funding for China's Cyber Warfare Force. China actually has a separate military branch, along with their army, navy, and air force, dedicated to Cyber Warfare. Xi believes that in future conflicts, control of enemy cyberspace will prove as important as conventional military objectives---and obviously he is correct about this.

     How effective Cyber Warfare can be is being demonstrated in Yemen. A group of Yemeni patriots calling themselves the Yemen Cyber Army have been wreaking havoc on the Saudi invaders. At one point, they shut down the Saudi government websites---they also hacked and collected sensitive internal e-mails of the Saudi Royal Family. Many of these have been published, exposing to the Arab world the crimes and perversions of the House of Saud. It has also been said that leaked information has foiled several Saudi military campaigns.

      What both Julian Assange and the Yemen Cyber Army are proving is that corrupt political elites like the Clinton Machine and the Saudi Royal Family are no longer  untouchable. Cyberspace has given us a degree of power to challenge the power elite, just as it is breaking Academia's and Corporate Media's monopoly on information.

     The best Cybersecurity a nation can engage in then, is the one that is most transparent. The capabilities of Cyber Warfare is also a great incentive for world peace.




     The recent wave of Jihadist mass-murders has everyone here in the Prozac Nation agitated in its usual state of perpetual outrage, with one faction demanding that we ignore the threat and concentrate on burning cities and shooting down policemen; and the other faction demanding that we ethnically cleanse the Middle East with overwhelming military attacks. In spite of the fact that 15 years of the War on Terror has accomplished absolutely nothing--- while Sino-Russia intervention has nearly wiped out ISIS in less than a year---Ameroboobs still imagine that somehow the effete US and its NATO satraps are still relevant in the fight against Jihad.

     Yesterday, for example, US pundits and radio shock-jocks are screaming for even deploying atomic bombs on the two remaining ISIS strongholds, Raqqa and Mosul, stupidly drawing analogies between those cities and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "There are no innocents in Raqqa and Mosul!" blared Michael Savage, among others. This in spite of the fact that the Allies have Raqqa surrounded, while the non-innocents in Mosul are rioting against ISIS occupiers even as we write. At least five ISIS officers---including Abu Shishani, the top commander of the ISIS military---have been killed recently by Iraqi civilian snipers in Mosul. 

      ISIS feels the same way about civilians as the Ameroboob Neoconservatives. This morning, ISIS carried out a terror attack in Qamashili, Syria---31 dead as of last count. Though not reported by the US Corporate Media, Qamishili is the hub of the Humanitarian Air Bridge---a joint UN/Russian operation which is delivering humanitarian aid from the UN World Food Program to inaccessible areas in Syria. Qamishili so far has received 17 flights and a whopping 645 tons of supplies. ISIS, along with Obama's moderate rebels, have made relief areas an especial target recently.

        Of course, leveling Raqqa and Mosul will do absolutely nothing to stop the scores of thousands of Jihadist terrorists whom Western countries have voluntarily imported into their own lands; but it would make the Ameroboobs feel better about themselves.

       One of the main reasons why the US Government-Media Complex is spewing contradictory messages about so-called Islamophobia one moment and draconian messages the next is because the narrative is being dictated by the same interests who are supporting the Jihad. Wahhabi Islamists---who fund the Jihadist movement---are also heavily invested in media outlets like News Corp and governmental policy advisors like the Council on American-Islamic Relations. It's noteworthy that none of these calls for obliterating places in the Middle East are ever directed at Wahhabi-run countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, or Qatar---and always against Moslem countries whose governments the Wahhabis oppose. Likewise with so-called 'Islamophobia'. We are always lectured by the Left to be tolerant of Wahhabis, but never tolerant of Wahhabi enemies like the Shiites who run Iran.

         US defense contractors like Haliburton, Academi (aka Blackwater) and others are headquartered in the UAE, which---like Saudi Arabia---has huge stockholdings in the US media. There are US military bases scattered throughout the Wahhabi Shiekdoms---all of which are absolutist monarchies, and not one democracy.

