Saturday, June 30, 2018


       Apparently undaunted by the dismal showing of The Crackdown, Vox Day and the Red Pills at Arkhaven have released the second issue of their much ballyhooed 'Alt-Hero' comics:

     Just in time for Independence Day, we get a superheroine who's a Neo-Confederate. Already, this one's off to a bad start.

      Like its predecessor, the plot is hard to follow, but here's our best stab at it: a frat-boy who's become an Alpha Superman is denounced by an Antifa leader whom he beat up. This fellow not only beats up his political opponents, he's being chased by a bunch of guys in blue helmets (Blue Pill, get it?) because they object to his hobby of hunting undocumented immigrants. The Blue Pills meanwhile take the Dixie Chick prisoner; because, in this 'alt-world' the UN has prohibited superwomen and Alpha-Boys from co-mingling. 

     Seriously, this is the kind of thing that the Alt-RINOs think will overthrow Marvel and DC and return American comics to their glory years. What these guys seem to overlook is the fact that if one wishes to accomplish these things, one actually has to produce a better product. Vox and his disciples claim to be 'rescuing' comics from the so-called 'SJW convergence' of the mainstream comics and the bad examples they set, unlike Arkhaven's stuff. Which for example, doesn't send subtle homosexual messages:

      And, though Vox' echo-chambers applaud the anti-Feminism in Alt-Hero, nobody seems to notice that the first two issues center completely on dominant women.


       That aside, the artwork isn't much better than the first issue. The storyline is even less comprehensible. Vox is trying desperately to pretend that the Leftists allegedly controlling the industry are responsible for Alt-Hero's poor showing in terms of sales, promotion, and readership. It has nothing to do with politics. The fact is that, frankly, Arkhaven's productions suck.

       One particular shortcoming is that the dialogue is so sparse as to make the stories unintelligible. Let's compare a typical sample from the era that Vox claims to be imitating:

     And note that there are words in nearly every frame. This technique is called pacing. Comic books don't tend to be very long; and part of their appeal is making a coherent story. Compare the above specimen with one from Rebel's Cell:

       And did anybody else notice that the pictures of the car look like they were cut and pasted from old Ford ads?

     If the Red Pills were still capable of feeling shame, they'd slink away from this one. But we suppose there'll be a number #3 on the way...


Thursday, June 28, 2018


       As we've all heard by now, another loser has gone berserk and shot five dead and wounded an unspecified number in Maryland. The suspect targeted the headquarters of the Annapolis Capital-Gazette, a Beltway-area newspaper. Since the suspect isn't a minority, the media immediately released details about him, and the partisan finger-pointing, the obligatory 'hearts-and-prayers' speeches, and conspiracy theories are already flying across the Internet. Forgotten, of course, are the victims---as is usual with the American Corporate Media.

      Reuters News---for whatever their words are worth---reported that the suspect recently filed a defamation suit against the Capital-Gazette. He was said to be a local punk who worked as a bureaucrat for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and had a record for stalking and harassment. 

      But enough of this nutcase. The people who really deserve credit were the local police. They arrived in less than one minute and took control of the situation, preventing more casualties. The police are never heroes to the Media, but the quick response reflects a growing trend among local police jurisdictions: specialized training for these kinds of emergencies. Broward County, Florida Sheriff Scott Israel, who was one the architects of the new program stated that "we can no longer be in denial that these incidents are now part of our society. We can't prevent these; but we can train to contain the damage."

       Anne Arundel County Sheriff's deputies obviously have been trained in the new techniques. According to witnesses, they quickly canvassed the interior of the building and surrounded the suspect before he could do more harm. The key to Sheriff Israel's plan is utilizing our high-tech communications abilities to coordinate first responders. Some departments are experimenting with a computer download of floor-plans and building configurations in high-profile potential targets. This technology hasn't yet been perfected, but in theory will give a special police dispatcher the ability to move officers through a building like pieces on a chessboard. 

       Our nation's police are evolving to meet these new challenges. But it's up to the public to do more. By this, we're not speaking of more useless, virtue-signalling gun control laws; or promoting clowns like David Hogg to organize stupid protest marches. When hearing of this story, I recalled a scene from a 1949 episode of Dragnet. In this episode, Chief Thad Brown and Sergeants Friday and Romero were hunting a sadistic child-killer. The following conversion took place after the detectives stayed up all night questioning suspects:

Brown: "Sorry we're going to have keep moving on this one."

Friday: "Did you see the papers this morning?"

Brown: "Yeah. They're like everybody else, crying too late. Someday people are going to learn that you don't fool with these degenerates: you take precautions or you take the consequences, there's no in-between."

Friday: "There's the usual talk going around town: it's supposed to be all our fault for letting the psychos run loose..."

Brown: "We don't make the laws, we enforce them. Until we get something to work with---laws with teeth in them---then these atrocities are going to go on."

Friday: "Nobody seems to care. We pick them, they serve a few days and pay a fine and then they waltz out of here. Nobody seems to care."

Brown: "Pity 'em, don't cure them. Nature played a trick on them; feel sorry for them---until they kill a kid. There's not a firm law to cover them as they are: we have to wait until they murder somebody."

Friday: "We've got a better law for mad dogs---we don't let them run around until they bite somebody."

