Monday, April 30, 2018


       Since last week's historic summit at Panmunjom, the Liberal Corporate Media and the Swamp RINOs have been seething with rage that their hopes for a Second Korean War is slipping through their fingers. This weekend at Mass, Pope Francis expressed hope for global peace and disarmament. 

       The Pope sent out a message on Twitter to this effect; which incited a firestorm on the Internet. This, notwithstanding the fact that Popes and other Christian leaders have been speaking of futures where men beat their swords into plowshares. Yet many are throwing up their hands in pious horror that a Christian leader actually speaks out against the proliferation of war materials. 

       What many fail to understand is that modern warfare is simply too expensive in both lives and money to fight. It really has been since the 1950's. As an example, the 2017 and 2018 missile strikes on Syria cost a quarter-billion dollars combined: and that's only the cost of the missiles employed. The cost of deploying ships, paying technicians , sailors, pilots, etc. likely doubled the cost. And nothing has changed in Syria because of it. 

       Since the fall of the Iron Curtain---which Francis' predecessor John Paul II helped bring about--- a phony philosophy arose in the United States called the Pax Americana. The Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, and all off their hangers-on are firm believers in it. Historically, American National Defense Policy has been to maintain a military strong enough that no one would dare attack us. Pax Americana theorists believe that we should maintain a military strong enough to impose our leaders' will on any country anywhere in the world at anytime and for whatever reason (or pretext) our leaders choose. Part and parcel of that belief holds that the foreign policy of the US and that of the UN are indistinguishable. 

        Now when the Pope calls for international disarmament, he's clearly not talking about abolishing militaries used for internal security and defense. What he's talking about are the international arms-traffickers who make billions off inciting wars abroad. Supporting these gangs is not what Conservatism is all about. As Benjamin Harrison---one of our first modern Conservatives said: "We Americans have no Divine Mandate to police the entire world." And we would add to that we certainly have no Divine Mandate to police it on behalf of the freebooters in the American Deep State. 

        It's time that we re-examined our international policies in this respect. We should never back down when our national interests are genuinely threatened by a foreign power. But peace should always be our top priority. It doesn't make us weak to seek peace; it makes us right. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018


      Dr. Rookh Kshatriya---one of the early intellectuals of the Manosphere, and one of the few in that community who still writes anything worth reading---has also written a piece analyzing events in Toronto. For those not familiar with Dr. Kshatriya's writings, he has postulated a theory that Anglo-American culture has become more sexually repressive since the advent of Radical Feminism despite outward appearances. The so-called Cultural Elites, to maintain this illusion, promote what he calls a Sexual False Consciousness. 

     Sexual False Consciousness may be briefly explained as the difference between how the media portrays the average person's sexual/romantic lives against what happens in reality. 

     "In the wake of Minassian's foolish deed, almost every Anglosphere news outlet has been asking 'What is an INCEL' as if INCELs constituted only a tiny minority! In reality about one-third of people under 30 in the United States are involuntarily celibate, according to the US Center for Disease Control."

      Yes, this is true. And it also illustrates the number of men vulnerable to radicalization is very high. This, by the way, is exactly why we've said that censorship will fail. 

       It's a biological and sociological fact that sexually deprived men become more aggressive. It the days before Cultural Marxism took over America, society channeled that aggression into constructive pursuits. Thus we had all-male venues like the military, team sports, commerce, politics, and other professions. But our postmodern dystopia not only represses men sexually; it also closes avenues of achievement to them by subordinating them to women and homosexuals. Then, to make it worse; the media taunts them by treating them as 'losers' if they aren't having regular sex. 

    As evidence of this, notice that the American males of 'Generation Snowflake' are simultaneously the most pampered and the most ruthlessly violent men in our history. They run to Safe Spaces at the slightest affront; but think nothing of slaughtering dozens of innocents in schools, churches, or concerts. 

     As a medical professional, Dr. Kshatriya understands what social engineers don't: that gender differences are fixed and that they cannot be legislated out of existence. Laws need to be reformed and reconstructed along those lines. 

    And here the good doctor puts his finger on the root of the problem: "Media-induced Sexual False Consciousness is rampant in our society...Everyone has to keep silent while the naked emperor of sexual liberation walks abroad, pretending that they too are banging models every night. Of course almost no one is; but none can break ranks to discuss openly the frigid hostility of most Anglo-American females for fear of ridicule and ostracism."

     As a doctor, Kshatriya knows that the first step to effecting a cure is admitting that a problem really exists. That's as true of social diseases as it is of physical ones. 

      Since the Election of 2016, we have a window of opportunity to address these problems. Trump has shown us that the Corporate Media is built upon a tissue of lies spun by ignoramuses and degenerates---and can be ignored with impunity. He's also shown us that Political Correctness is a paper tiger and men can push back against it. What Dr. Kshatriya calls "the fear of ridicule and ostracism" must be overcome if we want to put a permanent stop to this whole 'Gender War' nonsense. And that nonsense is being pushed both by the Feminist Left and the Red Pill Alt-RINO Right. 


Friday, April 27, 2018


     David Futrelle---who is a male feminist and far-Left politically---wrote an editorial yesterday in Elle Magazine about the social dangers posed by radicalized men in the INCEL movement. Futrelle's piece has a lot of predictably Radical Feminist bias; but his analysis of what fuels INCEL (and the Red Pills generally) is generally accurate. We're going to offer some commentary here on the passages that show some insight and summarize with its relevance to us as Conservatives.