         The Corporate Media has naturally painted Iran as part of the Axis of Evil in the Middle East, although Iran's contribution to fighting the Jihad has been invaluable to the Allied war effort. Iran is a Shiite Moslem country---hated by the Wahhabis because Shia Islam promotes representative government (though heavily moderated by Islamic religious leaders). Iran is depicted as a state sponsor of terrorism in spite of the fact that they are actively fighting Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq and are supporting freedom fighters against Wahhabi aggression in Yemen and Bahrain.

        Pundits here thunder that countries like Iran have never denounced Jihad, when they in fact regularly do.

        So, what we can conclude from this is that the US Government and Wall Street really have no actual interest in fighting international terrorism---except to use it as a pretext to amass power and profit. And there are other interests involved: the Wahhabis are known to be deeply involved in international weapons, narcotics, and slave trafficking.

        And just as typically, while Americans fight over how to address the Jihadi terror threat, American interest groups will keep the fight going---and laughing all the way to the bank.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


     It had not be our intention to publish a sequel to the last article, but apparently, the Game Cultists are at it again; demonstrating their Manly Alpha Leadership and Christian Headship by attacking women. Insanity Bytes has written another eloquent defense of this latest attempt to discredit blogger Mary Kassian.

     This is what Mary Kassian wrote that has the Game Cultists angry:

     "Brent and I have been married for 13 years. In that time, he has always honored, blessed, and encouraged me. He has never, ever said or done anything that would give me the impression that I am lesser than he. He trusts me completely and gives up much on my account. When he fails, he is quick to seek forgiveness. I am left with the impression that he regards my desires more important than his own, and I feel cherished. Therefore the question of male-female equality has never been an issue in my mind. I am secure and confident in who God made me as a woman. Brent upholds and guards my 'equality' so I do not feel the need to do so."

     This appears to be a description of happy marriage; and we would assume most normal women would desire such an arrangement. But the Game Cultists are outraged and believe this a most unchristian arrangement.

      Like most cult leaders, the happily married father in a post-feminist world, believes in forced obedience and applies this to marriage. The Game doctrines, though posing as sexually liberating, is predicated on controlling sexuality and gender supremacy. Where have we heard such doctrines espoused before?

       "Every woman's son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman."

       So said Radical Feminist Andrea Dworkin. And so say the Game Cultists, albeit with the genders reversed, when they speak constantly of the need to control women because of their alleged rebelliousness. Because, at bottom, all the Game Cultists believe that every father's daughter is his potential betrayer and also the inevitable adulteress or exploiter of another man.

      The Game Cultists pretend that they oppose Radical Feminism and shower dishonest sneers on pastors who say, "if men are good enough wives can't even be tempted to rebel."

      Christianity is premised on Love, and love must be reciprocated voluntarily and free from coercion. Radical Feminism and Game are not Christian because both deny love and depend on coercion. Despite their superficial differences, they actually teach the same thing; and both work together in mutually undermining traditional marriage.



   Blogger Insanity Bytes has an interesting article, which can be read here.  The article critiques one of the Game Cultists, who's taken issue with an article written by Mary Kassian on the subject of women tolerating domestic abuse.

     To set up the premise of this controversy, Miss Kassian received an inquiry from a reader who evidently was married to a domineering bully, but was confused as to whether she, as a Christian woman should assert her rights. Miss Kassian writes in response:

    "I believe that the Bible teaches that a husband's position as head of the home does not give him a right to rule, but rather the responsibility to provide loving oversight. A husband is not imparted with privilege, he is entrusted with obligation---the obligation to love, cherish, and shepherd in emulation of Christ."

   Which statement echoes what the New Testament and subsequent Church authorities have written. And she states the crux of the matter succinctly: "The questions pertain to whether a husband has a right to force his wife to do something against her will... It is not the husband's right to force or coerce his wife to submit. Submission is voluntary on a wife's part and her choice entirely."

    One of the Manosphere Game Gurus---whose readership attracts thousands of men---wrote a rather rage-filled and disingenuous rebuttal to Miss Kassian. It would be unnecessary to go through it point-by-point, since it is filled with typically cultish non sequiturs and Game-Theory neologisms. He states emphatically, for example that "the post follows the Duluth Model framing headship as abuse" although she never mentions the Duluth Model.

      The original question posed to Miss Kassian was whether a husband had a right to do things like taking away a wife's phone, her keys, preventing her from leaving the home, forcing her to accompany him outside, locking the wife out of the house, concealing financial documents, and taking her personal property without her consent."

