Tuesday, June 30, 2020


   Finally some good news. One of the leading intellects of the Conservative Movement, Dr. Thomas Sowell turns an amazing 90 years old today. 

   I first became acquainted with Thomas Sowell back in college when his 1985 book Marxism was on a reading list. (Note for our younger readers: prior to about 1993, Conservatives were still allowed to teach in universities). For those who haven't read it, it is a great primer on understanding the ideological roots of the scum currently leading the coup against President Trump. 

   Thomas Sowell speaks from experience with Marxists. He was born during the Great Depression into a very poor family and grew up in Harlem. His grades were good enough that he won a scholarship to a prestigious high school, but was forced to drop out to support his family. In 1951, he joined the US Marine Corps---at a time when the USMC still had some standards---and served in Korea as a combat photographer. The GI Bill enabled him to go to Howard University then onto Harvard and a Master's Degree at Columbia. 

   It was inevitable that an intelligent young Black man even in those days would be recruited by the Reds in that academic environment. Sowell became a Marxist, and after graduating from Columbia was hired into the Federal bureaucracy and sent to Puerto Rico in 1960 as a Social Worker. Witnessing firsthand the corruption and inefficiency of the Welfare system, the scales fell from his eyes and he enrolled in the University of Chicago---which then had a faculty of such luminaries as Milton Friedman and George Stigler---where he earned his doctorate and became a leading Conservative economist in his own right. 

   In 2016, Sowell was a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz but became impressed with Trump's accomplishments and has often written articles in defense of Trump policies. Coinciding with his 90th birthday, the tireless scholar announced that his latest monograph, Charter Schools and Their Enemies is completed and will be available on July 14th. 

  Dr. Sowell was one of the first---in fact, one of the only---leading Conservatives who saw the dangerous direction our public schools were taking back in the 90s and predicted that failure to act then would lead to terrible consequences today. I supported his efforts wholeheartedly back then and worked for educational alternatives. Unfortunately, as we've seen, nobody paid any attention to either of us. I can't help but wonder if Conservative parents from back then think now that athletic championships and their kids winning the Paper Chase was worth the sacrifice of seeing youth warped by the school systems torching neighborhoods and rallying with the Reds. 

   And we're seeing these consequences getting played out. Instead of men like Sowell inspiring the Black youth, we get thugs like Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd puffed off on the ignoramuses by White Liberal Media as heroic martyrs before whose images we've seen even stupider Whites bowing and kneeling. What an utter disgrace. But that's where dumbed-down and politically-corrected schools have led us; and now turning around is going to be a lot harder than it would have been to have taken a stand in the first place.

    So if you're grocery-shopping today, treat yourself to some cake in Thomas Sowell's honor. And let's all pray that he'll be around for another 90 years because I've a feeling we're all really going to need him. 

Friday, June 26, 2020


    The term White Privilege was invented by Marxist Academia, glommed onto and promoted by the Mainstream Media, and now is held up by self-hating Whites and Communist Revolutionaries carrying on the coup. The term is entirely a fiction because no racial policy ever existed in the United States on a national level. 

    Those orchestrating the coup, however, are employing the term as part of their program to undermine both our culture and economy. The purpose of it is to force a sense of false guilt upon White Americans---and there is no shortage of NPCs and opportunists willing to jump on the bandwagon. These Whites are hoping for a share in the New Order, and they know they'll get one. The Elites don't care about Blacks in general. Sure, when the Red Republic is inaugurated, a few Uncle Toms will be hired who are acceptable to their White overlords. And, as well, White Guilt will be an excuse to keep us enslaved to the State---working to pay high taxes for things like Racial Reparations. The Communists are simply buying off the Black Community to form a new Middle Class: one which will exist on Welfare rather than Free Enterprise. 

  Like every other word from the Left's mouths, White Privilege is an utter lie. The fact is that Whites have suffered badly under the discriminatory and race-baiting politics of the era immediately before Trump. It's blatantly apparent from the kneeling and mask-wearing that White men in particular have been marginalized. Let's have a look at the institutional racism that supposedly exists in America:


    So, which American racial group is fraught with problems that our racist culture is ignoring? It looks to me like Black America isn't exactly the only one experiencing problems. Maybe our social problems have a lot more to do with failed social policies emanating from the Left. 