Romero: "Those two little girls that psycho killed ought to prove something to them."

       Maybe this shooting in Maryland will wake a few people up to reality. By Sigmund Freud's own definition, mental illness keeps people from functioning in a civilized society. Liberals can't have it both ways: we can't have a civilized society and allow people who can't live in to run loose in it. This shooter; the Parkland school shooter and many others shouldn't have been on the streets in the first place. 


Wednesday, June 27, 2018


    In Goochland County, Virginia a New Zealander is in the county jail's hospital ward after learning the hard way what armed Americans actually do to criminals. An unidentified woman shot one Troy Skinner of Auckland twice in the throat with a .22 pistol after Skinner attempted to break in and kidnap her daughter. He made it as far as neighbor's yard before collapsing.

     The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Skinner met the woman's daughter online through an app called 'Discord'. This is an online video gaming app that allows users to communicate via a Smart-phone or PC. The daughter, who is a legal minor, cut off communications with Skinner about four months ago. Skinner then tried using various tech-based stratagems to circumvent the woman's block. Authorities say that he unexpectedly flew from Auckland to track down the young female, showing up at her house last Friday afternoon with a knife, pepper spray, and duct tape. He threw a brick through a glass door and tried to enter in spite of the mother warning him that she was armed.

     That's when the fireworks started. Skinner, a 6-1 280-lb. 'gentle giant' according to associates back home, found out the meaning of the old saying, "God made man, but Winchester made them equal." 

      This is why we have a 2nd Amendment. According to the US Library of Congress' Law Reference: "There is no right to own or possess firearms in New Zealand, even for purposes of self-defense." Virginia's Constitution in contrast says that gun ownership is "the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state; and the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." In his country, Skinner could break into homes, rape and abduct women, and not need fear any immediate consequences.

      Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew said that the shooting was justified and that Skinner will likely recover to stand trial. Because Skinner came from abroad and the woman in question is legally a minor, the case has been turned over to the FBI. 




     Within hours of Trump's electoral victory in 2016, the far-out, whacko Left-Wing was already going berserk. That very night, idiots were flooding the streets of Berkeley and Portland, keeping residents and police up all night with their howling. It wasn't over: 240 people were arrested---including some public employees---at the Inauguration in January. We've been seeing it ever since: from violent riots to NFL protests to slatterns marching in vulgar pink hats, the Left has lost it collectively. 

      Ever since the Radical Left infiltrated the Democratic Party in 1968, they've always resorted to violence, sabotage, and subterfuge in their relentless quest for power; and been just as ruthless and unscrupulous when they've governed. It's not uncommon to see their violence in the aftermath of an election they've lost. But usually, they eventually settle down and begin scheming either for the next election or trying to concoct some Watergate-like scandal. 

      This time, things have been different. The hysteria of the Left over Trump's election has given way over time to something resembling complete insanity. Over the last few weeks, media scumbags have been threatening the Trump children and grandchildren with homosexual paedophilia. Leftist pundits are encouraging their followers to attack Trump supporters---their persons, properties, and businesses. Last weekend, a maniacal restaurateur kicked a Trump spokeswoman out her establishment for no reason. This insane act has led to calls for others in business to follow suit. Today, protesters mobbed US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao McConnell, leading to a confrontation.

      And as if this weren't enough, a San Francisco-area degenerate named Andrew Gregor  posted this brilliant statement:

     Of course, the Trump Administration has expanded wildlife protection, cut taxes for the middle class and working poor, leased (not sold) public lands for oil companies, and never put babies in cages. And of course,  Gregor isn't exactly civil. He runs a rather shady 'green' contracting company and one Yelp reviewer claims actually to have caught him pilfering supplies after being kicked off a job he'd botched. According to Open Secrets, Gregor was a Sanders supporter. Despite supposedly running a profitable business, the cheapskate typically donated between $20-60 dollars to candidates. In November 2016, he tried unsuccessfully to raise $10,000 for an anti-Trump rally---apparently he doesn't oppose Trump enough to spend his own money doing it. A typical Liberal: he'll come with 'pliers and a blowtorch' as soon as he can appropriate them from somebody else. 

     Why are we seeing this fury from the Left today? The answer is twofold, with both reasons interconnected. The first is that the leaders on the Left have been stoking class hatred, envy, resentment, and identity politics for a long time. The second is that the Left is currently leaderless. The Leftist leaders could at least (or believed that they could) control and channel all of the hatred and rage they'd incited. When John Kerry lost in 2004, he told his supporters to wait out Bush and 'we'll get 'em next time'. Obama promised 'hope and change' and was able to accommodate and appease Leftist demands to a great extent. Even though Sanders supporters were often violent, the Senator himself disavowed violence and most of his media toadies, like Tom Hartmann, were aging hippies who saw in Sanders the realization of all their 60's love-in schmaltz. 

      But what we're seeing is a repeat of the scenarios of several movies, novels, and actual history. Movements built on perpetual outrage are not easy to control once they gain momentum. The French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the German Election of 1933 ended radically different than their organizers had planned: and in most cases recoiled on their leaders when people like the Jacobins, Bolsheviks, and Nazis found that they too could harness and direct mindless popular anger. 

