Thursday, June 13, 2024


      It ought to be no secret to anybody by now that the Republican Party is nothing but Controlled Opposition and really has been for years. This is despite a massive marketing campaign to energize the True Believers into believing that the tried-and-true tactic of holding our noses and voting for Neocons magically will somehow 'save the country.' The fact that since 2020, the charade has become transparent to a growing number of people doesn't sway them even though the Republican Party has become, for all intents and purposes, the Democrats with arguably better PR and management techniques

    The Republican Party in the State of Massachusetts, for example, is applying the Free Market approach to parenting with a new proposal which would legalize child-trafficking

    "Under H. 4672, the following would be perfectly legal: a woman undergoes the physical and mental health screenings required to become a surrogate, becomes pregnant via sperm from a sperm bank, and then posts to a surrogacy forum or social media group that she is not only available as a surrogate but already pregnant. She could then choose to match with the couple willing to pay the highest payment of consideration, essentially auctioning off her child. As long as the surrogacy agreement meets the requirements outlined in the bill, it could be validated by a court and viewed as not only permissible but legally binding."

   It should be noted that our good allies in the Pro-Israel Lobby feature prominently among organizations supporting this Bill. This is fighting for our Judeo-Christian Heritage, I suppose. Republican State Representative Hannah Kane, who co-sponsored the legislation affirmed that: “It is a principle that acknowledges the diverse tapestry of modern families and affirms their right to legal recognition and protection under the law.” Massachusetts, of course, recognizes homo 'marriage' and not only celebrates late-term infanticide abortion, to the point where even mothers who experience buyer's remorse and decide on a postpartum termination of childhood have legal protections

   The Woke Republican Party of today cares very little for the welfare of children. During the Scamdemic, they dropped their long-standing support of homeschooling in favor of re-opening the charnel-houses of public education despite knowing fully well what hellscapes these institutions are. Since then, they've launched various fake initiatives against DEI programs while replacing them with their own versions and pretending that they're reforming the system. This year, they gave up their pro-life positions as long as abortions only happen in Blue States; and, of course, their attitudes towards the murder of children in places like Gaza, and their callous treatment of immigrant children is well-documented. 

     Actually during the whole Election Cycle, we've asked---and never received much of an answer---exactly why the Republicans would be any improvement over the Democrats (assuming of course that voting actually matters). We all know that the Democrats are no good; but we've yet to see any hard evidence that the Republicans are any better. So far, they've really done very little except to say that they will enforce Democrat policies more efficiently; execute the Democrats' wars and immigration policies more ruthlessly; exchange reactionary Political Correctness for the more radical versions; and expand the power of Corporations in imposing the New World Order more decisively. Those things, and they also vow to engage in further Lawfare. 

    It should be unnecessary to have to explain this to Christian Conservatives in light of the Massachusetts Bill, but the selling of human beings is, by definition, slavery. Now while it is true that many heroes of the postmodern Right don't see an issue with slavery and cost-effectiveness and personal profit seems to be the only criterion of ethical action these days; historically Conservatives had a very negative view of such things. 

    Likewise, before there was a Prosperity Gospel which reduced human beings to the status of commodities, the Church taught that "The seventh commandment forbids acts or enterprises that for any reason - selfish or ideological, commercial, or totalitarian - lead to the enslavement of human beings, to their being bought, sold and exchanged like merchandise, in disregard for their personal dignity. It is a sin against the dignity of persons and their fundamental rights to reduce them by violence to their productive value or to a source of profit." Despite what the postmodern Right seems to believe, this would include innocent children, whom the Bible regards as something a little more valuable than chattel property.

   As more and more of this duplicity from the Fake Right is being exposed, a growing number of people are waking up to the reality that the Republican Party is no more a Conservative institution than America is really a Christian nation. The more who repudiate Neoconservatism the better our chances of restoring America becomes; but time is running out as we've seen in Massachusetts. Whether we can extricate ourselves from the Uniparty or not remains to be seen. 






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