      One can only conclude from this is that the Gamers' ideal of a Christian husband is to treat wives in this kind of fashion. He gives his intentions away by writing the following:

      "Kassian is inviting wives to teach their own husbands on the proper way to exercise headship." he thunders, "No matter how you look at Kassian's article, she has no business writing such a thing, even under the most libertine complimentarian interpretations of Scripture. Only an egalitarian would argue that is appropriate for Kassian to teach what she is teaching."

       What he therefore derisively sneers at as libertine, complimentary, and egalitarian, is the notion that women are somehow equal in the Eyes of God and that the Christian ideal of gender polarity does not put positive reciprocal obligations on either party.

        Why is something as brutish as the Game Cult so popular? It is because it appeals to three of the worst elements in Postmodernist culture: narcissism, the belief that ends justify the means, and the evasion of personal responsibility.

         Game is narcissistic in that it teaches the superiority of certain initiated Alpha Males who ostensibly bend others to serve their will. It teaches then that force and fraud are justifiable means of achieving one's ends, and that Might makes Right. Then it covers its crimes with pseudo-religious authority so that responsibility for their actions fall upon God rather than upon themselves.

         Needless to say, we will not solve Domestic Violence by condoning it. Domestic Violence happens because we are taught that the gender differences are part of a class-war and that interpersonal relationships are premised on power. This is also how the Game Cult so easily can masquerade as a religion; its practitioners operate under the assumption that they are warriors in a holy crusade fighting a cultural war.  In this respect, they are no different from the Feminists whom they condemn.







Monday, July 25, 2016


    The Democratic Party Convention opened today in Philadelphia; and somehow everybody seems shocked that the Clinton Campaign was engaged in corruption. One of Hilary Clinton's radical feminist cohorts, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned as Party Chairwoman yesterday.

      The resignation came after a series of scandals. First, the apparent shake-down of a sitting US Attorney General by ex-President Clinton, resulting in Mrs. Clinton escaping indictment for war crimes in Libya. Then there was the mysterious death of Seth Rich. Rich handled a voter database which some Sanders supporters claimed had been tampered with. He was shot and killed under mysterious circumstances on July 11th.

      The final straw came when courageous whistleblower Julian Assange released to Wiki Leaks evidence of Clinton's and Schultz' collusion on skewing the nomination in Hilary's favor. The American Political Left reacted as it typically does when caught engaging in underhanded schemes: blame the person who exposed them.

      To these ends, the Corporate Media has concocted one of their most ludicrous hoaxes ever. They are claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the leaked e-mails---supposedly to help Donald Trump. Why President Putin should care whether or not Trump is elected is never explained. Putin has to work with whoever wins, so it makes no sense for him to antagonize a potential president by endorsing their opponent.

      In fact, during the campaign the Russian media seemed to favor Sanders. If that reflects official Russian opinion, it would have made more sense to sabotage Clinton before she got the nomination; assuming that the Putin Administration had either the ability or desire to do so.

      The US Government-Media Complex is engaging in a familiar tactic. Their policy has been to demonize Putin and blacken his character at every opportunity. The reason for this is obvious. Not only does it distract public attention from the Clinton Machine's crimes; it's also in the interests of American Elites to keep the American public from drawing comparisons between our own morally and intellectually bankrupt leadership and the sound and strong leadership in Russia.

      This is especially true of the Democratic Party leadership. Effete Neoliberal men like Obama and Lesbo-Feminists like Hilary Clinton envy and resent Putin (and the Russian leadership generally) because Putin stands tall for every value that the American Left hates. And worse for them still, Putin's masculine leadership and commitment to country and faith has won international admiration while their commitment to Political Correctness has won only international contempt. As proof of this, witness the fact that Crimea and Ossetia have become Russian states within the last two years, while Chechnya, Trans-Dniester, Belarus, and Donbas want to join as well. In contrast, under the fumbling Postmodernist US leadership, no province has become a state since 1959 and there are active secessionist movements in several US states.