     And that's what we're seeing with the Left today: mindless rage waiting for a Robespierre, Lenin, or Hitler to give it direction and purpose. 

      We've often said this about the Radical Right, but it pertains to the Far Left too: they're heading in a direction that easily could turn their paranoia into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Left accuses Trump (falsely) of political repression. What better way to cause that repression to happen than go about targeting Conservatives for acts of violence? 

      Our Government is premised on settling political differences peacefully and enacting solutions to problems with debate and mutual compromise. When one side says it's through with civility and peace, there's going to be a reaction that's a lot more determined than pliers and blowtorches. Study our history and see how well any violent insurrection---from the Whiskey Rebellion to the L.A. Riots---have fared. The only place that people like Peter Fonda and Andrew Gregor will lead you is to the graveyard. 




Monday, June 25, 2018


     We apologize for not posting for the weekend. With the perverts on the Left shoving Rainbow flags in our faces for so-called 'Pride Week' and the media scum splashing their obscene fantasies about the Trump children and great-children, it was time for a trip to the solitude of the wilderness and Mass at a small rural church. Trump supporters, it seems, can't even have a quiet breakfast anymore without some wingnut going into TDS hysterics.

      It's also been awhile since we last wrote of the ongoing crisis in Yemen, but some recent events have put the war back on the front pages (at least of the foreign press). The war was incited by the Obama/Clinton/Soros gang's regime change policies. Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, though it has some valuable ports and a strategic geographical location. In 2015, the US Deep State's confederates, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and some foreign mercenaries and terrorists invaded Yemen in what was supposed to be a simple occupation and 'peacekeeping' mission. The Rainbow Flag would be hoisted over Saana and Aden and ports secured for trafficking drugs, weapons, white slaves, and black-market oil. 
But unfortunately for the Color Revolutionists, the Yemeni people have proven to be a tenacious race. Despite being heavily outnumbered, out-equipped, outspent, and with nothing but raw courage, the Yemeni Army and a few Hezbollah and local militias have fought the 'Coalition' to a standstill after three years. 

      So readers are doubtless wondering what the two stories have in common. Actually not that much: and that's the point. While the Snowflakes and the media and academic millionaires leading them are screaming about Trump 'oppressing' them. They can't really explain why they feel this way other than Trump is a 'divisive' and that they feel offended and triggered by his presidency. Thus today, thousands boiled out into the city streets to denounce and protest their hurt feelings. 

      The last time that there was a mass-protest in Saana, Yemen against the Coalition's puppet-government, Saudi jets arrived strafed the crowd with machine-guns. See, America's limp-wristed Left have no idea what oppression really looks like. 

    The Coalition has also---deliberately---targeted Yemen's infrastructure such as power plants, hospitals, and water supplies. Starvation and disease are rampant, and the people are dependent on foreign aid. The Coalition has blockaded and attacked humanitarian relief efforts wherever possible and most is coming through the patriot-held port city Al-Hudaydah. 

    Last week, the aggressors launched an attack by land, sea, and air against Hudaydah. Their objective is to capture the port; take full control of foreign aid coming into Yemen; and starve the people into submission. And American Leftists are incensed because illegal immigrants and their minor children are kept in separate jails. 

     The Battle of Hudaydah is into its 10th day. Emirati Marines established a beachhead and sent tanks into the city; while from the ground, the Saudis---behind a spearhead division of Al-Qaeda and former ISIS troops entered from the other side. The patriots were caught off-guard and the aggressors made significant gains; but the Yemenis have counterattacked and regained territory, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. Most analysts believe that this will be the decisive battle of the war and experienced foreign correspondents have reported that this is the fiercest battle they have ever witnessed. Fighting is mostly hand-to-hand, street-by-street, building-by-building with both sides alternatively gaining and losing ground. The Yemenis understand that their country, their culture, and their very existence as nation is at stake; and they've resolved not to give it up without a fight. 

     That's the difference between a real crisis and the manufactured outrages of the Whacko Left. In the real world are real struggles between good and evil. Against the backdrop of such real struggles, the whining of the Radical Left sounds even more pathetic. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018


    After the failure of all their other hoaxes aimed at President Trump, the Whacko Left-Wing has started a new smear campaign. This one involves incarcerating children and legal minors who've entered the country illegally. It's actually another disaster that Trump inherited from Obama, but the Corporate Media is only now getting around to becoming outraged about it. 

    So, ever eager for cheap publicity stunts, the know-nothings in Hollywood have jumped on the bandwagon. Peter Fonda is the latest and loudest of these. For those unfamiliar with Peter Fonda; he not only is a Hollywood has-been; he's actually a 'never-was' who capitalized on having a father who really was a great actor, and a sister who---despite her political cluelessness---was actually kind of hot in her prime. In fact, if it hadn't been for her cavorting with the Viet Cong back in the 60's, her brother would stand out for being a lifelong tard. On his first hunting trip at age 11, Peter shot himself in the stomach. In 1966, he went to speak at an anti-curfew demonstration and ended up getting beaten up by the police. After a fling with drugs, he then tried a singing career, which was a flop. Later, he was mostly cast in movies as a deadbeat, drop-out, counter-culture type. He had some success here, as such roles required very little acting on his part. 