   But it's not in the interests of the Coup to advertise these kinds of facts. Their success depends on their ability to dupe the majority into believing that they deserve to be enslaved and debased. Meanwhile the coup leaders laugh in their sleeves as the cities burn. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


    When 2020 started, I'd intended to post more articles. That New Years' Resolution has faltered a bit: not because of lack of news, but because The Age of Unreason has come finally to American shores. Years of Ameroboob inactivity while the Left sowed the wind are leaving us to reap the whirlwind today. The reason that posting has been a bit slow is because events are literally happening faster than one can stand back and analyze them. 

   We are in the middle of a coup d'etat right now. The Deep State was progressing unabated with its Long March until November, 2016. Exhausting every legal mechanism they could find to overthrow the Trump Administration, they've shifted gears to outright revolution. I haven't said much about the 2020 Elections because, at this point, it's only a 50-50 chance in my mind that Elections will actually happen. If the Left can lock down an entire nation's economy for three months and get away with it, why can't they suspend the elections and appoint a new leadership? The precedent for this is being established already. The fake COVID crisis helped break the Middle Class and push them into a place of submission; immediately afterwards the Activists were released on the public to break down the Rule of Law.  Already George Floyd is yesterday's news and the Sans-Culottes are going for bigger prizes. 

   There's the crux of the problem, we've reached a point where we're dealing with societal forces with an imperviousness to Reason or Morality. About a third of the MSM's time is spent egging on the riots: another third is bringing back the Mad Scientists egging on another Planned-emic; and another third regurgitating Orange Man Bad.  So it's extremely discouraging seeing so little resistance. The drug-laden passivity of the American people was bad enough before Trump; but to see it now after nearly four years of empirical progress almost makes one want to give up on any activism at all. Some have pointed out that there are many Americans not in sympathy with the revolutionaries, but out of fear of retaliation don't speak out. There's no way of knowing whether or not that's true. Even if it is true, it isn't reassuring. It simply means that nobody cares enough to fight back. 

    So why take a stand at all? Well, consider where our duty lies when it comes down to it. We don't owe our ultimate allegiance to the State---we answer only to God in the long run. This why during the COVID crisis we've seen churches especially targeted for lockdown. Now, during the time of riots, we're seeing statues of Saints and other religious iconography singled out for destruction. In California and elsewhere, some statues of Father Junipero Serra and the Virgin Mary have been beheaded---rather a pointed example of what the Whacko Left has in mind for Christians should they ever gain power. 

  It's really now coming to down to the wire. The statement that Tucker Carlson is featuring here isn't from some ISIS imam but from one of the chieftains of Black Lives Matter here in the United States. We've seen it put into actual practice in Seattle where, apparently, Solomon Simone---President of Chazimbabwe---has banned Christian services within his territory.  What has been the response? Well, we're told that one's Christian Duty is to bow down before the Scum or there will be consequences. Note what happened to the Christian Mayor of Fremont, California when she posited that prayer was the only appropriate time to kneel. 

  Anyone paying attention can see the diabolical symbolism behind the events of this year. American nationals get deemed nonessential by their own government and told to go home and stay there like a bunch of 6 year-olds. Then, people are ordered to wear masks to look like a bunch of anonymous NPCs and socially distance from those who don't lest they be contaminated by the new Untouchables. Then, we're told not only to submit to the outrages of a gang of savages, but get down on our knees before them too and beg for their forgiveness. American manhood these days doesn't seem to have a bottom level of self-abasement any longer. The Reds are putting us through these humiliations precisely to divide us further in bolder, more recognizable colors. 

   A few of us learned differently. When we fear God, we have nothing to fear from Man, because as Christ taught us Man can destroy the body but not the soul. While on Earth we daily face choices between right and wrong; but when the social order begins to break down, sometimes we're confronted with the concrete choice between serving God or serving Evil. This is why we have to continue to stand and fight; and why the Silent Majority---if it actually exists---needs to realize that continually staying silent isn't going to save either their bodies or their souls. 