      "What makes the INCEL subculture so dangerous for young men who engage in it" Futrelle says, "is that it takes the bitterness and sadness we sometimes feel when faced with sexual and romantic frustrations and turns this misery into a mode of being. Instead of encouraging them to move on from their disappointments, the INCEL subculture encourages young men to stew in their own bitterness."

     This is entirely true; at least as far as the objectives of INCEL leaders and pundits go. The problem that I've seen among most in this movement is that sexual/romantic frustration is an effect; rather than a cause of their radicalism. However, Futrelle is correct in that men who've become emotionally vulnerable are easy prey for Red Pill propaganda.

      In our last article, we pointed out the desperate need for male leaders and men of maturity and experience to step up to the plate and start offering alternative advice to the Red Pills and the INCELs. The lack of these kinds of men is leaving the field wide-open for Radicals to recruit them. 

       Futrelle goes on to make another good point: "INCEL culture tells young men that their problems are unfixable...INCELs direct so much hatred at the outside world---and at women in particular---that it's easy to lose sight of the many ways that INCEL culture promotes a deep and hopeless form of self-hatred."

       As a political 'Progressive', it's doubtful that Futrelle puts much stock in Classical Psychology, but he's basically explaining the same dynamic as what the Psychoanalysts call projection. To be specific: sexual frustration may not necessarily lead to self-hatred, but it does bring out such thoughts and suspicions. The INCEL propagandists validate those suspicions---and at the same time they cultivate in their dupes the belief that people outside of their victims' ego-fields are responsible for it. In other words, the typical INCEL feels worthless, but he believes that worthlessness has been imposed on him by others. It's not hard to see how men in this state of mind can become extremely dangerous. And their leaders, in turn, incite them to acts of violence which they themselves haven't the courage to commit.

        Futrelle goes on to warn that "if these young men aren't stopped" there would be more like George Sodini, Eliot Roger, and Alec Minassian. Unfortunately, he's right about that too; although he doesn't explain here how they should be stopped. Of course, we can all point out that Feminism is radicalizing and cultivating self-hatred in women too. But that isn't the point. 

         The point is that the failure of Conservatives to address this issue of male radicalization is effectively ceding the Moral High Ground to the Left, like David Futrelle and the SPLC. We have seen some hope among Christian Conservatives like the Southern Baptist Convention and the Conference of Catholic Bishops. But much more needs to be done and said---especially by our political leadership. We need men like William F. Buckley who exorcised from Conservatism the Birchers and the Randians; the Alt-Right of his day.

         Despite what the Red Pills say, maintaining the Moral High Ground is the key to our movement's ultimate victory. Without it, we're no better than the Left. 


Wednesday, April 25, 2018


      So it's happened yet again: one of the Red Pill disciples went berserk and hoped to impress his leaders by committing mass-murder. Alec Minassian by his own admission is part of the INCEL sect of the Manosphere. He was inspired by the murders committed by Eliot Roger in 2014---who also was a believer in INCEL.

       The INCELs are somewhat similar to the MGTOWs of the Manosphere. The difference is that MGTOWs have no desire to have relationships with women; INCELs do have the desire but can't/won't act up on it. The term is a portmanteau of involuntarily celibate. Now most of us men are in this state from time to time, but INCELs consider this a permanent condition. The founders of the movement were reacting to a real social problem; the disparity in male to female ratios giving a lack of sexual opportunity. What they advocated were changes in laws---most of them quite sensible---to address the issue. Things like making fiancee visas easier to get, relaxing AOC laws, repealing many of the Clinton Era's politically-correct gender rules, etc. 

       But like the rest of the Manosphere, the INCELs became extremely radicalized. The sorts of men it came to attract were the lowest of social, political, and sexual misfits. These are the types of guys who wouldn't have success with women (or much of anything else) regardless of social conditions. Even under pagan tribalism, few fathers likely would even consent to sell their daughters to cretins like these. On their websites they hold Eliot Roger up as a hero and celebrate the anniversary of the Isla Vista killings. Men like these are losers no matter how you slice it. 

       One of the writers at  called 'BlkPllPres' was giddy with excitement over the attacks and bragged that Minassian had probably read his article published on March 18th. It's worth reading because it illustrates perfectly the mentality of these fools:

        "I think that mass shootings are too pointless anyway. I want to see some mass food poisoning deaths, maybe a bomb or two, or hopefully somebody just uses a f----g truck to ram down roasties* {*a vulgar neologism invented by the Red Pill Cultists as a slur against women} at a school parade or something...The one I can't wait for, the one that will really punish normies* {*another bit of Red Pill parlance; 'normies' are normal men who have normal relationships with women---unlike these 'enlightened' ones who know better) and really punish society is when the first INCEL mass/serial rapes start occurring; when a guy leaves a manifesto just before killing himself admitting to all the rapes he's done. The will be the best ER* ever. {ER is their shorthand for 'Eliot Roger'; used to describe any terroristic act committed on behalf of their ideology}.

     This goes on to explain why raping-sprees are so wonderful: "Because after the act, his victims don't just 'get to die' and their families 'move on.' These women will be traumatized and some might even kill themselves...their families will have to endure the shame that comes with this, the women will have to relive this every day and spend months or years in therapy sessions. Not to mention that we will be spamming the rapist's image and memeing him into an immortal internet presence like we have with Eliot Roger. They won't ever be able to forget; society won't be able to forget: and it is at that moment that normies will truly fear us." 

      Well---no: I doubt seriously that any normal, red-blooded man is going to cower in fear other men who go around raping defenseless women for sport. I think that, if this happened in reality, the INCELs would likely be hunted down by packs of vigilantes and the authorities would likely look the other way at such reprisals. 

