Thursday, June 30, 2016


    Earlier this week, the Pentagon disgraced Captain Kyle Moses, commander of Task Force 56 in the Persian Gulf. It was personnel from his unit whose poltroonery in front of the Iranian Coast Guard in January led to a major international humiliation for the LGBTQ-friendly US Navy and Marines.

    Stripped of its legalese, the Pentagon's report essentially found Moses guilty of dereliction of duty.

     Yesterday, Admiral John Richardson addressed the media with further updates on the investigation---which has now dragged on for six months. "Our actions on that day and that incident in January did not live up to our expectations of our Navy." he said, as though that statement was some great revelation, "Big incidents like this are always the accumulation of a number of small problems."

      With intellects on the level of Admiral Richardson and Captain Moses commanding the Navy, it is truly surprising that incidents like these are not more frequent. Richardson goes on to tell us that "It is clear that some, if not all, crewmembers provided some information to interrogators beyond name, rank, and serial number."  Well, since the Iranian media broadcast them doing exactly that on public television and proliferated the videos on the Internet---why did it take you 6 months to reach this conclusion, Admiral?

       In March, sources connected with the investigation leaked to foreign media claimed that the crew of the captured ship was under a 24-hour deadline to reach Bahrain via Kuwait. Among other of Captain Moses' blunders, the ship needed refueling at a midway-point and the crew had no training in refueling and no communications with the tanker. The source also noted that one of the captured ships had to be retrofitted with parts cannibalized off a third ship before the voyage began. The Iranians did report that one of the crew was observed struggling to fix the engine when captured.

         The source noted that the GPS on the captured ships did not notify the crew that they were entering Iranian waters. The Iranian Coast Guard believed them at first to be a spy-ship. But as the Marines---according to the Iranian account---broke out in tears and groveled before their captors, the Iranians began to realize it was probably an accidental entry into their waters.

           The incident should, in reality, have been a warning to Americans that our military is in substandard condition now; and a war with even a medium-level military power like Iran
would end in disaster for us. Our military is, to put it bluntly, incapable of fighting a conventional war and even a non-conventional conflict is debatable. The military's primary purpose is to defend the nation---whether they could do so is doubtful.

             But has this incident led to major military reforms? Of course not. Senator John McCain said of this week's reports: "The Navy investigation confirms what has been obvious from the beginning. That Iran's obstruction, boarding, and seizure of sovereign US Navy vessels at gunpoint and the detention, interrogation, and recording of 10 American sailors was a flagrant violation of international law!"

           And so, the politically-correct party-line is to blame Iran's military for behaving like soldiers, while overlooking the disgraceful conduct of ours. No wonder the Iraqis evicted our forces from their soil, and the Okinawans and Bahrainis want to. But such is the way of the New America.

                                           Iranian Actors: Looking Just Like the Real Thing!


      After the Orlando Massacre and the BREXIT vote, the American Media Cartels are busily milking the alleged terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey to throw the public into panic-mode and drive up ratings revenue. Why do we say "alleged terrorist attack"? For two reasons:

       1. Nothing that comes from Turkish President Tyyip Erdogan's mouth should be believed at face value, and

       2. Nothing that comes from the Obama Administration or the Mainstream Media should be taken at face value either.

        The issue here is not whether or not the Istanbul attack actually occurred; the issue is whether or not it was what the authorities and experts involved claim that it was. Given some various events surrounding both Erdogan and Obama recently, we will simply note that the Istanbul attack was very conveniently timed. However, we will not engage in speculation until further details emerge from more reliable sources; but these nonetheless are matters for consideration.

         Now the American media has been stoking the flames of Ameroboob outrage and hysteria over this event; apparently forgetting that even more Americans were killed in an attack in Orlando just two weeks ago. In spite of the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility for Orlando and the attacker proclaimed sympathy with the Jihad; the same Government-Media Complex who scoffed at any connection between Orlando and ISIS is now throwing up its collective hands in horror that such an event could happen here!

        As a point of fact, it can happen here; it is happening here, and has been happening for some time. The postmodern Cultural Marxists have somehow created this false dichotomy in the public mind that premeditated mass-murder and terrorism are two different things. In reality, they are the same things. It's expedient, though, for the Government-Media to wrangle over definitions, motivations for these crimes, and other abstractions because they can then capitalize on the confusion. As a matter of national policy, these things are completely irrelevant. They are useful to Law Enforcement and others concerned with public safety and crime prevention---which is in many ways a science---but to public policy they mean nothing.

          Anarchist street riots, lone kook mass-shooters, and Jihadist terrorists are not going to be stopped by Hate-Speech laws, gun control, increased domestic espionage, or any other political grandstanding. These things are happening because our society and culture are breaking down. We are not being attacked from without, but from within.

          American culture has degenerated into an effete, narcissistic society where our traditions and values are derided and scoffed at; where the rights of interest groups supersede the rights of the individual; and both official law and unofficial groupthink is employed as an instrument of force to compel obedience to political correctness. Under such circumstances, envy and revenge dominate political and social discourse and mass-violence is bound to happen. Reverse these societal trends, and they will stop happening, as they rarely happened before when our society operated under different values.

        When a culture believes in its ideals, when fairness for all is the prevailing attitude, when law is an instrument of justice; then mass-violence is an aberration; like a natural disaster. People join together to help the victims and things return to normal.

