Friday, May 18, 2018


     Once again, America is going into a weekend followed by a massacre committed by an alienated, radicalized male. Actually, there were three such incidents this week; but the intervention of police officers thwarted two of them. In Santa Fe, Texas today, sadly, a local scumbag managed to kill 10 people and seriously wound dozens of others before being captured. 

     As also per usual, we know very little about the victims, but the shooter is the subject of non-stop media attention. The hypocrites in the media always ask 'why?' after these incidents and then act as though their sensationalism of such crimes has absolutely nothing to do with it. 

     Herein lies part of the reason and part of the solution to this ongoing problem. Men are by nature afraid of insignificance and we live in a culture that demeans men. Most men can compensate for this in some way---usually by becoming proficient and socially useful at something and ignoring the anti-male booing chorus in the media. 

     A good example of this is police officer Mark Dallas of Dixon, Illinois. Yesterday, when a punk who'd been expelled from Dixon High School (incidentally, the alma mater of former President Reagan); Officer Dallas intervened and stopped another potential shooting rampage at the risk of his own life. In articles about him, some of the Media Jackals put the word heroic in scare-quotes. Of course this is the same media that encourages riots every time a police-involved shooting happens, and which supports anti-police gangs like Antifa and 'Black Lives Matter.'  

     Some men, however, internalize this constant negativity, and decide to go down fighting and take as many as what they see as 'oppressors' with them. This is a man's heroic instinct perverted. Such an attitude makes sense to a soldier at the Alamo, but makes no sense at all in gunning down a group of teenage girls in an art class. The difference here being that the soldiers' motives are altruistic and patriotic; as Christ taught us, "There is no greater love than one who lays down his life for his friends." The shooters' motives are always selfish: to make a name for themselves and feel significant. 

     There is where the Media's culpability in these tragedies lie. Every horrific mass-murder brings in high ratings and high ratings translate to advertising dollars. It's like Realty-TV; a diversion for degenerates who also have little or no meaning in their lives. And out on the fringes are a few alienated, isolated, and angry men who watch and think of how they can be the next Dimitrios Pagourtzis and be part of the grand LARPing adventure too; or be a hero to the INCELs; or strike a blow against Trump; or whatever. 

      After the Beslan School Massacre in 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law certain press restrictions prohibiting the Russian Media from publishing the killers' photos, names, manifestoes, or motives---thus depriving these types of killers of the notoriety they seek. He also, by Executive Order, instituted a take-no-prisoners policy to deprive them of the kinds of courtroom dramas we see in the West. And it's worked: mass-killings in Russia have almost ceased since Putin's policies were enacted. If Santa Fe had happened in Russia, for example, we'd have heard in the news that a gunman attacked and killed 10 people at the Santa Fe High School, and that the killer was captured, tried by court-martial, and shot by a firing squad. Not much incentive in that for other unbalanced individuals to want to follow such examples. 

       Even though the Corporate Media screams for repealing the 2nd Amendment after each of these incidents; they would fly into a rage at any suggestion of curtailing the 1st Amendment. It's probably a moot point, since it is highly doubtful that anything like Putin's policy could be enacted here. Which means that the Media needs to restrain itself. 

      The Media, however, isn't likely to do that; so they need to be restrained by public opinion. 

      Recently, it was reported how the parties affected by the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 formed a group to combat the Conspiracy Theories and subsequent online harassment they've endured. Among other things, they've boycotted sponsors and initiated lawsuits against such fake news. Wouldn't it be a good thing if some similar group of survivors stood up to the Corporate Media in this way? It's just a suggestion, but one that activists may want to consider.     

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