       That aside, though, there's nothing in the above quote that's materially different from what the propagandists for ISIS and other Wahhabi cults write of their own strategies. Since we began this blog we have made it clear that one of Civilization's greatest threats are radical cults. Just like Wahhabism is not a religion but a cult; so the Red Pill is not a philosophy but a cult. And Canada---our neighbor to the north---has seen the bloody results of both cults when drawn to their logical conclusions. 

       How Canada will react is unknown; that country's commitment to free speech is not nearly as rigid as ours. And censorship is not the answer anyway. Our society needs leaders-----especially community leaders like pastors, bishops, local politicians, and local media figures to give the weight of their authority speaking out against the dangers of radicalization. And frankly men, collectively, need to do a better job of self-policing like our fathers and grandfathers did. When we start seeing young men in our circles drifting into radicalism---talk it out with them. A lot of these guys are in this spot because they lacked male mentoring. The Red Pill leaders---like ISIS---offers them respect and the opportunity 'to be somebody'. But these vulnerable men are so blinded at the prospects that they don't see the price tag attached. That's what mature men can show them. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


     Things continue to get worse for the Red Pill/Alt-RINO trolls. The character known on Twitter as 'Ricky Vaughn' as been exposed. Paul Nehlen, a candidate for the Congressional Seat vacated by Paul Ryan exposed Vaughn as a Manhattan financial consultant named Douglass Mackey. After Mackey approached Nehlen with a shady donation proposition (and Nehlen refused); Mackey went viral smearing Nehlen's character. And so, Nehlen decided, two can play at that game. 

      It's interesting that so many of the Red Pill gurus turn out to be engaged in marketing-related professions. The whole Game/PUA movement upon which the Red Pill is based is said to have been engineered by men in this line of work. 

       It's also quite noteworthy that these so-called 'Alphas' always turn out to be quite far from the swaggering, he-man image they project on the Internet. And generally their real-life unmanliness is in direct proportion to how big their mouths are online. As 'Ricky Vaughn', Mackey was one of the most vicious trolls; reports of him in reality show him to be a pasty, flabby milquetoast afraid of his own shadow. Unlike Vox Day and Andrew Anglin, Mackey even kept his online activities a secret from his parents. 

       "We were devastated this week to learn of Doug's beliefs and online activities." Scott Mackey, his father said, "They are antithetical to the values we hold and which he was raised. We are still trying to understand how he could have done something like this and hope that he will find some way to make amends for the harm that he's caused."

       It can probably be explained this way: Mackey is the archetypical keyboard warrior. The Urban Dictionary defines personalities like his perfectly: "A person who, unable to express his anger through physical violence (owing to their physical weakness, lack of courage or conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through the textual medium of the Internet...Keyboard Warriors are generally identified by unnecessary rage in their communications and are regarded as losers by other virtual identities on the Internet." To this, we will add that they are usually regarded as losers by their offline peers as well. 

       Mackey was fired from his job as an economist at John Dunham & Associates in 2016; at the peak of his popularity as an Alt-RINO commentator. Dunham could not reveal the reasons for his termination because of New York State's labor laws. But I think that we can all draw our own conclusions about it. 

Monday, April 23, 2018


      President Trump's announcement last week that the US and North Korea were "already in high-level talks" ahead of a major summit either went completely ignored or contemptuously ridiculed by the Corporate Media. Although this summit will be the first meeting between the two countries' presidents ever; and the first step toward final peace on the Peninsula. 

      Trump made the announcement at Mar-a-Lago meeting with Japanese officials. While widely discussed and praised abroad, NBC was the only television network which bothered to report it. Even then, their White House 'correspondent' snorted opinions to the effect that Trump was 'selling out' to Kim; and interviewed one of the Bush-Era RINOs to back up the script. 

      However, articles in the CPC-run Chinese media---which is again proving itself more objective and informative than our allegedly 'free' press---explained that the driving force behind this latest rapprochement has been led by new South Korean President Moon. Moon negotiated not only the meeting with Trump; but a high-level meeting between Kim and Chinese President Xi. As a goodwill gesture, Kim has ordered a suspension of North Korea's nuclear-weapons testing. Moon has reciprocated by suspending propaganda broadcasts into the North. Moon and Kim are meeting in historic Panmujom later this week.

      The Washington Post---for whatever their words are worth---claims that Secretary of State Pompeo has already made covert official visits to North Korea, but this has yet to be confirmed. 

        In 2016, President Kim expressed a desire to meet with Trump but this gesture was blocked by RINOs Tillerson and McMaster. Those two provocateurs nearly goaded Trump into a Second Korean War in 2017; and had it not been for the poltroonery of American military commanders, it might have happened. The Trump-Kim Summit should have been the Administration's first recourse. 

        Besides the Swamp RINOs; the Soros Syndicate, the Moonie Cult, the DNC, and other corrupt interests have sought war in Korea eagerly. They covet North Korean resources and the power that comes with controlling the DPRK's strategic geographic position.  And of course they also deeply envy President Kim for having that kind of wealth and power. 

       After the recent debacles in Syria, it is refreshing to see Trump taking a completely different course in Korea. North Korea has a lot of faults as a State, but they have been the ones seeking and offering peace since the 1990's. Now that we've had a regime change of our own and South Koreans were able to elect a non-CIA controlled president for once, that peace finally looks possible. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018


      With the exception of The Wichita Eagle, most of the media ignored the guilty verdict handed down on Wednesday against three Kansas men. Gavin Wright, Curtis Allen, and Patrick Stein were convicted of plotting a massive terrorist attack against an immigrant community center in Garden City, Kansas. 

