Tuesday, August 3, 2021


   It took a strong dose of White Boy Summer last weekend to undo the imagery from that horrible video featured in our last post. Our community kicked off its County Fair season with a classic car show, some Monster Truck rallies, and some craft-shows which are ongoing through this week. I took in a lot of pizza, hot-dogs, and ice-cold Coca-Cola checking out the good work a lot of guys did on their vehicles. As for me, maybe in a year or two again (depending upon whether the Republic is still around). I have way too many projects backed up to take on another one. 😇

  The one thing that struck me (though it probably shouldn't have) was how few younger men (say 15-30 or so) were around. It occurred to me afterwards, though that at bottom such displays represent a lot of hard work, imagination, dedication, a certain level of intelligence and skill which led to achievement: things that our current generation of men aren't widely noted for possessing. A depressing poll reported by the Catholic League last week explains a lot of it. Building and creating things are deeply rooted in Masculine nature: it has its correspondence with child-bearing in the Feminine one. Since we've managed to produce a generation of men that doesn't even understand that boys and girls are actually different, it's no surprise that men have basically turned into parasites with no interest in achieving much of anything. 

   There is a minority of young men out there who sense something's wrong; but the Misandry permeating our culture right now---along the scarcity of contemporary positive role models---doesn't offer them much guidance. Blogger Insanity Bytes had a good article lately on the superficiality of so much so-called 'traditional' guidance. She writes:

    "My faith now totally revolves around my performance, mostly how well I perform for YOU, how beneficial my behavior is to YOU...So what is responsible for the decline of America, for the fact that we now have men without chests, for us being so complacent, so easily led by fear? We have been taught to root our faith in an act, in a performance, in a set of Western behavioral standards, in a culture. We’re all very compliant and obedient, tripping over ourselves to win people favor in fact, but obedient to what?? To whom?"

    In a healthy society, men understand that they are first true to themselves, and by extension true to their neighbors and country---ultimately all rooted in being true to God. But we're not a healthy society, and there's been another toxic movement afoot preying on young men. We've spoken of them many times---a loosely confederated online cult which offers men the promise of reclaiming masculinity by swallowing their programs (which they call taking the Red Pill). The Red Pill is dangerous for men because it does exactly what IB describes: it teaches one how to act like a man without actually being one. There are a whole bunch of these saps running around the Web, and they profit off many younger men desperate for any sign of life among American males. 

    "Taking the Red Pill" or following any of these clowns is like walking into a swamp where you see solid ground---until you step on it and fall into a deep pit of foul waters. The Red Pills are the same kinds of low-T creeps that Sam and Colby proved to be in our last article: the only difference is that the Red Pill teaches you how to put up a front to disguise it. These guys always get exposed in the end; because real manhood is manifested in action---not just cheap talk and posing. 

    A great example of this fake manhood in action happened this weekend in a story that went viral in the Manosphere. Mike Schiele, a podcaster and comedian who goes by the name 'Mersh' is a friend of our blog and has exposed a lot of these red-pilled frauds over the years. On Friday night, Mersh was in Tampa with some friends when a Red Pill who goes by the online name of Baked Alaska confronted him in public. We've had occasion to mention this Baked Alaska bozo a few times ourselves, herehere, and here. His real name is Tim Treadstone, and is suspected by many---and not without good reason---of being a paid informant for the Deep State. Mersh has been exposing a lot of Treadstone's shady dealings recently

   Basically what happened is that Baked Alaska appeared with some of his goons (and probably lawyers) live-streaming him calling out Mersh on a public sidewalk, throwing insults, daring Mersh to fight him, etc,---real manly Alpha leader behavior. Especially, since as Mersh pointed out, there were police foot-patrols on both ends of the sidewalk (which Treadwell didn't show in his camera angle). Mersh rightly saw that he was being baited and withdrew from the scene; which has since sent Treadwell off to beating his chest online talking like a he-man. 

   Mersh gave his side of the story on last night's broadcast of Nightwave Radio. He explained that he had a lot to lose by getting into a public brawl with this guy. I agree with Mersh's decision, though I'd certainly be plotting revenge. I sympathize with Mersh because I've been in that situation. Our legal system used to recognize a concept of fighting words. That legal doctrine held that when punks like Treadwell talked their way into getting their butts kicked, it was considered a form of self-defense. A few decades ago, Mersh could have given this thug the punishment he asked for and probably would not even have been charged. But that was then, this is now. Greedy trial lawyers and anti-male activists have so cut down the self-defense laws that scum like these can abuse their betters in public with impunity and a man's only real defense is to take it as stoically as possible. 

  That, however, is another topic. The point here is that Treadwell exposed the shallowness of the Red Pill more than anything else. This isn't how real men act; this is how passive-aggressive little dirtbags acted in Middle School who'd provoke other guys into fights and set it up beforehand so that the other guys got in trouble for it. Passive-Aggressiveness is apparent in both Baked Alaska's video and the video in the previous article. In the previous story, Sam and Colby talked all tough until the moment of truth came and they showed themselves cowards. In this case, Baked Alaska hid behind the protection of a system that he's gaming and talked tough without having to look like a coward. That's all the Red Pill is really about; faking it and putting up a facade without ever having to prove oneself either with words or deeds. 

   The Red Pill is really a concomitant of Feminism and depends upon a 'deconstructed' masculinity for its success and promotion. Our culture promotes passive-aggressiveness in men. It depreciates everything truly masculine as 'toxic' and makes heroes out of both feminized men and out of bully-boys as well. Look at pro sports: the cheat who plays dirty and wins-at-all-costs is idolized and so is the limp-wristed openly gay player and losers like Colin Kaepernick. Look at the military: punks who sit behind consoles and launch missiles on defenseless peoples are war-heroes today; so are the brave men and women in uniform* who are purging so-called 'toxic masculinity' from our ranks. Look at Corporate America; the woke CEO is the new model businessman; the perverts in HR and PR departments are also hailed as business leaders. And look at our Government: the conniving, go-along-to-get along Conservative is supported by one faction, the Leftist promoting the Great Reset is supported by the other. Fair play, standing for principle, the courage of a conviction---these masculine qualities are laughed at, if not openly persecuted. 

   Young men today need to be aware of this false dichotomy and avoid falling into the Red Pill trap. Online today when you see men talking about getting red-pilled, becoming 'Alphas' or learning 'Game', it's best to turn and head in the other direction. Remember that in the past there were men who became men in spite of negative social circumstances too. What many boys and young men did was to pick leaders of the past---the kinds of men whose statues the Liberals are destroying---and learn about them. Take them as your role models. (It's recommended that you try and read material on them published before 1980 or so; which are usually free of PC biases in the writings). Granted it's harder to become a man today anywhere in the Anglosphere than ever before. But men are so constituted that the greater the obstacle overcome the more secure one becomes in his true strengths. 


(*this term, BTW, was started as a public talking-point by George Bush Jr.; who incidentally campaigned on a promise to reverse the feminization of the military started by the Clintons. Previously, Conservative pundits had a stock phrase, "our brave men in uniform" but the Right quickly forgot all about that. We might recall that Bush made it a point in nearly every speech to emphasize that the Taliban "didn't let girls go to school" that's even worse to most Conservatives than training and equipping international terrorists who kill Americans). 



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