Sunday, May 27, 2018


    Shortly before embarking on the Memorial Day Recess, President Trump signed a full pardon exonerating the late American athlete, Jack Johnson. Johnson was known as The Galveston Giant and was US Heavyweight Boxing Champion from 1908-1915. Johnson---like a few modern Black celebrities---was the target of a racially-motivated 'sexual harassment' campaign. 

    In recent years, a grass-roots effort was initiated to clear Johnson's name. Trump's act finally accomplished a project stalled for a decade by the Deep State hypocrites. The story got very little attention in the Corporate Media. I accidentally came across at Yahoo while checking e-mails. Now, I haven't read anything from Yahoo News in a long time. As I started into this article, I remembered why. It started thus:

     "There is a particular irony in the fact that it took Donald Trump, hardly a champion for the rights of African-Americans and other racial minorities, to be the one who pardoned former heavyweight champion Jack Johnson..."

     I could only get as far as that. This is exactly why I stopped reading Yahoo News: it's nothing but the lowest and sleaziest grade of faux journalism. Yahoo News not only promulgates a mixture of snide innuendo and outright lies; it does so in the most obnoxious and snarky manner. The paragraph above is fairly typical of their gutter-level non-standards. It was written by a dunce named Kevin Iole who, like many modern pundits, is a sportscaster with no journalistic experience. Incidentally, his incompetence has garnered for Iole a net worth of about $1.6 million. 

     It should be noted that our first African-American President, Barack Obama refused to grant Johnson a pardon. He did so on the advice of our first African-American Attorney-General, Eric Holder. They did so because of the objections of Hillary Clinton. Part of the sex scandal concocted against Johnson was domestic violence---which in 1912 meant for a Black man to cohabit with a White woman. To the Democrats these days, committing heterosexuality is worse than being a racist.

     (The photo above is Johnson and his wife, Lucille. This is the same woman whom he allegedly 'violated' in 1912. Sex scandals then were about as phony as they are now.)

     It's also not widely reported that Republican Senator John McCain and Republican Congressman Peter King were the principal sponsors in Congress lobbying for Jack Johnson's rehabilitation. But as the 2018 Election Cycle starts revving up, we'll no doubt hear an endless litany of the 'Trump-is-a-racist' schmaltz from the likes of Kevin Iole and others. If the Media jackals would expend as much time actually reading any of the Administration's Press Releases as they do dreaming up canards, they would see that the Trump Administration has aggressively enforced Civil Rights Laws and worked to the benefit of minorities. 

      But the Media will never report these things. After all, they both created the myth of the sexually-uncontrollable Black man and the myth of 'sexual harassment'. It started in the early 90's when President Bush appointed a Conservative Black man with a White wife to the Supreme Court. Judge Clarence Thomas referred to the Media coverage then as "a high-tech lynching" and the Media has been lynching prominent Blacks ever since. After Thomas, 'superstar' O.J. Simpson was accused of murdering his White ex-wife. Although it took a jury less than an hour to acquit Simpson, his reputation was destroyed. Following this was Mike Tyson---accused of 'raping' a woman by performing oral sex on her. Then there was basketball star Kobe Bryant. In the 2016 Election, the 'inclusive' Left-Wing Media launched a sexual smear-campaign against Dr. Ben Carson. Today, Bill Cosby is being lynched after a bunch of middle-aged white women just now remembered that they were 'raped' 20 or so years ago. 

      The Media do this for profit. The majority of the people who follow the Mainstream Media are lower-class, uneducated Whites---the same group who form the backbone of the Democrat voter base. They enjoy watching powerful Black men (especially ones with White girlfriends or wives) brought down and trashed. The upper and middle-class White Liberals enjoy it too; it's vicarious action compensating for their sexual frustrations and perversions. 
And, of course, the Media moguls like it because it translates to high ratings and a big cash flow. They have never been the friend of Blacks or any other American minorities. 


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  1. Agreed. In fact, except for Truman and Johnson, the Democrats have always been the party of slavery, segregation, and racial division. But what's really aggravating is the fact that the MSM keeps spitting out the lie that Trump is a racist when he's anything but one.