Wednesday, November 30, 2016


   In wake the Ohio State University attack, Islamophobia and so-called 'fake news' have been topics sweeping through both the Corporate and Alternative Media. The attack was actually carried out by a naturalized US citizen who'd been educated to radicalism in American public schools, but everyone focuses on the fact that he was born in Somalia and practiced Islam.

     So CNN, which has been dutifully reporting a lot of fake news recently, did a controversial publicity stunt this week by dressing 50 year-old reporter Alisyn Cammarota in a headscarf and putting her on-air to encourage Liberal women to don this head-dress along with their diaper-pins to show their opposition to 'hate crimes'. Many---if not most---of the hate crimes reported by CNN have turned out to be hoaxes.

    It must be remembered when speaking of Islam that the Moslems are not one monolithic faith. Just as mainstream Christians are subdivided into Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant sects; so mainstream Islam is subdivided into Shiite and Sunni sects. And just as there are radical pseudo-Christian cults like the Red Pills, Aryan Churches, and the Moonies; so there are extremist Islamic cults like the Wahhabis and Salafists. The problem is that the fake Christians and fake Moslems have a huge presence in the US Corporate Media, while the mainstream members of both religions are ridiculed and ostracized. 

      IOW, American Christians and Conservative need to be very careful about how the Moslem Question is approached. It's in the interests of the Wahhabis to both foment Islamophobia (and fan it against their enemies) and then play victims of Islamophobia (whenever their crimes are in danger of exposure). Wahhabi-controlled governments like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain own significant stock in the Corporate Media and invest heavily in the DNC and other Left-Wing causes. 

     More Moslems have died fighting the Jihadists in places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Lebanon than the Western countries combined; yet the Government and Media call these countries enemies of America and embargo them as terrorist states. Meanwhile, they call the Wahhabi states allies, and sell them weapons, even though these countries finance terrorism both in the US and abroad. The OSU attacker was sympathetic to Wahhabi terror groups, as was the Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Ft. Hood, and 9/11 attackers. In contrast Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon have no terror connections in the US.

      The Radical Right plays in concert with the Corporate Media. The Red Pills and their Neo-Nazi White Nationalist confederates often praise the Wahhabis for their treatment of women and their hatred for Jews. At the same time, they oppose Moslem immigration because the Arabs have dark complexions and Semitic features. Besides, these groups are having enough difficulty co-opting Christianity without co-opting Islam as well.

      Manosphere Red Pill Cult blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer called the OSU attack "a wild ape rampage." Anglin called for deportation of all Moslems and noted that "We have been flooded with these apes...I can tell you very honestly: I hate nothing in the world more than I hate Somalians. I hate them with every fabric of my being." It should be noted as well than many Manosphere Red Pill bloggers frequently praise Anglin as an expert on traditional Christian values.

      Islamophobia then, is simply the US Elites playing the same double-game on the domestic population as they play in geopolitics; the difference being that here it's played with words and media, and abroad with guns and bombs. As usual, it's fanatics and international criminals at the bottom of all of it.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016


    According to its website, Tufts University is "recognized as a premier university dedicated to educating new leaders for a changing world." An example of the types of leaders Tufts is educating were involved in arts and crafts therapies in safe spaces following Donald Trump's electoral victory.

    As a further indication of Tufts' quality of leadership training, the Tufts Student Senate voted 26-0 against a proposed resolution to ask Tufts' commissars to clarify whether their ill-defined policies against free expression violated their purported commitment to free speech. Here's a sample of the Student Senate's logic in rejecting such a proposal:

    "Fifty percent of the students on this campus are not from America, and there are other countries with free speech issues, and some countries handle this better than America." opined one our future leaders"I think that saying First Amendment Rights are the best kind of rights is not okay."

     "I think that clarity in itself is a subjective term so I don't really know what we're voting on." explained another of the brilliant intellects that Tufts produces, "So that's why I'm voting against this resolution...I think that the resolution really harms students."

      Another of America's best and brightest argued that the proposed resolution was disturbing the Tufts' student body's tranquility. "We instantly heard that people were feeling unsafe on campus. Survivors of assault were feeling unsafe, students of color, queer and trans students, disabled students, students from all different marginalized identities were feeling unsafe on this campus."

      Marginalized identities, indeed. One gets the impression that Tufts University is one big fringe-group.

       Tufts University is headed by famous neuroscientist turned social activist, Tony Monaco. Monaco draws a near $800,000 a year salary from Tufts' bloated $1.6 billion annual budget to feed young minds this Bolshevist poison. Monaco, from some of his writings, appears to be an enthusiast of Evolutionary Psychology. He once participated at a roundtable discussion in Britain over whether "racism and religion" were identifiable genetic characteristics. During the seminar, Monaco hinted at his displeasure with free speech.

      Annual tuition to Tufts is about $50,000 a year; and according to that stellar academic resource The Advocate, Tufts is among the top 20 'gay-friendly campuses.' Though nominally private, US taxpayers coughed up over $160 million in federal funding for 'research grants' alone. And by their own admission, half of the people involved in this research aren't even American nationals; so our own country by and large doesn't even benefit from this investment.

       Wall Street benefits however. Robber-baron Jaime Diamond and a few others, mostly in Big Pharma, are among Tufts alumni as is former Clinton Machine apparatchik, Bill Richardson. Left-wing Microsoft activist Paul Allen is a major donor to Tufts.

         The American higher-education system is in desperate need of a complete overhaul. Academia is literally rotten from top to bottom; and Tufts is another example of how bad it really is.




     On a day when diaper-pin wearing Liberals are either talking to grief counselors in their safe-spaces at Ohio State or rioting for higher wages at jobs they don't have in West Coast cities; Allied forces in Syria are on the verge of sweeping Al-Qaeda down. The Allies scored two major victories on the Western Front in the last two days.

      In the rural districts outside Damascus, Jihadists have been terrorizing the countryside; burning farms and committing other atrocities throughout the year and undermining Syria's agricultural base. Syrian regulars and Hezbollah auxiliaries finally managed to corral the thugs in the Khan Al-Sheik villages in late September and laid siege to the town for about a month. An attempted breakout failed with heavy casualties to Al-Qaeda and last night the Jihadists raised the white flag. Around 300 terrorists surrendered and Allies entered the town to jubilant welcome from cheering crowds.

      Aleppo, however, saw the greatest Allied advances in months. The long-awaited attack on the remaining Al-Qaeda redoubt in East Aleppo began in earnest: with an Allied spearhead through the center that split the terrorist forces in half. Around 500 terrorists in the northern redoubt surrendered almost immediately, and Allies liberated the area.