       The community center is owned by Somalian immigrants and has a residential complex, a mosque, and some small businesses. According to an FBI spokesman, the trio plotted to use a series of four truck-bombs and the explosives they had manufactured would have leveled the block. The Kansas City Star reported in March that the three belonged to a group of yahoos calling itself the 'Kansas Security Force' and fancied themselves leaders of a new Crusade.

       "The Department of Justice is resolute every day in fighting terrorist threats both foreign and domestic," Jeff Sessions said, "The defendants in this case acted with clear premeditation in an attempt to kill people based on their religion and national origin. That's not simply illegal; it's immoral and unacceptable and we aren't going to stand for it. Today's verdict is a significant victory against domestic terrorism and hate crimes."

       Now wait a moment, here. Doesn't the Whacko Left and their parrots in the MSM tell us constantly that the Trump Administration is full of White Supremacists and Anti-Moslem bigots? Maybe the reason that the story got so little coverage is that it didn't fit 'the narrative.'

        But leaving all these idiots aside, the real hero of this story was a Kansas man named Dan Day. Day not only reported his suspicions to the FBI---which led to the investigation---he risked his own life by voluntarily acting as an FBI informant and then openly testifying of his role at the trial. That took some incredible courage; as he was up a gang of fanatics who had no scruple against committing murder. Sessions personally cited Day for his bravery and credited him for "thwarting the attack and saving hundreds of lives."

         Good men doing good things: our media ignores that too. Let's all be thankful though that a few men like Dan Day are out there making the world a better place. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


     As if we needed any further proof that the so-called 'Alt-Right' is really a Left-Wing Reactionary movement; Red Pill cultist Vox Day has been spending the better part of the last week bashing Conservatives. Citing pseudoscience from The Unz Review---a notoriously anti-Semitic tabloid---Vox claims that "Conservatism is unviable because it denies inequality. All unviable political identities have set themselves up against science, history, and observable reality. Remember, the Red Pill is reality."

    Well, no it isn't. And Conservatives don't deny inequality. We understand that there are differences among the human race. But we believe as well in the Law of Compensation, of which Vox and other Red Pills are wholly ignorant. 

      One of America's first native philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, explained the Law of Compensation as a moral justification for equality. The concept didn't originate with him; and most of us probably know and live by this principle under various other names. The Law of Compensation simply says that human beings compensate for weaknesses and deficiencies by excelling in particular ways. The most common way we experience this is through gender-relations and marriage. The strengths and weaknesses inherent in each gender finds compensation by bonding sexually or romantically. Most of us know this as complementarian---another concept which the Red Pills also deny.

        It also happens in society at large and is a well-known psychological fact. People who are limited in their abilities in one area compensate by excellence in another field. This is so well established that Alfred Adler and Maria Montessori built whole schools of psychology around the concept. We also see it in physical debilities. It's well-known, for example, that the blind develop extraordinary senses like hearing. It's also well-known that infertile women often make the best nurses and elementary teachers. 

        This idea of compensation leads naturally to social cooperation; and by extension, Legal Equality. As our Founding Fathers expressed it: "We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights."

         And the Founders themselves based the idea on the principles of Christianity. The Catechism of the Catholic Church expresses it this way: "Created in the Image of the One True God and equally endowed with rational souls, all men have the same nature and the same origin. Redeemed by the Sacrifice of Christ, all are called to participate in the same Divine Beatitude; all therefore enjoy an equal dignity...Human talents, however, are not distributed equally. These differences, though, belong to God's Plan; which wills that each receives what he needs from others; and that those endowed with particular benefits share them with those who need them." (iii:1934-1937, passim). 

         If man, therefore, is equal in the eyes of God, Law, and Nature---why do these three ever punish those who compensate in negative ways (i.e. sin, crime, and unnatural behavior)? This is because the only actual 'inequality' between human beings is moral inequality. It's actually the Liberals and the Left who deny inequality; because they hold the extremist position that all behaviors are morally equivalent. 

          The Red Pills swing to the opposite extreme and create a moral dogma that inequality stems from an inherent biological inferiority in most; while they alone---the 'Alphas'---are superior. This is also an extremist position because they create a subjective definition of superiority and derive false moral absolutes from them. Liberalism denies reality; the Red Pills offer a counterfeit reality. 

           At any rate, Conservatives shouldn't worry too much about Vox' predictions. His track-record at successful predictions is worse than most commercial fortune-tellers. And Conservatives will be here long after the Red Pill is forgotten.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


     The town of Huntington, West Virginia has been described as the epicenter of the national opioid crisis in a recent documentary produced by Elaine Sheldon. The overdose death rate there is fully 10 times the national average. But yesterday, in a series of sweeps, the FBI and teams from local law enforcement destroyed the largest distribution network into the city.

      The drug-pushing operation was run by the Peterson Brothers of Detroit, Michigan. They had been operating this ring for 15 years; but only since the Trump Administration were they uncovered and investigated. According to Federal Attorney Michael Stuart, a quarter-million doses of Fentanyl was seized along with large quantities of other narcotics.

      According to authorities, Willie 'Chill' Peterson secured the drugs in Detroit, and passed them to his brother, Manget 'Money' Peterson in West Virginia. Manget Peterson, the leader of the ring, was the at hub of the pipeline and controlled at least 70 distribution networks. 

       "Let me point out that today's raids were not picking up addicts or street-level dealers."  Stuart told WCHS-8, "This is severe disruption in the supply network into Huntington. It's a potential game-changer."