       Putin has inspired a generation of dispirited Russian men to become responsible citizens and heads of families again. He has helped revitalize faith again; and today Russia is leading humanitarian relief efforts in Syria, Iraq, and Donbas. Russia's military successes in the Middle East show his leadership in stamping out the Jihadist scourge. Russia is also forming new trade alliances with China in the interests of world peace.

        Hilary Clinton, by contrast, is neurotically obsessed with destroying masculinity. In the 1990s, she introduced the whole 'Gender War' concept into the American mainstream. We now see the ruthless tactics she employed to undermine Senator Sanders, and who can forget her almost demonic gloating after Libyan President Qaddafi was murdered in cold blood---on her orders by American mercenaries---or her vicious actions in Serbia, Ukraine, Egypt and Yemen. The only men with whom she associates are those incapable of earning  respect: her husband Bill, Obama, Tim Kaine, Vince Foster, etc.

        So pay no attention to these canards that Russia is somehow sabotaging American democracy. The Democratic and Republican Parties---along with the US Media, Judiciary, Academia, and Wall Street are sabotaging democracy just fine without any outside help.


     The US Corporate Media is trying desperately to deflect American attention from recent events in Turkey and, as usual, are more or less succeeding. For those Americans who've  been spending the last week in the Hookah Lounge: there was an attempted military coup in Turkey. The psychopathic Turkish president, Tyyip Erdogan---a member of the Moslem Brotherhood and well-known friend of ISIS and Al-Qaeda---has assumed near-dictatorial powers in a crackdown following the coup.

      Now, and unfortunately probably not without good reason, Erdogan suspects that the Obama Administration may have had a hand in the plot. Turkey is a member of NATO and has been a willing partner (until recently) in all of Obama's intrigues in the Middle East and North Africa. But relations soured last month when the treacherous Obama began supporting anti-Erdogan Kurdish forces who are operating in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

       Erdogan is not only angry with Obama's duplicity, but also with the fact that the US has given asylum to a radical cleric whom Erdogan blames for having instigated the coup. To make matters worse, there is mounting evidence that the CIA knew about the coup attempt and failed to warn the Turkish government. Today, Erdogan's party news outlet accused US general John Campbell of being involved in the coup. During the last week, Turkish authorities arrested their military leaders at the jointly-run Air Force base at Incirlik.

        Why is any of this important? Well, while the Pentagon was busy eradicating the Culture of Masculinity from the military; integrating homosexuals, transgenders, and pushing women into combat roles, nobody bothered to remember that the Incirlik Air Force Base has 90 medium-range ballistic missiles equipped with atomic warheads deployed there.

        Atomic weapon deployment in Turkey is not new, President Kennedy installed the first ones there in 1962 to counter the Soviet Union. But, the USSR fell in 1991. Clinton and Bush left them there---allegedly to counter Iran---but in 2011 things changed radically in the region. Understand that Turkey borders Syria and Iraq. Up until recently, Al-Qaeda controlled a part of Syria 100 miles away from these missiles and ISIS was operating not  much further away. These terrorist groups, along with the anti-Erdogan Kurds, cross into Turkish territory fairly regularly.

       And it never occurred to anybody in our LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon that keeping 90 advanced atomic missiles within roughly the same distance from Al-Qaeda and ISIS armies as it is from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara posed any kind of national security threat. Nor did anybody bother to consider that Turkey has sustained 26 terrorist attacks since 2010. Nor did anybody imagine that the potential for a military coup was present in Turkey; nor that Erdogan's obvious mental instability and close ties to Radical Islamist groups might have been a potential problem.

     For the last few years, the Beltway and Wall Street have been beating the tocsins over North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons programs---which are about as advanced as our program was in 1943. And now, their own incompetence may well have put 90 modern nuclear warheads into the hands of a paranoid Moslem Brotherhood madman who's publically stated his desire to restore the Ottoman Empire. And so far, hardly a peep out of the Corporate Media.

      Knee-jerk pro-Pentagon Ameroboobs who blindly salute our brave men and women in uniform imagine that anyone who puts on a military costume automatically becomes a national hero. Unfortunately, when it comes to National Defense, quality does matter. Otherwise, things like this happen: we get Marines crying and bowing to foreign armies and atom-bombs left lying around for Jihadists to expropriate.