      The Russian Defense Ministry estimated about 80,000 civilians were liberated in this week's Aleppo Offensive, and rushed in nearly 10 tons of humanitarian aid this morning alone. Russian medics have set up emergency hospitals in the newly-freed areas. Iranian sources report that there are running street-battles in the southern redoubt between Al-Qaeda and civilians; and that dozens of Jihadists have been killed or captured attempting to escape.

        Meanwhile, Barack Obama and John Kerry have been pleading with Moscow in an impotent attempt to save their 'moderate rebels'---to no avail. To add to their frustration, Egyptian President Sisi announced that his country had dispatched military advisors to Syria to join the Allied effort.

       In other war-related news, the Allies announced that they had restored water service to Aleppo after capturing the city's water-treatment plant. Obama's 'moderate rebels' cut water to the city for nearly a month and badly damaged the plant in their retreat. Technicians working around the clock restored the water supply in less than 48 hours. In Aleppo's Christian district, some quick-thinking and heroic action by Syrian military engineers foiled an attempt by these same 'moderates' to blow up a Christian Church. Al-Qaeda had constructed a mine under the building, loaded with explosives doubtless intended to be detonated during Christian services. At considerable risk to their own lives, the soldiers entered the tunnel and deactivated the device. The soldiers have reportedly been officially cited and decorated for valor.

                                               Good Men Doing Good Things in Syria

                                      Ohio State University Making Fools of Themselves           


Monday, November 28, 2016


    In what's become a fairly regular occurrence in the Postmodern US, another radicalized neurotic went on a rampage today, injuring 11 people before being shot by police. The attack happened in Columbus, Ohio at Ohio State University.

     The deceased assailant was a legal immigrant from Somalia. Shortly before the attack, the would-be killer posted this statement online, among some other assorted outrage:

     "I'm sick and tired of seeing Moslems killed and tortured everywhere! I can't take it any more. America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially the Moslem World. We are not weak; we are not weak. Remember that!" The article also praises Anwar Awlaki, an Al-Qaeda chieftain who was killed in Yemen in 2011.

       Where would we suppose that the Ohio State attacker would get such ideas? Maybe here is a part of the answer, from Corporate Media outlet ABC News:

      "Abdul Razak Ali Artan was enrolled in Columbus State Community College from Autumn 2014 through Summer 2016."

     Artan had just arrived at Ohio State when he was interviewed by the student newspaper as part of Human Interest feature. He said, "I just transferred from Columbus State and we had actual prayer-rooms for Moslems...Here I don't even know where to go. I wanted to pray out in the open, but I was afraid of what people might think, with all that is going on in the media right now...I'm a Moslem, I'm not what the media portrays me to be."

     A common theme we continually see in these mass-attacks are that they are committed by young men educated in American public high schools and colleges. It's probably a coincidence that Anwar Awlaki, whom Artan praises as "a hero" graduated from Colorado State University and did graduate work at George Washington University before joining Al-Qaeda in Yemen. The Cultural Marxists running American Academia teach Identity Politics: the notion that one's race, ethnicity, or gender automatically assigns them a place in their own political paradigm---usually as the victim of other races, ethnicities, and gender.

    Identity Politics is by its nature anti-American and anti-Christian. America's founding document states that "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." Christianity teaches that "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whomsoever should believe in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life." American freedoms and Christian salvation are available for all willing to accept them.

      And sadly today, we see reactionary movements who preach the same Identity Politics disguised as Nationalism and Christianity. But such voices are the enemies of freedom. We hear, for example, Red Pill bloggers like Vox Day writing that "your skin color is your uniform", understand that Artan and the various Black Anarchists who've been ambushing police officers believe that statement too.

      We cannot fight Identity Politics by setting up Identity-Groups of our own. To do so is a social reversion back to Tribalism: a state that Western man rose above before the Homeric Age. We fight exclusion with equality. If Artan had been taught in taxpayer-funded schools that birth in Somalia and practicing Islam didn't exclude him from equality as an American, then Columbus State might have produced a valuable member of society for a change. 

       The American people need to take back responsibility for education from these bandits and propagandists who run our educational system. Trump's nomination of school-choice proponent Beverly DeVos is a good start at the basic levels; and hopefully she will also start meaningful reforms at the college and university levels as well; a reform that is long overdue.



Sunday, November 27, 2016


      'Pizzagate', for the few Americans who haven't heard of it, is a viral topic on the Internet currently. It's a difficult story to summarize; but the basic synopsis seems to be along these lines: There were some cryptic references about pizza, pastas, and a few other out-of-place items among the Podesta Files published by Julian Assange. Some believe these and other phrases are part of a code which lead back to a Beltway pizzeria and billiard hall run by a shady character named James Alefantis who has some suspicious connections to high-level officials in the Democratic Party. The theories going around that these e-mail references concern an alleged child sex-trafficking ring.

      The Corporate Media has been simultaneously dismissing and encouraging Pizzagate allegations; which ought to send up some immediate red flags as to the story's credibility. Even more suspicious is the fact that Alefantis---an open homosexual---is or was allegedly the gay lover of Clinton Machine operative David Brock. Brock's political history and ethics are about on the same level as Bob Creamer's or Sidney Blumenthal's. Brock is also heavily connected to the Corporate Media and is alleged by some to have connections to George Soros.

      Whenever the Corporate Media talks about Pizzagate, it is in conjunction with their contemporary meme about 'fake news.' Reddit even banned threads on the subject, calling it a "witch hunt." There are lot of fishy things about this story, and anchovy pizza isn't one of them.

       The entire Pizzagate story rests upon what certain apparently coded phrases in the Podesta e-mails actually mean. Proponents of Pizzagate argue that these phrases are employed in the sexual underworld to refer to paedophilia. Now while it is presumable that perverts like Alefantis, Brock, and Podesta are well-versed in such terminology, there has yet to be any police officials who specialize in such crimes to speak out, let alone open an official investigation. In fact, it's not clear where or how the Pizzagate allegations began, or who first brought them to public attention.

         Some might argue that the Podesta messages appear to be codes; this is likely so. It actually is not that unusual that political campaigns and officials employ coded messages. Politics at times is like military strategies, sometimes there is certain information that must be guarded until the appropriate time.

        Another troubling issue with Pizzagate is the fact that the Podesta Files and the O'Keefe videos have actual confessions and outright admissions of Democratic Party officials committing crimes. The Corporate Media has given all of that much less attention than Pizzagate. There are a lot of scandals and crimes out in the open which don't require any speculation---which the Media covers up. Scandals, for example involving Government agencies  with whom the Corporate Media's parent-companies and advertisers have contracts. Or scandals involving major foreign investors  in the Corporate Media. 

