Sunday, August 29, 2021


   It is within the natural order of things that a nation's men are the defenders and protectors of society at large; just as women have a similar role concerning the family and nurturing of the young. The events of the last year and a half have displayed for anyone who cares to look at the facts that both sides of the gender spectrum have failed. As a consequence, we have both a failed society and a failed democracy. It is tempting for many on the Right to blame the so-called 'Biden-Harris Administration' but the reality is that a Civilization rots from the bottom up and not from the top down. This is especially true in Constitutional Republics, as the citizens become more corrupt, they delegate more of their responsibilities to the State, which in turn grows larger, more powerful, and staffed by some of the worst elements in Society. 

  In a functional society men will choose as leaders those whom they respect; and the leaders are men who earn that respect. History is filled with stories of leaders who in some way shared the hardships of other men. It's even a proven fact of Male Psychology that men will respect an actual enemy who's willing to fight and die for a cause more than they respect men who support them but sit on the sidelines out of the action. I knew some WW2 veterans who said that they enlisted with hatred for the Japanese; but after fighting on various islands---usually in hand-to-hand combat with a well-trained force who believed in death before defeat---they came away with a different attitude. Even years after the war, most spoke respectfully of the Japanese while having nothing but contempt for American draft-dodgers. I had older relatives who wouldn't watch certain celebrities because they sat out the war and made money while the others did the fighting. Korean and Vietnam War veterans had very similar attitudes. 


    Somewhere around the turn of the Century this attitude changed among Conservatives. They projected an image where 'leaders' stood aloof from the actual work and outlined plans for others to follow. A man's duty was changed from following a leader he had chosen to obeying a leader who was supposedly superior. Those who questioned a leader's fitness were sneered at as envious losers. In fact, men who learned how to game the system---pretending to go along with it while feathering their own nests on the side---became the sort of New Model Conservative male. There was also circulating online (and still is) a kind of faux Stoicism preaching a phony "rugged individualism" which were really only philosophic smokescreens for unbridled Egoism, hypocrisy, and opportunism. The reason for this shift happened largely because many of the post-Reagan Conservative leadership of the 90s and 00s were men who'd managed to slither out of going to Vietnam themselves. In the 2010s and since, the rise of the Red Pill movement in the Manosphere worked this diabolical subterfuge into a formal system which they call Game; and the corrosive effects on American Masculinity has really taken a toll.

   So, Pastor Doug Wilson, a Red Pill orbiter, has chimed in with his advice on Vaxx Passports. His idea is that the solution to the problem is to get fake passports. That way, a Churchian can still go with the flow while not believing in what they're doing. Outsmart the Regime; beat them at their own game. 

   It's difficult to put into words how deeply I despise Conservatives like this; and I live among a lot of them. I actually feel dirty trying to explain why it is unethical and immoral to behave like this. So, let's hear quote from the late Spencer Tracy in the 1961 film, Judgement at Nuremberg:

     "There are those in our own country too who today speak of the protection of country; of survival. A decision must be made in the life of every nation; at that very moment when the grasp of the enemy is at it's throat. Then it seems that the only way to survive is to use the means of the enemy: to rest survival upon what is expedient, to look the other way. Only then, the question becomes: 'Survival as what?' A country isn't a rock; it isn't an extension of oneself. It's what it stands for. It's what it stands for when standing for something is the most difficult."

     Wilson contends that his position is Biblical. He says, "There are wisdom issues involved also, and so you should do a reasonable cost/benefit analysis with regard to whatever it is you are doing." So, to his mind, it is all a matter of personal benefit. That's not a Biblical position. As Christians we are told to live lives to draw others to the Faith. How does conforming to an evil policy accomplish that? Conforming either teaches an unbeliever that Christians approve of the policy (not knowing the Passport is fake); or else it teaches that Faith is worth less than whatever benefit one obtains from having one. 

    On top of all of this, it won't work. The Deep State always plays with loaded dice. Take for example this recent flap over 'Eviction Moratorium' extensions. In the 1990s, the RINOs repealed most of the New Deal Era protections for low-income renters. Landlords were allowed to charge up to 30% of income on fixed and low income tenants. There were no more restrictions on fair market value and property prices underwent massive inflation. These smart guys thought they were gaming the system too. Then the Scamdemic happened. Rent Forbearance was enacted. Stripped of their easy money, these landlords were unable to pay their mortgages. The Federal subsidies promised have yet to be delivered. The landlords couldn't sell to private homeowners, since no one wanted to purchase homes filled with deadbeat tenants. That drove down the values, large corporations have since swooped in to buy them at discounts. And who's going to get the subsidies? The Elites who bought these places will. 

    Those with fake Vaxx Passports are going to get the 'rights' of the compliant; but they seem to forget that they'll be under the same obligations. As the Regime takes more and more of their lives, they're going to find it increasingly difficult to back out of their decision. Putting on mask or flashing a passport is giving passive support to the Regime's policies, and the more one complies the more the Dictatorship is going to demand. 


     The attitudes I've seen from Conservatives have been appaling. Some have even offered assistance in schemes to sue the government for damages arising from the Mandates. As if principles were for sale or taking a stand is just another angle to work. This seems to be a general attitude among the American public today and among the so-called Right in particular: somehow nothing is worth supporting or doing unless there is a personal ulterior motive involved. This is one reason why I have feel pessimism towards the immediate future. The Left fears our values and reflexively moves in unison to oppose. Obviously, an every-man-for-himself attitude on the right isn't going to amount to much of an opposition. We saw that in action during and after the Revolt. Throughout 2020, from the local power seizures to the final Putsch, the Right completely collapsed. All the way from 73 million voters to the Senate Majority Leader, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Vice-President of the United States, everyone looked out for Number 1 and waited for somebody else to act. And even when some did try to act, nobody had their backs. 