  Back as mere lad in school, when we still read dead white males, we had an assignment where we had to recite a poem. I chose one by Joaquin Miller called The Defense of the Alamo. The last stanza always comes to mind during times like these, and I thought I'd close with it today to encourage readers struggling with Moral Choices in these dark days. After singing the story of the battle, Miller concludes by saying:

Shout “Victory, victory, victory ho!”
  I say ’tis not always for the hosts to win;
I say that the victory, sudden or slow
  Is given the hero who grapples with sin,        40
Or legion or single; just asking to know
  When duty fronts death in his own Alamo.




Friday, June 19, 2020


   As we all have heard, there are big changes going in Corporate America---adjusting to the New Normal which they, of course, have been engineering throughout 2020. People forget that the biggest and most monopolistic Corporation of the last century was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). That enterprise was the sole employer and business in all of Russia and several other countries before going bankrupt in 1991. The New Normal that Wall Street, the DNC, and their affiliates here is a refined version of that system. 

   With Communism comes purges, and PepsiCo ---an agribusiness cartel whose initials 'PC' totally define their social policies--- announced that it was purging one of its subsidiaries' spokeswomen, the venerable old mammy, Aunt Jemima. 

   The good news is that we've been experiencing decent economic times here, so we've decided to hire Aunt Jemima at our blog to share her culinary expertise. This is to help a lot of our readers keep from going insane with some practical stories. During the Obama years, we used to the same with movie reviews. So welcome aboard to our newest contributor and look for her columns soon! PepsiCo, meanwhile, can find a more positive role model for contemporary American Black women. Here's a suggestion:

 This is much closer to what we've seen lately: fist in the air, her big mouth swinging open like a trap-door, demanding exoneration for some thug. Makes one want to run out and grab a Pepsi---maybe even getting one for free if there's looting going on in your neighborhood. 

  In some other good news, it seems that Ebay's Corporate infrastructure suffered a shakeup too; although not quite as they intended. The Trump Administration---despite being targeted in the ongoing coup attempt---is still committed to wiping out White-Collar Crime. It was announced on Monday that six Ebay officials are sitting in the Middlesex County Jail facing multiple federal charges of cyberstalking an unnamed family who publishes a website exposing consumer fraud. These six worthies are were all executive-level officials:

  • James Baugh, EBay’s former senior director of safety and security; 
  • David Harville, former director of global resiliency; 
  • Stephanie Popp, former senior manager of global intelligence; 
  • Stephanie Stockwell, former manager of EBay’s global intelligence center; 
  • Veronica Zea, a former EBay intelligence contractor; and 
  • Brian Gilbert, a former senior manager of special operations for firm’s Global Security Team. 
   According to the indictments, top-level executives at Ebay were reading the critical website and fuming about being exposed there on a regular basis. An unnamed official gave orders to destroy the family operating the site. The defendants sent the family anonymous packages and messages of a threatening and shocking nature. The culmination of the plan was to have Gilbert (one of the defendants and former police captain in Santa Rosa, California) approach them incognito and try to negotiate a stop to the harassment in exchange for the family providing the names and information of people who'd commented on their articles. 

   The petty vindictiveness didn't stop there. According to the Indictment: "the campaign allegedly involved covertly surveilling the victims in their home and community. According to the complaint, Harville and Zea registered for a software development conference to explain their trip to Boston on Aug. 15, 2019. Baugh, Harville, and Zea (and later Popp) allegedly drove to the victims’ home in Natick several times, with Harville and Baugh intending at one point to break into the victims’ garage and install a GPS tracking device on their car. As protection in the event they were stopped by local police, Baugh and Harville allegedly carried false documents purporting to show that they were investigating the victims as “Persons of Interest” who had threatened eBay executives."

   They weren't very good at espionage, however, and their activities were reported to the Natick Police and Middlesex County Sheriff (you know, the people that the Left wants to defund) and the local authorities got the FBI involved. If convicted, these losers could be headed for about five years in the pokey. 

