Monday, May 14, 2018


      Today was 'Mother's Day' a holiday first proclaimed by President Wilson in 1914 although it had been informally observed for some time. President Trump issued a public panegyric on his own mother's virtues; but the media hyenas immediately launched a smear campaign because he didn't mention Melania. Maybe that's because Melania is his wife and not his mother; but considering how many in the MSM suffer from Gender Identity Disorder, it's understandable that a normal relationship of any kind should confuse them. 

      It's also noteworthy that the Alt-RINOs in the Manosphere had little or no mention of Mother's Day. This is because they have a universal contempt for women in general and generally believe that mothers' only social utility are as incubators. Dalrock---one of the ringleaders of the Red Pill Cult---took Conservative columnist Kevin Williamson to task for daring to suggest that husbands ever abandon their families. He says:

     "The fiction that what we are witnessing is men abandoning their families---and not women ejecting fathers from the home---is the very foundation of Conservative support for the destruction of traditional marriage. Lost in all of this are the millions of innocent children who grow up without their fathers because Mom wanted freedom to bang other men; and cowardly men like Kevin Williamson couldn't bear to speak of, or even think about the truth of the matter."

       As usual, Dalrock misunderstood Williamson's point: blinded as he typically is by Red Pill fanaticism. Conservatives believe that fathers/husbands have some responsibility for protecting women and supporting children. Williamson is obviously not talking about Feminist women who don't think they need a man; he's talking about men who bring life into the world with a girl and yet want to shirk the responsibility. 

      And then there's Dalrock's bizarre assertion that it's Conservatives who are undermining traditional marriage. It's still amazing to us that nobody seems to see that the Red Pills are the natural confederates of the political Left; and therefore are the foes of freedom and civilization. Indeed, his commenters spent most of Mother's Day unleashing their bile on the Family, Church, and the Country. Some 'representatives of the Right'....

       The other striking thing about these hypocrites is that they all endorse Game/PUA tactics when dealing with women; and yet they throw up their hands in pious horror at Williamson's criticism of the so-called Sexual Revolution. Their whole philosophy is built around male sexual libertinism---which they try and pretend was socially normative in the past. It's a parallel with Feminist 'herstory' revisionism. 

       This Mother's Day coincided with the anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima. It should remind us---whether Catholic or not---that Mary has long been the spiritual archetype of Motherhood. The Gamers in Dalrock's comment section actually tried arguing that the Church promotes Feminism: showing that they are anti-Christian as well as anti-Conservative. They rarely ever talk about Mary at all; because if they tried applying their pseudo-philosophies to Mary, the blasphemy and heresy intrinsic in their doctrines would be completely transparent. Try applying their 'ironclad rules' that all women are hypergamous, incapable of love, and need to be 'gamed' into submission to the Incarnation story and the appalling impiousness of their cult is self-evident. 

      The Whacko Left believes that fathers are irrelevant and the Whacko Right believes that mothers are irrelevant. The Conservatives believe that both are necessary for the family; and that the family is the bedrock of Civilization. And that's why both political extremes want to tear the family apart. 





  1. The Manosphere = "How to have sex with women, whom I universally despise."

    I logged onto Dalrock recently for the first time in many months and was happy to see GB4M, the best thing the Manosphere has to offer.

    Dalrock banned him a few years ago - there must be an amnesty.

    1. "No one will ever win the Battle of the Sexes: there's too much fraternizing with the enemy."---Dr. Henry Kissinger.

  2. My dear departed dad would always say to my mom when she bought him a father's day present, "I'm not your father"...

    I'd have to agree with that sentiment...

    On mother's day, celebrate YOUR mother...Not just any mother in general