Saturday, July 30, 2016


    In the wake of recent mass-murders in Europe, Obama's LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon sheepishly was compelled to admit today that several small-arms, not unlike those recently employed in German attacks were missing from a US base in Germany.

   "Such cases are routinely dealt with internally," said a Pentagon spokesman.

   So this is happening routinely? Unfortunately so, but we can't expect the military-worshipping American public or the Corporate Media---most of whom are subsidiaries of Pentagon contractors---to say much about it. Last month, for example, it was revealed that massive amounts of weaponry was stolen from CENTCOM in Jordan and sold on the Black Market; and that US-backed moderate rebels in Syria were selling their surplus to Al-Qaeda and others.

   And of course there's the small matter of 90 atomic warheads at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey---which yesterday was surrounded by 5,000 angry anti-American protestors who hold Obama responsible for last week's failed coup attempt.

   What the US military is suffering from is the leveling effects of 30 years of Cultural Marxism. The Cultural Marxists have emasculated our military and undermined its pursuit of excellence. We saw the same phenomenon in the 1990s in our public schools. Schools became increasingly more violent and crime-ridden, while academic and performance have declined. The same thing today is happening in our military.

    There has always been a level of crime involved in the military, but today it is of a far different type. In the past, it involved mostly the relatively minor infractions young men might do when unsupervised: public drunkenness, visiting prostitutes, fighting, etc. Even those were dealt with sternly by base commanders who had the US Military's reputation to uphold. Today, military crimes are rife with robberies, sexual assaults, homicides. 

    On top of this, we are seeing dangerous levels of incompetence among the military leadership. Training accidents are becoming routine; air raids hitting the wrong targets; little or no security over arsenals; ships breaking down and getting captured in foreign waters, etc.

     Just how weak our military is was displayed before the whole world in Obama's bungling of the South China Sea controversy. Obama thought that he could intimidate China with military grandstanding and passive-aggressive provocations. Xi Jinping called his bluff and Obama was forced to slink away in shame.

    Rebuilding our military, like reforming our schools, will take years to accomplish, but there is currently neither the political or popular will to do either one. Trump has been the only candidate who's spoken of some military reform, but even seems to have no real understanding of the situation. When Reagan inherited the demoralized post-Vietnam military, he had mostly morale and logistical issues to overcome. Trump would literally have to rebuild from the ground up. (Hilary Clinton favors the status quo).

     The military problem, like most problems Americans face, is a social one. First, we have to come out of our collective state of denial and admit that the military needs to be fixed. We also have to come out of our collective state of denial and admit that the military is exclusively a profession for heterosexual men. We also have to stop pretending that dumbed-down, politically-corrected schools can produce professional military material; or that outsourcing military goods and services to shady Wall Street defense contractors is somehow part of the superiority of the free market.

     Doing things like these is what made our military once great; and they are what great militaries are still doing. But try and explain this to the Ameroboob, and you get knee-jerk Hollywood soundbites in response. Then, it's off to the Hookah Lounge or the Pride Parade and a weekend of outrage over so-and-so's insensitive remarks. Meanwhile, Russia will go on defeating terrorists and delivering humanitarian aid, and China will go on securing its shipping lanes, and we go on getting stoned and cursing the dead white males who fought for our---ummm---freedoms.


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