Sunday, June 7, 2020


    There was an interesting piece yesterday by Tucker Carlson, in which he highlighted the case of two Internet thots and a perverted pundit named Tim Wise as specimens of the Left's most recent attempts to undermine the family. The Left has been promoting the Floyd's death apparently to be used as some sort of Loyalty Test---although to what, nobody has defined. The Riots really have been a singular phenomenon in this case. What we're witnessing is unbridled Fanaticism which seems to be fanatical simply for the sake of being fanatical. 

   Tucker likens these unfolding events to the actions of a cult. Actually, he's very close to the truth. What we're really witnessing in the Riots is the second phase of cultish social programming (the Lockdowns being the first). We've stated many times at this blog that the two greatest threats to Civilization are Religious Cults and Western Liberalism. What we've seen in 2020 are the tactics of the first being grafted onto the sociopolitical goals of the second. This is why I believe that the COVID 'reopenings' are only temporary. If they follow the playbook, we'll see another round of our Liberties being suspended: maybe another fake COVID outbreak; or martial law, suspension of the Elections, an attempted coup---something of this nature which will impose isolation, travel restrictions, etc. 

   Now we commonly think of cultish tactics practiced on individuals in relation to a group: such as we've seen with Vox Day, Owen Benjamin and the Red Pills, among others. However, with the assistance of Mass-Media, they can be employed on an entire population---and, of course, the Internet gives them a near-global reach. Let's recap a bit about cultish techniques to get a clearer picture. Freelance author and educator Julia Layton published a good primer on the subject. 

  There's always a psychological connection between cults and religion. This goes back to the days of our Roman forefathers who used the term cultus to describe any of the multitudinous religions scattered throughout the Empire (including Judaism and Christianity). The term didn't have the negative connotation then that it has in Modern English today. Dr. Layton makes the distinction: 

   "There is no meaningful difference between a cult and a religion in terms of faith, morality or spirituality. The primary differences are that a "cult" operates outside of mainstream society, often calls on its followers to make an absolute commitment to the group and typically has a single leader, whereas a "religion" usually operates within mainstream culture, requires varying levels of commitment from its members and typically has a leadership hierarchy that, in practice, can serve as a series of checks and balances.

  "But destructive cults are a different story. There is a big difference between a destructive cult and a non-destructive religion (or a non-destructive cult). A destructive (or totalist) cult exploits its members' vulnerability in order to gain complete control over them, often using unethical psychological techniques to bring about thought reform. It can be said that a non-destructive religion or cult attempts to alleviate its members' vulnerability through spiritual guidance in an effort to help them exercise control over their own lives."

   Like the term Political Correctness, "Though Reform" is a concept developed by a Communist. In this case, it was Chairman Mao. 

   Mao understood that all mankind has an innate desire to seek God; thus he formulated a theory that Communism must assimilate the externals of Religion to supplant it. Cults of Personality became a necessity, even though Karl Marx wrote against it. You see the symbolism in the picture, which is a fairly common motif in totalitarian propaganda. The leader comes to represent the principle, hence he's always portrayed as some huge central figure. Note that in many churches, Christ is depicted in the same way:

   Dr. Layton explains the techniques of cults and we can see how the Elites are employing them on the American People. 

  • Charismatic leadership
  • Deception in recruiting
  • Use of thought-reform methods
  • Isolation (physical and/or psychological)
  • Demand for absolute, unquestioning devotion and loyalty
  • Sharp, unsurpassable distinction between "us" (good, saved) and "them" (bad, going to Hell)
  • "Inside language" that only members fully understand
  • Strict control over members' daily routines

 The Elites are orchestrating these 'crises' behind the scenes, but they rely on charismatic proxies like celebrities to push their agendas. This is necessary when mass-programming is being employed and the 'leadership' is a group rather than an individual. Bill Gates and others have proposed replacing the branches of the Federal Government with a Supreme Council of some kind. 

  'Deception in Recruiting' defines the entire events of 2020. The Impeachment Hearings, the COVID lockdowns, and the current race riots are entirely based upon lies. 'Isolation' was the entire purpose of the Lockdowns. 

  The next two points: inculcating fanatical loyalty and false moral absolutism are related concepts, and we're seeing those points pushed now. The forced apologies for speaking the truth; the purges and firings; the demand for conformity is everywhere. Just yesterday, I saw this header on Amazon's website:

  Does anyone believe that it's realistic to suppose that anyone working at Amazon could speak out and say that they don't support BLM? They would be without a job and reduced to poverty within days; and probably have their names publicized for harassment purposes. 

  "Inside Language" embraces all of the phony terminology that the PC mob has been forcing on us for years. Usually, these words don't mean anything themselves, but are designed to provoke a reaction from those who think that they understand them. During Obama's term, we saw this is in operation a lot. The whole push towards homo 'equality' was a successful experiment in Social Conditioning and Thought Reform. Terms like homophobia and gender essentialism were hurled at anyone who asked critical questions; now things like social distancing and black genocide are concepts that no one can explain (because they aren't real) but no one dares disagree with. Related to that is "strict control over members' daily lives" which we saw during the Lockdown and are seeing now over things we might say. 

   Dr. Layton goes into detail explaining the techniques of Thought Reform, which cultish indoctrination employs. Let's see if we recognize any of this: 

Deception - Cults trick new recruits into joining the group and committing themselves to a cause or lifestyle they don't fully understand.

  • Cults mislead new recruits/members as to the true expectations and activities of the group.
  • Cults may hide any signs of illegal, immoral or hyper-controlling practices until the recruit has fully immersed himself in the group.
A cult leader may use members' altered consciousness, induced by activities like meditation, chanting or drug use, to increase vulnerability to suggestion.