        Pizzagate appears, at this point, to be a false flag most probably initiated by Alefantis and Brock themselves to stir up support for censorship, or divert public attention from other DNC crimes, or for some other sinister purpose. We must be careful in the Information Age not to run with rumors but to deal with known facts if we ever hope to bring these political criminals to justice.


Saturday, November 26, 2016


    As we have said many times here, the so-called 'Red Pill' or 'Game' philosophy that dominates the Manosphere is essentially a cult, that is hostile both to Christian and to traditionally Conservative values, although its proponents claim it a purified version of both. They routinely attack mainstream Christianity as a feminized religion; while offering their cult as an alternative.

   We often point out that one of the main flaws in the Red Pill argument is that they can never point to a time or place where Christianity supposedly deviated from the point to which they hope to 'restore' it. A Game guru who blogs under the name Dalrock has made an attempt at this, citing an obscure Scottish writer named Callum Brown. His article is titled The Roots of Modern Christian Wife-Worship, for those who care to read it. His basic is standard Game fare: that the Church has become gynocentric and that Christian husbands are taught to submit to their wives, etc.

     First of all, Callum Brown is a self-described Postmodernist and empiricist historian, which ought to discredit him as a source immediately. Postmodernist academics reject all traditional academic paradigms, including their research methods. Empirical History is a badly-flawed research method that relies more interpreting history through contemporary opinions and experiences, rather than from objective data and comprehensive sources. The problem with the Empirical Method is that it is extremely superficial and reductionist. For example, Brown once published a book titled Becoming Atheist in which he extrapolated from interviews with 80 atheists in 18 countries a complete sociological paradigm supposedly explaining the decline of religion in the West. Obviously a method like this is simply guesswork; and one could just as easily interview 80 converted Christians to come to the opposite conclusion.

     Dalrock falls into the same fallacy by comparing some of Brown's observations in his book The Death of Christian Britain to some of Dalrock's own prejudices against American Christianity. The obvious problem is the enormous differences between Brown's observations of 19th Century Britain and the realities of 21st Century American Christianity. The not-so-obvious (to the Red Pills, anyway) problem is that Brown's observations are based wholly on 19th Century Christian art and other media presentations that reflected a shift in how women were portrayed. These changes were reflections of the attitudes of popular culture and had nothing to do with church policy.

      Some statements that Dalrock quotes from Brown are completely wrong anyway, such as: "Nowhere did evangelical literature have such an influence in the public domain, including the 'secular' domain as in its demonization of men," referring to literature from the late 19th-early 20th Centuries. Much more typical of that period were virtuous heroines being romanced or rescued by strong and daring men; but that fact is politically incorrect for both Postmodernists and Game Cultists.

     Dalrock is especially upset with a particular literary plot of the period that he claims is being replicated in the modern Church. That has to do with virtuous wives who redeem and reform a fallen husband---which is actually just a variation of the knight-and-damsel theme. The Game Cultists hate the latter theme for the same reason that Feminists hate the former. It doesn't fit into the gender-supremacist theories that both promote.

     Christianity, on the other hand, teaches that God loves both genders equally, and that there are virtues specific to each. The reason that the above-mentioned plots are so common in fiction is because they are universally recognized as virtuous behaviors. But to the Gamers, this constitutes 'wife-worship'. This is just another of their blasphemies and another pretext to attack mainstream Christians, which Dalrock does, using the article to attack Rev. Glenn Stanton and others.

     There was never a time when the Church taught wife-worship or became feminized. The mythology that it has is simply a cultish attack on religion: seeing corruption where there is none to be seen.





     To sensible Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is a time to relax with family, eat Thanksgiving leftovers and catch a few good movies like we feature here on Fridays. But to a certain element---caught between the Holiday stress and end-of-the-month drug shortages---Black Friday is a 24-hour spree of unleashed greed and unofficial rioting: typically accompanied by multiple fatalities. The same types who turn out in the streets after elections, police shootings, and major sporting events rampage through department stores while the rest of us are forced to blush with shame while reading foreign commentary on such events.

     One shopping mall in China, however, suffered a milder---though more amusing---scandal on Friday. The Shenyang Mall opened an exhibit displaying life-sized three world leaders: Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Japanese President Shinzo Abe. The display had to be removed after official complaints from the Japanese Empire and threatened boycotts from Japanese tourist bureaus. The display in question looked like this:

        Ambassadors for the Imperial Government and Japanese media objected strongly to their president being depicted wearing a short Hitler-style moustache while bowing to Obama. The mural behind the Abe figure commemorates the September 18th Incident, a false-flag operation ordered by the current Japanese Emperor's father in 1931 as a pretext for invading China.

         The owners of Shenyang Mall confirmed to The Global Times, China's official ruling-party news service, that the display had been removed on Friday. A spokesman for the consortium stated to the press that the Empire had over-reacted; that an electrical malfunction caused the Abe figure to stoop; an employee added the moustache to disguise its features; and that the figure was only placed in this position temporarily until it could be repaired. The spokesman added that the figures were made by a local artist and displayed to "enrich our customers' shopping experience."

        The Japanese Empire seemed unconvinced by this explanation, but were satisfied that the figures were removed. Japan has never formally apologized for, or even acknowledged, the September 18th Incident---nor for any of their other war crimes and crimes against humanity in China.

        Tensions have been high again recently between China and Imperial Japan; especially in the wake of the collapse of Obama's TPP and 'Asian Pivot' policies. Japan is also uneasy about President-Elect Trump's proposal to make Japan pay for US military bases, which has incidentally given hope to the Okinawan Independence movement. Obama's blunders and Trump's election have caused some instability in Asian financial markets, and Japan has been especially stressed. The Japanese Yen has devalued against the US Dollar at five times the rate of the Chinese Yuan. The Yuan is a gold-backed currency, unlike the Yen and Dollar.

      There have also been positive signs that Trump intends to scale back some of his hardline campaign rhetoric against China and seek a more cooperative path with that country. Appointing Mitt Romney to Secretary of State would be a solid and positive move in that direction. Romney has a good relationship with the Chinese and understands their economy.

     The Japanese, though, who are heavily invested in the US Corporate Media, have been waging an anti-Romney smear campaign. As usual, too, the bloggers on the Far Right support the Left Wing in opposing Romney's nomination. Wall Street and the Corporate Media hate China. The American Far Right admires Fascist Japan: just observe how many Far-Right bloggers refer to Trump as a "God-Emperor ascending the Cherry-Blossom Throne" and other such schmaltz, as though they wish Trump to be a new Hirohito.