       Not that this will actually matter to most Americans; after all, none of these rockets have the range to hit the US mainland, so why worry? There's the Hilary-Bernie Show in Philadelphia and LeBron James' new comedy series debuting Monday. We in the Prozac Nation have our priorities.


Sunday, July 24, 2016


     In what is becoming a routine occasion in our diversity-celebrating military, another top Pentagon official is in jail this week. Karnig Ohannessian, a Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy and who heads a department related to military base construction, is charged with three counts of brandishing a firearm. He faces a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

    According to the report, Ohannessian charged from his home in his underwear and began aiming a pistol at three men who were leaving a party at a neighbor's house. The Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy was videotaped pointing a pistol at the men's heads, shouting profanity and screaming things like:

     "I could shoot the f--- out of you right now!"

     "Get in the car and get out of here before I blow you away!"

      "Public drunkenness is an f-----g crime!"

     The incident happened on June 11th, but was hushed up by authorities until the video was leaked to the press, forcing Fairfax County officials to reopen the case. Ohannessian, a civilian environmental contractor and graduate of UC Berkeley, came to the Pentagon in 2003 as part of Bush Junior's policy of outsourcing military duties to the private sector. He was promoted to his current post in January 2016 by President Obama.

     The Pentagon has been suffering a wave of criminal activities recently. In May, Pentagon press spokesman Bryan Whitman was jailed for going berserk in a parking dispute and vandalizing a woman's car. Whitman, a former Army officer with a high-level security clearance, plea-bargained to a misdemeanor. In June, Admiral Robert Gilbeau was disgraced after admitting to accepting bribes from a corrupt defense contractor and Singaporean mob boss "Fat Leonard" Francis. The same day that Ohannessian was arraigned in fact, a Shaw Air Force Base Wing Commander was indicted for possession of child pornography and obstruction of justice.

       This is the quality of leadership to which we in the Prozac Nation entrust the defense of our lives and property.

        The US military has been in a state of severe decline since the early 1990s. The Reagan Administration reformed the post-Vietnam Era military into a professional, highly-trained, and high-tech force of fighting men. The Clinton Administration---comprised of people who by their own admission loathed the military culture---introduced their Cultural Marxism into the ranks. Things declined further under Bush Junior---who corrected none of Clinton's policies, but instead began outsourcing military prerogatives to often shady civilian contractors. The Obama Administration has accelerated both negative policies.

       By and large the American public will tolerate no criticism of our brave men and women in uniform (an oft-repeated corporate-media soundbite). Yet, the evidence is mounting that, in spite of some impressive technological achievements, the quality of American military personnel and leadership is dangerously substandard. In the South China Sea fiasco, we see that our military strategy is actually based on bluffing capable opponents; in Libya and elsewhere we see the strategy as employing excessive force on weaker opponent. These are the tactics of thugs who are keenly aware of their own weakness, and not of professional soldiers who back up their words with deeds when peaceful options are exhausted.

      Professional soldiers do not go berserk and point guns at rowdy neighbors; they do not fall on their knees and publically apologize to foreign powers; they do not use bases to harbor fugitives like they do in Okinawa---in short, they do not behave as the US military currently does.

      But unfortunately, there is no explaining any of this the American public. National defense---like public education and self-government---is somebody else's job. Whatever doesn't make the average Ameroboob feel outraged or uncomfortable doesn't register as a serious problem in the public mind.


Saturday, July 23, 2016


      The Rainbow-Pride US Department of Agriculture announced this month a series of new loan programs, ostensibly to aid America's collapsing numbers of small, independently owned farms. Under the program, there are now funds available for targeted underserved groups to begin or expand agricultural operations.

     The USDA defines such targeted groups as "women, African-Americans, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Hispanics, Asians, and Pacific Islanders." In other words, anybody other than a White Male qualifies. In fact, as we've seen in recent controversies over water and grazing rights, and USDA raids on Amish farms, white male agriculturalists are subject to imprisonment or being shot down in cold blood for the slightest infractions of USDA policies.

     Some Americans have wondered why the Agribusiness Cartels, and Wall Street in general, is so overwhelmingly supportive of political correctness and the Rainbow agenda. This is an example of why. It's a simple matter to appoint a politically-acceptable token minority as CEO, run things behind the scenes, and cash in on government handouts and favors. The Smart Boys know that the suckers who believe in fair play are the ones who get left out in the cold.