       Stuart encouraged addicts in Huntington to seek out treatment centers since the supply of Opioid-based narcotics has been extremely curtailed. The area is part of President Trump's new Quick Response Program which follows up on overdose victims and tries to get them into drug treatment. The new program also repealed Obamacare restrictions on police and EMT personnel administering an antidote to overdose victims. The number of overdose deaths in Huntington has declined significantly, according to WEPM-Radio 1340. 

        And so far from the glamorous and tough image that Hollywood depicts of drug kingpins and gang-leaders, 'Money' Peterson was allegedly quite the coward when captured. Authorities were prepared for a potential shootout, but Petersen nearly died of fright when the FBI appeared and had to be supported while led, begging the agents to let him go. It may or may not be a true story, but Peterson's photos show him as a short, squabby guy who looks like he's afraid of his own shadow.

         There's really nothing about narcotics trafficking that's ever been like Hollywood depicts it. It's always been, and still is, the domain of the lowest type of criminal.  


Tuesday, April 17, 2018


       Today is the national deadline for filing income taxes in the United States. A lot of us are benefiting already from the first round of President Trump's tax reforms. Was the top headline today? No... 

      Maybe the Corporate Media is talking about the repercussions of the missile attack on Syria---especially its dismal failure? No. Maybe the Opioid Crisis? No; even though one of the largest Opioid rings in recent history was wiped out today. Or maybe the legacy of former First Lady Barbara Bush, who died today? Nope.

        No: the biggest and most pressing concern in the Corporate Media today is about the 'injustice' of a Philadelphia Starbucks' cafe not permitting two non-paying customers access to their bathrooms. This major social issue and obvious national emergency has led to apologies from Starbucks', as well as riots and some urban unrest. 

         The question is: what is this strange obsession Liberals have with toilets?  The last two years of the Obama Administration saw a huge national controversy over public bathrooms. Obama even spent millions retrofitting bathrooms on Navy warships to address this important and burning issue; and was even threatening to withhold federal funds to states which wouldn't adopt his bathroom policies. 

         Dr. Sigmund Freud and some of the followers of his school of thought believed that a variety of mental illnesses stemmed from a morbid fixation of defective toilet-training in childhood. Dr. Erich Fromm, who was one of Freud's students, was a strong proponent of that theory. During WW2, Fromm submitted a report to Allied Intelligence stating his professional opinion that Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler was anally fixated. He expanded on this theory in his later book, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, wherein he postulated a connection between anal fixation and the often sadistic behavior of government bureaucrats. 

          We may shrug off this theory at first glace: but when one goes through a typical West Coast, Liberal-run city like San Francisco and notice how indescribably filthy they are---including filth from human waste--- then one has to consider whether or not the Psychoanalysts might not have a valid point. 

        Whatever Liberals' psychological motivations might be, we have to admit this kind of behavior is really weird. But then again, it's just the American Left being themselves...



Saturday, April 14, 2018


      So the President has done what we'd hoped that he would not do: joined the NATO butchers in an attack against Syria to bolster the sagging fortunes of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. There was hope that after Tillerson and McMaster were disgraced, that we'd see a shift away from Deep-State Foreign Policy. It didn't happen.

     The attacks were launched by Mattis' gay-friendly naval fleet and by US forces illegally still in Syria at the occupied Al-Tanf base. Over 100 missiles were launched against Damascus and other civilian targets in a cowardly, sneak attack just before dawn, local time. 

     Allied news sources claim that most of these missiles were shot by Syrian Air Defense, who did a remarkable job. The NATO cowards prudently by-passed Russian-manned Air Defense systems. The Syrians took out billions in US weaponry with Soviet-made equipment. Generation Snowflake flops again...I suppose that this is predictable when your Defense Secretary publicly admits that he had no proof of a chemical attack; but feels like one really happened.

      But that good news aside, we haven't any preliminary figures on how many were murdered by our government and its confederates in tonight's attack. The citizens of Damascus itself took to the streets in several demonstrations supporting President Assad and congratulating Syrian soldiers. Despite whatever propaganda we'll hear from the Corporate Media, here are some scenes from Damascus this morning illustrating just how successful the NATO assassins were at turning public opinion against Assad:

        President Bashir Assad and his family were unharmed. President Assad even appeared at the Presidential Palace this morning; and urged his country to remain steadfast and thanked the Syrian people for their patriotism. 

          This mission overall seems quite clearly to have been a failure. The larger question now is what repercussions this attack will have on the US globally. The Trump Administration has, sadly, put us in a bad spot. This is the result of listening to the 'Pax Americana'/ Might-Makes-Right Crowd who think that the only diplomacy the US really needs is the ability to bomb anyone into submission. Now we look even weaker than before: both morally and militarily. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


           "We Americans have no commission from God to police the world. Let those who would die for the flag on foreign battlefields give a better proof of their patriotism and give greater glory to their country by promoting brotherhood and justice."---President Benjamin Harrison, 1888. 

         Thanks largely to our dysfunctional public school system, few Americans know much about our 23rd President. But Benjamin Harrison is significant because he was the first Conservative---in the modern sense of the term---to be elected president. In the late 19th Century, there was a political movement called Progressivism. The Progressives believed in a larger, more proactive government. Inspired by some European politicians and discouraged by the recent US Civil War; they felt that the Constitutional emphasis on individual rights and economic free-enterprise had become antiquated. They desired us to become more like the corporatist and imperialist European systems; much as modern Progressives wish us to follow European socialism and cultural imperialism.

