Sunday, June 30, 2024


      Prior to the 'debate' last Thursday---although most Americans have probably forgotten already---the previous week's Story of the Century was panicking us all with tales of a heat dome; an unprecedented heat wave; etc.--- all due to 'man-made climate change,' of course. Also as typical, the pundits were right on top of Climate Change Denialists who couldn't see the proof of the impending apocalypse right before their very eyes. Unfortunately for the knee-jerk supporters of the Settled Science, somebody actually waited until the end of June to collect some actual facts

    This should serve as a friendly reminder to us all that whenever the Media Cartels are all on the same script pushing any 'narrative,' it's time to start asking questions about what we're being told. 

   Just before the 'Great Debate,' the Controlled Opposition was priming its loyal dupes with tales of how CNN was "rigging the debate" to favor Biden. Less than 24 hours afterwards, every major media outlet was droning about "Biden's dismal performance" and even had lists of replacements carefully prepared. It is a bit suspicious too, that for the first time in history a debate was held before a nominating convention.

  From what excerpts I've seen of Thursday's farce, Biden didn't really perform any better or worse than he usually does. It's not as though nobody has noticed that his speaking skills are less than stellar: even when Biden was Obama's Vice-President, the Administration rarely let him go off and speak on his own. However, just a few weeks before the Convention it's suddenly become an issue of concern for the Uniparty. 

  True, the Controlled Opposition has been playing up Biden's 'feebleness' for a long time: mostly to divert attention from their own aged candidate's problems as well as the GOP's utter lack of any substantive issues. The so-called 'Right' has been carrying on all weekend like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot; gleefully anticipating the Head-of-State's imminent downfall. I don't know what the Conservative-Industrial Complex hopes to gain: if Biden withdraws, they'll lose about 90% of their entire platform---which is wholly centered on personal attacks against the current White House. 

      I certainly am no supporter of the Biden/Harris Junta, but this whole event is starting to smell fishy. The weird scheduling of the debate; the controlled circumstances under which it was conducted; the RNC downplaying expectations; the uniform chorus from the Establishment in the aftermath; all of these very convenient polls suddenly showing Trump surging---none of this is adding up to anything positive. 

    The True Believers, who've convinced themselves that simply ridding our country of the Biden Junta magically will fix all of our problems, won't be bothered by any of this. I have a suspicion, though, that they will be bothered once we find out what the Deep State actually has up its sleeve. 

Saturday, June 29, 2024


       So CNN treated us all on Thursday to a Reality TV show disguised as a profound political event. From what I've seen so far, both had stirring debates over each other's golf games and allegations of sexual perversion; but they did both agree that Russia is responsible for all of our national problems. CNN even had---like most Reality TV shows---a live viewer-vote on who had the best performance. The general consensus seems to be that the team of Joe & Kamala shouldn't be dancing in this November's season finale. 

     In case anybody's wondered why the debate broke with precedent and happened prior to the Party Conventions, about three weeks ago we suggested what might be afoot behind the curtain. The Oligarchs haven't been especially happy with the Junta's performance in pushing ahead the Great Reset; and their bungling of Foreign Policy across the globe must be displeasing to the Corporate Masters who are losing billions at the hands of the Yemeni military; not mention that the subjugation of Gaza is running months behind schedule; Ukraine hasn't recovered a single yard of territory; China is refusing to be intimidated; African countries are kicking out their Western overlords; and Europe's subjugated population is growing increasingly restless. 

   So after this anomalously timed debate, we're seeing almost as though it were scripted every Corporate mouthpiece from Bloomberg to the New York Times calling for the Head-of-State to withdraw from the race. To underscore their seriousness, billionaire hedge-fund scumbag and Bill Gates crony Bill Ackman---one of Chuck Schumer's top contributors---joined with a growing number of woke Oligarchs to support the Trump campaign.  

    That's right, Franklin; although saying that nowadays gets one branded a dangerous Conspiracy Theorist instead of getting elected four straight times. 

   The question right now is not if, but when, Biden will be removed. California Governor and WEF Young Global Leader Gavin Newsom is the most talked-about replacement. It all brings back memories of the 2000 Election when the GOP coronated George Bush Jr. who also wasn't interested in running until a groundswell of support suddenly materialized. 

   Despite all of the crowing from the Controlled Opposition, this Election has been following a script from the beginning. The Oligarchs are hedging their bets by filling the Trump team with Swamp RINOs and interest-group cash, but even the clear Republican lurching to the Left won't be enough to save them when Biden is replaced. It's all building up to a dramatic finish like the Super Bowl, but in the end only the Deep State will win.


Thursday, June 27, 2024


     So in the midst of the Media hoopla ahead of this Night of Nights in the Atlanta Thunderdome, issues actually effecting the future of our Civilization continue being swept under the rug. Blogger InsanityBytes had an interesting post up today relating to a scandal and cover-up involving Pastor Robert Morris, who leads a Texas-based Megachurch

    In the interests of full disclosure, I must confess that I don't know all the details of this case. Our culture's definition of sexual abuse is so elastic that skepticism isn't unwarranted; but at the same time, the known character of most of these Megachurch leaders and the Boards who run their enterprises also warrant not dismissing such allegations out-of-hand. The important thing about IB's article is that she has been the only writer so far who's actually discussed the impact of these scandals on the fathers involved. 