     Now Fonda has managed to crown all his other tomfooleries by pulishing an anti-Trump post on Twitter that so frightened the First Lady that she referred him to the Secret Service for investigation. Fonda's post read:

     "We should rip Barron Trump from his mother's arms and put him in a cage with paedophiles and see if mother will stand up to the giant a-----e she's married to. 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country! F---!"

     In fairness to Fonda, the Hollywood crowd with whom he associates probably engage in this sort of behavior with young boys on a regular basis; hence, he's scratching his head wondering what all the fuss is about. Melania actually has little to fear in the way of retribution from a klutz like this; but Fonda---like other Hollywood loudmouths---have a throng of nutcase groupies who take these kinds of ravings as suggestions for political action. Fonda also went on to describe (in lurid detail) some of his perverse sexual fantasies about DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. At the very least, Twitter should ban Fonda to prevent him from stirring up any further trouble. 

      The Secret Service declined to comment, as matter of policy, on the investigation. But in a surprise move, Sony Pictures---Fonda's handlers---denounced his remarks as a groundswell of boycott threats began growing. After seeing what happened to Starbucks and the NFL, Sony's evidently not taking any chances. It will be interesting to see whether or not Sony distances themselves from more than Fonda's words.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


    In the recesses of various parts of the Internet, blogs, and talk-radio, a specter is stalking the land. He's only known by his code name 'Q'; much like Secret Agents K-7, G-8, and X-9 in vintage pulp fiction. However, Q claims to be a real person. Here's what Wikipedia says:

   "QAnon, also referred to as Q is the originator of a conspiracy theory popularized by {some} supporters of US President Donald Trump. The theory involves a series of cryptic internet postings by a person claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump Administration and its opponents in the United States. QAnon's posting campaign is also referred to as 'The Storm' detailing a supposed secret counter-coup by the Trump Administration against the Deep State." 

     Q gets his name from a claim that he made of possessing a top-level 'Q Clearance' given to individuals in the US Department of Energy. 'The Storm' refers to a remark that Trump made during a conference with US military leaders calling it "the calm before the storm." It isn't known what Trump actually meant; but there were tensions between us and both North Korea and Iran about that time. Q's claim is that many grammatical errors and unclear statements made by Trump via Twitter are codes given out to operatives. 

     Q Anon began appearing on that bastion of truth and transparency, 4Chan, last October. Q has given us a simple flowchart to follow how the chain of events will unfold:

      And his messages are very clear as to what will happen next:

       This is an old trick used by con-men all throughout history. Simply say a lot of nonsense that nobody understands and a few will assume that all of that esoteric jargon is a mark of superior intelligence. Let's look at a few facts here:

    1. Trump doesn't need a coup to dismantle the Deep State; he's dismantling it quite well simply by enforcing existing laws.

     2. The military is still full of Obama toadies and would likely not support a Trump-led coup.

      3. If Trump were plotting a coup, he wouldn't broadcast on 4Chan on the assumption that the Deep Statists wouldn't read about it and be prepared.

     4. The US Energy Department is currently headed by a RINO closely affiliated with the Bush Family---a very unlikely ally to purge the Deep State.

      5. Most of all: we have no idea whatsoever who this Q is: man, woman, group of people---and, apparently despite leaking all this Classified Information, the US Government with all its resources isn't bothering to look for him. The same government who caught Anthony Wiener flirting with a paramour on a secure server supposedly can't find a rogue Energy Department employee leaking coded messages.

      Is that enough to write Q Anon off as a hoax? Let's focus on draining the swamp without any of this cloak-and-dagger stuff; but right out in the open like a free people should. 


    In May of this year, Col. Jason Beers, Commander of the 91st Security Forces Group, was disgraced after his incompetence caused the loss of a shipment of rifle-grenades and a machine gun. While in transit from Minot Air Force Base, a case of 32 MK-19 40mm grenades allegedly 'fell off' the back of a truck. Beers' squads of snowflakes were unable to find it; and the Colonel rather stupidly publicly offered a reward for its return. 

    The Air Force ordered an inventory audit and discovered that an M-240 light machine-gun was also missing. To date, none of these weapons have been accounted for. 'Master Sergeant' Nikki Drago---another of Obama's Rainbow Military promotions---was also relieved of command as the 91st's top sergeant. 

    So what was Col. Beers' fate? Well, arch-RINO Pentagon Chief James Mattis gave him a promotion. Beers was assigned this week to command the Logistics Division at Air Force Special Operations Command in Hurlburt, Florida. 'Captain' Amanda Farr of AFSOC told the Corporate Media that "we are fully competent of the colonel's ability to manage our security forces and civil engineering programs for the command." (emphasis ours).

    This is 'draining the swamp'? 

    If I were commanding the Air Force, Beers would have gotten a promotion, alright. He'd be commanding a garbage disposal unit at our base in Greenland's Arctic Circle. But not so under the Obama-appointed General Mattis. Mattis has been keeping the Pentagon at Obama-levels of political correctness, corruption, and incompetence for the next Democrat-controlled administration.  Mattis didn't even cancel homo 'Pride Month' until this year under pressure from Trump and Pence.