      It is also unsurprising that Marijuana has become the fastest-growing cash crop in the United States---in many US States the leading cash crop---an estimated $40 billion a year industry. Compare that to corn ($24 billion), soybeans ($18 billion), wheat ($8 billion), rice ($1.7 billion), tobacco ($1.5 billion), sugar ($1 billion) and we see clearly where American agricultural priorities are.

      The United States was once mostly self-sufficient in food production, but today is relying increasingly on imported agricultural products, the costs of which are driving record numbers of Americans onto public assistance. Aside from governmental interference and lack of an agricultural policy, the US is handicapped by Agribusiness interests, increasing water pollution, droughts and flooding which are officially ignored, and collapsing infrastructure.

      In contrast to this, Russia has been experiencing record harvests, and recently signed a export deal with China to construct the largest commodities export facilities in the world. The project, which will be built on the Russian-Chinese border for $1.1 billion (roughly the cost of a Stealth bomber) will cut transport costs significantly between the two countries.

     Russia's agricultural expansion came about after the fall of the USSR. Corporate/ Collective farms were broken up and given to families, something like the US once did with Homestead Acts. China has been experimenting with the Russian model and is seeing good results as well.

      Countries which aren't governed by drug addicts and financial freebooters understand that an agricultural infrastructure is the most vital component of national existence. In Europe, for example, where agricultural space is at a premium, commercial greenhouses are applying science effectively to cut down on the expense of imports. The European governments also protect such family farms as still exist.

      Israel has shown an impressive agricultural revolution as well. A desert country surrounded by hostile powers, Israel was a pioneer in desalination technology---reclaiming sea water for agricultural purposes. The result is that Israeli dependence on imported foodstuffs has dropped dramatically, and even made Israel one of the leader exporter of sea salt. Unlike the US, Israel produces 95% of its own food requirements.

     Trendlines Agtech-Mofet, an Israeli agricultural research firm, advertises that Israel has become the world leader in agricultural innovation and technology exports. The company holds annual expositions, attracting experts from around the globe. Trendlines CEO Nitza Kardish noted recently that "the world population is rising and natural resources are becoming scarce, conventional agriculture will not provide for the estimated 9 billion people expected in the next decades. Israel has the know-how and high-tech to improve living conditions."

    Israel's success in its dairy industry---which was believed impossible given Israeli's climate---was so remarkable that they are now exporting their technology. On a per capita basis, Israeli dairies outperform American ones by over 10%. In 2015, Afamilk, a company specializing in advanced dairy technologies, contracted with China to construct the $500 million Tian-Ning Dairy Complex.

    And is also noteworthy that these new technologies are designed to minimize environmental impacts. Russia recently banned GMOs; Israeli technology is universally premised on working with, not against nature. Under some aggressive initiatives by Xi Jinping, China is resolving much its environmental problems.

     When we examine most of the civilized world, we observe that most foreign agribusiness is providing high-quality, low-cost foods to its populations while record numbers of Americans are suffering chronic obesity and diabetes, as well as double-digit percentages on food-welfare programs. The cost of foods in America is very high. But most Americans are in seeming denial that these problems even exist. Neither presidential candidate is addressing any of the problems facing our agricultural infrastructure except to propose restrictions on agricultural imports with no corresponding incentives for domestic production.





Friday, July 22, 2016


   The month of July has thus far brought to global attention---and even somewhat aroused the somnambulant domestic population---to how deeply divided the American people are. Now there have been times in our history of division; we even fought two civil wars. The first was over whether to remain a colony of Britain or to establish a Republic. The second was fought over whether our government would be a national union or a confederation of sovereign states. And there have been other less dramatic, but equally divided times as well; focusing on Indian Rights, the Abolitionist Movement, various tax revolts, labor unrest, the Civil Rights Movement, opposition to wars, economic policies, and many other issues.

    The difference between those earlier conflicts and today that America has become a narcissistic culture---more of a battle between individuals clubbed together in small groups trying to dominate others. In the past---even during the 1860s when Americans were literally drawn up into two opposing armies---there was a belief on both sides that the fight was for something greater than the individuals involved. To illustrate this point, we will recommend for this weekend's viewing an innovative and penetrating television series set in the US Civil War: The Gray Ghost.