   "I wanted to speak about secondary victims, in this case, the victim’s family, especially her father. I don’t know his whole story. but in part he was angry and probably wanted to kill the man who had hurt his kid. We do know he confronted them. What some people don’t understand about child sexual abuse and an ensuing cover up is that you’ve just victimized a whole lot of people. The safety and well being of children and their healing is a priority, but I mean, often a father is decimated in the process, too. I’m not trying to speak for him, but I’m sure he must have struggled a sense of betrayal, with his own regrets and inadequacies, his own inability to protect one of his children through no fault of his own. I have no idea how he may have also wrestled with faith, wondered if that too may have been a deception, but those kind of things would be likely."

   I would say that based upon my own observations and experiences that this is very likely true. In Masculine Psychology, which our paid 'experts' today either dismiss as nonexistent or smear as inherently 'toxic,' the sense of feeling powerless in the face of blatant injustice, especially when it ties men's hands and prevents them from acting in self-defense or the defense of others is devastating to man's sense of self-worth and dignity. There's nothing quite like the anguish that a man feels when he knows that, on equal terms, he could prevail but is obliged to chafe knowing that the party who's injured him is wholly untouchable and could swat him down as easily as one would use a fly-swatter. 

   Young boys (at least the normal ones) have an instinctual hatred for bullies. Our first encounters with them reinforces our sense of duty to protect and defend. It's part of a young man's growth process and prepares him for his future social duties. Our rotten society, though, brutally suppresses masculinity not only boys, but in young men: and the despair that this generates is reflected in what is now called the Crisis of Masculinity and is reflected in things like the mounting suicide rates among younger men

    Suicide rates don't even include numbers of deaths by addiction or accidents which may have involved suicidal ideation and which also disproportionately affect young men. Our social policy of suppressing masculine instincts and psychological constructs doesn't make them go away; it simply causes men to repress them and this not infrequently builds into rage. The fact that the majority of mass-shooters are also male is another consequence of this policy. The more that our 'experts' spout off about 'toxic masculinity' and the need for further repression, the more that these violent reactions occur. Blaming the Scamdemic, access to guns, online radicalization, or lack of access to mental health facilities are the excuses---not the reasons---for this crisis. 

   The Crisis in Masculinity is not only reflected in other outward signs such as the widespread trend of drifting into homosexuality or otherwise men dropping out of society and their traditional roles. Those things involve repressed anger too, though it is expressed passively. An often overlooked reaction is the tendency of repressed males to seek vicarious expression in a strong leader who knows how to play on this psychology. This is a real danger. We saw it play out in Europe after WW1 when men who were disillusioned by the sting of military defeat endured additional depreciation by the Liberal social orders that rose up in the aftermath. They turned to manly Alpha leaders like Mussolini and Hitler who symbolically gave voice to that inner rage. The growing appeal of such caricatures of Masculinity in our own culture is no accident. 


       IB mentions the spiritual effect on men and it does have that effect too. It's noteworthy that in this connection, the Catholic Church holds two mortal sins: Unbelief and Despair. The first is self-explanatory, it denies God's existence; the second though denies God's goodness. Men are especially vulnerable to this when spiritual leaders have let them down, as most of our Megachurches do. It's excruciating enough for a man to realize that that his nation and culture have forsaken him, but when he becomes convinced that God has forsaken him too, he is truly beyond help. 

     Tonight, as we'll be treated to some of the worst examples of American Masculinity, we ought to reflect what all of this says about our culture and not simply sweep it all under the rug hoping that some Superman is coming to save us from ourselves. 


Wednesday, June 26, 2024


      Earlier today, there was some actual good news making the rounds. After a harrowing battle going back to the mid-Obama Administration, Julian Assange unexpectedly was released from prison after a plea deal with the US Deep State. Assange was a victim of our capricious and vindictive Legal Establishment and was expected by many of us to die a martyr to the great cause of destroying the Globalist Corporate Cartel threatening to extinguish centuries of progress made in Western Civilization. The reasons for the Biden/Harris Junta's sudden decision was probably politically motivated, since Assange had supporters across the political spectrum. What will happen to any of their promises after the Election is an open question, but for now, Assange is returning home. 

     The other good news came from Africa. Kenya, which like the US, had a heavily US-backed election recently and since has plunged headlong into the Great Reset agenda, found out what the Kenyan people really think of American Neoconservatism

At least we always have the consolation of seeing good men doing good things abroad. Here in the Prozac Nation we're all breathlessly anticipating tomorrow's Show of the Century, where both the Democratic Presidential Leader and his Republican counterpart are gearing up to launch accusations and innuendos at each other. 

      On Tuesday, the Trump Campaign announced that his Vice-Presidential nominee (whom he has not named) will be at CNN headquarters in the audience. The known attendees then were depressing enough, but then came this distressing news. 

   "So the latest juicy rumor going around social media tonight is that Vivek Ramaswamy will be Trump’s pick for Vice President… As hard as that may be to believe, Trump said his VP pick will be at the debate in Atlanta on Thursday, and Ramaswamy will be attending the debate. So that’s what has set off social media tonight."