    Male Nature doesn't change, and there's a plurality on the Right still fighting back in various ways. But men are not going to fight for a population where the prevailing attitude is "I got mine; let the guys with nothing to lose do the work." They are not going to fight for some self-appointed 'Alpha' or 'Sigma' perched in a cushy job needs them to defend his lifestyle and position. The Vietnam War ought to have taught us that. Masculine Psychology doesn't accept being used as a pawn very lightly. Take for example a man like John Kerry. Kerry went to Vietnam and had a distinguished record. But somewhere along the line, he couldn't stand it any longer and switched sides. He's always been a warrior; though he's fighting for the Great Reset now. Wesley Clark---another high-profile example. No one wants to admit it, but a number of supposedly 'MIA/POW' unaccounted for went to North Vietnam and fought for them instead. Our allegedly callous military leaders in those days had a policy of listing them as missing to spare the families the disgrace.*{see note}

    So, no: advice like Wilson's is not helpful to anybody. In fact, it's counter-productive advice. He has a big church with a large community: he ought to be organizing that community to self-reliance and setting up relief programs for those impacted by the persecution. Sadly, those most impacted are likely to be met with an indifferent shrug, and "sucks to be you." And as long as Wilson doesn't rock the boat too much, I'm sure the Elites will let him keep his position and complain all he wants to. The Elites want compliance; consent is irrelevant. So, taking Wilson's route isn't fooling or helping anybody.

(*This was known to happen in the Military for some time. An old veteran of WW1 told me that one morning before sunrise, he and five others were taken for a special assignment. They found out that they were serving on a firing squad. The soldier whom they executed was convicted in a Court-Martial of cowardice and desertion in combat which led to the death and capture of other US soldiers. He later learned however that his commander had sent the official letter home to the soldier's family stating that he had been Killed in Action. That policy was obviously the policy of an era when empathy and honor meant something to people: before we evolved and found out that human tragedy could be publicized, trafficked, and marketed like any other commodity).


Monday, August 23, 2021


      In spite of a serious spike in American crime because of defunded and demoralized police; and tyrannical politicians and corporate overlords imposing vaxx mandates; and flash flooding killing dozens because nobody has bothered building levees or dams for 60 years; Americans nationwide are chimping out this weekend because of photo that's gone viral on the Internet. It seems that some wags in Afghanistan copied a pose from a historic photograph of the Iwo Jima flag-raising and Americans believe it an insult to (whatever's left of) our National Honor.

    Ooops....not that picture. True, this is what activist Democrats and do-nothing Republicans have turned our military into; but nobody is ever outraged about that or thinks it a disgrace to the legacy of our genuine heroes. The public is furious over this:

      To my mind, it seems sort of natural that men fight a battle and win; and might afterwards taunt an enemy. We, the true-blue Americans, of course, never do things like that.

    What the Taliban actually did was to commit one of the most unpardonable social taboos in postmodern American Culture: they were insensitive. Many Americans' feelings have been injured and many have been deeply triggered by some of the hurtful things that the Taliban has said about us. It's to be supposed that our bases here in the States will be ready with grief counselors and that Big Pharma will have to supply a record contract for antidepressants to treat all of the returning servicemen and women. Imagine some poor Air Force pilot who spent tours of duty over there with nothing more dangerous than dropping cluster-bombs on schoolchildren from 30,000 feet. Then, suddenly he has to flee Bagram Air Base with some high-level defense contractors, along with their cargo of looted gold and favorite boy-toys. Imagine how traumatizing it was for him to take off for the Beltway and looking out of the cockpit and seeing Taliban soldiers shaking their fists at him and calling him an American pig. This deep emotion wasn't lost on many pundits:

      Well, technically it isn't our equipment. The Geneva Convention allows for Spoils of War. Did we give back all of the weapons taken from the Taliban or Iraqi Army? No. (Those were taken and sold to terrorist organizations and drug cartels, but we digress). And arguably it befouled Iwo Jima's eternal sacrifice a lot more by giving the island back to the Japs in 1968. But we can agree that Biden betrayed dead Americans too, since a lot of the votes he got from the deceased were likely WW2 vets.


    Yes, indeed. Of course our soldiers don't subject innocent people to slavery and despotism. Except in enforcing illegal travel bans, or enforcing illegal curfews, or carrying out illegal acts of surveillance on American citizens. And a lot of us consider it an even more humiliating and infuriating image to see cadets ordered to wear women's shoes and march in Feminist parades. It's also a sad sight to see US warships named for homo activists

   Given all of our military's problems, I think that foreign guerrillas posing in captured uniforms is among the least of things that we should find concerning. In fact, we have a lot of our people posing as a real defense force who really shouldn't be there. Or for that matter, a lot of people posing as pundits who shouldn't be taken seriously either. 


Saturday, August 21, 2021


         As part of the Public-Relations buildup towards the 20th Anniversary of the last national panic attack, the Regime decided to end US Occupation of Afghanistan. Despite all of the arm-flapping from the Controlled Opposition, there's really no story here. Basically what happened in Afghanistan during the last two weeks can be summarized as this:

       1. The Afghani people were sick of being bullied by American Corporate and Political bureaucrats and they rose up in fury.

      2. Our Politically-Correct Pentagon realized that our brave men and women in uniform would get their brains beaten out in a ground war with the Taliban.