     In fact, Mattis has done very little in the way of reform, unless leaned on by the White House. For example, Admiral James Crawford still commands the Navy JAG Corps despite being implicated in illegally-conducted courts-martial aimed at securing 'sexual harassment' convictions; (two of these convictions have been overturned, citing Crawford's obstruction of due process). 

      It's vital to the Trump Agenda that we have a functional military again. Mattis is not the man for the job; and he needs to join his chums General McMaster and Rainbow Rex Tillerson outside the White House fence.

                                           The Mattis Military Machine in Action

Sunday, June 17, 2018


     Since President Trump's victory in 2016, the Whacko Left has been sinking further and further into mass hysteria and desperation. Now, according to a BBC article today, Liberals are turning to in large numbers to Tarot and other forms of magic to cope. 

     Tarot designers Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble of Berkeley, California told the BBC that sales are at their highest in history and that they have risen 268% during the last six months alone. The two, who were 'Women's Studies' graduates, developed a Feminist-based Tarot system during the 1970s. Like many small business owners today, they credit President Trump for their recent prosperity---although for a different reason than most.

     "Our society is going through an extreme sense of alienation," Vogel told the press, "Donald Trump's victory, the rise of Far Right groups, violence, and misogyny...People are lonely and angry. Tarot helps them cope with these difficult times." 

      Of course, it couldn't be that---because of our recent economic growth---people have more to spend on things like Tarot cards, or other objects of unusual interest. So says Tina Gong of New York City a (self-described) witch and Tarot designer.

     "The rise of Tarot has everything to do with our current political and socioeconomic environment," she hissed. " The witch symbolizes everyone who has been an 'other' and who has no place or control in the world such as women, people of color, and the LGTBQ community." 

     I can't resist mentioning how perfectly Hilary Clinton was a living embodiment of that last statement. But despite Gong's depiction of a typical Tarot client, she confessed to the BBC that the majority of her clients are young, middle-class white women who "don't want to be seen as good girls and see the Tarot as a form of political resistance." 

     Gong apparently is active too in a group that she mentioned, The Magic Resistance. This is an online group of angry witches who put curses on President Trump and his coterie. 

     And these views, according to the BBC, are roundly applauded by the soothsayers' fellow-mountebanks in Academia. Mike Sosteric, a Canadian Sociology professor pontificated that traditional religions are 'too patriarchal' to be viable; so people are turning to alternative ideology-based systems---which he somehow imagines is the purpose of Tarot:

     "The Tarot emerged in 15th Century Italy and has no mystical roots. Tarot was an ideological tool. During the transformation from Feudalism to Capitalism, the ruling classes used Tarot to 'gamify' the civilization-building process. The cards guided people about the new roles in society. They helped the ruling classes to mobilize and manage the masses."

     Actually, no---Tarot (at least in its modern form) is believed to have originated around the 12th Century by a heretical cult called the Cathars who had a colony in southern France. The Cathars were full-fledged whackos who, among other things, forbade eating eggs and taught that sodomy was the only form of sex sanctioned by the Bible. It's said that the Tarot deck was used by them to receive divine messages. After the Cathars were suppressed, the practice of reading cards to tell futures and fortunes became Christianized. They were in widespread use long before the Italian Renaissance. 

     But for the modern Leftists---to whom the personal is political---even fortune-telling makes a political statement. While in power, the Left always resorts to political force to impose their will on society; so it's logical that out-of-power they'd turn to supernatural force like black magic and curses. It's telling that they don't turn to God, but to Dark Powers in their distress. That speaks volumes about their characters.

Friday, June 15, 2018


     China, as expected, was quite supportive of the consensus reached during the recent Singapore Summit. They had been proposing a peace settlement for some time which included several points agreed to by Presidents Trump and Kim.

     Editors at the CPC's official newspaper, The Global Times, however had harsh words for their American counterparts in the press. Observing that "the US Media has been rife with criticism of the Singapore Summit's achievements" they went on to lecture American journalists like a schoolmaster would speak to dunces.

     "American Media's debate on US gains and losses after the Kim-Trump Summit has strayed from the point. Instead, they should focus on whether the Summit helps facilitate the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and does so with minimum cost. However, all they care about is whether Trump made concessions and North Korea or China benefited as a direct result. If the two Asian countries do benefit, the US Media will be upset to the greatest extent."

     This is very true; but we would add to it that the Media Jackals are also foaming with rage because Trump also benefits politically. He accomplished what Liberal icons Carter, Clinton, and Obama failed to do. 

     "North Korean-US negotiations will be a long-term process. Trump's critics think that the US should recklessly exert maximum pressure because that's where the American advantage lies. The progress of US-Korean talks should never be decided by American domestic politics...Should the US be upset because Pyongyang and Beijing are happy? Negotiation is about finding the biggest common-ground instead of imposing conditions through trickery and intimidation."

    In China, they probably don't realize that trickery and intimidation are the foundations upon which the US Corporate Media operates. At least The Global Times admits that their opinions reflect those of the CPC. Our MSM poses as objective and transparent when in reality they are the most slavish toadies of the DNC and other special interests. 