I hope that this is only a rumor. That's exactly what we need: a 78-year old President with a WEF Young Global Leader and Soros protegee as the second in command. Unfortunately, there's reason to suspect that it might be true. Ramaswamy was heavily pushed by the billionaire Tech Lords dropping massive loads of cash on the RNC recently, and he's acceptable to both them and the Bush Machine via his deep connections to Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the WEF. Of course, too, he represents diversity. 

     Even more disturbing is the exuberant slobbering going on among Social Media 'influencers' at the prospect; the narrative that Ramaswamy is just the sort of unrestrained Manly Alpha Leader that America now needs. Consider some of these gems from 'influencer' Noah

     "Speculation has been swirling about who it will be, and whether we will get the full announcement on Thursday night or just a whittling of the field to those confirmed to be in attendance. My initial top choice was Kari Lake."

     Like most of these would-be 'Alphas,' Noah's first choice was a strong independent woman. Never mind that Kari Lake's most recent achievement was fighting to overturn an abortion ban in Arizona, but we digress...

   "I see plenty of fine Republicans, but no one that has that same DNA as Trump and Lake until Vivek came along...He was a fearless leader, doing what he thought was right and not answering to anyone else, definitely not to pollsters. He leads just like Trump."

  Given how Trump has been 'leading' lately, that sadly may be true. Ramaswamy certainly was a fearless proponent of expanding government power during the Scamdemic. Nonetheless:

  "Not to say Vivek is better than Trump, but he does have perhaps even wilder platform issues, like shutting down 90% of the Federal Government!"

  Obviously because Corporate America is too heavily regulated and the government hasn't ceded enough power to Wall Street. Imagine the fun that the Gates Foundation and BlackRock could have if even the minuscule authority that the Government has over them were completely removed. Now for the good part:

  "That’s what President Trump needs, an 'insurance policy' that if they take him out somehow, the backup is just as much of a badass — if not even more so! I think Vivek has Javier Milei vibes, some of what are even more extreme than President Trump. And that’s what we need in a VP for this second term.We need a wild man!"


      If this any way reflects the thinking of the average Republican voter, then a Republican victory in November is even more dangerous than a Biden victory would be. Javier Milei (another WEF member, BTW) is a problem for South America. A character like that in charge of the United States would be a problem for the entire planet. 

    Make no mistake about it: Vivek Ramaswamy is dangerous. Even more dangerous are sock-puppets like this 'Noah' character who not only don't see the danger, but openly promote it as desirable. We've seen this trend throughout the 2020s. Pundits embracing the likes of Andrew Tate, Steve Sailer, and Doug Wilson. Governors acting in defiance of civilized norms of governance. A Congress wholly focused on vengeful abuses of power. Religious Conservatives advocating genocide and even calling for deploying atomic weapons in their 'righteous' cause. This has become a movement not about restoring our Republic, but simply one determined to seize power and to exercise that power to its maximum potential against anyone they fear, hate, or envy. 


Monday, June 24, 2024


     Buried in between the usual doom-and-gloom and celebrity gossip stories, the vermin in the Corporate Media have been trying desperately to generate interest in Thursday's upcoming Presidential Debate. Both factions of the Uniparty have been talking smack to each other, much like pro wrestlers do before an upcoming Cage Match. This is the most important election of our lifetime, after all; and one vote really does count as much as million dollar donations do. 

    The Biden/Harris Junta has been accusing the Controlled Opposition of spreading AI-generated fake images of the Head-of-State; charges which are being roundly denied by the Conservative Punditocracy, because they certainly never stoop to such things. President-in-Exile Trump even mentioned it during widely-circulated coverage of a rally in Philadelphia, except that there was one small problem:


      Oops! Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

      To add some more spice to the drama, Trump announced that he's decided on a Vice-Presidential choice and that unnamed person will be attending the debate! Known attendees on the 'short-list' prepared for him by the Bush Family include Senators Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, and J.D. Vance, along with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. 

     I'm not certain what these two are actually going to debate about. The Controlled Opposition has been making a big deal about Biden's age, although at 78, Trump is not exactly a spring chicken. A lot of talk online is centering on which one will swoon and collapse first. Apparently, Trump's hardline stand on immigration is off the table now, after a meeting with some high-level WEF-connected banksters. They can't debate social issues since the GOP has thrown up the sponge on that one too. I suppose they can argue about Foreign Policy---other countries always make good scapegoats and distractions---though Trump will have a hard sell claiming that Biden is too soft on Russia and China since the Junta has driven both countries to the near-breaking point of a Third World War. In other words, it doesn't appear that the Main Event is going to live up to the hype. 

    The debate is going to be held on CNN, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers whose top stakeholders include Financial Octopuses who own about 1/3 of the company. The Corporate Media isn't even bothering to hide Corporate staging of the whole production; or even bothering to pretend that there isn't any scripting involved

    I don't know what my plans are for Thursday Night, but I know what I'm not going to be doing. Just about anything else would be a more constructive use of one's time.



Sunday, June 23, 2024


       This weekend, the Punditocracy representing the Controlled Opposition wing of the Uniparty (a.k.a. Republicans) were aghast that Fox News Channel released a poll showing that "for the first time" the current Head-of-State was leading the President-in-Exile in the Electoral Popularity Contest. The reason for this alleged shift couldn't, of course, be because the Neocon narrative of "hold your nose and vote Republican or Biden will destroy the country" isn't working; or that the Republicans' selling out on nearly every issue or pandering to Deep State billionaires and the Israel-First Lobby is turning away support. It couldn't possibly be because they've endorsed and promoted self-described Alpha Republicans who advocate things like imposing Martial Law to go after political opponents. No: obviously the Fox Poll is faked.