   Despite Ebay's damage control going into overdrive and pretending that these were a few bad apples, it came out that the two (so far) unindicted Ebay officials who ordered these dastardly crimes were none other than the former head of Ebay's Public Relations Department, Steven Wymer and former Ebay CEO. Devin Wenig.

   Wymer and Wenig, according to many business pundits, stand a fairly good chance of being adorned in striped suits themselves before the year's end. Wenig stepped down as CEO of Ebay in 2019 because of what he called "activist pressure," but not before snagging a $57 million severance package before moving on to his current job on the General Motors Board of Directors. Prior to Ebay, Wenig was CEO of Media Conglomerate Thompson-Reuters. 

   I certainly hope that certain Conservative/Libertarians out there who think that Big Business is somehow more noble and purely American than Big Government will sit up and take notice. As Teddy Roosevelt pointed out, there's really not much difference between an economy controlled by a handful of plutocrats and one controlled by a handful of State bureaucrats. Godless Capitalism and Godless Communism are only two sides of the same coin. The choice between State or Corporation is a false dichotomy; and both end in de facto slavery and political oppression.


    Our Founding Fathers understood that the best and safest protection for the people against autocratic regimes is a Free Market governed by laws rooted in a belief in a Higher Power to Whom all must answer. Unfortunately, corruption in public education has led us to a point where our Founders are despised. But, as long as high schools and colleges keep churning out winning sports teams, parents and alumni don't protest too much about anything taught there. And who knows? Maybe the New Normal will give us free bread and circuses too. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


   Monday Morning I took a look at the news to see which American city the Whacko Left burned to the ground this weekend. Despite all of this mayhem, Tucker Carlson gave us the depressing news that Black Lives Matter is now the most popular political movement in the United States. Just like Big Pharma during the COVID 'crisis', BLM has become yesterday's enemy among the Ameroboobs. It's become politically-incorrect to question anything BLM does---just like nobody questioned the lockdowns---and there's no debate or discussion about the Race Riots either. 

   Atlanta has become the latest casualty of the Great National Hysteria. The city scum had already laid waste several blocks of the once-venerable town; but during the weekend another gentle giant got himself shot by police and Atlanta exploded. 

   What precipitated the local jackasses to rage in the streets all started when the proprietor of a Wendy's restaurant called the police when some drunken sot passed out in the drive-thru lane and blocked traffic. Said sot was named Rayshard Brooks, who---like George Floyd--- was a lifelong thug with multiple convictions for thefts, obstruction of justice, and domestic violence. And those were only the felonies; misdemeanors far too numerous to count. 

   This sterling member of society was revived by the police, who were about to arrest him for Driving Under the Influence when he suddenly snapped and seized an officer's taser-gun. Brooks turned the weapon on the policemen, who shot him in self-defense. Brooks died of his wounds. Also, like George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks' death was not any especially great loss to the world. 

 Now, astute readers will recall that up to this incident, the Whacko Left lobbied strongly to prevent police from carrying tasers. Tasers were portrayed as potentially lethal weapons and an unacceptable use of force. But that was last week. This week, tasers are not in the least bit dangerous; therefore use of a firearm against one is unjustified. The policeman who shot Brooks---as well as the Atlanta Police Chief---were immediately purged. An angry mob converged on the Wendy's outlet which reported Brooks and burned it down.

   Naturally, not a single minute of rational thought has gone into the anti-Police reaction; just like none of the supporters of Black Lives Matter or the apologists for 'White Guilt' or 'Institutional Racism' have thought about any of what they purport to believe in. There is no such thing as White Guilt or Institutional Racism, but today's Ameroboob will believe absolutely anything and react accordingly. Who cares about Wendy's? They're a nonessential business anyhow. 

   This is where we've come to as a nation and a culture. Getting down on one's knees, accepting the 'nonessential' label, walking around in masks, watching what one says, and---above all---finding a way to cash in on the new trends while stabbing your neighbor in the back: welcome to the New Normal. Whatever we had as a people to try and Make America Great Again in 2016 ---we'd better reach down deep and find it again or the next thing we'll be reaching for is the sky when we surrender our freedoms completely.