        The Progressives' political opponents back then had a slogan about 'conserving' the principles of our Founding Fathers. The media began referring to them as Conservatives and the name has been around ever since. 

         For our purposes, with the Administration considering another illegal and ill-thought out attack on Syria, it should be noted that this type of intervention is not a Conservative position---the number of RINOs supporting it to the contrary. When Benjamin Harrison made the speech quoted above; he was referring to the very principles laid down by George Washington. (Harrison, BTW, was inaugurated on the 100th Anniversary of Washington's Inauguration). 

           The Founders and the earlier political leaders restricted our military to our own hemisphere and to the Pacific Islands. The reason for this was to encourage foreign trade without the intrigues and entanglements of foreign power-politics. The warnings coming from Russia about a Syrian Intervention should not be ignored, as too many do. 

          Global conflicts have started because it's completely unpredictable where one power is going to choose to draw a line and react. Some pundits snort that Russia won't go to WW3 over Syria. But how do they know this? Obama came within a hair's-breadth of a world war in 2016 because he didn't think that China would fight for the Nansha Islands. 

         In WW2,  Hitler didn't believe that Britain and France would fight for Poland. Stalin didn't believe that the Nazis would invade Russia. Roosevelt didn't believe that the Japanese would dare attack US territory. WW1 started from a whole chain of miscalculations like these. 

          Ever since the Soviet Union fell in 1991, Russia has been double-crossed by series of US Presidents promising a 'Reset in Russian Relations' and then cynically betraying Russian trust. Russia very well may react over a Syrian attack with the ferocity of people who feel they've been pushed and goaded once too often. And Russia's allies China, Iran, and India may not sit idly by either.

          The question Trump needs to consider is not whether Russia will go to war over Syria; but whether the US thinks that Syria is worth risking the start of a world war. 

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


    Once again the situation is heating up in the Middle East. Despite evidence proving that the Syrian Government was not behind an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma last week, RINO Nikki Haley and the Pax Americana crowd began pushing for military 'retaliation.' 

     French President Macron has also been gulled by the Soros-funded White Helmets and the Al-Qaeda funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Macron seems to be leaning on Trump for moral support and egging him on to attack at the same time. Macron, it should be noted, has an ulterior motive here. During his presidential campaign, he brought back a Bushism: "I am not a wimp." Then, with ISIS nearing collapse he safely promised to attack Syria if chemical weapons were used. Now Macron---an inexperienced leader---thinks that he has to save face by doing something.

      The problem though is twofold. First, Syria didn't deploy chemical weapons and Syria is allied with Russia, China, and Iran who would be especially displeased with France. And France is economically tied to all three countries. 

        The second problem is that military experts are questioning whether or not France actually has the military capability anymore to launch an operation like that unilaterally. The French Military isn't what it used to be in the days of Beau Geste. In other words, Macron needs Trump for cover. Even if he pulls this off, it won't succeed for him politically in France because everybody will see that France is a paper tiger. And it won't help Trump politically either; because he would essentially be doing what his political opponents favor him doing. 

         Don't do it, Mr. President. Who really wants 'regime change' in Syria? The crooks at the DNC; EU bureaucrats; shady contractors who'd profit from rebuilding the country; ISIS and Al-Qaeda; George Soros; international drug traffickers and white-slavers; and the Corporate Media. Are these the people whom Trump and Macron want in their teams?

         As Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said: "If you have made a decision to carry out an illegal military endeavor, we hope that you will come to your senses. You will bear the responsibility of it yourselves."



      153 years ago today was the first day of a new era in American History. A conspiracy to break up the Union and the bloodiest war we've seen either before or since had ended the day before. Thousands of broken men were liberated from death-camps like Andersonville. The slavery issue, too, was settled once and for all. The Southern Aristocracy gave way to the Democracy which we all now have.

       Sadly, Americans' jubilation was short-lived; for five days later, President Lincoln was gunned down in cold blood by one of the partisans of the Southern Aristocracy. 

       Today it's become somewhat fashionable to support the so-called 'Confederacy' and deride the memory of Lincoln. But people forget that the U.S. Civil War was the decisive battle between democracy and despotism on our own shores. For the first 90 years of our independence, the Southeastern states were more closely modeled on European feudalism than the republican ideals of the Constitution.

        After our victory in the American Revolution, there were those who wanted to establish a monarchy in this country. Washington was offered the crown and refused it. He began the precedent of presidents serving only two terms. When George III tried to reconquer us in 1812; the Southern politicians obstructed our war efforts fearing that annexation of Canada would bring in more anti-slavery and anti-aristocratic sentiments. 

        In 1832, South Carolina threatened to secede over a tariff on cotton. President Jackson backed them down with his forceful leadership. A similar threat happened in 1850 when an attempt to secede was put down by President Taylor. Between then and 1861, the anti-government conspiracy went into overdrive. Southern politicians like Jefferson Davis used their positions to set up the South and weaken the North. Davis was Defense Secretary under President Pierce. He loaded West Point with Southerners and moved arsenals South. By 1860, the Southern Aristocracy had made it clear what would happen if the Election of 1860 didn't go as they wanted. They were the first 'not my president' crowd. 

         And they were also every bit as vicious and tyrannical as the current anti-government gangs. One of the first acts of the Confederate Government was to confiscate the property of anybody who opposed secession. Thousands of people were literally driven out of their homes and reduced to abject poverty. Union soldiers later found many living in hovels and caves; barely alive. 

            After the war started, the Confederate Army rejected every principle of civilized warfare. They massacred Negro soldiers in cold blood and hanged their officers. They built death-camps for the express purpose of killing and maiming Union troops. The same fiends who devised those camps also ran a secret police force to maintain order. 