     There are several parties involved in the Korean Peace Process: North Korea, South Korea, the US, China, Russia, and Singapore, who hosted the Summit. With the exception of the US media, all of those countries are cheering the success of the Summit and looking forward to the next step in the process. And as the American Media sinks further and further into irrelevance, their hysterical shrieks become more and more muted in the shadow of the Trump Administration's triumphs.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


     Nutcase CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has made a complete fool of himself yet again; this time at the Singapore Summit. The multimillionaire 'journalist' went berserk on two separate occasions; caught on videotape.

    At one point during the meeting, Presidents Trump and Kim came out on the balcony and waved to the crowd. Acosta allegedly began jumping up and down, blurting wild questions to the shock and disgust of international reporters. To quiet the rabid reporter, President Trump calmly replied that "the meeting is going very well," and returned inside. Enraged, Acosta turned on the crowd and screamed: "Hey! If they're not going to let me into their #@$%&/ meeting this is what happens!" The hotheaded fool didn't even realize that his microphone was still open and broadcasting to the entire world.

     RT News cited an unnamed source who said that, after the incident, Kim and Trump had an informal discussion about Freedom of the Press. The North Korean President was puzzled as to why we tolerate such behavior. In fairness to Kim, the Communist nations in Asia all hold the belief that a free press is a destabilizing influence in society and they see objectively the polarization, dumbing-down, and demoralizing that our media causes in society. What they don't realize is that people like Acosta are abusing the system; and that the free market has a few built-in fail-safes. Like access to foreign media when ours becomes too incompetent. 

     Acosta later started shouting during the treaty proposal signing, disrupting the event. As a side note, this isn't the first time that Acosta has behaved in this irresponsible manner. In January, he had to be escorted out of the White House Press Room after losing it during a press briefing while Trump was hosting the President of Kazakhstan. 

       Acosta, of course, is a hero to the Loony Left who were praising his conduct side-by-side with Robert DeNiro's breakdown at the Tony Awards. Those two represent quite clearly the mentality and character of the average Democrat these days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


     The historic Singapore Summit concluded today with both North Korea and the United States agreeing to a thawing of relations. Everywhere except the American Corporate Media---whose pundits' predictions failed miserably once again---were applauding Trump's principled and sensible stand. KCNA, North Korea's sole media outlet, reported earlier that Kim Jong-Un would be visiting the US in the near future; and that Trump was scheduling a trip to Pyongyang.

    "Even if a country has had a hostile relationship with us in the past, our attitude is that, if that nation respects our autonomy, we shall seek normalization through dialogue." was a statement to KCNA through the North Korean Foreign Ministry.  

     President Trump took the bold step of terminating American military exercises in and around the Korean Peninsula; which was a huge obstacle to peace. Trump, however, hasn't agreed to lifting sanctions and diplomatic relations are still on hold; but there is considerable optimism that American troops will leave Korea after 68 years and that bilateral trade and diplomacy will establish permanent peace there. The Cold War began in Korea; the Singapore Summit should mark its official end. 

      Few Americans really grasp the significance of Singapore. In averting war, Trump crossed some very powerful Beltway interests which actively sought a Second Korean War. The coverage of Singapore has in the Corporate Media has ranged from muted despair to hostile sneering to outright rage. The Democratic Party Establishment wanted war in Korea so they could capitalize on 'regime change' both politically and financially. The Neocons wanted war in Korea because the payoffs they received from defense contractors and the Moonies was a Neocon cash-cow. The Alt-RINO/Red Pills wanted war in Korea because they think that there are too many Asians on Earth already; and an atomic war would be a good way to get rid of millions of them. 

      The Singapore Summit ranks with the Sino-US Trade Deal of 2017  as Trump's greatest Foreign Policy achievement. The US Media, slinking away like a bunch of wet hens, won't give him the credit that he deserves. But the proof will be in the pudding when trade between our two countries opens again. 

Monday, June 11, 2018


   Much to the frustration of US Liberals and Neocon RINOs, the long-anticipated face-to-face meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un went off in Singapore as scheduled. We don't have all of the details yet, but RT News reported just moments ago that both leaders left the talk in good spirits and briefly spoke to the international press. 

     President Kim stated that the summit was "a good prelude to peace", while President Trump described it as "A lot of progress---better than anyone could have expected." Trump also alluded to a proposed document that the two leaders would sign---as of yet we do not know the nature of that agreement.

      Op-ed writers in the Chinese news outlet The Global Times speculated that the two countries were about to establish formal diplomatic relations. They noted that both American and North Korean flags were displayed at the meeting---which typically doesn't happen in countries without such ties.

      What we will say here for now, is that this meeting is something that we at this blog wanted to see happen and have advocated for some time. The end of the Cold War ended should have ended the hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. But the sordid and mercenary interests of the Deep Statists, the Moonie Cult fanatics, and the toadies of both---the Corporate Media---isolated North Korea and rebuffed every attempt Pyongyang made for rapprochement. North Korea was unjustly called part of 'An Axis of Evil' by the RINO Bush and was a scapegoat during Obama's 'Pivot to Asia'. 

      In 2016, President Kim expressed a desire to meet with Trump. Trump nearly fell into the same trap as his predecessors under the malignant influence of Tillerson, McMaster, and Mattis. With the first two booted from power, Trump was able to do what he does best: think outside of the box; gain a clearer picture and then do the right thing.