      3. Corporate America decided then to cut its losses, and do what they always do with unprofitable subsidiaries: pulled out and abandoned everyone dependent upon them to their fates.

     4. Republicans run around screeching that corruption in our foreign policy and our military weakness only started in January when the Junta that they helped install took power. 

     That is all that the situation in Afghanistan amounts to: a distraction. It's reminiscent of the flap last month over Critical Race Theory.  As with our schools, our Military has been a national disgrace for 30+ years; but the Right is carrying on as though seeing them run screaming from Afghanistan is a new phenomenon. In 2017, the North Koreans chased an entire US carrier group from its shores. In 2016, Syrian villagers beat up an elite Special Forces unit, which had to be rescued by the Turkish Army. Earlier that year, a US Naval patrol panicked when it saw an Iranian Coast Guard vessel approaching and surrendered. The Iranians later showed video footage of our great heroes begging for mercy and breaking down in tears in front of their captors. In an incident repeated in Afghanistan, Obama picked up the whole Occupation Team in Iraq and ran away when ISIS was getting big enough to fight us. The International Bully never fights unless the odds are all in his favor. 

   Obama had so little confidence in the combat abilities of US troops that he relegated our roles mostly to air and missile support while employing proxies to handle the fighting on the ground. Trump realized early in his term that we were wholly unprepared to fight anybody and wisely chose not to. The Pentagon was such a bastion of Deep State resistance that when the Color Revolution broke out last year, Trump could barely scrape together enough reliable troops to defend the District of Columbia. 

   The Cultural Rot in the Pentagon started---as most of our national decline did---during the Post-Reagan years. Reagan inherited a demoralized force, suffering from the defeat in Vietnam, four years of Carter's incompetence, and incessant ridicule from the MSM. Aided by a team of competent advisors, Reagan rebuilt the US Military into a powerful and efficient machine, capable of defending the US against any foreign aggression. But then, we got a "kinder, gentler America" and group of ideologues ready to enforce "Pax Americana" and a "New World Order" at the "End of History;" terms which sound suspiciously like the Great Reset rhetoric of today. Bush Sr. and his Deep State friends didn't want such a great resource to go to waste defending America, and soon sought ways to project power abroad on behalf of vested interests. 

   The Clinton Co-Presidency used the Military the same way and began the ideological purges and enforced Political Correctness and feminization throughout the whole system. Many of our top commanders were forced out either through political pressure or ginned-up sexual misconduct scandals. Defense Contracts were awarded more for the ideological purity of the Corporate Board than Military necessity. The Republican-controlled House and Senate protested some of these things, but did nothing to prevent any of it. 

   After Bush Jr. was coronated at the 2000 GOP Convention, he promised an end to policies of 'nation-building', outsourcing military functions, the feminization and PC indoctrination of our troops, and restoring its high-quality function as a professional defensive force. Even before 9/11, he had reneged on all of these promises; and after 9/11 accelerated the Military co-opting beyond anything both his father and his predecessor had accomplished combined. Recruiting standards dropped to an all-time low, and corporate looters had a whole new field of enterprise taking over military functions. Bush introduced foreign and corporate mercenary organizations into military strategy. 

    But probably the most pernicious policy Bush instituted was eliminating the long-standing transparency which previously existed between the Pentagon and the public. 'National Security' became a pretext for cloaking any Pentagon-related policy in secrecy. Even Pentagon budgets are submitted to Congress today with huge sums allocated to projects with no explanation. Bush also broke the boundaries between Military and Police functions (which was expedient because the 9/11 Attacks were criminal---not military---offenses). 

  Given the low quality of American Military personnel, Military strategy since the 1990s has changed considerably. The new way of fighting a 'war' is to demonize some country whose resources the Corporate and Financial Elites covet as some great threat to world peace. The Elites have understood since the First Gulf War that the average Ameroboob isn't going to bother with actually thinking about how little a real threat these countries can actually be, and demand that we "go in and kick butt," like a bunch of frat-boys during a college homecoming game against a completely overmatched opponent. 

   The nations that the International Bully attacks have military forces which, despite Corporate Media exaggeration, are scarcely more than national guard units or militarized police agencies. The method of attack is to impose sanctions first to weaken the opponent as much as possible; then obliterate their infrastructure with remote-controlled bombs. Then they move in with computerized tanks and drones---operated remotely---and employ mercenaries or proxies to handle any actual fighting. Then, when everything is completely safe, the defense contractors swoop in an build bases which become hotbeds of crime, drug trafficking, and corruption.

   American Conservatives were well aware of these problems long before the Fall of Bagram Airfield last week. But it took a fairly doughty spirit to say anything about the American Military unless it was in praise without risking a ferocious backlash. To a great extent it still does, despite the fact that from Hurricane Katrina to the 2020 lockdowns, our frontline heroes have shown no reluctance whatsoever to turn against the public on command. This is largely because decades of propaganda have conditioned people on the Right to hold anybody who puts on a uniform as worthy of respect. Street bums who pick up old uniforms at thrift stores and pose as homeless veterans have used that conditioning to personal profit; so have the criminals who've infiltrated the Armed Services as we saw during the Fat Leonard Scandal. This isn't even considering the almost daily crimes committed by current and former military personnel. Or that whenever there's an active shooter at a military installation, our troops fly to their safe spaces and have to be rescued by the local police.  Putting a uniform on a street thug, a woman with Penis Envy, a snivelling career bureaucrat, or a homosexual pervert doesn't suddenly transform them into real soldiers. If and when these armed punks start loading us onto boxcars and off to FEMA camps, I've no doubt that some Conservatives will still be thanking them for their service.