    Cooler heads need to prevail here. Our China Policy needs a cool head like Romney's. Trump needs to be guided by pragmatic advice in the US interest and not the advice of Soros/Podesta cronies on Wall Street or the Vox Day/Andrew Anglin Fascist-worshippers in the Manosphere.  


    Fidel Castro, former dictator of Cuba; idol of the American Left; and one of the 20th Century's most prominent international arch-criminals died last night at the ripe old age of 90.

    Castro's catalogue of crimes is so vast and the extent of human misery he unleashed on the world so widespread that detailing them all is probably best left to Another Judge before Whom Castro is answering as we write. But some of his more prominent villainies were:

     *Overthrowing the legitimate Cuban government and looting the entire country.

      *Numerous mass-murders committed while doing the above.

      *Persecution of the Church.

       *Driving thousands of innocent people into exile.

       *Nearly starting WW3 by instigating the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        *Suspected---not without good reason---of complicity in the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

          *Sending abroad thugs like Che Guevara and his gang of bandits to terrorize and destabilize Latin America.

           *Running international smuggling rings and funneling weapons and narcotics into the US.

           *Covertly aiding Communist cells in the United States.

            *Helping to impose Communist regimes in Nicaragua, Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) among other places.

              *The Mariel Boatlift.

              *Nearly starting WW3 again by taking American hostages in Grenada.

       Essentially, there were very few crimes that Castro wasn't involved in at one point or another. As if to put an exclamation point on his especially evil life, Castro was one of the few world leaders to endorse Hilary Clinton during the 2016 elections. In many ways, his character resembled that Hilary's husband, Bill Clinton. We reflect upon the lives of such men and find no point in their lives when they weren't utter blackguards. Such characters are a source of mystery and speculation. Many evildoers had a point in their lives that changed them; but in cases like Castro's, we look for one in vain.

       As for the Cuban people, they doubtless feel as though a great weight were lifted off their shoulders. Obama may actually have unintentionally done something right in normalizing relations with Cuba; because now the Trump Administration now has a free hand deal with Cuba through non-military means. We await the future, but for the Cuban people a dark chapter in theirs---and the world's---history has finally closed.


Friday, November 25, 2016


   Thanksgiving Day used to be the unofficial beginning of the holiday season in the United States; when we were still a very spiritual country. Today however, when money is a god and narcotics are the path to holiness; the appropriately-named Black Friday represents the real spirit moving postmodern America. Black Friday is an unofficial holiday where minimum-wage employees are subjected to 24 hours of abuse, as Prozac-fueled Ameroboobs storm department stores and butcher and maim one another. 

    Better that readers of our site stay home and enjoy an exciting film that combines a great story with uplifting the spirit and showing the better side of man. Our recommendation for this weekend is a forgotten classic: Noah's Ark. 

    Noah's Ark was released in 1928 by Warner Brothers Studios and starred George O'Brien and the beautiful Dolores Costello in the lead roles. There are two parallel stories that run in this film, with both emphasizing the Providence of God over the selfishness of man. The film had a budget equivalent to $15 million in today's dollars and grossed an equivalent of $33 million worldwide.

    The story begins with two American friends on a tour Europe shortly before WW1. On board a train, a sinister Russian Communist starts a brawl with a Christian missionary, who is rescued by the two Americans. The train subsequently meets with a wreck, and Travis (O'Brien) rescues a German girl named Marie (Dolores Costello). The two marry and live in Europe until WW1 breaks out. Travis enlists with the Americans, while Marie joins a show entertaining the troops. 

    While separated, the couple experience some sad misfortunes. Travis' best friend dies in a friendly-fire incident, while Marie is discovered by the Communist from the train. She refuses his advances and---typical of most Leftists when they don't get their way---he frames her with false evidence that she is a German spy. Marie is sent to the firing squad, but Travis intervenes to stop the execution. Just then a German artillery barrage strikes; the couple take refugee in a mission which caves in on them. While trapped there, they discover that the Christian missionary they'd rescued from the train is trapped with them. In the midst of this hopeless situation, the missionary begins a sermon on the story of Noah. 

     The film then shifts to a genuine Biblical epic, with O'Brien playing Noah's son Japheth and Dolores Costello playing his lover, Miriam. Miriam is selected to be sacrificed to an idol and Japheth attempts to rescue her, but is captured. The Deluge interrupts these events, and Japheth rescues Miriam and brings her to the safety of the Ark at the last moment. 

     Will a divine miracle save Travis and Marie? One must watch Noah's Ark to see. 

      Modern critical reviews of Noah's Ark get so concerned with the technicalities of this story that they miss the film's entire point. This should be expected in an unspiritual age like ours. They complain that the two storylines are in conflict: why blend a fairly standard WW1 drama with a Biblical epic? This is because the story was meant to demonstrate that epics of Biblical proportions are enacted on a smaller scale in our modern lives and that God's Providence acts through all of it. As Christ taught in the New Testament, God sees even the sparrow that falls to the ground. The two storylines are not in conflict: they are in mutual dependence. In the eyes of man, the story of Japheth and Miriam are epic; while in the Eyes of God, the love of an American soldier and a German actress are equally epic and important. Humanity and Civilization may be defined by epic battles; but the day-to-day struggles of Good against Evil maintain both.

      As for the epic scenes in Noah's Ark, they are cinematic masterpieces. The Flood Scene is probably the most realistic ever filmed. The producers actually constructed an artificial reservoir filled with over a million gallons of water, which was released for the filming and covered at multiple camera-angles. Three extras were actually injured in filming the Deluge Scene (modern critics' stories of the mass-casualties inflicted during this scene are wildly exaggerated; actually more people were injured on Black Friday today).

      As of this writing, Noah's Ark is available only on DVD. It should be noted that the film was originally produced as a silent film, but some sound sections were added as 1928 was a transitional year for sound technology. These sequences don't detract from the film's merit, they are merely products of the technology of their time. As a interesting note of trivia: John Wayne was among the extras in the Deluge Scene, and the contemporary actress Drew Barrymore is Dolores Costello's granddaughter.


      After the Clinton Machine was finally politically destroyed on November 8th, it became clear that the Democratic Party will have to rebuild. The Clintons' internal corruption and tyrannical imperiousness took the Party down with it on Election Night. This is not a bad thing, by any means. The Democratic Party has been in need of an overhaul since probably 1968---the last election where the Democratic candidate wasn't someone from the extreme Left.