Saturday, June 13, 2020


   So as America spirals into Communism,  it probably shouldn't be surprising that the Pacific Coast would be the site of our first Soviet Commune. Seattle, Washington is a city that was once the recruiting headquarters of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and the home of the National Guard unit that formed the famous Lost Battalion. President McKinley awarded Seattle with a special citation for providing the most troops per capita for the Spanish-American War and the Boxer Rebellion. Seattle's shipyards and aircraft industry not only contributed to winning World War 2; they helped America win the Space Race and the Cold War. Besides the engineers, blue-collar workers, and military men, on a given night in Seattle one also would encounter lumberjacks, fishermen, Alaskan gold-hunters, cowboys, and fur-trappers. It was, overall, a city with a backbone.

   But that was then, this is now. Seattle today is a city dominated by homeless bums, rabid drug addicts, and sexual perverts. Earlier this week, several of that class of citizens decided to take over a district in the City known as Capitol Hill after the police fled from the precinct in the face of the peaceful protests. The scum then had the audacity to declare an independent socialist republic! The area is known now as the 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or 'Chaz'. Somewhere along the line, they even appointed a President: one Solomon Simone who had a career a few years back as a hip-hop musician.

  Now President Simone heads a country that (so far) is unrecognized by any other government---including that of the United States. The Trump Administration has offered to send in Federal troops to put down this insurrection, but the Whacko Left running Washington State roundly rebuffed the suggestion. Frankly, if I were in his position, I wouldn't ask for permission. One look at the local law enforcement apparatus should indicate just how competent they are to bring the situation under control. 

   Those living outside of the Chaz Soviet might laugh over this; but it's no laughing matter to the citizens trapped inside of this cesspool. By the Seattle Police Chief's own admission, our first Worker's Paradise is conspicuous for violent crimes and property expropriation. That's been true of all Communist States however. As Lenin---who coined the term ' Political Correctness' famously said: "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs." And President Simone strikes me as the type who enjoys cracking eggs just because eggs are white. 

   The vermin in the MSM have been carrying on as if the Chaz Soviet is some sort of idyllic land where everyone partakes of the opiate of Universal Love. It's real Opioids that is likely fueling most of this, however. 

   Reality, however, has this way of intruding upon Liberal pipe-dreams. Ignoring the Chaz Soviet isn't going to make it go away. This is a situation that's bound to get worse if it isn't stopped cold. Communists are thugs; and thugs are attuned to sense weakness in others. And that weakness just emboldens them. The Chaz Soviet maybe a brush fire; but brush fires can become wildfires: and that's what will happen once the scumbags in other cities decide they want their own countries too. 

   If the last four years have taught us anything, they've taught us not to underestimate President Trump. Whatever he has planned, he needs to do it fairly soon. We're probably closer now to a Red Revolution than we've ever been, and we need an intervention ASAP. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020


    So yesterday, amidst great pomp and ceremony, the Whacko Left's new martyr, Mr. George Floyd, had his carcass stuffed into a golden coffin and eulogized by nationally-known blowhards before taking that final drop of six feet. The NPC's of America beat their chests and howled in unison. 

    With this uncanny moral flexibility that the American Public has of turning 180 degrees on a dime, our police forces have collectively gone from national heroes to national villains in a matter of less than two weeks. The purges that have been sweeping the Country during this ongoing coup attempt---because I'm calling it exactly what it is--- are hitting the Police especially hard. This, too, is by design. The Lockdowns and subsequent race-riots were aimed at breaking the economic Middle Class (primarily Trump supporters) and these same race-riots are aimed at breaking the Police (who are also mainly Trump supporters outside of metropolitan police administrations). 

    Now, I've had a lot of experience dealing with police agencies in the US---all the way from Park Rangers to rural sheriffs to city cops to Federal agents. One thing that the general public must understand about police in general---and never forget this fact---is that they are first and foremost government employees. In other words, you're going to find the same cross-sections of personalities among the Police that exist in all governmental agencies. There are sizable percentage of truly good men dedicated to their professions and public service. There's a sizable percentage who are bureaucratic by-the-book bullies; another segment of indifferent time-servers; and another yet of outright crooks and political hacks. 