      I suspect that it's actually just the opposite: Fox was simply the first media outlet to stop publishing fake polls. I've believed from Day One that the polls showing a 'Trump Surge' were phony and that the Republicans have (at best) 35-40% of the support of the American people and the actual number is probably closer to 25-30%. 

     US Elections are about money and about creating a media circus. There had to be an artificial Trump Surge before the Summer Campaign Season really started for two reasons: to generate donations for Party Machines, and to sell advertising for Election-related news stories. We've said all along here that about mid-Summer, Trump's poll numbers would start to recede and the (carefully-choreographed) 'pushback' toward Biden would start in the Fall. Even the MSM let the cat out of the bag on that one just recently

   To draw a comparison: polls before the recent Russian election showed President Putin and his Party winning between 77-85% of the vote (he ended up with 88%). If this were happening in America, how much media hype and clickbait would be generated over the upcoming election? How many billionaire fat-cats would be pumping millions into campaigns when their financial influence obviously wouldn't make any difference? We're not suggesting that Biden will win by anything close to Putin's numbers, but they're going to be higher than many think and it's been planned this way since the primaries started. 

    The United States' political system is one of Managed Democracy, where, as one author noted: "By using managerial methods and developing management of elections, the democracy of the United States has become sanitized of political participation, therefore managed democracy is a political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control." The situation has actually gone beyond that: they've turned the whole process into a commercial production. like the Super Bowl. The only thing Elections so far are lacking are multi-million dollar 30-second ad slots during Election Coverage Night and a Halftime Show. The way our culture is trending though, I wouldn't rule out seeing those things during our lifetime. 



Friday, June 21, 2024


        Never fear, loyal Republican voters! The now-woke GOP at long last has been addressing the now obvious problems with demographics, specifically those of our youth and educational issues. Besides taking up some very progressive positions on hate speech and co-opting Cancel Culture to replace the Left-Wing agenda in education with their own propaganda organs. None of this will do anything whatsoever to solve the current crisis, but it makes for good clickbait and online flame-wars.

     This week our illustrious Congress passed a Bill mandating draft registration and, to be Politically-Correct, this new proposal would include women for the first time ever. The Neocons have been playing footsie with this idea for a long time. With Republican collusion, the Clinton Co-Presidency began attacking the Culture of Toxic Masculinity in the Pentagon starting circa 1992 and began shoehorning more women into military positions. For awhile in the 1990s, some Republicans protested this to the point where Bush Jr. promised to reverse these policies during the 2000 Election. Bush promptly reneged on the promise; in fact his Administration exceeded even the Clintons in promoting Feminist takeovers of traditionally male positions and it hasn't been an issue among 'Conservative' politicians since. 

    Mandatory National Public Service will be the next step, of course. The concept has been applied in Totalitarian Regimes historically and has been a dream of kindred spirits of these governments here too for a long time. Many public schools have had a mandated 'community service' requirement for graduation (just like jails); and 'Conservatives' have never had any major objection to it. Given the increasingly authoritarian bent of the postmodern American Right, and their general feeling that any problem can be solved with a bludgeon, the idea is appealing to a certain type. Most Millennials and younger are prime candidates for such a program; young Americans today have been conditioned very extensively towards fatalistically accepting authority.

    Of course, due to the influence of certain ethnic groups (because Conservatives don't believe in reverse discrimination), those with 'dual-nationalities' are exempt from mandatory registration. So are immigrants on H1B work visas. Just coincidentally, the Trump Campaign yesterday clarified its position on H1B visas.

     Frankly, I'm not certain why any foreign graduate would want to stay here when going back to their home country radically increases their chances of actually finding meaningful work; but we digress. Trump has already made promises to expand the Police State exponentially to round up and deport migrant workers whom the Conservative-Industrial Complex are convinced are 'invading' the country; but foreign lobbyists and workers useful to Wall Street get a free pass. Big Tech is one of the major beneficiaries of the H1B Program, and we're certain that Trump's evolved position on the issue and the fat donation he got from a billionaire bankster who gives loans to Big Tech yesterday was also just coincidental timing. 

    Speaking for myself, my idea of Making America Great Again doesn't see the Bush Years as the benchmark of American greatness. In fact, the Bush Machine/Neocon hijacking of the Conservative Movement after Reagan's reforms reversed all of our positive gains and accelerated our decline. Yet, this is where the Postmodern Right---which is really nowadays nothing more than the reactionary Left---wants to take us. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2024


      Besides their continual distortion of the news---or, to put in Postmodern newspeak terms, controlling the narrative, the Neo-Marxist wing of the Uniparty often rewrites history to conform to their agendas. Lately, however, the newly-woke Right has---as they increasingly are doing---adopted the tactics of the Radical Left. Like American Liberals, they have abandoned any commitment to principles or ideology and tailored their marketing approach to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Juneteenth, or as it is officially known, Juneteenth National Independence Day is a prime example. Passed over the objection of barely a dozen Republicans---in fact it was introduced by Bush Machine toady Sen. John Cornyn---it is now being promoted by the Woke Right.  