      It's a good bet, however, that Soros, Podesta, the Saudi Royal Family, and other interested parties aren't going to give up the franchise so easily. The Clintons and Obamas were useful pawns over the last three decades, but are now politically expendable. It's in the interest of these Beltway/Wall Street powerbrokers to move the Party even further Left. It's in the interest of actual American Democrats to move the Party back to the center, but that is beside the point.

       To this end, Wall Street and the Corporate Media are promoting candidates who will be as divisive as possible. Symone Sanders, an obese, clipped-haired Black Lives Matter thug, who's now become a CNN political analyst (usually a six-figure salary job at CNN) stated on Wednesday that,

      "In my opinion, we don't need white people running the Democratic Party right now. The Democratic Party is diverse; and that should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff, at the highest levels."

      In case Symone hasn't noticed, Barack Obama---the first Black president---is a Democrat. His main achievements for the Democratic Party were losing control of Congress to the Republicans twice, and making the Democratic Party an international laughing-stock. The candidate he endorsed as his successor was beaten by a man who'd never held elective office in his life.

    But Sanders is hired to say perverted and divisive things. Last week, she defended some Chicago carjackers who beat up a Trump supporter in the street.

     The Democratic Party---if it hopes to be relevant again---needs to flush extremists out of its party along with the other corrupt elements. And Symone Sanders is another example of why the Mass Media needs reform as well. Crackpots like Sanders are simply on CNN to be inflammatory and contribute nothing of any value to our political discourse. The reason we've seen gutter-level politics in the US recently is because sleazy tabloid-level Corporate Media outlets like CNN promote it.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


     Most of us (maybe with the exception of students in postmodern schools) know the story of the Pilgrim Fathers and the First Thanksgiving. The holiday though was recognized by various states and not by the Federal Government as a national holiday until 1863, when President Lincoln established it by Executive Order.

      The year 1863 was pivotal in the US Civil War. It was the year of the Emancipation Proclamation and two decisive victories over the Rebels; at Vicksburg and Gettysburg. The latter battle occasioned Lincoln's order to establish Thanksgiving Day; which in many ways is a uniquely American holiday celebrating both our Christian and Constitutional principles. The Secessionists hung on pointlessly for another year and a half; finally crowning all their crimes by treacherously assassinating Lincoln after he'd given them more generous peace terms than they deserved.

      Abraham Lincoln's reputation has fallen on difficult times recently. The Radical Right hates Lincoln because they sympathize with the Secessionists; and the Radical Left hates him because he was a famous white male who accomplished great things. In many ways, there are parallels between Lincoln's career and our own recent election.

       The Election of 1860 was also a divisive one. Like Trump, Lincoln faced a hostile press and opposition candidates bent on not accepting the election results, should he win. Like the Clinton Machine, the Democrat candidates stood for a corrupted, entrenched system and were teeming with radicals who'd been conspiring against the Constitution for years. Lincoln was also condemned by the then-Elites for his lack of experience and promises to unify a divided country.

      Lincoln won the Election of 1860 with a plurality of popular votes, though decisively in the Electoral College, and this spawned the ancestors of the Not My President crowd of 2016 and the interested Elites into action. The Secessionists had been plotting an overthrow of the Government for some time. Jefferson Davis, the ringleader of the rebellion, married the daughter of President Taylor and floated the idea shortly after the 1848. Taylor's energetic response and pro-Union stand convinced the traitors that they had bet on the wrong horse. Taylor died under mysterious circumstances in 1849 and was succeeded by the ignorant and ineffectual President Fillmore. Matters grew worse in 1852, when the Democrats nominated the inept and alcoholic Franklin Pierce to the presidency. Davis served as Pierce's Defense Secretary and moved arsenals and military facilities to South; as well as flooding West Point with Southern-born cadets and appointing Robert E. Lee as its head. In 1856, the incapacitated Pierce declined re-election in favor of a weak and suspected homosexual James Buchanan who was on record as saying that secession was a Constitutional Right.

     Like Trump, Lincoln took the presidency after a string of incompetent, weak, and corrupt leaders had primed America for internal collapse. Though he won the confidence of the people, Lincoln was fought by interested elites and cunning fanatics during his entire presidency. The treasonous Secessionists were even being covertly aided by the British; who were still smarting after their defeat in America during the War of 1812. But Lincoln never lost his Faith in God, his convictions, or his belief in humanity during four years of civil war.

      During the war, Lincoln refused calls to suspend the 1864 Elections and was successfully re-elected against a pacifist candidate. He also refused Rebel demands on prisoner-of-war exchanges unless the Confederates agreed to give Black POWs the same status as Whites. Lincoln once also countermanded some anti-Semitic orders imposed by his military governors and issued orders protecting Jewish Americans.

       Lincoln's Administration not only defeated the Secessionists. Many of his forward-looking policies set the course for future Americans. He established the Department of Agriculture and land-grants for agricultural colleges, which made the US the leading agricultural power for the next century. In 1862, he augmented these policies with the Homestead Act---which was responsible for creating thousands of family-farms in the West. Lincoln also authorized subsidies for the transcontinental railroad project---which would enable commerce on a previously-unrealized scale nationwide. In 1864, Lincoln issued Federal protection for the future Yosemite National Park.

       In addition to freeing the slaves, Lincoln also proposed Indian policy reform following the Sioux Uprising of 1862. Lincoln pardoned over 200 Indians sentenced to death after their defeat, though the ringleaders were executed: according to some sources, because they were Confederate agents. He also stabilized the currency with some tax and banking reforms that were years ahead of their time. Lincoln nominated five Supreme Court Justices, among them the famous jurists Salmon P. Chase and Noah Swayne.

       So on Thanksgiving 2016, we can see that the political and social turmoil we see around us today was present on the first Thanksgiving in 1863. Lincoln still stands tall as an example for us today: hold fast to faith, convictions, and a belief in man---and we can come through the current upheavals as our forefathers did in Lincoln's Era; better and stronger than before.




   This holiday season is starting out as a very joyless one for certain segments of the Prozac Nation. When legal technicalities like Constitutional Law and Democratic Elections get in the way, some Americans seem to be experiencing a complete mental breakdown. Crashing the Canadian Immigration Service's website on Election Night was just the start. Now, hysterical Ameroboobs are running wild; wearing diaper pins, burning flags, and 'occupying' public bathrooms. Trying to manipulate/abolish the Electoral College. Demanding bogus vote recounts. Calling for national labor strikes. Making online threats against Trump and his supporters. Seriously talking about Secession. All of this is complete nonsense, and another national embarrassment---brought to us courtesy of the 'elite' Left.

