Wednesday, May 30, 2018


     In the 2018 midterm elections, the California Senate race is shaping up to be a really interesting race. The Media Jackals have been diverting as much of the attention from the race as possible, because---quite frankly---incumbent Diane Feinstein is much more vulnerable than she looks on paper.

     What has the DNC and their media parrots rattled is reflected in the polls. Feinstein is currently polling at 31% according to the LA Times/USC Poll and at 38% according to Emerson. That's a huge lead over Democrat Primary opponents and potential GOP rivals. But---and this is important---Feinstein's numbers are about where Hillary Clinton's were in 2016; and like Clinton, Feinstein seems to have plateaued. 

     An Alt-RINO infiltrator named Patrick Little was being propped up by the Liberal Media early on. A rabid anti-Semite and Red-Pill Cultist, Little was ejected from the GOP and since then, his numbers (which were probably exaggerated by the Media anyway) have collapsed. He will not be the Republican nominee. The California GOP deserves a round of applause for standing on principle.

     The Liberals' ploy to sabotage the Republicans with a stalking horse having been foiled; the Media is trying to downplay the opposition by claiming that California is a Democrat 'safe seat'. The facts, however, seem to indicate otherwise. 

     The top three Republican candidates are James Bradley (19%); Erin Cruz (13%); and the ubiquitous Roque Fuentes (8%). Total the numbers of these three and it's clear that a strong, popular candidate is quite capable of unseating Senator Feinstein. The Media pundits scoff and say that Feinstein will pick up the votes of other Democratic candidates and Independents. They said this about Hillary Clinton, too. Feinstein has exactly the same liabilities that Clinton had: an inability to win independents and an inability to win over the Far Left in her own party. It's likely that Feinstein's poll numbers will remain static unless the GOP somehow self-destructs. 

     So, yes: California is in play for the first time since the 1980's and the DNC knows it. If any Conservatives remain skeptical and say that California is "a solid blue state" let's just look at the 2016 Electoral Map, broken down by county:

     Hillary Clinton won California by a margin of 61-32 percent. Already we see that the combined GOP Senate numbers are higher than President Trump's total vote percentage in 2016. What this means is simply that the Trump Agenda is gaining, not losing, support in California. And against a "hold-your-nose-and-vote-for-me" candidate like Senator Feinstein, this is a huge advantage. 

      So, national Republicans shouldn't be tempted to throw California under the bus. We can well imagine the blow to the Democrats' hopes if they lose Feinstein's seat. 

     Let's make it happen, shall we? MCalGA!  

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  1. Interesting map of CA. Gotta love how they subdivide eh?