      North Korea was never a threat to the United States after 1953---not even with American troops stationed in South Korea. Pyongyang only began seeking advanced weapons of mass destruction after being threatened by the likes of Bush and Obama. What North Korea really needs---and certainly Trump will bring up this matter---is bilateral trade with the US. Marxist economies are never very efficient and the arms race imposed on North Korea has been a tremendous drain on the nation's resources. By opening to American markets, North Korea will have access to American goods---particularly agricultural. 

       This type of agreement would also obviate the need for massive American military spending to maintain a force in South Korea. South Korean President Moon has expressed a willingness to take on more---and ideally all---of the responsibility for his nation's defense. There is really no need for the 'peacekeeping' force we maintain there; currently about 25,000 personnel. They could better be deployed defending our own borders, for a change.

       Time will tell what will come of this summit, but the beginning looks positive. It's more than has been done by American leaders in Korea since the fall of the Iron Curtain.



    Has-been Hollywood 'actor' Robert DiNiro experienced an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards on Sunday night. The ceremony is an annual event honoring 'excellence in live Broadway Theater' and is non-profit endeavor to raise money for Theater Education. But, DiNiro, when before the microphone to introduce a winner; suddenly went berserk and began screaming profanity and anti-Trump slogans on live TV.

    DiNiro's outburst caused a near riot in the audience: many of whom were triggered into various TDS spasms. RT News carried some excerpts of Twitter comments from deranged Liberals:

     "Robert DiNiro is a national treasure" one slobbered. This one might actually have a point. DiNiro will be remembered for this outburst far more than he will for his less-than-stellar acting career. Remember, DiNiro is considered talent in a world where people like Harvey Weinstein make the decisions. 

      Here was another real gem: "The genius of Robert DiNiro's Trump critique tonight is that it will crowd out a share of the North Korea Summit propaganda tomorrow." 

     That comment really reflects a sick mind. Trump achieved something that no president from Harry Truman onward has managed: a face-to-face peace talk with the president of North Korea. And this jughead actually believes that summit is less significant than some vulgarities spouted from the drug-addled mouth of a Hollywood millionaire. It just gets better:

      "Robert DiNiro introduced Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards with a statement that expresses the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of Americans." proclaimed another genius. DiNiro's 'statement' actually does reflect the majority consensus in some communities: the DNC, ISIS, MS-13, the Corporate Media; and a growing number of inmates recently sent to federal prisons for corruption, racketeering, medicare fraud, gang activity, narcotics trafficking, etc.

      This latest Leftist meltdown is further proof of their complete bankruptcy. They're basically reduced to running around in black pajamas smashing store-windows or blowing off with their potty-mouths in front of any available microphone. This is why there's room for optimism in the 2018 and 2020 elections. They can't scream loud enough to drown out Trump's accomplishments; and the reason that they have to scream is because they really can't explain to us how much better we were under 'progressives' like Carter, Clinton, and Obama. "I hate Trump" is the Alpha and Omega of the Left's entire political platform. Politically speaking they're a paper tiger.




Saturday, June 9, 2018


    Readers will remember that only about a year ago, one of the 'non-dangerous' street bums of Portland, Oregon---a self-proclaimed White Nationalist---killed two men and permanently injured a third who interfered with his attempt to attack a pair of young women. The Red Pills in the so-called Manosphere made fools of themselves defending the thug as a hero and portraying the victims as deluded chumps.

     So Vox Day, one of the cult's ringleaders and a White Nationalist himself, recently praised two effete Britons who ran away from a similar incident. 

      "Why should they be ashamed?" Vox spouts, "They did nothing to be ashamed of. She wasn't their daughter, wife, or mother. They had no obligation to risk being injured or even having the polish of her shoes scuffed for her. She's lucky that they didn't simply sit there and laugh at her."

      Now Vox claims that the Red Pill Cult represents true Christianity. He probably should reflect on what Jesus did when the Pharisees were about to stone a woman to death. But continues putting his foot in his mouth:

     "Women have spent the last 50 years telling men that everything is their fault and that they are both unneeded and unwanted. Women broke the socio-sexual contract, which is why many White men quite reasonably feel absolutely no duty to look out for women, children, or anyone else to whom they feel no direct responsibility."

      Granted---in the Red Pills' case anyway---elevating cowardice to a virtue is making a virtue of necessity. But let's take two hypothetical situations to illustrate why Vox' position is detrimental in the social sense:

#1: An anti-male woman is attacked by Chad and Tyrone in a dark alley at night. Chuck Norris is passing by, sees the struggle and puts the two thugs to sleep on the sidewalk.

#2:  An anti-male woman is attacked by Chad and Tyrone in a dark alley at night. Vox Day is passing by, sees the struggle and runs down the street screaming until he reaches a 'safe space.'

      Which of these two scenarios would likely change Ms. Bigot's mind about the necessity of men in her life? And which of the two would reinforce her 'all-men-are-pigs' attitude?

      This is what Jesus meant when he spoke of 'turning the other cheek'. The man who risks his life to save others---even when he knows the others despise him---is behaving in a Christ-like fashion. On the Cross, Jesus even prayed of those who crucified Him: "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." It is said that Barabbas, in whose place Christ was crucified, repented at the Foot of the Cross and joined the Apostles. 