     We shouldn't be surprised. In a political atmosphere where owning the opposition and selling a message is a greater priority than addressing issues or defending ideals, we should expect this. Historical Revisionism and changing facts to fit an agenda is the New Normal. These days, whenever Reality conflicts with personal ambition we simply change the reality: problem solved. 

    In the normal course of human development, infants and small children have the same flawed view of the world. Civilizing and maturing involves accepting the reality that others exist and have needs and interests too. Due largely to American parents' it takes a village approach to child-rearing, many in our postmodern dystopia never reach that level and long to return to childhood. This is one of the psycho-social reasons for our culture's indifference to actual children and its especial hatred for teenagers and young adults: in the first case, children are competition and in the second, maturing is something that American adults fear. 

   A society like this might function tolerably well under a Monarchy where the king is the father-figure and the Church is the mother-figure, but it is a dangerous tendency in self-governing republics. Partisans of both sides look for leadership that reflects the type of parents they had (or wish they had). Thus, the Whacko Left is drawn to passive father-figures who are indulgent (e.g. Barack Obama, Bill Gates) and shrewish disciplinarian mother-figures (e.g. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi). Their counterparts on the Right seek it in weak but posturing Alpha 'superman' father-figures (e.g. Ron DeSantis, George Bush) and 80s-style 'Supermom' types (e.g. Sarah Palin, Kari Lake) as surrogate mothers. 

   Fantasies and fairy-tales make up a good part of the child's world; in a culture of half-grown manchildren, that's really what controlling the narrative is all about. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, the uncrowned queen of the prairie-muffin trad-moms, has been spinning a few yarns lately assuring those on the Right that she's not squeamish about shooting dogs and that our dad can beat up their dad. 

    Recently, Governor Noem penned an article explaining why Biden was a weenie on foreign policy and why we need a manly Alpha leader to take charge again. Her argument mostly focused on Iran (Arab men have held an especial fixation for these types for a long time). Regardless of her views on the subject, the main problem with her article is that so much of it was simply not true. For example, she claims that Trump defeated ISIS (not true, ISIS was defeated by a Coalition that specifically excluded the US). She claims that Trump killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. Though Trump took credit for that, it was like bin Laden's alleged death, never officially proven and disputed by various sources closer to the scene. She claims that Iran would never launch retaliatory strikes as they recently did with Israel under Trump: even though Iran did in fact launch such a strike---against an American base at that. 

   Governor Noem also praises a cruise-missile strike against Syria for allegedly 'crossing a red line and using poison gas' without mentioning that Trump was credulously acting on intelligence fabricated by the Soros-backed White Helmets. She also fails to mention that the second time Trump tried it, Syria had been reinforced with Russian-made anti-ballistic systems which shot down all but three of the incoming Patriot missile barrage. 

   The Governor also scolds Biden for his 'weakness' in withdrawing from Afghanistan and his increasing failure to hold on to US positions in Iraq and Syria: as if 20+ years of American occupation, corruption and arrogance was welcomed and appreciated by the people of those countries; and that only Biden's weak will is responsible for any of the backlash. This is overlooking the fact that every president since Bush Jr. has been dealing with 'insurgencies' and every time they double-down with more force, the Resistance grows stronger. Her whole article seems to imply that if Trump is re-elected, our Military magically will somehow reincarnate into what it was under the Reagan Administration. She seems to forget that Reagan's use of the military never involved concepts like nation-building, regime change, or exporting democracy. Reagan's philosophy was that the Military should be strong enough to defend America: not the interests of the New World Order crowd and global crony-capitalism. 

    The idea that America made itself strong by ruling through fear is a concept that came in with the Bush/Clinton Era ideology of the Pax Americana. America's strength historically lay in the fact that, while we were willing and able to defend ourselves, we represented a haven and an oasis from the chaos and tyranny going on abroad. We typically never engaged in conflicts abroad unless they represented an actual threat---either territorially or by treaty---to those under American protection. It was generally understood, and even taught in schools back then, that a Regime which had to resort to fear and deception to hold power was by definition a tyranny. 

   That was then, of course, this is now. Kristi Noem once showed some potential in her stand---alone among so-called 'Conservative' governors---against the Scamdemic hysteria and her categorical stands against innovations like abortion-as-a-right and homo 'equality.' But she is the governor of a largely rural state with a population smaller than many American counties and she is wholly out of her depth on national and international issues. Much like Sarah Palin did before her; she's merely absorbing the talking-points of the Conservative-Industrial Complex and repeating them uncritically because she's appealing to audience which listens to them uncritically. 

   This approach really isn't helping our cause. Not only is it fundamentally dishonest, but the falsehoods of these narratives are so transparent that they are going to be torn to shreds once the campaign actually goes into high-gear after the party conventions. I'm not even a Biden supporter and I have written several articles showing how easily these Narratives can be debunked: just imagine what skilled political operatives are going to do with them. I still hold to the prediction that support for the GOP is going to tank radically after this Summer and with or without electoral fraud the Republicans are going to get wiped out in November and they'll have no one to blame but themselves when that happens. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2024


     The 2024 US Presidential Election is one of some interesting contrasts. Within the last two weeks, both factions' candidates toured the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous in Southern California, once again smashing fundraising records at various events. The contrast here is that, while there's growing electoral enthusiasm among the Nation's Top 20%, poll numbers among us 80% of the Great Unwashed---for whom this farce is being staged---is at its lowest level of candidate favoritism in nearly 40 years. Of course, anyone suggesting that American Elections are anything but fair and wholly reflective of the popular will is dismissed out-of-hand as some sort of radical or conspiracy kook. 