     So what about the situation in Afghanistan? It's a lot of people getting everything they deserved. In fact, I hope that starts a global trend. This glaring display of weakness by our Pride-Month Pentagon might inspire peoples of other nations to stand up to the International Bully. 

   But let's not deceive ourselves; the Right has known all about what was going on both there and inside our Armed Forces in general for a long time and looked the other way. It's not going to change by making Bruce Jenner or Rand Paul President in four years (assuming that we even have elections). The Right seriously needs to start pulling their heads out of the sand; putting down the Happy Pills, and turning off the porn-sites long enough to start facing reality. Just look through the press of foreign powers like China, Russia, Iran, and others with real militaries; and it's very clear that they smell blood in the water. Nature abhors a vacuum, and when a powerful nation is on the verge of collapse, there are others waiting to move in; and Americans need to start getting it through their drug-addled brains that we're a lot closer right now to seeing the scenes in Afghanistan happening in our own cities than we are to "restoring our national honor" over there. 


Friday, August 20, 2021


      Back when Academia was still a respectable segment of society, Social theorists debated about how civilizations fell. Today, of course, Academia is more interested in taking over Civilization---actively participating in our downfall as opposed to analyzing or trying to prevent it from happening. But in the past, the two opposing theories centered upon whether cultural/national decline began at the ruling or th popular level.

    The traditional view---and probably the most common one---is that governments became corrupt and that their corruption contaminated all of society. There is even some Biblical implication behind this view---the Old Testament often speaks of the sins of the rulers bringing disasters upon the nation. This view is almost unanimously held by modern Conservatives, and it gained a lot of currency during the 1970s to the end of the 20th Century. This was especially true during the Clinton Administration, which maintained a culture in Washington rivalling even late Augustan Rome in its degeneracy and debauchery. 

    The competing view came out of the Enlightenment Era and was based upon some of the social theories of British historian Edward Gibbon. This theory held that corruption began among the general population and spread into the ruling classes through the latters' built-in desire to identify with the people. The main proponents of this theory were Dead White Males scholars Jacob Burckhardt and Michael Rostovtzeff. Founding Father John Adams spoke of it favorably in some of his later political writings. 

    For obvious reasons, the Cultural Marxists bitterly opposed this second theory, and it was largely forgotten; but events of the last year and a half have led a few thinkers to re-examine its validity. Let us look at an example from recent news stories in Washington State. The State of Washington itself is populated by a degenerate and effete public; about evenly split between the lowest of the 'woke' Left and the most servile of the accommodating Right. The State routinely ranks in polls as the most friendly towards drug users, sexual perverts, and homeless bums; while ranking near the bottom of desirable places for families, small businesses, singles, gun owners, and church goers. It's largest cities are a snapshot of the character of its residents. 

      It's literally so bad that some bars and restaurants in Idaho are refusing service to Washington State residents because of Washingtonians' inability to behave themselves like civilized human beings. There's even been some moves there and in neighboring states to keep the kinds of kooks who destroyed Washington from settling there.

    Democrat Jay Inslee, an embittered sociopath, is currently governor of Washington. Inslee seized control of the State Government and has been ruling by temporary emergency decree ever since. He's set up a camarilla of advisers headed by his vicious Attorney-General, Bob Ferguson. Both men are hated statewide, outside of the Left-Wing Whacko enclaves of inner-city Seattle and Olympia. 

    There have been petitions circulating to have these two scumbags removed from office even before the Scamdemic started. Inslee came up for re-election last November, and what happened? Officially, he won the State by a 2-1 margin, almost the same vote total as Biden. Areas that were usually split between parties overwhelmingly went Democrat and even a few 'Red' districts supposedly flipped. It was fairly obvious that massive voter fraud had occurred---or at least there was strong reason to suspect it. The State GOP, however, gave no support either to its gubernatorial candidate nor to President Trump; just as it has mounted no opposition to Inslee's dictatorial rule or any of his other crimes. So, yesterday Inslee and Ferguson announced that they were reinstating the Mask Mandate and imposing the most draconian Vaxx laws in the nation beginning next Monday. And Washington Republicans are outraged.

  Outraged? I'm not certain about what. What did these pinheads think that Inslee was going to do? Did they suppose that he'd be so grateful for not challenging his authority that he wouldn't impose new restrictions? Granted we are talking about a population that couldn't decide whether armed terrorists seizing control of a entire neighborhood were committing a crime or not. Still, it's becoming increasingly difficult to believe that Conservatives in that State don't have some ulterior motives of their own behind all of this apparent complacency and apathy.

  The excuse that Inslee and Ferguson are proffering for this new crackdown is an alleged nationwide spike in Media-generated hysteria cases of an influenza outbreak that 99% of people survive and around 60% show no symptoms. Allegedly hospitals are overflowing, although I live a block away from one and don't notice patients being brought in truckloads by the day. When the previous restrictions were finally lifted, our county's Ministry of Health shamefacedly admitted that we had experienced only about a dozen fatalities even related to COVID-19. As in the previous 'outbreak' there's no visual or statistical evidence that this 'pandemic' is even real; but that hasn't stopped the boobs from strapping on their cuck-muzzles and dropping to their knees ready to kiss Inslee's rump and do whatever he commands them to do. And that includes all of these outraged Conservatives too.