    During the Impeachment and the Lockdowns, the good men among our police really shone. We saw numbers of Sheriffs and local officials standing for the Constitution. At the Federal level, we saw agents come forward to unravel the whole tissue of lies concocted against the President by their Deep-State supervisors. The Revolutionists saw this too; maybe they hadn't expected it---but the bottom line is that they are going to have to break down the local police infrastructures before they can seize power. Since such a seizure is illegal, obviously the police are going to have to be neutralized. 

    This is the real reason we're seeing movements to defund the Police. But what is going to replace them? Well, I think we all know the answer to that question. 

   That's right: a political police. And the history of most repressive regimes show us that secret police forces typically are tied to the Military. That nest of vipers in the Pentagon, I think, would gladly help with 'police reform'. 

   The Whacko Left won't call this a secret police; they'll call it 'community policing' or some other New-Age name that hides its real purpose. The kinds of people who end up working in these organizations make today's worst cops look like model public servants by comparison. The job of secret police is to enforce a political agenda: not the rule of law. And the Media scum are already pushing the plan.  Nicholas Kristof, generally just an ordinary stupid Liberal whom other Leftists follow just because he writes for the New York Times, informs us that defunding the police brings about good results like decriminalizing drugs and ending lead poisoning. After that gaffe, he approvingly quotes a statement from one of the mad scientists who organized the COVID lockdowns. It should be noted here that historically leaders of secret police forces were recruited from Academia. 

   "Ali H. Mokdad, a health specialist at the University of Washington, argues that racism is more dangerous than the coronavirus, because eventually there will be a vaccine for the virus. And in tackling racism, he says, there are many lessons from public health research. 'Defund the police for certain services and move them to social work,” he advised. He suggested that 'domestic violence, youth offenders, alcoholism, addiction, mental illness and homelessness would often be better handled by social workers or other non-police professionals. Having an armed person intervene causes more harm sometimes for the person who needs help,' Mokdad said."

    While I generally agree that we need to put more emphasis upon treatment for the things that Dr. Mokdad mentioned (and incidentally so does President Trump), how does any of this have anything to do with "tackling racism?'' This Whacko doctor believes that Racism is more dangerous than Influenza, and really this is true of most Liberals' beliefs. 

   Racism is one of those terms that trigger rage or fear in Americans like the dog Pavlov trained to salivate at the ringing of a bell. Nobody can actually define it, but everyone is supposed either to hate it fanatically or fear being accused of it whenever it's mentioned. The reason that it can't be defined is because it's an emotion and exists on an instinctual level. It's presumed by our so-called Elites that Racism only exists in White people, but this of course is absurd. When a culture degenerates, the natural tendency is to fall back into racial/tribal systems, thus it's a social atavism. Racism cannot be eliminated, but it can be ameliorated in pluralistic civilized societies with Anti-Discrimination laws. That's what we were doing during the middle 20th Century until the Whacko Left decided that Legal Equality wasn't good enough. What the Left actually wants is Reverse Discrimination. 

   Time, another DNC mouthpiece, quoted pinhead Minneapolis City Councilman as saying that “We can invest in cultural competency and mental health training, de-escalation and conflict resolution … We can resolve confusion over a $20 grocery transaction without drawing a weapon or pulling out handcuffs. The whole world is watching. We can declare policing as we know it a thing of the past, and create a compassionate, non-violent future.”

  What an ignoramus. This guy is actually suggesting replacing 'police brutality' with all the notorious 'compassion' of Social Workers. Not to mention he uses ominous-sounding terms like cultural competency and mental health training, which sound suspiciously similar to re-education and thought reform. 