     Our nominal Head-of-State was at a star-studded event in Hollywood this weekend with his former boss, Barack Obama in tow and emceed by media figure Jimmy Kimmel. Top seats at the Peacock Theatre---a venue formerly owned by Bill Gates but now property of the powerful Anschutz Corporation---ran up to $500,000. Biden is so subservient to these interests that he actually left the G-7 meeting early, crossing ten time-zones in a single day, to rush out to the event. The New York Times even shamelessly reported of Biden that “Aides said the taxing schedule made clear that even at age 81, he still demonstrates the endurance to manage his many duties,” proving once again what a national disgrace our media really is. 

    Slimy Hollywood media mogul Jeffery Katzenberg organized the event, which raised (at least what was reported) about $30 million. George Clooney, a former actor was co-chair. Clooney now heads a 'philanthropic' organization which was exposed recently in the foreign press as little more than a Black-Budget operation

   The Hollywood Elites are a major player among the Democrat faction of the Uniparty. In February, Biden attended another mega-fundraiser hosted by billionaire mogul Haim Saban. Saban---a dual US/Israeli citizen and a Zionist fanatic---apparently has enough pull with the White House to dictate US Foreign Policy. Our Head-of-State evidently isn't taking any chances: his satrap Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass mobilized more police to corral pro-Palestinian protesters than actual protesters who showed up. 

   President-in-Exile Trump barnstormed the posh circles of Southern California during the previous week, hitting Beverley Hills and Newport Beach. Like Biden's events, ticket-prices topped out well into six figures: though we're assured by Conservative pundits that, in our case, any suggestion of influence-peddling is only because of envy towards the successful. Trump had earlier visited Silicon Valley and raised $12 million at an event hosted by billionaire David O. Sacks. Sacks has ties to Elon Musk and several defense contractors. Like Musk, Sacks supposedly gravitated from the Left to the Bush Machine-backed DeSantis Campaign and has now become based and Red Pilled (i.e. woke) and begun backing Trump. Chamath Palihapitiya, a billionaire 'venture-capitalist' and former supporter of Michael Bloomberg and WEF Young Global Leader Vivek Ramaswamy also came onboard. A protege of Mark Zuckerberg, Palihapitiya had a reputation as a bully-boy at Facebook, which---given the current moral character of the GOP---sounds like he's found his political home. 

   Palihapitiya once made this remarkable statement on a 2017 Youtube video: 

  “Here's the thing. There's about 150 people that run the world. Anybody who wants to go into politics, they're all f----g puppets, okay? There are 150 and they're all men that run the world - period, full stop. They control most of the important assets, they control the money flows. And these are not the tech entrepreneurs. Now they are going to get rolled over the next five to ten years by the people that are really underneath pulling the strings. And when you get behind the curtain and see how that world works, what you realize is, it is unfairly set up for them and their progeny. Now, I'm not going to say that that's something that we can rip apart. But first order of business is, I want to break through and be at that table. That's the first order of business.”

      As if this weren't depressing enough, Trump's Beverly Hills stop (raising about $6 million) at the private home of one Lee Samson, former CEO of Windsor Healthcare Management which operates a chain of nursing homes. Samson is also a Board Member of the Neocon Republican Jewish Coalition
He finished his California tour at the Newport Beach home of another health-insurance mogul, John Word where he was joined by another Musk associate, defense contractor Palmer Luckey

    Somehow, this year's version of the Most Important Election of our Lifetime doesn't seem to be focusing on the popular interest all that much. In fact, like many other aspects of our cultural institutions, the people actually running them seem less and less concerned with even bothering to pose as though they're working in the public interest. Actually, campaigns today more closely resemble Corporate Lobbying than they do self-government.

   The Elites staging these performances though don't care. In our current system of Inverted Totalitarianism, the objective is to maintain the Status Quo: we, the people, simply vote for management teams in what amounts to a popularity contest. Effective change will never come until we challenge the people actually behind the Political Parties. Whether the American people can shake themselves out of their self-delusion and apathy and do that though is another question. 

Sunday, June 16, 2024


    For some unknown reason, we in the Prozac Nation like to pretend that national holidays still have any actual meaning. Today is Fathers' Day, probably the most meaningless one of them all, and that's saying a lot. I suppose in the case of kids who grow up in families like Pete Buttigieg's where they have two dads it's a big deal; or cases like based and Red Pilled pundit Bruce Jenner or Health Secretary Dick Levine who used to be dads but are now moms, it might be more confusing. To keep pretending though that fathers---or men in general---are respected in this society sounds more like a cruel joke than a solemn occasion. 

     In fact, the state of American men has gotten so bad that after 30-40 years the experts are just now noticing that there is a problem. A report from investigated the declining numbers of men joining the US Military and made what we're sure will be a shocking revelation to us all.