   Let's be candid here. How many Conservatives have investments in Big Pharma, franchise food chains, and box-stores that profit from squeezing down smaller competitors? How many own properties, and see their values going up because of the housing shortage that the Scamdemic caused? How many of them are profiting off these fake shortages with price-gouging, slashing overhead and 'human capital?' How many do you suppose hold Futures and Derivatives on the Stock Market and waiting for the massive payoff when goods and services really get expensive. Think it's only Liberals doing that? No: many are in the church pews on Sunday; thankful to wear a Mask so that nobody sees the cynical sneer behind it. 

   The aforementioned President Adams remarked that our Constitution was suited only for a moral and religious people. The same is true of everything else the Constitution stands for: personal liberty, the free-enterprise system, the Bill of Rights---these things cannot co-exist with a culture of selfishness, lust for drama, and corruption. The whole 'woke' ideology is a contradiction of itself. The perfect metaphor for the whole movement was watching idiots destroying monuments that they claimed glorified slavery while demanding that financial oligarchs take their freedoms in exchange for security. The Right is no better, thinking that they can game these fanatics at their neighbors' expense by going with the flow and deceiving themselves that they are outsmarting everyone. When the time comes, the Elites are going to take both sides by the hair, slam their heads together, and take what they want. That's what is happening in Washington State right now and is coming soon to neighborhoods near you unless people start getting it together and facing reality.




Wednesday, August 18, 2021


     Corporate America has been getting to the point lately where they're not even bothering to hide the fact that they are the real ruling party in the United States, as well as of our English-speaking satellites like Canada, Britain, and Australia. Bill Gates, for example, was able to buy a Pandemic which reaped huge rewards for himself and his Corporate cronies. Lately, he's even admitted to buying the so-called 'Infrastructure Bill', now pending symbolic approval from the Rump Parliament U.S. Congress. One of the first acts of the Junta upon seizing power was to appoint John Kerry as an ambassador to the World Economic Forum. Through Executive Order, the Junta established a Commissariat to implement the WEF's 30x30 Agenda. The 2001 Hostile Takeover of Afghanistan has proven not to be cost-effective, so the Corporate looters do what they always do: divest their resources and leave their dependents to their fate. Learn to code, People of Afghanistan, learn to code...

     The Junta even began flying flags with WEF colors at Federal institutions. 


     In a few more years, Corporations may decide to do away with Representative Government here as well. We've seen the Elites mandating Vaxx Passports without even bothering to lobby to make it law. We've seen how thugs in High Finance are forcing the WEF agenda on other businesses. We've seen before how Corporate America has imposed homo 'equality' and supported the BLM and Project 1619 garbage with no legal authority. 

   So lately Corporate America has also been pushing the WEF Agenda to reduce meat consumption. For some time now, they have been pushing the unhealthy Vegan diet through celebrities and pop-culture propaganda. More recently they have been trying enforce use of "meat alternatives" by creating artificial shortages and price inflation. WEF operatives in the United Nations recently dusted off a proposal to declare meat a carcinogen; and last week issued a statement demanding that individual meat consumption be limited to 14 grams (about 1/2 oz.) per day. That is roughly about as much meat as contained in a can of Campbell's soups. (The general theory among real nutritionists is that 6oz. of meat per day is the minimum requirement for good health).

   And right on cue, Wall Street responded. Just coincidentally to all of these calls for reducing meat, international restaurant cartel Pizza Hut introduced a new meat-free copy of Pepperoni sausage. The company claims that this is a "test for a new product" and a "limited time offer" available in 70 markets. However, I suspect that most of us see what is actually going to happen. Pizza Hut is doing a test to determine whether or not consumers can taste a difference between the Synthetic and the original version. If not, the company quietly will substitute the plant-based product.  

   Before NPCs start turning on their 'get-your-tin-foil-hat' laughtrack, the testing procedure described above is how we got High Fructose Corn Syrup when Big Ag decided that it didn't want to pay for sugar any longer. That shift---as usual made with complete disregard for any impact on public health---back then was simply a cynical economic move. Today's anti-meat agenda is both economically and ideologically motivated. 

   Pizza Hut is a corporate enterprise which raked in billions during the Scamdemic because of it's delivery abilities which were exempted from the lockdowns. The mass-hysteria also gave the company the pretext to close hundreds of retail locations in favor of centralized delivery points. The company has a fairly well-documented history of financially favoring Politically-Correct causes. Pizza Hut itself is a subsidiary of Big Ag global cartel Yum!Brands which also owns KFC, Taco Bell, Wing Street, as well as some foreign ventures in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party. Yum!Brands began a few years ago as sort of a dumping-ground where other Ag Cartels could spin off struggling but still popular brands. Yum!Brands proved itself adept in employing the "Woke and Broke" strategy which hasn't worked for some other companies, but has functioned quite well for them. The Woke and Broke strategy is simply a matter of throwing up a smokescreen of Political Correctness to cover lack of any innovation and an ossified corporate bureaucracy. Yum!Brands' key to success was making these illusions look like actual corporate turnarounds. KFC, for example, has become one of Yum!Brands' subsidiaries and is barely recognizable from the company once known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. In contrast to the image from the mid-20th Century, with the Bible-quoting, hands-on managing CEO, Col. Harlan Sanders as its leader, KFC has gained praise from the WEF for its lead in things such as replacing actual employees with robots and replacing Col. Sanders' image with a homosexual pervert. The quality of the food at KFC has deteriorated along with its corporate image, but scarcely anyone notices because the company successfully rebranded itself as 'progressive.' It ought not surprise anyone that Yum!Brands is itself completely under the the thumb of WEF-connected financial oligarchies egging on these 'woke' policies.

