Friday, June 19, 2020


   As we all have heard, there are big changes going in Corporate America---adjusting to the New Normal which they, of course, have been engineering throughout 2020. People forget that the biggest and most monopolistic Corporation of the last century was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). That enterprise was the sole employer and business in all of Russia and several other countries before going bankrupt in 1991. The New Normal that Wall Street, the DNC, and their affiliates here is a refined version of that system. 

   With Communism comes purges, and PepsiCo ---an agribusiness cartel whose initials 'PC' totally define their social policies--- announced that it was purging one of its subsidiaries' spokeswomen, the venerable old mammy, Aunt Jemima. 

   The good news is that we've been experiencing decent economic times here, so we've decided to hire Aunt Jemima at our blog to share her culinary expertise. This is to help a lot of our readers keep from going insane with some practical stories. During the Obama years, we used to the same with movie reviews. So welcome aboard to our newest contributor and look for her columns soon! PepsiCo, meanwhile, can find a more positive role model for contemporary American Black women. Here's a suggestion:

 This is much closer to what we've seen lately: fist in the air, her big mouth swinging open like a trap-door, demanding exoneration for some thug. Makes one want to run out and grab a Pepsi---maybe even getting one for free if there's looting going on in your neighborhood. 

  In some other good news, it seems that Ebay's Corporate infrastructure suffered a shakeup too; although not quite as they intended. The Trump Administration---despite being targeted in the ongoing coup attempt---is still committed to wiping out White-Collar Crime. It was announced on Monday that six Ebay officials are sitting in the Middlesex County Jail facing multiple federal charges of cyberstalking an unnamed family who publishes a website exposing consumer fraud. These six worthies are were all executive-level officials:

  • James Baugh, EBay’s former senior director of safety and security; 
  • David Harville, former director of global resiliency; 
  • Stephanie Popp, former senior manager of global intelligence; 
  • Stephanie Stockwell, former manager of EBay’s global intelligence center; 
  • Veronica Zea, a former EBay intelligence contractor; and 
  • Brian Gilbert, a former senior manager of special operations for firm’s Global Security Team. 
   According to the indictments, top-level executives at Ebay were reading the critical website and fuming about being exposed there on a regular basis. An unnamed official gave orders to destroy the family operating the site. The defendants sent the family anonymous packages and messages of a threatening and shocking nature. The culmination of the plan was to have Gilbert (one of the defendants and former police captain in Santa Rosa, California) approach them incognito and try to negotiate a stop to the harassment in exchange for the family providing the names and information of people who'd commented on their articles. 

   The petty vindictiveness didn't stop there. According to the Indictment: "the campaign allegedly involved covertly surveilling the victims in their home and community. According to the complaint, Harville and Zea registered for a software development conference to explain their trip to Boston on Aug. 15, 2019. Baugh, Harville, and Zea (and later Popp) allegedly drove to the victims’ home in Natick several times, with Harville and Baugh intending at one point to break into the victims’ garage and install a GPS tracking device on their car. As protection in the event they were stopped by local police, Baugh and Harville allegedly carried false documents purporting to show that they were investigating the victims as “Persons of Interest” who had threatened eBay executives."

   They weren't very good at espionage, however, and their activities were reported to the Natick Police and Middlesex County Sheriff (you know, the people that the Left wants to defund) and the local authorities got the FBI involved. If convicted, these losers could be headed for about five years in the pokey. 

   Despite Ebay's damage control going into overdrive and pretending that these were a few bad apples, it came out that the two (so far) unindicted Ebay officials who ordered these dastardly crimes were none other than the former head of Ebay's Public Relations Department, Steven Wymer and former Ebay CEO. Devin Wenig.

   Wymer and Wenig, according to many business pundits, stand a fairly good chance of being adorned in striped suits themselves before the year's end. Wenig stepped down as CEO of Ebay in 2019 because of what he called "activist pressure," but not before snagging a $57 million severance package before moving on to his current job on the General Motors Board of Directors. Prior to Ebay, Wenig was CEO of Media Conglomerate Thompson-Reuters. 

   I certainly hope that certain Conservative/Libertarians out there who think that Big Business is somehow more noble and purely American than Big Government will sit up and take notice. As Teddy Roosevelt pointed out, there's really not much difference between an economy controlled by a handful of plutocrats and one controlled by a handful of State bureaucrats. Godless Capitalism and Godless Communism are only two sides of the same coin. The choice between State or Corporation is a false dichotomy; and both end in de facto slavery and political oppression.


    Our Founding Fathers understood that the best and safest protection for the people against autocratic regimes is a Free Market governed by laws rooted in a belief in a Higher Power to Whom all must answer. Unfortunately, corruption in public education has led us to a point where our Founders are despised. But, as long as high schools and colleges keep churning out winning sports teams, parents and alumni don't protest too much about anything taught there. And who knows? Maybe the New Normal will give us free bread and circuses too. 

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