   But none of this will matter much to the average Ameroboob. As long as drugs are plentiful, the government handouts are coming, and he doesn't say anything offensive, he can survive under Communism just fine. Maybe even profit off it too, if his hedge-fund manager accepts the New Normal, and invests in the new trends. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020


    There was an interesting piece yesterday by Tucker Carlson, in which he highlighted the case of two Internet thots and a perverted pundit named Tim Wise as specimens of the Left's most recent attempts to undermine the family. The Left has been promoting the Floyd's death apparently to be used as some sort of Loyalty Test---although to what, nobody has defined. The Riots really have been a singular phenomenon in this case. What we're witnessing is unbridled Fanaticism which seems to be fanatical simply for the sake of being fanatical. 

   Tucker likens these unfolding events to the actions of a cult. Actually, he's very close to the truth. What we're really witnessing in the Riots is the second phase of cultish social programming (the Lockdowns being the first). We've stated many times at this blog that the two greatest threats to Civilization are Religious Cults and Western Liberalism. What we've seen in 2020 are the tactics of the first being grafted onto the sociopolitical goals of the second. This is why I believe that the COVID 'reopenings' are only temporary. If they follow the playbook, we'll see another round of our Liberties being suspended: maybe another fake COVID outbreak; or martial law, suspension of the Elections, an attempted coup---something of this nature which will impose isolation, travel restrictions, etc. 

   Now we commonly think of cultish tactics practiced on individuals in relation to a group: such as we've seen with Vox Day, Owen Benjamin and the Red Pills, among others. However, with the assistance of Mass-Media, they can be employed on an entire population---and, of course, the Internet gives them a near-global reach. Let's recap a bit about cultish techniques to get a clearer picture. Freelance author and educator Julia Layton published a good primer on the subject. 

  There's always a psychological connection between cults and religion. This goes back to the days of our Roman forefathers who used the term cultus to describe any of the multitudinous religions scattered throughout the Empire (including Judaism and Christianity). The term didn't have the negative connotation then that it has in Modern English today. Dr. Layton makes the distinction: 

   "There is no meaningful difference between a cult and a religion in terms of faith, morality or spirituality. The primary differences are that a "cult" operates outside of mainstream society, often calls on its followers to make an absolute commitment to the group and typically has a single leader, whereas a "religion" usually operates within mainstream culture, requires varying levels of commitment from its members and typically has a leadership hierarchy that, in practice, can serve as a series of checks and balances.

  "But destructive cults are a different story. There is a big difference between a destructive cult and a non-destructive religion (or a non-destructive cult). A destructive (or totalist) cult exploits its members' vulnerability in order to gain complete control over them, often using unethical psychological techniques to bring about thought reform. It can be said that a non-destructive religion or cult attempts to alleviate its members' vulnerability through spiritual guidance in an effort to help them exercise control over their own lives."

   Like the term Political Correctness, "Though Reform" is a concept developed by a Communist. In this case, it was Chairman Mao. 

   Mao understood that all mankind has an innate desire to seek God; thus he formulated a theory that Communism must assimilate the externals of Religion to supplant it. Cults of Personality became a necessity, even though Karl Marx wrote against it. You see the symbolism in the picture, which is a fairly common motif in totalitarian propaganda. The leader comes to represent the principle, hence he's always portrayed as some huge central figure. Note that in many churches, Christ is depicted in the same way:

   Dr. Layton explains the techniques of cults and we can see how the Elites are employing them on the American People. 

  • Charismatic leadership
  • Deception in recruiting
  • Use of thought-reform methods
  • Isolation (physical and/or psychological)
  • Demand for absolute, unquestioning devotion and loyalty
  • Sharp, unsurpassable distinction between "us" (good, saved) and "them" (bad, going to Hell)
  • "Inside language" that only members fully understand
  • Strict control over members' daily routines

 The Elites are orchestrating these 'crises' behind the scenes, but they rely on charismatic proxies like celebrities to push their agendas. This is necessary when mass-programming is being employed and the 'leadership' is a group rather than an individual. Bill Gates and others have proposed replacing the branches of the Federal Government with a Supreme Council of some kind. 

  'Deception in Recruiting' defines the entire events of 2020. The Impeachment Hearings, the COVID lockdowns, and the current race riots are entirely based upon lies. 'Isolation' was the entire purpose of the Lockdowns. 