     Now, the day before the Holiday Season, the Left is advocating outright censorship. The European Union---a gang of Obama Administration/Clinton Foundation/George Soros shills---passed a resolution condemning Russian media outlets for allegedly interfering with the US Election; even going so far as to equate them with ISIS propaganda. This resolution was non-binding and totally symbolic, of course. The Obama Administration has had a long history of floating controversial subjects through the EU or UN.

       There is a big push going on in the Corporate Media, not only to suppress foreign news, but using the Government to crackdown on so-called 'Fake News Sites.' They are also pressuring Facebook, Google, and Youtube (which is owned by Google) to shut down access to such sites. The Corporate Media is even circulating a list of targeted sites---every one of which is, of course, an openly Conservative sites. This list was devised by an obscure Professor of Communications at Merrimack College named Melissa Zimdars, a self-described 'Feminist Activist' whose boasted specialty seems to center on Fat-Shaming in the media.

      Merrimack College is located in Massachusetts. It is a nominally Catholic school, once run by the Augustinians. Like many American parochial schools, however, they found the Federal Trough a more lucrative source of revenue than stipends from the Vatican; and that surrendering Catholic values for political correctness enhanced their popularity among the Cultural Elites. Merrimack's website boasts itself in "the Augustinian Tradition" which is a bit ironic considering that Augustinian friars take a Vow of Poverty. The tradition hardly seems to square with Merrimack's $37,000 annual tuition.

      A Wikipedia list of Merrimack's 28 most notable alumni consists of 13 professional hockey players; 2 professional football players; 2 professional baseball players; 1 professional lacrosse player; the Director of the Boston Marathon; an actor; and 2 professional band members. The others were minor politicians and writers. Such is the scope and depth of what the Corporate Media considers a national-policy setting institution.

     As for Professor Zimdars herself, she has only been employed at Merrimack a little more than a year; having graduated from the University of Iowa in 2014.

      Sputnik News interviewed a real academic, Dr. Matthew Dal Santo of the University of Copenhagen.

     "There is already an impression in many circles that the mainstream (American) press is selective in its choices of stories to report and in choice of terms to frame them." Professor Dal Santo said, "How will the reportage of fact be sifted from opinion? And what of cases where the truth simply isn't known? It would be very concerning if powerful individuals such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth $51 billion had the power to choose which websites to suppress. These aren't questions I would like to leave in the hands of Mr. Zuckerberg."

     Dr. Dal Santo held up Election coverage as a prime example. "Most people expect the press to observe basic ethical standards regarding the truthfulness of its reporting. But numerous critics have pointed out the Corporate Media's biased coverage, complete with half-truths, fake polls, and other unethical approaches to journalism. This has resulted in a huge shift towards alternative, independent, and foreign media."

     Not to mention that many journalists and Corporate Media outlets were donors to the Clinton Machine; and many of their parent-companies on Wall Street were given hefty government contracts through Clinton's influence.

     It's sad that Massachusetts, a state originally founded by British refugees seeking liberty of conscience should be the epicenter of so much recent Anti-Democracy initiatives. And even worse, on Thanksgiving---a tradition started by these same refugees. As our last great president from Massachusetts once said:


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


     Our 44th President's final official state visit came to a merciful conclusion in Lima, Peru yesterday. The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Conference saw an essential repeat of Obama's disastrous performance and diplomatic snubbing as October's G-20 Summit in China. Obama left Peru having accomplished absolutely nothing while his enemies, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, dominated the conference.

     Donald Trump's announcement that he would shelve Obama's proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) plan in January, and the repudiation of Obama's policies during the last election effectively reduced Obama's influence at APEC to that of a figurehead. The day after Trump's announcement, the Japanese Empire threw up the sponge on TPP. Even Obama's arrival in Peru was greeted by 5,000 anti-TPP protestors, and things went downhill for him from there. Vladimir Putin, however, who widely admired in South America was greeted by throngs of cheering crowds.

     But, like the G-20, it was China's president Xi Jinping who set the tone for the Summit. Obama's failed 'Pivot to Asia' combined with the collapse of TPP has created an enormous power vacuum in the Pacific. Corporate Media shilling for Obama and the distractions of the 2016 Presidential Campaign have left many Americans completely unaware of how just how badly Obama's policies in the Pacific have damaged American economic and political power in the region. The losses the US sustained in the Pacific this year were monumental and left China to fill the void.

      The incoming Trump Administration is definitely going to be obliged to reconsider some of Trump's hardline campaign positions vis-à-vis China. During the last year alone, the US has lost The Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore as exclusive allies to the Chinese; while Vietnam and Japan are turning to Russia. Indonesia is pursuing a more independent course, while Okinawa and South Korea have fallen into deep political unrest. Taiwan's position is increasingly precarious. During this weekend's conference, Putin and Xi discussed connecting the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union with China's New Silk Road project. 

     South American participants at APEC also expressed optimism at greater relations with China. Another fact that few Americans realize is that China is Latin America's 2nd-largest trading partner both in imports and exports. That relationship has only strengthened during the Obama Administration. Obama scrapped the Bush Administration proposal to create a free-trade zone in Latin America; and China reaped the benefits of that neglect. Obama's skullduggery in Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay and Brazil have not helped US-Latin American relations either.

      These things considered, it is to be hoped that Trump will follow through on his political advisors' suggestions that Mitt Romney be nominated for Secretary of State. Romney, like Trump, is a former CEO---but unlike Trump has considerable experience negotiating foreign economic deals. Romney has a good rapport with China and is well-respected in Latin America. He would be able to handle foreign affairs capably while Trump concentrates on domestic issues and internal rebuilding---which seem to be his primary focus.

      Many Conservatives have little interest in global geopolitics, but Obama's utter impotence at the last G-20, ASEAN, and APEC Summits are not like we would want to see Trump. Trump is right in that rebuilding the US needs to be a top priority; but we cannot allow ourselves to fall to 2nd or 3rd-rate status in the global economy either. Trump has already shown some positive inclinations in this direction; by speaking of a new 'Bilateral Approach' to world trade. Actually, bilateralism has been the secret to China's foreign trade successes under Xi Jinping. Trump's announcement today that Nicky Haley would be UN Ambassador is also a positive step, as she is a very popular political figure in Asia.