     It's no accident that the Elites chose a type of sausage product for experimenting with synthetics. Sausages are blends of meats and other products so it is much easier to disguise the taste; and they are also widely used in many restaurants and packaged convenience foods. If the Elites succeed in developing a successful so-called 'plant-based meat substitute' there will be an all-out blitz (probably already prepared) to create a New Normal in our diets. 

    Some may wonder why it would concern these Great Reset scum about what we of the common herd may be eating. Regardless of any restrictions they impose on us, the Elites---like our Royal Highnesses of the past---will still have their Filet Mignon, Roast Pork, and Swordfish Steaks while we---like our peasant ancestors---will consider ourselves fortunate to have a soup-bone to feed our families with for a week. Part of their reasoning is to recreate status symbols like that, but they also have more practical considerations. 

   The Elites look at us in exactly the same way that ranchers and farmers look upon their herds and flocks of livestock. Our market value as labor is the only use they have for us. They want to manage the food supply for purposes of efficiency. Vegetable-based products are cheaper to produce and can supply labor with the minimum nutrition needed to perform work. And make no mistake about it, these kooks fully intend to force synthetic meats down our throats. 


     It is also well-known among real biologists that meat consumption is vital to developing muscle-mass and strength; as well as strengthening the male hormonal system. A virile, masculine society is something the Elites oppose for obvious reasons. Meats also provide important and necessary minerals and proteins for healthy brain function. The Elites are only concerned that our brains function sufficiently to follow their orders without thinking, reasoning, or making decisions for ourselves. The combination of meatless diets and overprescription of antidepressants can lead to increased risks of both mental and physical dysfunction.

    This is another reason why setting up communities and networks disengaged, disunited, and disconnected from the Establishment. Within a few years, large farms and ranches will have disappeared---or be unavailable to us of the lower classes. Many meat products will be unavailable at local supermarkets---provided you can enter one anyway without a Vaxx Passport. Deliveries of meat products will likely be expensive and subject to strict quotas. Local farmers and butchers are going to be handy people to know. 

Monday, August 16, 2021


   So I realize that the big news this weekend is supposed to be about Afghanistan. All we'll say about it is that it should be kind of a wake up call to Ameroboobs and NPCs that, after 20 years of building an 'American-Style' Politically-Correct Corporatist State, the Afghan people wanted the Taliban to return. The Taliban was actually quite unpopular there until the Afghanis got a taste of American Exceptionalism. Deep State hubris and arrogance has exasperated the people to the point where they've swung completely in the opposite direction. It was just like East Ukraine: the people reacted to the prospect of Obama/Soros Liberalism by reverting back to Communism. 

  So there's really not much of a story there except for the Controlled Opposition (i.e. the Republicans) to squawk about on social media. The rats who comprise our Ruling Elite aren't going to suffer any shortage of dope or human trafficking victims because of the change in government; and they can bring home military resources to be employed domestically enforcing their future draconian laws.

  Meanwhile, looking into the downfall of Taliban-praising cult leader Ted Beale (aka Vox Day), it appears that The Supreme Dark Lord isn't gaining a lot of sympathy from anybody outside of his own echo-chambers. This was another reason for Vox' collapse. Cult leaders inevitably start believing their own blather and the cult drifts away from attracting people who might see something potentially beneficial in joining to greater emphasis on obedience to the leader and stoking his ever-expanding ego. Anyone who followed Vox from 'Gamergate' to the present can't help but have observed that his followers of Dread Ilk was becoming older, more exclusive, and less relevant. Predictably, Vox is blaming all of his misfortunes on 'Gammas.' 

   Frustrated, Vox turned to his Asiatic counterparts' victories for solace today."The Imperial USA has not yet been destroyed, but this marks another step toward its eventual collapse. The nations are rising!" Teddy Spaghetti impotently bellowed, "The Taliban’s political agenda is almost disturbingly viable in the West! They are killing thousands in the areas they have taken over! They have just issued a list of people who civilians need to report to them so they can be executed. Let’s face it, that’s a more compelling platform for the average populist than anything the Democrats or the Republicans have on offer these days; which suggests, at this point, a Taliban-endorsed candidate would easily defeat Joe Biden in a fair election."

   Many have been inclined to blame Vox' undoing on some of his recent anti-vaxx posts, but I doubt this. I've written posts against the COVID vaxx too, and so have others who publish on Blogger. It's caused a lot of shadowbanning on Google's search-engine and some rather suspicious activity on the Stats Sheets, but overall Blogger hasn't been nearly as aggressive as Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook in demanding conformity to the official narrative (so far). I tend to think that Vox got in trouble because of some questionable fundraising that he was doing on the site. He's come under a lot of scrutiny for fundraising projects which have never materialized, as well as mysteriously hitting fundraising goals with multiple large donations of questionable origin. 

  Even the projects that Beale & Co have delivered on have been of unbelievably inferior quality given the amounts of money allegedly raised. Infogalactic, which was supposed to dethrone Wikipedia, isn't updated regularly and has blank topic pages all through it. After four years, Infogalactic hasn't even surpassed Wikipedia's Esperanto translated pages in views. Unauthorized TV was another scam. Vox took donations and sold subscriptions to set up a Youtube 'alternative'. He got caught using Vimeo's (free) video production services to produce his material and charging subscribers for what he made for nothing. Then there was his pathetic Arkhaven comics. Vox has allegedly raised 100's of thousands of dollars to subsidize this venture and produced some of the worst-written and most poorly illustrated work in industry history. He never even bothered to market the series through comics distribution companies and his impact on the industry have been negligible. 