    "Experts pointed to broader issues with American men, including a national crisis of masculinity. Rates of suicide and drug overdoses have risen, while men have become less likely to attend college or build a career. In fact, the media outlet said, US men are slowly disappearing from the general workforce. The trend goes way beyond military recruitment,” said Ronald Levant, an Ohio psychology professor and former president of the American Psychological Association“It really has to do with social change. I think there is an amotivational syndrome that seems to permeate a lot of young men today. They’re just not motivated to do very much.”

    So, American men are feeling deeply discouraged and alienated these days. Seriously, who knew? This is almost as major a revelation as yesterday's breaking news report informing us that the New York Times has an anti-Conservative bias. Thankful we should all be that our Expert Class is right on top of these things. 

    Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, the Controlled Opposition pounced on the story to shore up their pathetic poll numbers. To bolster the narrative that America's crisis of masculinity only started under Biden, the President-in-Exile spoke at a campaign rally hosted by shady Neocon front-group, Turning Point USA. TPUSA is headed by Christian Nationalist and Deep-State spook, Charlie Kirk; is heavily funded by shady Neocon think-tanks, and features WEF Young Global Leader Dan Crenshaw as one of its top promoters. The President-in-Exile vowed to "end gender insanity" being promoted in our institutions. So said George Bush in 2000; and Trump seems to have forgotten a Proclamation he himself made in 2019:

    "As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions that LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation. My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invites all nations to join us in this effort!"

   He also seems to have forgotten that the Congressional leaders with whom he spoke this week lined up with the Democrats only two years ago to enshrine homo 'marriage' as national law. Never mind, though: if we hold our noses and vote for the GOP, it will all be different this time and the crisis in masculinity will disappear magically along with all of our other problems. 

   It ought to be obvious that the crisis in masculinity is something that we're not simply going to vote our way out of and hope that some Alpha Superman will fix the problems that American parents, churches, and schools largely brought upon themselves. Decades of looking the other way and sacrificing the long-term good of the nation for short-term personal interest has brought us to this point. On a large nation-wide scale, realistically the situation is probably irreversible. There is neither the political nor popular will even to address the problem. The only solutions coming out of the Controlled Opposition is to restrict immigration (which we probably need) and various top-down schemes that are more show than substance. 

   The reality of the situation is that, unless the will to change suddenly materializes, what is a crisis in the 2020s is going become a national emergency circa the 2040s. Unfortunately, the average American's idea of the future is what happens next week and ignoring issues until it's too late is normative in the approach to social policy. As long as we can make it all somebody else's problem we simply don't care: and that's what caused the crisis to begin with. 





Saturday, June 15, 2024


       The forces driving the Great Reset suffered two major defeats abroad during the past week, potentially losing two of its major national backers. The verminous Corporate Media and the Beltway Establishment have been trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation; with the Biden/Harris Junta lamely trying to position itself as the champions of the New American Century. The lackluster performance at the G-7 meeting and the lukewarm reception of some transparently fraudulent peace deals in Ukraine and Palestine---along with the successful installation of a globalist puppet in the Mexican Elections---are being touted as momentous polar shifts in geopolitics. The Controlled Opposition, meanwhile, has been playing up all of these failures; highlighting the President-in-Exile's trip to the Beltway where Trump met with the same people who threw him under the bus during his term in office---receiving assurances from them that he has their support this time. The pundits from that side are again dusting off their Year 2000 playbook: hold your noses, vote for neocons; trust the plan; we can't win on principles; and don't ask questions. We should all remember how well that worked out. 

     The first blow came in the EU Parliamentary Elections. Anti-Globalist parties made significant gains; and while not enough to change the direction of the EU, regional victories caused the downfall of two WEF Young Global Leaders: Emmanuel Macron in France and Alexander de Croo in Belgium. The French Opposition is headed by Marine Le Pen, daughter of the founder of France's nationalist party. Unlike American Neocons, Marine Le Pen promised concrete results if elected

     "The World Economic Forum and their agents' evil ideology is not welcome in the country. Give me one reason, only one, to keep on our territory foreigners who collaborate with a totalitarian ideology that wants the death of the French? The French who adopt the ideology of the enemy must be brought before justice and punished.” As side note, recall that three WEF Young Global Leaders are currently under consideration for the Republicans' Vice-Presidential slot in the US; and that Macron has been hailed as hero to the American Right.  

   Should France break from the New World Order, the damage would be significant. France itself has a long road of recovery from decades of living under the Beltway jackboot; but France has been a key player in NATO and other globalist enforcement schemes. More importantly, France is a necessary swing-vote on the UN Security Council where it has been a loyal lapdog of US/UK initiatives. That could change the balance of power both in Europe and the UN.

   The second blow came in the Middle East after Saudi King Mohammed bin Solomon allowed the 50-year old treaty establishing the Petrodollar as the sole currency of kingdom's oil trade exchange lapse. Under his leadership, the Saudi government has been pulling steadily away from the Globalist orbit and the economic blow both to the US Dollar and the Oil Cartels will be massive. In January, Saudi Arabia was invited to join BRICS but has yet to follow up. 