        So let us hope that APEC 2016 is the final scene in a long string of American foreign policy embarrassments. A future, less politically-correct generation is going to assess the Obama Legacy in foreign policy as an unmitigated disaster---very likely among the worst, if not the worst, administration in its handling of foreign affairs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


    Less than 24 hours after President-Elect Donald Trump sent arrogant representatives of the US Corporate Media from Trump Tower in humiliated shame, he turned his attention to the so-called 'Alternative Media'. This weekend's outburst of anti-American, pro-Nazi behavior at Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute led Trump to address this situation, which has been an irritant to his entire campaign.

     "Of course I disavow and condemn them." Trump stated to the humbled press, "It's not a group I want to energize. And if they are energized, I want to find out why."

     The last phrase---which has the ominous suggestion of potential official investigation--- has the Manosphere Red Pill Cult and their Nazi Allies feeling the pinch, to say the least. Spencer's downfall has taken two prominent Red Pills---Steve Sailer and Jack Donovan---down along with him. Sailer and Donovan both are writers for Spencer's various publications. Donovan, a homosexual and former ordained minister in the Church of Satan, is also a member of a neo-pagan White Supremacist cult called The Wolves of Vinland

      Mike Cernovich, as we mentioned yesterday, actually disavowed Spencer even before Trump. To his credit, he isn't backing down, despite a barrage of Red Pill and Nazi attacks. Apparently, angry Manospherians are even going so far as to troll his book reviews on Amazon and downvote them---such are the fanatics he dealt with. But hopefully, Cernovich is now seeing their true colors. 

     Vox Day, in contrast, is encouraging his disciples to go their safe spaces, to Manosphere echo-chambers like Gab. Vox' articles are sounding increasingly desperate, as his fantasies of Trump as God-Emperor who ethnically cleanses America and reduces women to sexual chattel are receding before reality. Vox claimed today that Trump's "approval or disapproval of them is irrelevant," and tried to claim Politico's firing of a writer who doxxed Spencer as some great victory. His confederate, Andrew Anglin of the Nazi blog The Daily Stormer tried to brush off Trump's disavowal as media pandering. 

     But there's no doubt now that the Red Pills and their Nazi camp-followers are running scared. Real America may have spoken by electing Trump; but the realization is dawning on the Far Right that aren't part of Real America after all.




    The United States is in desperate need of educational reform and has been for decades. A prime example of this need is Hampshire College, located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Hampshire College has decided to ban the American flag. In the words of the college's president, Jonathan Lash, the ban will "focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors."

     Following Donald Trump's election on November 8th, school officials ordered the flag flown at half-staff to "acknowledge the grief and pain experienced by so many and to enable the full complexity of voices and experiences to be heard," whatever the latter phrase may mean. On Veterans' Day, angry campus Anarchists tore down the flag and publically burned it; calling it "a symbol of racism and hatred." Lash then decided to ban the flag for the reasons stated above.

      Hampshire College is widely regarded as one of the worst universities in the US because of its extremely high ($62,000) tuition rates and the low quality of education for the price. In 2014, Lash's Administration stopped using SAT and ACT scores as a criterion for acceptance. In 2013, they prohibited a local Afrobeat band from performing at a dance because the band was 'too white'.

      College President Jonathan Lash rakes in a cool $180,000 salary to promote this kind of stupidity. In spite of the high tuition and the $40 million fleeced from taxpayers to keep Hampshire in operation, Lash's mismanagement has led to a $2.5 million shortfall this year. Hampshire College has not produced one graduate of any note since its founding in 1965.

       In a sane society that valued education---with a less corrupt Academic Establishment--- schools like Hampshire would have been closed long ago. It is not simply a matter of the Leftist faculty or the high expense. It's that colleges like these serve no national purpose. They cost citizens money and return nothing to the citizenry in exchange.

       A look at Hampshire's Course Catalogue reveals that there are five schools there: Cognitive Science; Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies; Interdisciplinary Arts; Natural Science; and Critical Social Inquiry. The courses offered in all five of these schools are about half Cultural Marxist propaganda and about half the same academic courses that a decent Community College would offer---at a fraction of the cost.

      Maybe there should be a national policy with universities like the military's base-closure system. We close military bases when the cost of maintaining them exceeds any purpose for national defense. Why not do the same with universities? Why should taxpayers subsidize places like this? No, Hampshire College and schools like it are pork-barrel projects. There is no major research going on there; no medical or major scientific facilities---absolutely nothing that justifies maintaining it.

       These parasitic academic institutions are part of the swamp that the American people elected Donald Trump to drain. Jonathan Lash's last literary work, Season of Spoils: The Reagan Administration's Attack on the Environment no doubt dealt with swamp-draining; and doubtless with such expertise Lash easily could find a $15/hour job in such a field if Hampshire College should be closed.



Monday, November 21, 2016


    As regular readers here know, we have no especial admiration for Manosphere blogger Mike Cernovich. But today, Cernovich published an article which, in fairness, we have to applaud. On his blog, Danger and Play, Cernovich raises some interesting questions about Nazi Richard Spencer.

    Given Cernovich's writing style, the article reads more like an opinion piece than an in-depth analysis, but he makes his point nonetheless. Richard Spencer, shady head of The National Policy Institute and various assorted Neo-Nazi front-organizations, gave an exclusive press conference today for the Corporate Media outlet, The Atlantic. The Atlantic is owned by Wall Street multimillionaire David G. Bradley---a self-described Neocon who supported both Obama and Hilary Clinton and who is a well-known Beltway insider.

     Now Spencer invited over 100 Corporate Media to the conference according to Cernovich. Spencer and his henchmen were recorded on video giving Nazi salutes to Trump; which The Atlantic is already spinning for political capital. Cernovich asks the very pertinent question: How much of this is controlled opposition?

      Good question. It's been a long-standing question how many of these Neo-Nazi and Manosphere get their funding and media when so few have seem to no visible means of support. If we learned anything from this last election cycle, it is that the Left is utterly ruthless and unscrupulous in employing controlled opposition. Cernovich is probably one of the more media-savvy of the Red Pills, and his instincts are certainly attuned to a paradoxes here that don't add up.

     And Richard Spencer's character is not one that is above suspicion, by any means. Spencer became an outspoken enemy of Conservatism after being fired from The American Conservative for his radical views in 2007. In 2014. he was arrested and deported from Hungary as a subversive and an undesirable alien. It should also be noted that Corporate Media mogul William Regnery founded the National Policy Institute---hence the apparent ties to Big Media.

      The 150+ commenters to Cernovich's article denounce Cernovich as a Jew, a sellout, and a 'Cuckservative' which in itself is telling.

      So is Mike Cernovich an opportunist who sees the way the political winds are blowing; or have the 'scales fallen from his eyes' and he's seen the Red Pill/White Nationalist tribe for what they really are? Time will tell, but we hope it's the latter. There'll be a spot for Danger and Play on our blogroll if Cernovich has truly seen the light.