       This brings to mind a story I vividly remember from childhood: an old gentleman in the rural area where I grew up was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and a racialist church. One night while jacklight-hunting in a marshy area, he fell into quicksand. His two companions ran away, but two Black hunters coming from the other direction heard the commotion and came to investigate. By the time the Blacks arrived, they could only see an arm rising up out of the pit. One tied a rope around his waist and dove into the quicksand. With both men submerged; he took the old man by the waist while his companion pulled on the rope, bringing them both out of the mire. Had the rope broken or slipped, there would have been two casualties that night. When the old man recovered, he thanked his rescuers and broke off with the Klan and his racist church. By behaving with Christ-like self-sacrifice, the Black men exposed the old man's hypocritical faux-Christianity, and he repented and became a better man.

      The first commandment which God gives us in the Bible is wherein he says to Adam, "Maintain the Garden and defend it." (Genesis ii: 15). This was before Eve was created; hence it is a commandment specifically addressing the duties of the males of our race. 

       Once again, the teachings of the Red Pills stand at variance with teachings of Christ and the Church. They would be better served spending more time learning what Christianity actually teaches than the self-serving sophistries of their self-appointed leaders.

Friday, June 8, 2018


    It's been awhile since we had a major swamp-draining story, but today the FBI netted an especially nasty denizen of the deep-state. It was none other than a 30-year veteran staffer of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, James Wolfe. 

    Late last year, Attorney-General Sessions vowed to stop unauthorized press leaks---which our irresponsible media was broadcasting and usually distorting. The Big Nothing-Burger of alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia is being investigated by the Senate and Wolfe was leaking evidence to the Corporate Media. 

     "Wolfe is alleged to have lied to FBI agents in December 2017 about his repeated contacts with three reporters, including his use of encrypted messaging applications. Wolfe is further alleged to have made false statements to the FBI about providing two reporters with non-public information about matters occurring before the SSCI." said the Attorney-General in today's press-release.

      Wolfe held the position of Director of Security for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He had access to highly classified material provided to the US Senate from the Executive Branch, including the White House, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, and the Pentagon. 

       On Thursday evening, fake-news outlet The New York Times confessed that one of their reporters, Ali Watkins, had her home raided and records seized in February by the FBI in connection with the investigation. She was also found to have been trading sexual favors to Wolfe in exchange for classified material. It's rather interesting that a publication like the Times---which has been hyping up the whole '#MeToo' chicanery---should condone such practices. But we are talking here about the sleazy culture infesting the whole Corporate Media. 

      What's even worse is that Ali Watkins purposely reported misleading information in covering the SSCI Leaks story. In one Twitter post, she opined that "The SSCI read is that Trumpster lawyers will leak info about upcoming appearances, blame the Senators, and use the leak as an excuse not to cooperate." (September 19th, 2017). 

     She also has worked for Politico and Buzzfeed. The former of these has been repeating cornball conspiracy theories recently about Mrs. Trump's current public seclusion following surgery. The latter was the originator of the infamous 'Golden Shower Scandal' hoax. This is the state of the US Media in 2018.

      At least Wolfe is one less swamp-rat that the country has to worry about. And congratulations to the FBI on another job well done. 



Thursday, June 7, 2018


     In the aftermath of the California Primaries, we were hoping for better news. Thanks to a form of Democrat political protectionism, the Republicans aren't even going to be represented in the 2018 Senate race. We predicted they'd have a reasonable chance, but... this is the West Coast.

    California and Washington State both have rigged Primary Election laws whereby the top two candidates advance to the General Election; regardless of party. Thus, if you have a Democrat who's able to scrape up enough votes (or commit enough fraud) to finish second overall, the top GOP candidate is eliminated.

    That's what happened to James Bradley, the leading GOP contender at the polls. Spread among all the candidates, the GOP got around 34% of the vote. Incumbent Democrat Diane Feinstein got 43%. This could have been a close race under fairer voting rules. But the vote was split up among GOP candidates, enabling radical Leftist Democrat Kevin de Leon to squeak by into second place. 

     The system was largely at fault here, but the California GOP should have anticipated the problem and coalesced behind one candidate. But Bradley and Erin Cruz were both polling about twice as high than the number of votes they actually received; while two other GOP candidates who barely registered on the polls somehow managed to get 12% between the two of them. California has an Open Primary system, and it's not unknown that Democrats will organize 'spoiler votes'. 

      However Election Night was not a total loss for us in the Golden State. Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox scored a surprisingly strong 27% and second-place finish. His Democrat opponent, the repugnant Gavin Newsom, finished first with 33%. So we still have a decent shot at Sacramento as a Consolation Prize. It would be more of a symbolic win, though, since the chances of a GOP takeover of the State Assembly are not especially good; and Cox himself is really much more Libertarian than Conservative. 

      The media hyenas are trying to spin the Primary results as some great renunciation of Trump and his policies. Remember though that Hillary Clinton won this state by a 2-1 margin. Democrats winning a heavily Democrat state is hardly a bellwether of national trends. If Conservatives can make a stronger showing in 2018 than 2016 in California, that will be significant for the future.