   Like France, Saudi Arabia has grown exasperated with Beltway arrogance and incompetence. Lulled into a disastrous proxy war with Yemen, bin Solomon reversed course and ended the mad scheme of the Globalists to control the Red Sea after seeing no benefit to his country. Since the US takeover of Iraq under Bush in 2003, Saudi Arabia not only has been pushed unwillingly into Beltway military adventures, it too like the French has been the recipient of aggressive American Cultural Imperialism. And, no: this policy didn't just start under Biden

   The recent shifts in France and Saudi Arabia are further indications that---everywhere other than North America at least---the Great Reset under Wall Street Economic hegemony is meeting with resistance. Americans themselves under decades of this type of social policy have become too effete and both culturally and spiritually to fight for their Rights. Other peoples have witnessed the effects of this at home and in their own countries. 

  The results can be seen in both the experiences of the US and Russia. In the Year 2000, Americans rejected a field of genuinely Conservative candidates and coronated the Neocon Bush, while Russia elected Vladimir Putin and his Party. Russia has reversed much of the damage caused by American Corporate influence after the fall of the USSR and grown into a respected world power. The US, in contrast, has been mired in growing malaise and degeneracy---relying further and further on its ability to impose its will at home and abroad by sheer force. 

  Given the control that the Oligarchs have over American institutions, combined with the capacity for self-delusion among the general public, the chances of a turnaround of any kind here are, at present, remote. Americans today lack both the character and the ability for effective self-government. With no sense of cultural values, and clinging as they do to the blind worship of authority, Americans are probably much closer to an outright totalitarian regime at present than it is of following the example of other nations. We must first deal with our own defects before we can expect a government which will do the same.



Thursday, June 13, 2024


      It ought to be no secret to anybody by now that the Republican Party is nothing but Controlled Opposition and really has been for years. This is despite a massive marketing campaign to energize the True Believers into believing that the tried-and-true tactic of holding our noses and voting for Neocons magically will somehow 'save the country.' The fact that since 2020, the charade has become transparent to a growing number of people doesn't sway them even though the Republican Party has become, for all intents and purposes, the Democrats with arguably better PR and management techniques

    The Republican Party in the State of Massachusetts, for example, is applying the Free Market approach to parenting with a new proposal which would legalize child-trafficking

    "Under H. 4672, the following would be perfectly legal: a woman undergoes the physical and mental health screenings required to become a surrogate, becomes pregnant via sperm from a sperm bank, and then posts to a surrogacy forum or social media group that she is not only available as a surrogate but already pregnant. She could then choose to match with the couple willing to pay the highest payment of consideration, essentially auctioning off her child. As long as the surrogacy agreement meets the requirements outlined in the bill, it could be validated by a court and viewed as not only permissible but legally binding."

   It should be noted that our good allies in the Pro-Israel Lobby feature prominently among organizations supporting this Bill. This is fighting for our Judeo-Christian Heritage, I suppose. Republican State Representative Hannah Kane, who co-sponsored the legislation affirmed that: “It is a principle that acknowledges the diverse tapestry of modern families and affirms their right to legal recognition and protection under the law.” Massachusetts, of course, recognizes homo 'marriage' and not only celebrates late-term infanticide abortion, to the point where even mothers who experience buyer's remorse and decide on a postpartum termination of childhood have legal protections

   The Woke Republican Party of today cares very little for the welfare of children. During the Scamdemic, they dropped their long-standing support of homeschooling in favor of re-opening the charnel-houses of public education despite knowing fully well what hellscapes these institutions are. Since then, they've launched various fake initiatives against DEI programs while replacing them with their own versions and pretending that they're reforming the system. This year, they gave up their pro-life positions as long as abortions only happen in Blue States; and, of course, their attitudes towards the murder of children in places like Gaza, and their callous treatment of immigrant children is well-documented. 

     Actually during the whole Election Cycle, we've asked---and never received much of an answer---exactly why the Republicans would be any improvement over the Democrats (assuming of course that voting actually matters). We all know that the Democrats are no good; but we've yet to see any hard evidence that the Republicans are any better. So far, they've really done very little except to say that they will enforce Democrat policies more efficiently; execute the Democrats' wars and immigration policies more ruthlessly; exchange reactionary Political Correctness for the more radical versions; and expand the power of Corporations in imposing the New World Order more decisively. Those things, and they also vow to engage in further Lawfare. 

    It should be unnecessary to have to explain this to Christian Conservatives in light of the Massachusetts Bill, but the selling of human beings is, by definition, slavery. Now while it is true that many heroes of the postmodern Right don't see an issue with slavery and cost-effectiveness and personal profit seems to be the only criterion of ethical action these days; historically Conservatives had a very negative view of such things. 

    Likewise, before there was a Prosperity Gospel which reduced human beings to the status of commodities, the Church taught that "The seventh commandment forbids acts or enterprises that for any reason - selfish or ideological, commercial, or totalitarian - lead to the enslavement of human beings, to their being bought, sold and exchanged like merchandise, in disregard for their personal dignity. It is a sin against the dignity of persons and their fundamental rights to reduce them by violence to their productive value or to a source of profit." Despite what the postmodern Right seems to believe, this would include innocent children, whom the Bible regards as something a little more valuable than chattel property.

   As more and more of this duplicity from the Fake Right is being exposed, a growing number of people are waking up to the reality that the Republican Party is no more a Conservative institution than America is really a Christian nation. The more who repudiate Neoconservatism the better our chances of restoring America becomes; but time is running out as we've seen in Massachusetts. Whether we can extricate ourselves from the Uniparty or not remains to be seen.