            Regardless of what revisionists say, we should be thankful that we had a President Lincoln and 2 million soldiers who fought for the Union. Over 360,000 of these men never came back. 1,522 soldiers won the Congressional Medal of Honor: the most in any American war. And not only were there heroic men; but women like Red Cross founder Clara Barton organized medical and humanitarian relief which continued long after the war. In many ways, the Lincoln Administration contrasted some of our darkest hours against some of our most heroic and self-sacrificing moments as a people.


Sunday, April 8, 2018


      President Trump announced earlier this week a plan to withdraw US forces from Syria. Earlier he grounded our Air Force and suspended funding for terrorist forces masquerading as 'freedom fighters.' Clearly, the President's position has evolved considerably from last April when---with Rainbow Rex Tillerson perched like a crow on his shoulder---he launched cruise missiles against the legitimate Syrian Government.

      Now, for the third or fourth time since the Syrian Civil War began, we have a highly conveniently timed 'incident'. The Syrian Army allegedly deployed chemical weapons just as the US was about to end completely its illegal intervention in that country. This attack supposedly occurred in Douma: a terrorist-held redoubt in rural Damascus Province. The militants in Douma have refused to surrender despite being completely surrounded and besieged. Their situation is hopeless; but they are fanatics and have committed numerous war-crimes and atrocities against the civilian population. That includes using civilians as human shields.

      The Syrian Army and it's allies have been making slow but steady progress in the Battle of Douma. So why would they deploy chemical weapons? They are winning with conventional weapons and a chemical attack would injure the very civilians whom they hope to liberate. And the source of this story were the Soros-funded 'White Helmets' who too are nothing but Western proxies. 

      In other words, it's one of those false-flags; contrived either by Western interests or by the terrorists themselves with captured weapons. Little matter which: ISIS/Al-Qaeda and the DNC/RINO Deep-Statists have identical goals in Syria. 

       Tomorrow (Monday) the United Nations is convening a meeting over the alleged incident. Russian diplomats hope to stave off any over-reaction from Trump and French President Macron. Trump and Macron both denounced the attack, but wrongly blamed it on Syria. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail as Russia presents evidence as to the truth.

          The Syrian Foreign Minister summed it well on Sunday. "These allegations of using chemical weapons have become an unconvincing script, except for some countries trafficking in the blood of civilians and which support terrorism in Syria...the pretense of using chemicals in the Eastern Ghouta Region was pre-planned and there is documented and confirmed evidence about this; and against which the Syrian State has previously warned."

         Trump has an opportunity here to bring the US back into "the community of nations" for real. He can renounce Deep-State policies once and for all after this evidence is presented.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


      Stephen Colbert, one of the most vile (and consequently the most idolized by Liberals) characters in the Corporate Media is in the middle of controversy again. Colbert televised some Easter Special where he lampooned President Trump and Vice-President Pence laughing over Christians and the Easter Holiday while secretly being recorded. 

       There are two types of genuinely sick people out there. One is Colbert and the media scum who produce this trash; the other are the audiences who think it actually humorous or socially redeeming. Because the dialogue in this skit was really nothing more than a slough of gutter-level blasphemies and insults. We're not even going to bother repeating them here, though interested readers can read about it in more graphic detail at Breitbart News.

        To give an example of what kind of person Colbert is, consider the story about his sister's unsuccessful campaign for public office. Despite being a widely-admired celebrity on the Left with a net worth of around $50 million, Colbert wouldn't even visit campaign rallies for his own sister until the DNC agreed to pay his speaking fees and travel costs including lodging and meals. 

        But Stephen Colbert is pretty much a lost cause anyway. The man should have had psychiatric help years ago. What's really interesting about this story is the way that Leftists typically react to holidays. 

        Holidays serve an important social purpose. The basic root of holidays is a time for all to come together and reflect on a common good. Some like Christmas and Easter are religiously themed. Others like Thanksgiving and New Years are to take stock of where we are and where we're going. Some like Independence Day and Columbus Day are commemorating historically significant events. Some informal ones like St. Valentine's Day and Mother's day are to appreciate special people in our lives. 

         But the Left seems to harbor an intense dislike for these kinds of days. The reason for this is that, despite their babble about 'inclusion', Leftist philosophies are in general very narcissistic and egocentric. And there's also a large dose of envy thrown into the mix. Leftists are chronically miserable malcontents, so naturally they resent seeing others celebrating. And thus they try to disrupt these events by every means possible: from trying to force St. Patrick's Day parades to accept perverts to tearing down public Nativity Scenes at Christmas. If one person (or interest group) is displeased or 'offended' then everyone else should be too, according to illogical Leftist reasoning.

          As Conservatives, we need to take back our holidays. We can elect officials who won't cave in to interest groups. The President has already set the example at the federal level. The other thing that we can do is ignore the Media. A generation ago, 'comedians' like Colbert would have (at best) maybe become carnival barkers or masters of ceremonies at cheap strip clubs. We need to see the holiday-disrupters for what they are; and ignore them accordingly.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018


     It's another refreshing change; that is to have a President who realizes that the first word in the term 'Defense Department' actually means defending the actual United States. Today, Trump ordered the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security to begin deploying National Guard units to the Southern Border. Hopefully, the Northern Border will be next. 