Sunday, November 20, 2016


     San Francisco used to be a great city. Today however after several decades of Leftist misrule, it has degenerated into an urban cesspool of poverty, crime, drug abuse, and sexual perversion. San Francisco's crime rate is 142% higher than the national average; and the cost of living 89% higher than the national average. Homelessness is rampant in San Francisco: the cost of housing is a whopping 255% higher than the rest of California.

     The city also has a severe drug problem---and with these demographics in mind, it is predictable that San Francisco's schools are among the nation's worst. Test scores are fully 16 points below the national average. Now would assume that in a city where incidents like these regularly occur, that the local population might start questioning whether or not Liberal Elitism actually leads to a higher quality of life. But, although Donald Trump received less than 10% of the vote in San Francisco County and has yet to take office, public schools in The Paris of the West have unilaterally decided that Trump is the greatest menace that San Francisco faces. To that end, they have devised an anti-Trump curriculum for 2017 students.

     We can of course presume that the Anarchists and other foes of democracy controlling the San Francisco Unified School District won't let their distaste for Trump stop them from lining up at the Federal Trough to support their $788 million annual budget, however.

      The anti-Trump (read anti-election) curriculum was devised by one Fakhra Shah, a Social Studies teacher who penned the memo at 2 A.M. on Election Night by her own admission---roughly a half-hour after Trump was declared winner.

     "We're calling him out," Shah boasted to the press, "If he's our president, I have a right to hold him accountable and take a stand that is anti-hate and anti-racist. The plan encourages teachers to let students express their concerns and to offer them hope and to tell students that they can keep fighting. We can uplift ourselves and fight oppression here at school, even if we cannot control the rest of the country."

      This is exactly the type of Liberal arrogance that likely contributed to the Democratic Party's national defeat on November 8th. "Let us please not sidestep the fact that a racist and sexist man has become the president of our country by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base." Shah further states.

       And while the SFUSD opposes the Ten Commandments in school as offensive, Shah's lesson plan states that is desirable for teachers to allow students to pour out vile invective on Trump. "I know that they might curse and swear, but you would too if you suffered under the constructs of White Supremacy or experienced sexism or any isms or lack of privilege. You would especially do so if you had not yet developed all the tools necessary to fight this oppression."

       And further, the lesson plan directly teaches students not to accept the election results as legitimate:

      "Do not tell them that we lost and that we have to accept this. We do not have to accept anything except that we must and will fight for justice against an unjust system and against an unjust people."

     In the context of a democratic and free election, what Shah is teaching is Anarchism. Teaching children in a publically-funded school to lash out in blind rage and not recognize the legitimate government is subversion, not education. Fakhra Shah is obviously mentally ill and doesn't belong anywhere near a school. Nonetheless, her message resonated with the other professional malcontents in the SFUSD. Shah's plan has been accepted for other schools to use; although the SFUSD Establishment stresses that the course is 'optional'. SFUSD spokeswoman Gentle Blythe sniffed to the press that:

     "Educators are entrusted to create lessons that reflect California standards, support students' social and emotional well-being, and foster inclusive and safe school communities."

     And here we can see a specimen of Blythe's idea of an inclusive and safe community.

      American public education is clearly in deep trouble. Decades of public neglect need urgently to be addressed by the Trump Administration. It is little wonder that we are falling behind other countries when our schools are in this kind of condition.




Saturday, November 19, 2016


     The 2016 Elections apparently didn't provide enough drama for the drama-queens in the Prozac Nation. Vice-President Elect Pence hoped to take in a Broadway musical only find himself the target of an impromptu celebrity roast. A so-called 'actor', one Brandon Dixon, couldn't resist spouting off a political diatribe aimed at Pence at the end of the show. The arrogance implicit this kind of behavior hardly needs commentary; but it's fairly typical of the Left's crassness.

     Another so-called comedian, Conan O'Brien, is also being criticized for performing a skit depicting Trump supporters being executed with lethal gas. (Yes, the same Hollywood Liberals who are criticizing Attorney-General nominee Jeff Sessions' support for capital punishment). O'Brien draws a $12 million annual salary from TBS and has a net worth of about $75 million and naturally he depicted Trump supporters as lower-working class trailer-trash. Not a typical Clinton Machine Elitist, of course. O'Brien donated $33,400 to the DNC this last election cycle.

     Meanwhile, the self-described Alternative Media, which ostensibly represents the Far Right, also lashed out against both against Conservatism and Christianity. Red Pill Game Cult blogger Vox Day took issue with both American traditions---whom he describes as 'cuckservatives' and 'churchians'. Vox is credited, along with charlatan and Internet troll Mike Cernovich  and disgraced former Osage Indian Chief, John Red Eagle, of coining the 'cuckservative' term in a book titled: Cuckservative: How Conservatives Betrayed America

    Vox attacked author Ben Shapiro today; for essentially exposing the anti-American and anti-Christian character of the Far Right. Specifically, Shapiro's statement that:

     "They want to destroy the Republican Party from within and take it over. They want Constitutionalist Right destroyed. They actually hate the Constitutionalist Right more than they hate the Left. They don't actually hate the Left. They think that the Left is wrong about racism but they don't object to Big Government...rather, they believe that you should have special privileges if you're of European descent. They want what they call 'Christendom' protected from foreign bodies."

       Vox takes exception to this statement and makes the astounding statement that Shapiro is confused about whom the Far Right actually hates. Vox instead argues that he hopes that Constitutionalists will be converted (i.e. by 'taking the Red Pill') and insists that his sect does, in fact, actually hate the Left and wishes its destruction. 

       As for defending Christian values, Vox opines that instead of Ben Shapiro, the media should interview religious authorities, whom he seriously suggests are Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, and Andrew Anglin---all of whom happen to be Nazis! Shapiro is correct: and as we have stated here many times, the so-called Alternative Media and the Corporate Media are simply two sides of the same coin: united in their desire to overthrow the Constitution and the Church. 

       In reality, Vox and his Red-Pill clique follow the political and spiritual 'traditions' of 1960s radicals Lincoln Rockwell and L. Ron Hubbard moreso than any traditional American or Christian values. Their Cultural Fascism is only a variant of Leftist Cultural Marxism; just as 1920s European Fascism was only a variant of Leninist Bolshevism. 

      Dixon, O'Brien, and Vox Day are prime examples of why the US is in desperate need of a professional media again. The gutter-level extremism that these people are irresponsibly interjecting into public discourse is a national disgrace.