Tuesday, November 29, 2016


     On a day when diaper-pin wearing Liberals are either talking to grief counselors in their safe-spaces at Ohio State or rioting for higher wages at jobs they don't have in West Coast cities; Allied forces in Syria are on the verge of sweeping Al-Qaeda down. The Allies scored two major victories on the Western Front in the last two days.

      In the rural districts outside Damascus, Jihadists have been terrorizing the countryside; burning farms and committing other atrocities throughout the year and undermining Syria's agricultural base. Syrian regulars and Hezbollah auxiliaries finally managed to corral the thugs in the Khan Al-Sheik villages in late September and laid siege to the town for about a month. An attempted breakout failed with heavy casualties to Al-Qaeda and last night the Jihadists raised the white flag. Around 300 terrorists surrendered and Allies entered the town to jubilant welcome from cheering crowds.

      Aleppo, however, saw the greatest Allied advances in months. The long-awaited attack on the remaining Al-Qaeda redoubt in East Aleppo began in earnest: with an Allied spearhead through the center that split the terrorist forces in half. Around 500 terrorists in the northern redoubt surrendered almost immediately, and Allies liberated the area.

      The Russian Defense Ministry estimated about 80,000 civilians were liberated in this week's Aleppo Offensive, and rushed in nearly 10 tons of humanitarian aid this morning alone. Russian medics have set up emergency hospitals in the newly-freed areas. Iranian sources report that there are running street-battles in the southern redoubt between Al-Qaeda and civilians; and that dozens of Jihadists have been killed or captured attempting to escape.

        Meanwhile, Barack Obama and John Kerry have been pleading with Moscow in an impotent attempt to save their 'moderate rebels'---to no avail. To add to their frustration, Egyptian President Sisi announced that his country had dispatched military advisors to Syria to join the Allied effort.

       In other war-related news, the Allies announced that they had restored water service to Aleppo after capturing the city's water-treatment plant. Obama's 'moderate rebels' cut water to the city for nearly a month and badly damaged the plant in their retreat. Technicians working around the clock restored the water supply in less than 48 hours. In Aleppo's Christian district, some quick-thinking and heroic action by Syrian military engineers foiled an attempt by these same 'moderates' to blow up a Christian Church. Al-Qaeda had constructed a mine under the building, loaded with explosives doubtless intended to be detonated during Christian services. At considerable risk to their own lives, the soldiers entered the tunnel and deactivated the device. The soldiers have reportedly been officially cited and decorated for valor.

                                               Good Men Doing Good Things in Syria

                                      Ohio State University Making Fools of Themselves           


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