      The Gray Ghost aired on CBS from 1957 to 1958. It was a fairly historically accurate drama series about the exploits of Confederate commando leader, Major John Mosby. The series was controversial even in the late 1950s for casting a Confederate officer in a heroic role. However, this was evidently a deliberate and pointed choice by the producers. They chose Mosby, a heroic figure in a lost cause, precisely to illustrate that honorable men serve a Higher Purpose regardless of personal consequences.

      That theme of honor is brought out in several episodes. In the episode airing during Christmas 1957, Mosby arranges a temporary truce so that Union soldiers will spare the home of a family whose mother is about to give birth. "God is non-partisan." he reminds the Union officer. No doubt to the horror of modern Cultural Marxists, twice Mosby actually leads soldiers in prayer during this episode!

      The idea of a masculine Code of Honor has nearly disappeared from effete postmodern culture. Both the Cultural Marxists and the Manospherian Game Cultists---both of whom engage in many dishonorable deeds---look upon Codes of Honor as something of a quaint relic of the patriarchal past. Actually, though, it is an integral component of genuine masculinity. As many bloggers who write on relationship issues point out, the greatest fear a man has is of insignificance. A Code of Honor establishes significance through a system of mutual respect by which a man builds a personal reputation for honorable behavior.

      In our postmodernist era we see a cultural phenomenon whereby the basest and repulsive male specimens are elevated to fame and fortune; while good and noble men seem to live in an atmosphere of hopelessness and despair. This phenomenon is a direct result of an absence of a masculine Code of Honor. Manosphere Gamers will say that the honorable man is really weak; a sucker and a chump, while the strong Alpha Male simply takes what he wants, disregarding reputation and honor. The reality is actually the reverse of that position. What the Manospherians fail to see---mostly because of their narcissism and idolatrous fascination with material success---is that reputation and honor were the factors that formerly united men in mutual respect. When this respect is broken, only those men who live by cunning and force---the weaklings in a truly masculine system---can rise unchecked to power and profit. Unity is based on love and trust. Without these things, it is obvious that good men cannot unite against evil.

      As proof of this, witness the ease in which contemporary American leaders have emasculated nearly all of our institutions. Why don't good men resist? Because they can't depend on other men to resist as a point of honor or reputation. The very thing that the Gamers complain about most---that men won't unite against effete social trends---is a problem that they themselves are fueling with their hyper-individualism.

      The Gray Ghost is also noteworthy in that it never addresses some of the obvious political failings of the Confederacy; such as its support for slavery or its hideous treatment of Union prisoners-of-war. Critics from the Left have pounced on this point, but it is our opinion is that this too was a deliberate move by the producers to illustrate a moral principle. To men of Mosby's character the personal is not political. Mosby is clearly operating on the premise that his duty is to a Higher Power and does not tie his sense of self-worth to the policies of the Confederate Government. It is noteworthy that the villains in this series are mostly those seeking to take advantage of and profit off of the Civil War. It shows a sense of respect for men of both sides: in one episode an arrogant Union general forces Mosby to beg for much needed medical supplies. Mosby ends up rescuing the son of one of the general's superiors and heaps coals of fire on his enemy's head by putting him in a position to beg for the boy but not enforcing it.

     It's also very evident that the writers of this series were strongly influenced by Christian values, which stand out in several scenes. Mosby often puts himself at personal risk to help others in need throughout the series---once even breaking into a Union prison to rescue a female spy.

    The Gray Ghost is genuinely good programming for those who enjoy drama of this genre. It's almost worth watching for its sheer political incorrectness alone; there is absolutely nothing in this series that a postmodern 'Progressive' would enjoy seeing. To make it even more aggravating to the Cultural Marxists, The Gray Ghost was billed in 1957 as family-viewing; meaning suitable for children. Nonetheless, there was considerable action, and some very well-written stories involving often sophisticated moral and philosophical issues. It's a series that really stands out over any of the sanitized, politically correct dramas of today.

       The Gray Ghost is in the public domain and available on DVD. As of this writing, about 1/4 of the episodes are published free on Youtube.