     Sound familiar? 


Isolation - Cults cut off members from the outside world (and even each other) to produce intense introspection, confusion, loss of perspective and a distorted sense of reality. The members of the cult become the person's only social contact and feedback mechanism.

  • Cults may keep new recruits from talking to other new recruits. They may only be allowed to speak with long-committed members for a period of time.
  • Cults may not allow unsupervised contact with the "outside world." In this way, there is no chance for a "reality check" or validation of a new member's concerns regarding the group.
Cults typically instill the belief that "outsiders" (non-cult members) are dangerous and wrong.

      Sound familiar? 

      Induced Dependency - Cults demand absolute, unquestioning devotion, loyalty and submission. A cult member's sense of self is systematically destroyed. Ultimately, feelings of worthlessness and "evil" become associated with independence and critical thinking, and feelings of warmth and love become associated with unquestioning submission.
  • Any special talents the member has are immediately devalued and criticized in order to confuse the member's sense of self-worth.
  • Any doubts, assertiveness or remaining ties to the outside world are punished by the group through criticism, guilt and alienation. Questions and doubts are systematically "turned around" so that the doubter feels wrong, worthless, "evil" for questioning. The member is loved again when he renounces those doubts and submits to the will of the leader.
  • The leader may randomly alternate praise and love with scorn and punishment to keep the member off-balance and confused and instill immense self-doubt. The leader may offer occasional gifts and special privileges to encourage continued submission.
  • The member may be pressured to publicly confess sins, after which he is viciously ridiculed by the group for being evil and unworthy. He is loved again when he acknowledges that his devotion to the cult is the only thing that will bring him salvation.
      Sound familiar? 


Dread - Once complete dependence is established, the member must retain the leader's good favor or else his life falls apart.

  • The leader may punish doubt or insubordination with physical or emotional trauma.
  • Once all ties to the outside world have been cut, the member feels like his only family is the group, and he has nowhere else to go.
  • Access to necessities depends on the leader's favor. The member must "behave" or he may not get food, water, social interaction or protection from the outside world.
     Sound familiar? 

    The techniques being employed here are more or less the same as the techniques employed by cults. Our Media has learned such techniques from some of the most experienced in that field. 

   If people haven't seen what is being done to them before, it's impossible that they don't see it now. Americans need to shake the drugs out of their empty skulls and start thinking for themselves before we lose it all. 


  1. I believe all this is being done, to cover up other things going on.

    Obama gate is just one.

    There are news stories about college professors being arrested.

    Something is going on, and it is being obscured by the Bureau of Land Management - I mean Black Lives Matter.

    And you hit on a point I made long ago until a red puller told me to knock it off.

    That concept is BRAINWASHING.

    You can't find it online anymore. I read an article claiming that the subject of brainwashing will become hostile and possibly physically violent when they encounter information contradicting to what they've been brainwashed to believe.

    Sound familiar?

    1. Yes, it does; brainwashing and indoctrination techniques only differ in how much the victim/target has susceptibility. For example, those two thots that Tucker Carlson profiled obviously have been fed propaganda. I saw another clip of that Isabella chick arguing with her dad. He apparently works in job that takes him to ghetto neighborhoods; and she was countering him with a bunch of tripe about 'White Privilege' keeping the ghettos like they are. I rather doubt that she came up with these talking points all by herself.

      As for violence when contradicted---the victims can become not only violent, but completely ruthless. The Liberal mantra that 'Personal is Political' sums up the dynamic. Contradicting or critiquing their beliefs is, to them, an attack on their entire ego-field. Sometimes, that violence can even turn inwards and end in suicide.

      You're right too, there's a lot of Swamp-Draining getting swept under the rug right now too.

  2. Brilliant!! And thank you to Julia Layton for laying out the treacherous plans that the cult leaders among us are working hard to employ and lock into stone/law!! This is my new mantra, but, in truth, it only saddens me further. If this continues and is allowed to prevail, life on Earth - even here in the USA! - will be worthless! God had better plans for mankind!!

  3. Brainwashing is an incremental process, whether or not it is employed by your girlfriend, academia, the media or the North Koreans:

    (1) Establish control with seemingly innocuous & reasonable requests like "Be polite", "Pay attention", "Wear a mask", "Turn off your phone", "Lift the seat", and "Stay tuned for further messages".

    (2) Isolate the target & assault his identity by challenging his core beliefs & his sense of self. Accuse him of incompetence, ignorance, privilege, misogyny or any other ill-defined crime.

    (3) Apply peer pressure to establish his undefined guilt. Relentlessly insist that he is "bad", "toxic", "worthless", "hateful", "selfish", "racist", "evil".

    (3) Extract an admission of guilt & demand self-betrayal in the form of an apology wherein the target denounces his culture, his autonomy, his family, his friends, his core beliefs, himself. Reduce him to a state of abject dependency.

    (4) Offer him forgiveness, leniency, salvation & progress, contingent on confession, the ongoing rejection of his previous belief system & the subsequent adoption of the desired belief system.

    (5) Reward & re-enforce the new personality through praise, friendship, sexual release and love bombing. Immediately withdraw affection, isolate the target & extract an apology at first sign of undesirable behaviors.

    (6) Repeat as necessary.

    That's the theory anyway, but it all falls apart without the perceived reward & reinforcement detailed in (5) which is why we are all here, angrily questioning the status quo, after being deprived of any real reward, and why even the most conditioned slave eventually rebels.

    We are not isolated: We are many.

    1. Sounds like you've met my ex wife.