Wednesday, June 19, 2024


      Besides their continual distortion of the news---or, to put in Postmodern newspeak terms, controlling the narrative, the Neo-Marxist wing of the Uniparty often rewrites history to conform to their agendas. Lately, however, the newly-woke Right has---as they increasingly are doing---adopted the tactics of the Radical Left. Like American Liberals, they have abandoned any commitment to principles or ideology and tailored their marketing approach to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Juneteenth, or as it is officially known, Juneteenth National Independence Day is a prime example. Passed over the objection of barely a dozen Republicans---in fact it was introduced by Bush Machine toady Sen. John Cornyn---it is now being promoted by the Woke Right.  

     We shouldn't be surprised. In a political atmosphere where owning the opposition and selling a message is a greater priority than addressing issues or defending ideals, we should expect this. Historical Revisionism and changing facts to fit an agenda is the New Normal. These days, whenever Reality conflicts with personal ambition we simply change the reality: problem solved. 

    In the normal course of human development, infants and small children have the same flawed view of the world. Civilizing and maturing involves accepting the reality that others exist and have needs and interests too. Due largely to American parents' it takes a village approach to child-rearing, many in our postmodern dystopia never reach that level and long to return to childhood. This is one of the psycho-social reasons for our culture's indifference to actual children and its especial hatred for teenagers and young adults: in the first case, children are competition and in the second, maturing is something that American adults fear. 

   A society like this might function tolerably well under a Monarchy where the king is the father-figure and the Church is the mother-figure, but it is a dangerous tendency in self-governing republics. Partisans of both sides look for leadership that reflects the type of parents they had (or wish they had). Thus, the Whacko Left is drawn to passive father-figures who are indulgent (e.g. Barack Obama, Bill Gates) and shrewish disciplinarian mother-figures (e.g. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi). Their counterparts on the Right seek it in weak but posturing Alpha 'superman' father-figures (e.g. Ron DeSantis, George Bush) and 80s-style 'Supermom' types (e.g. Sarah Palin, Kari Lake) as surrogate mothers. 

   Fantasies and fairy-tales make up a good part of the child's world; in a culture of half-grown manchildren, that's really what controlling the narrative is all about. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, the uncrowned queen of the prairie-muffin trad-moms, has been spinning a few yarns lately assuring those on the Right that she's not squeamish about shooting dogs and that our dad can beat up their dad. 

    Recently, Governor Noem penned an article explaining why Biden was a weenie on foreign policy and why we need a manly Alpha leader to take charge again. Her argument mostly focused on Iran (Arab men have held an especial fixation for these types for a long time). Regardless of her views on the subject, the main problem with her article is that so much of it was simply not true. For example, she claims that Trump defeated ISIS (not true, ISIS was defeated by a Coalition that specifically excluded the US). She claims that Trump killed ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. Though Trump took credit for that, it was like bin Laden's alleged death, never officially proven and disputed by various sources closer to the scene. She claims that Iran would never launch retaliatory strikes as they recently did with Israel under Trump: even though Iran did in fact launch such a strike---against an American base at that. 

   Governor Noem also praises a cruise-missile strike against Syria for allegedly 'crossing a red line and using poison gas' without mentioning that Trump was credulously acting on intelligence fabricated by the Soros-backed White Helmets. She also fails to mention that the second time Trump tried it, Syria had been reinforced with Russian-made anti-ballistic systems which shot down all but three of the incoming Patriot missile barrage. 

   The Governor also scolds Biden for his 'weakness' in withdrawing from Afghanistan and his increasing failure to hold on to US positions in Iraq and Syria: as if 20+ years of American occupation, corruption and arrogance was welcomed and appreciated by the people of those countries; and that only Biden's weak will is responsible for any of the backlash. This is overlooking the fact that every president since Bush Jr. has been dealing with 'insurgencies' and every time they double-down with more force, the Resistance grows stronger. Her whole article seems to imply that if Trump is re-elected, our Military magically will somehow reincarnate into what it was under the Reagan Administration. She seems to forget that Reagan's use of the military never involved concepts like nation-building, regime change, or exporting democracy. Reagan's philosophy was that the Military should be strong enough to defend America: not the interests of the New World Order crowd and global crony-capitalism. 

    The idea that America made itself strong by ruling through fear is a concept that came in with the Bush/Clinton Era ideology of the Pax Americana. America's strength historically lay in the fact that, while we were willing and able to defend ourselves, we represented a haven and an oasis from the chaos and tyranny going on abroad. We typically never engaged in conflicts abroad unless they represented an actual threat---either territorially or by treaty---to those under American protection. It was generally understood, and even taught in schools back then, that a Regime which had to resort to fear and deception to hold power was by definition a tyranny. 

   That was then, of course, this is now. Kristi Noem once showed some potential in her stand---alone among so-called 'Conservative' governors---against the Scamdemic hysteria and her categorical stands against innovations like abortion-as-a-right and homo 'equality.' But she is the governor of a largely rural state with a population smaller than many American counties and she is wholly out of her depth on national and international issues. Much like Sarah Palin did before her; she's merely absorbing the talking-points of the Conservative-Industrial Complex and repeating them uncritically because she's appealing to audience which listens to them uncritically. 

   This approach really isn't helping our cause. Not only is it fundamentally dishonest, but the falsehoods of these narratives are so transparent that they are going to be torn to shreds once the campaign actually goes into high-gear after the party conventions. I'm not even a Biden supporter and I have written several articles showing how easily these Narratives can be debunked: just imagine what skilled political operatives are going to do with them. I still hold to the prediction that support for the GOP is going to tank radically after this Summer and with or without electoral fraud the Republicans are going to get wiped out in November and they'll have no one to blame but themselves when that happens. 


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