  The next two points: inculcating fanatical loyalty and false moral absolutism are related concepts, and we're seeing those points pushed now. The forced apologies for speaking the truth; the purges and firings; the demand for conformity is everywhere. Just yesterday, I saw this header on Amazon's website:

  Does anyone believe that it's realistic to suppose that anyone working at Amazon could speak out and say that they don't support BLM? They would be without a job and reduced to poverty within days; and probably have their names publicized for harassment purposes. 

  "Inside Language" embraces all of the phony terminology that the PC mob has been forcing on us for years. Usually, these words don't mean anything themselves, but are designed to provoke a reaction from those who think that they understand them. During Obama's term, we saw this is in operation a lot. The whole push towards homo 'equality' was a successful experiment in Social Conditioning and Thought Reform. Terms like homophobia and gender essentialism were hurled at anyone who asked critical questions; now things like social distancing and black genocide are concepts that no one can explain (because they aren't real) but no one dares disagree with. Related to that is "strict control over members' daily lives" which we saw during the Lockdown and are seeing now over things we might say. 

   Dr. Layton goes into detail explaining the techniques of Thought Reform, which cultish indoctrination employs. Let's see if we recognize any of this: 

Deception - Cults trick new recruits into joining the group and committing themselves to a cause or lifestyle they don't fully understand.

  • Cults mislead new recruits/members as to the true expectations and activities of the group.
  • Cults may hide any signs of illegal, immoral or hyper-controlling practices until the recruit has fully immersed himself in the group.
A cult leader may use members' altered consciousness, induced by activities like meditation, chanting or drug use, to increase vulnerability to suggestion.

     Sound familiar? 


Isolation - Cults cut off members from the outside world (and even each other) to produce intense introspection, confusion, loss of perspective and a distorted sense of reality. The members of the cult become the person's only social contact and feedback mechanism.

  • Cults may keep new recruits from talking to other new recruits. They may only be allowed to speak with long-committed members for a period of time.
  • Cults may not allow unsupervised contact with the "outside world." In this way, there is no chance for a "reality check" or validation of a new member's concerns regarding the group.
Cults typically instill the belief that "outsiders" (non-cult members) are dangerous and wrong.

      Sound familiar? 

      Induced Dependency - Cults demand absolute, unquestioning devotion, loyalty and submission. A cult member's sense of self is systematically destroyed. Ultimately, feelings of worthlessness and "evil" become associated with independence and critical thinking, and feelings of warmth and love become associated with unquestioning submission.
  • Any special talents the member has are immediately devalued and criticized in order to confuse the member's sense of self-worth.
  • Any doubts, assertiveness or remaining ties to the outside world are punished by the group through criticism, guilt and alienation. Questions and doubts are systematically "turned around" so that the doubter feels wrong, worthless, "evil" for questioning. The member is loved again when he renounces those doubts and submits to the will of the leader.
  • The leader may randomly alternate praise and love with scorn and punishment to keep the member off-balance and confused and instill immense self-doubt. The leader may offer occasional gifts and special privileges to encourage continued submission.
  • The member may be pressured to publicly confess sins, after which he is viciously ridiculed by the group for being evil and unworthy. He is loved again when he acknowledges that his devotion to the cult is the only thing that will bring him salvation.
      Sound familiar? 


Dread - Once complete dependence is established, the member must retain the leader's good favor or else his life falls apart.

  • The leader may punish doubt or insubordination with physical or emotional trauma.
  • Once all ties to the outside world have been cut, the member feels like his only family is the group, and he has nowhere else to go.
  • Access to necessities depends on the leader's favor. The member must "behave" or he may not get food, water, social interaction or protection from the outside world.
     Sound familiar? 

    The techniques being employed here are more or less the same as the techniques employed by cults. Our Media has learned such techniques from some of the most experienced in that field. 

   If people haven't seen what is being done to them before, it's impossible that they don't see it now. Americans need to shake the drugs out of their empty skulls and start thinking for themselves before we lose it all.