Monday, June 24, 2024


     Buried in between the usual doom-and-gloom and celebrity gossip stories, the vermin in the Corporate Media have been trying desperately to generate interest in Thursday's upcoming Presidential Debate. Both factions of the Uniparty have been talking smack to each other, much like pro wrestlers do before an upcoming Cage Match. This is the most important election of our lifetime, after all; and one vote really does count as much as million dollar donations do. 

    The Biden/Harris Junta has been accusing the Controlled Opposition of spreading AI-generated fake images of the Head-of-State; charges which are being roundly denied by the Conservative Punditocracy, because they certainly never stoop to such things. President-in-Exile Trump even mentioned it during widely-circulated coverage of a rally in Philadelphia, except that there was one small problem:


      Oops! Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

      To add some more spice to the drama, Trump announced that he's decided on a Vice-Presidential choice and that unnamed person will be attending the debate! Known attendees on the 'short-list' prepared for him by the Bush Family include Senators Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, and J.D. Vance, along with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. 

     I'm not certain what these two are actually going to debate about. The Controlled Opposition has been making a big deal about Biden's age, although at 78, Trump is not exactly a spring chicken. A lot of talk online is centering on which one will swoon and collapse first. Apparently, Trump's hardline stand on immigration is off the table now, after a meeting with some high-level WEF-connected banksters. They can't debate social issues since the GOP has thrown up the sponge on that one too. I suppose they can argue about Foreign Policy---other countries always make good scapegoats and distractions---though Trump will have a hard sell claiming that Biden is too soft on Russia and China since the Junta has driven both countries to the near-breaking point of a Third World War. In other words, it doesn't appear that the Main Event is going to live up to the hype. 

    The debate is going to be held on CNN, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers whose top stakeholders include Financial Octopuses who own about 1/3 of the company. The Corporate Media isn't even bothering to hide Corporate staging of the whole production; or even bothering to pretend that there isn't any scripting involved

    I don't know what my plans are for Thursday Night, but I know what I'm not going to be doing. Just about anything else would be a more constructive use of one's time.



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