      The Whacko Left wing and their parrots in the Corporate Media have gone completely ballistic over this move. But it's long overdue. The US Border Patrol and ICE are riddled with corruption and inefficiency. The Military should have been doing this job all along. About a decade ago, the Bush Administration briefly experimented with such a program. In just one month, the Military stopped an estimated 175,000 people from illegally entering the country. They also rescued over 100 people who were victims of kidnapping and human trafficking; and seized more than 150 tons of narcotics. Pressure from the Democrats and RINOs caused Bush to abandon the program.

       The Bush Administration accomplished that with only 6,000 troops: about the size of a combat brigade. The cost to taxpayers was far less than it costs to maintain the massive ICE bureaucracy.

       But the Trump Administration isn't going to replace the bureaucracy; at least not yet. According to The Military Times, the troops are going in a support role. In the Bush deployment, soldiers conducted aerial surveillance and helped coordinate response times. In Texas, the National Guard has been deployed since 2014. Arizona and New Mexico also welcomed the decision. But California could be a problem.

        California Governor Jerry Brown hasn't issued an official position, but is under tremendous pressure not to cooperate with the other states. Kevin DeLeon, author of the California Sanctuary Bill and candidate for US Senate, huffed to the Press: "Despite Mr. Trump's rantings there is no evidence of an imminent influx of asylum seekers here in California or elsewhere. In fact, border crossings have plummeted to the lowest level since 1971!" And Arizona Congressman Raoul Grijalva frothed that this is "the latest chapter in Trump's Reign of Terror meant to wreak havoc on immigrants and members of border communities!"

        Generally, whenever we hear the Left using such language, that's an excellent bellwether to judge that Trump is doing something right. And despite their opposition to Trump's and Bush's deployments, they had nothing to say when Obama sent troops to the Border in 2010.

          And Arizona Governor Ducey probably came closest to the truth. "Anything we can do to enhance security and to go after the cartels who are smuggling drugs into the country and putting people at risk---we absolutely want to see that happen."

           That's something that the Democratic Party leadership seems never to want to see happen. They opposed Allied intervention against narcotic and human smuggling from ISIS. They opposed Chinese intervention against the same things in the South China Sea and in Southeast Asia. They oppose Trump crushing the MS-13 gang---which makes its living off smuggling. Now they oppose his efforts to stop it on the Southern Border. 

             I think that we can draw our own conclusions as to why they would oppose these things. Organized Crime and the Deep State aren't so radically different. 


Monday, April 2, 2018


       Now that we've reached the Spring of 2018, many public-school mandates funded by Obama and his RINO-led Congress are about to expire. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos needs to make some sharp cuts and serious reforms urgently.

       A good example of why need reform desperately is the story of Charles McCormack of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. McCormack was sentenced to 10 years in prison today after being arrested by the FBI last Fall on multiple counts of Child Pornography violations. McCormack, incidentally was a Kindergarten teacher. 

       According to WAFF-48 TV, McCormack had been investigated at least three times since 2010 and it was proven by FBI agents that he'd engaged in such behavior at least since 1998. Most of his trafficking in pornography and paraphernalia involved girls around 4-7 years of age. 

       McCormack was employed by the Walker County (Georgia) Public Schools when the three complaints uncovered by WAFF occurred. In 2010, a parent complained that McCormack took pictures under their daughter's dress. In 2015, parents of another girl complained that McCormack had put his hands down their daughter's pants. In 2016, he was investigated again: it's unknown as to why but it involved the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. And according to Walker County Superintendent Damon Raines, McCormack retired (yes, as in with a pension) in 2016. He taught Kindergarten at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School.

         People like McCormack are bad enough, but administrators like Raines who take no action---in fact hire them and protect them---are even worse. 

         Raines is no stranger to controversy himself. He and his District lost a Federal lawsuit when judges ruled that he had violated a teacher's Right to Free Speech when Raines tried to put a gag-order on him for publicly criticizing a new grading-policy. The new 'progressive' grading-policy, incidentally, prohibited teachers from giving grades on homework and day-to-day assignments and only allowed grades to be given on test scores. 

         Raines also came under fire more recently for pressuring teachers to lobby and speak against school-choice initiatives. Which sounds like something that parents in his school district desperately need. Raines draws down a fat salary of nearly $140,000 annually; compared to the $38,000 median annual salary in Walker County.

         Walker County wasn't the only culpable school district here. WAFF reported that, in spite of McCormack's history and the fact that he was now under investigation by the FBI, the Muscle Shoals School District hired him as a substitute teacher for its elementary schools. 

         Their Superintendent, Brian Lindsey, said that his district doesn't keep records on substitutes and that he has no idea whether McCormack taught there or not. What Lindsey actually does do to justify his $136,000 salary is not known. But Lindsey must travel a lot, because his contract gives him an additional $6,000 'car allowance' annually. The median income in Muscle Shoals is a little less than $27,000 per year. Crime in Muscle Shoals is 34% higher than the rest of Alabama and almost double the national average.

         Lindsey is notable for the kinds of lowlifes who work under him. In 2015, he temporarily suspended a football coach after the coach was jailed for beating up his wife and breaking her nose. In 2016, their athletic department was sanctioned for trying to bribe athletes from other schools to transfer. Also in 2016, the school district was forced to repay the State of Alabama $118,000 after a 'computer error' awarded them tax dollars to which they were not entitled. 

           Lindsey also lobbied for a local property tax increase 'for the schools'; which drew much criticism since he lives outside of town and wouldn't have to pay the increase himself. 

            Academic Mandarins like Damon Raines and Brian Lindsey are what feeds the corrupt environment which attracts perverts like McCormack (and other criminals). They are examples of why our public schools need to be reformed from top-to-bottom. Or failing that, simply abolished and begun again from scratch.