      Vox' latest great earth-shaking project---which finally likely brought the curtain down upon him---involved a plan to preserve the world's greatest literature for all his Alpha followers (whom we're told are all superior intellects) bound in high-quality leather for a massive price tag to purchase all of the equipment and materials for such an enormous venture. With the world plunging into the Dark Age of illiteracy and ignorance, it's a great investment in the future to keep the Lamp of Learning alive for a cost of around $400-$600 per volume; so that classics such as SJWs Always Lie and The Corroding Empire will not be lost to history. 

    If Vox' deluded followers had only left the Echo Chamber long enough to do some research on their own, they would have found that there are companies in India already doing that---for a fraction of the price. I recently purchased two volumes from this company: one of a book that had been out of print since 1854 (price $11 with free shipping to US) and another which had been discontinued in 1925 (price $7 with free shipping to the US). Both were facsimiles bound in high-quality paper, like the old 'Dover' paperbacks; but they could be ordered with custom leather binding for around $40. 

    Someone mentioned the other day that Vox should put his Hot Dish skills to use and start an 'Alt-McDonalds.' Fast Food Free of SJW Convergence could be their slogan. All Vox would have to do is purchase dozens of Big-Mac Combo Meals at the local places, then re-sell them at his place to Alpha chumps for $100 a plate. He could probably even get Owen Benjamin to play a Sigma version of Ronald McDonald. 

    Another possibility is that Papa Spaghetti could tap into one of his Swiss Bank accounts and relocate Vox, Owen, Rollo Tomassi, and 'deplatformed' Red Pills like Andrew Anglin, W.F. Price, Dalrock, and Heartiste to Afghanistan to set up shop. The Taliban are fairly based and Red Pilled in their sociopolitical outlook. True, their religious authorities are bit puritanical and might frown upon some of the Western Red Pills' rather unorthodox spiritual views; but if ISIS clerics were typical of this breed of clergymen, they could probably be persuaded to issue some dispensations for an acceptable consideration. When the Taliban were in power before, Afghanistan had a reputation as country where those who were driven out of their native lands by outraged neighbors could find welcome and refuge. Given that Vox has apparently been chased out of Italy; Owen has been chased out of every community he appears in in America; Matt Forney is being chased out of Hungary and nearly all of them run off the Internet---the new Islamic Republic could present a golden opportunity for a comeback. 

   In the meantime though, this might be an opportunity for the rest of us to think about ways to rebuild the Manosphere into a useful vehicle to guide and influence men again. 


Thursday, August 12, 2021


       It's about time there was some good news. I got a message today to check out Red Pill Cult leader Vox Day's website. And I would have done so, had there been an article to read. Instead, all there was was a message from Blogger stating that "This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only."

    "Possible violations?" Seriously, I've wondered how Vox got away with so many blatant violations for so long. Vox and the other Red Pills are part of the reason why it's become so difficult to publish anything online today. These guys---and Vox was especially bad about it---would continually and flagrantly violate Terms of Service policies and thumb their noses at the Tech Lords to do anything about it. The Tech Lords dealt with it by setting up censors who, of course, were all 'woke' and on the lookout for "extremists" whose content was anywhere to the Right of the Khmer Rouge. Thanks to these based Red Pills, writers and producers either have to walk on eggshells to keep their place or have to deal with shadow-bans and other forms of harassment. 

   Vox Day and his Alt-RINOs "supported" President Trump, though this was really a grift to try and cash in on the MAGA movement. By projecting onto Trump all of the sick racism, latent homosexuality, and neo-Conservatism existing in their own heads; Vox handed the Left a treasure-trove of material to smear us with. Single-handedly too he managed to alienate entire demographic groups from seeing the Trump Administration objectively. 



    Of course, Teddy Spaghetti is a slippery eel who's been cornered before and always manages to slither away. But sometime ago, his other blog, Alpha Game Plan was closed and his other projects haven't been amounting to much. The general thought on the Gamma Secret Kings Subreddit is that Blogger may have suspected Money-Laundering activities, something that we saw in connection with his expulsion from a crowdfunding site; and that was behind the ban. Vox does have an extensive media network and isn't going away quietly like Dalrock and Heartiste went. Milo Yiannapolous has archived Vox' stuff and Vox can still write there though comments are disabled. Let's hear what the Supreme Dark Lord had to say:

      Well, we've all seen the effectiveness of the Legal Legion of Evil. So far, this collection of manly Alpha leaders has yet to win a single legal battle; including one who has problems keeping out of jail himself. 

     I suspect that this is the effectual end of Vox Day. He'll go on along the fringes of the Internet like Andrew Anglin/Daily Stormer has; but the day and age when he sucked many a vulnerable young man into his cult of the ubermensch is over with. There are rumors afoot that Vox has even been run out of Italy. 

   Congratulations and thanks to everybody who had a hand in bringing down the Beast and saving a lot of people a lot of grief. Ipse Inquisitor, Gamma Secret Kings, Mersh and Royce at Revenge of the CIS, Davey Crocko, Kiwi Farms, Insanity Bytes, Camestros Felapton, File 770, the Owen Benjamin Subreddit; with apologies if we left anybody out who helped expose this fraud for what he was over the years. One of Vox' only truly amazing accomplishments was to unite people of widely different political and social beliefs to join together and put a stop to what he was doing. We'll keep an eye on things; but it's likely a matter of playing whack-a-mole as far as Teddy Spaghetti is concerned; and, like Heartiste and Dalrock, Vox made a contingent of toadies and imitators who are still very active and will have to be dealt with. 

