Friday, June 1, 2018


     Nathan Larson, a 37-year old accountant is running as a candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional district, as an Independent. It turns out that he runs several Red Pill sites. It seems that Larson rather foolishly ran these sites from the same IP address as his campaign website and ended up doxxed by The Huffington Post. 

     Larson ran the websites and; which have both been taken down. He is a regular commenter at many Red Pill blogs under the name 'Lysander.'  He's advocated fairly frequently for both violence against adult women and legalizing sex with prepubescent girls. He admitted to The Huffington Post to being a so-called 'hebephile': meaning that he's turned on by girls in approximately the 9-12 age range. The blog header on 'Incelocalypse' claimed to be "working for the day when we make the jailbaits our rape slaves." One of his most widely-read essays was titled How to Psych Yourself Up to Feel Entitled to Rape."

     So, this Manly Alpha Leader has interesting history. He also admitted to committing incest with his daughter and brutally raping his ex-wife. "Plenty of women have rape fantasies," he explained to the reporter, echoing a sentiment heavily promoted on Red Pill sites. His wife divorced him in 2015 and secured a no-contact order for herself and her daughter. Despite that, Larson drove her to suicide. It was revealed after her death, that she was a transgendered male and a member of Queer Collective.

    Like many other Red Pills, he has a criminal record. In 2008, he was arrested by the US Secret Service and sentenced to 16 months in prison for threatening to assassinate President Bush. The Courts rejected his defense that assassination threats were a legitimate form of political protest.

    Formerly, people with records like these were disqualified from political office; but that law was repealed by Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe. Disqualifying criminals obviously erodes most of the Left's political base. Larson has also been jailed for harassment, possession of narcotics, 

    Larson also ran a Wiki forum called ''. He admitted in the interview to having published articles there on such topics as the moral justification of husbands murdering their wives; the advantages of father-daughter incest; and for the decriminalization of kidnapping young girls and keeping them as sex-slaves. As most readers here know, ideas of this sort are promoted by several Red Pill writers.

     And like many Red Pills, Larson is an outspoken anti-Semite. As 'Lysander' he once claimed that Jews are behind anti-incest and anti-pedophile laws to criminalize what he considers healthy male behavior. The reason for this is so that Gentiles will turn INCEL. 

     This is probably enough to establish that Nathan Larson is a full-blown moonbat. Yet, these are the kinds of political leadership that taking the Red Pill produces. Fortunately, though, Larson had little chance of defeating the incumbent Conservative, Barbara Comstock. And these revelations should plunge his numbers down even further.









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