   With Vox Populi gone, the Manosphere already feels like a cleaner place. The sooner these Game/PUA charlatans and 'Alt-Christian' types can be driven out, the sooner we can have a legitimate forum to deal with Men's Rights and Men's Issues again. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


      Anyone who's been following the news lately has no doubt heard that the quondam opposition to the Regime has unearthed some major issues that spell the impending doom of the 'Administration.' The Republicans have not explained to us why building a Red Wave in 2022 was a better strategy than supporting a legitimate government in 2020. Nonetheless optimism among the Right is booming despite the Junta mowing down our Civilization and our Rights with an exponential speed. 

     The first major political earthquake (so we're told) involved our 44th President. He invited his political and Hollywood cronies to his estate in Martha's Vineyard for a huge birthday bash. And to the horror of the American Conservative Movement, Obama and many other Elites were seen not wearing masks nor practicing social distancing. 

    From what I've seen of the party itself---especially concerning the guests who attended---I probably would have wanted a mask, gloves, and maybe goggles had I been there. I'll bet the place literally stunk. The videos leaked to the MSM to me gave off a really unsanitary 'vibe.' I can only imagine what scenes of debauchery and perversion went on off-camera. But however heterodox this may seem to modern Conservatives, I seem to think that the Elites are doing far worse things to society than rioting in drunken orgies out on some Atlantic island. It also happens that I don't believe in Mask Mandates and Social Distancing. So if these Liberals are flaunting their own laws they are hypocrites: but what would that make a Conservative for condemning them for not doing what I'm not doing myself?

    I did draw a delineation here, because most so-called Conservatives are going along with masking, vaxxing, distancing, and social shaming right along with the Liberals. So to them, Obama's Birthday Blowout really is a big deal. In the Real World, however, it's about as relevant as the controversies that Hollywood idiots start in social media every day.

   The other major scandal involves the impending downfall of New York dictator governor Andrew Cuomo. The Republicans are seriously hoping that Cuomo's scandals will open the Empire State and Gotham City to Republican control again.

    There are bipartisan demands for Cuomo's resignation and/or impeachment. Not because Cuomo illegally seized dictatorial powers and suspended Constitutional Rights in New York, though. And it's not because he intentionally killed thousands of senior citizens by warehousing them with influenza victims; or because he bankrupted thousands of businesses with curfews and martial law quarantines and lockdowns. It wasn't because of the numbers of his associates who ended up in jail when Trump was draining the swamp; nor because of his complicity in the Election frauds of 2020. Cuomo has been accused of the only crime in Postmodern America considered worse than Treason, Murder, and Corruption: Cuomo is accused of being a White Male who made sexual advances toward members of a different gender. 

   I'm hoping that readers see the obvious problem with Conservative approaches to both the Obama and Cuomo scandals. It's not just that these stories are distractions from far more serious issues or that they both reflect a troublesome immaturity of American political judgement. Condemning Obama and Cuomo (for the reasons given in the official narrative) is giving validation to their underlying premises. As we mentioned above, one cannot criticize Obama's celebration without accepting that the Scamdemic and the accompanying policies are legitimate. Likewise, as pointed out in an earlier article, condemning Cuomo's actions are inextricably connected with the anti-heterosexual hysteria fanned by Feminists and Red-Pilled Incels. 

  The unfortunate reality is that most Republicans are actually Neocons and Churchians who do agree with the Left; and this means that the Republican Party and American Conservatism, as a political movement, are dead. The so-called 'Silent Majority' is long dead as well. We haven't been getting a long line of RINOs and other deadweight because they don't have a large---a majority---constituency. The events of the last 18 months have ripped the mask off what we had believed was an opposition. 

   There's no point either in listening to these grandstanding public figures who are talking tough now, but have gone along with everything. Senator Rand Paul, for example, has been making headlines with calls of 'rising up and resisting'. He never said anything of the kind last year, when mass-resistance actually would have made a difference. Senator Paul complains that the Regime is out-of-control. That's true, but Rand Paul voted to confirm four of the Junta's Cabinet Ministers: Lloyd Austin (Defense); Gina Raimondo (Commerce); Pete Buttigieg (Transportation); and David McDonough (Veterans' Affairs). He also voted in favor of the Regime's candidates for US Trade Representative, UN Ambassador, Chairman of the Office of Science and Technology, and Chair of the US Small Business Administration. Just as great a Patriot as he is a Conservative, Rand Paul voted with every other Senate Republican to replace Independence Day with the Critical Race Theorists' holiday, Juneteenth. 

    The truth is that we're not getting any help from any of these jerks. We need to accept the reality that we're a minority now and that we need to start working on building networks among the marginalized. Adrienne had a good post up today with some suggestions on how. 

    Those who believe that we're really going to take back the Government via the Republican Party won't admit it, but their entire hopes are based upon basic premise: that the Democrats and the Elites who actually control them have so much respect for the Rule of Law and the Popular Will that they will permit a fair and transparent election. 2020 showed that their side is willing to burn the country to the ground before they allow that to happen. The only way I can imagine a Republican win would be if the Junta made itself so thoroughly hated that they allow a RINO to take over until the public calms down. But even that diversion is a long shot. The Elites have established very specific timelines for their goals.*(see note). The Junta has already begun implementing WEF policies and even appointed sleazy John Kerry an unofficial ambassador to Davos. 

   There's no turning back now: Making America Great Again no longer has a chance of happening. We have to focus on building our communities and conserving our traditions for the future. 


Note: Just to illustrate the complete insanity plaguing our society today, fake-news outlet Thompson-Reuters' official fact-checkers claim that the WEF has no such agenda. This, in spite of the fact that the WEF advertises their goals openly on their official websites. The state of Denial that Ameroboobs are living in must be historically unprecedented.