         But Americans of today could care less about anything of these things. They prefer the passive-aggressive course, which is to lament their 'victimhood' one day and get their revenge on somebody else the next. The same attitude which is predominant in the minds of most perpetrators of mass-violence. And that's why these violent outbursts will continue to happen.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


   The US government, along with the self-appointed cultural elites, are doing an outstanding job of promoting so-called Exceptionalism abroad. We've brought to many foreign communities the civil unrest, political correctness, corporatism, bureaucratic arrogance, and crime that postmodernist America enjoys.

    Now Saudi Arabia, an autocratic state run by Wahhabi fanatics and drug addicts, would be the natural ally of American Cultural Marxists. But the crimes committed and endorsed by the Saudi regime are causing international outcry. Even such organizations as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, though somewhat dubious in the own right, have been compelled by international pressure to launch a formal protest to the United Nations over Saudi atrocities in Yemen and their overt support for criminal activities in Syria, Iraq, and Iran; and their complicity in suppressing the Shia minority in Bahrain.

     Of course, this petition is mostly for show. The US and Saudi Arabia have stonewalled all attempts to censure the Saudi government; or restrict arms-sales to that regime. This is not surprising; consider that the Saudis and their Wahhabi confederates---chiefly Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, and Bahrain---are all huge shareholders in Wall Street, and especially the US Media Cartels. The Bushmen and the Clintons likewise have huge financial investments in that region; and Obama was schooled in a Wahhabi madrassa and CIA Director Brennan is a Wahhabi convert with a residence in Riyadh. Major contractors like Halliburton and Academi (formerly known as Blackwater) are headquartered in Dubai and the Pentagon maintains numerous bases in the region.

     Nonetheless Saudi crimes are real. Saudi forces invaded Yemen last year for the purpose of ethnically cleansing the Shiite and Christian populations and installing a Wahhabi regime there. Around 3,000 civilians have been killed in Saudi-led military operations. These were not collateral damages, either. At least 69 cases have been documented where Saudi forces specifically targeted civilian infrastructure: schools, hospitals, churches, mosques and markets. They have also deployed US-made cluster-bombs for these purposes.

     Considering that the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon recently dispatched a hundred or so of its so-called 'Special Forces' to Yemen to assist Saudi repression, it is likely that the Obama Administration will again ignore and block the UN proposals. That will permit the 'Human Rights' groups some political cover to ignore Saudi crimes in the future.

      A similar situation is developing in Bahrain, where the Wahhabi government has begun a new series of brutal crackdowns on the majority Shiite population. Bahrain is now home to a US Naval Base---the same who stood by and did nothing in 2011 when Saudi and UAE troops slaughtered over a hundred Bahraini Shiite protestors in the streets. That was during the so-called Arab Spring. Bahraini citizens learned that regime change only applies to countries Wall Street doesn't control---not to ones it already has under its thumb.

      Saudi Arabia has also been involved in Jihadist intrigues in Iraq, Syria, and Iran; but like the case with Yemen and Bahrain, all with a wink and a nod from the Beltway.

        It's sad to recall that the United States once prided itself on using its power to uphold Democracy and Free Enterprise worldwide. True, we did not always live up to that ideal. But today, our country actually flaunts its disregard for both. We have become much like the former Soviet Union or the Maoist China we once opposed. And sadder still is the fact that the average Ameroboob---who couldn't find Yemen or Bahrain on a map---will not bother to hold our own government accountable for its complicity in Saudi crimes; or for its selling-out to Wahhabi interests.

       Syria, Yemen, Bahrain---these are examples of why the world needs a new global paradigm, with different leadership. Russia, China, India, and possibly a post-BREXIT Britain can pick up the global leadership role we have forfeited.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


     The US Corporate Media Cartels have been stirring up a frenzy of anti-British hatred in the wake of BREXIT. As we predicted as well, the Wall Street freebooters and Left-Wing street thugs are fomenting as much financial and social chaos in Britain as possible.

       The Foes of Freedom were bound to react on Britain with this kind of fury. The parasites who comprise the mainstream media, the financial syndicates, and the welfare class feel threatened by a system where they have to compete as equals on a level playing-field.

        Britain has recovered to itself the right of self-determination. They are free once again to determine their own laws without outside interference.

        One of the main benefits from BREXIT is economic. Britain now has the freedom to engage in bilateral trade; that is, they may now negotiate independent agreements for imported and exported goods. Bilateral trade has been the secret behind China's expansive economic enterprises. The ability to buy and sell in a free market could lower inflation, create jobs, and generally lift the British economy.

         Another benefit---about which numerous media lies have been promulgated---is immigration policy. Contrary to what the Establishment tells us, Britain was forced to refuse immigrants to accommodate EU demands that they accept the 'refugees' foisted upon them by Merkel and Obama. Britain now may freely ignore those demands and set policies favorable to its own national interest.

            Analysts have also pointed out that many British industries driven out by the EU may now return. EU restrictions on existing British manufacturing will be lifted. Most importantly, British resources now spent on subsidizing the EU would be spent in Britain on British needs and British interests. The British Pound Sterling will no longer be tied to the more historically unstable Euro.

           Britain will also be freed from EU/Wall Street military and national security entanglements.

           BREXIT will prove of incalculable benefit to Britain long-term. Already nations outside the Brussels/Berlin/Beltway sphere of influence are probing trade deals and investment with the independent UK. India---the major foreign investor in Britain---has reacted to BREXIT positively. Indian investors have long complained of EU obstructionism.
The EU has no free-trade agreement with India and China---as well as current sanctions on Russia---but Britain is now free to engage in reciprocal agreements with these and other countries.

           Those who opposed BREXIT never have, and have not now, the interests of the British people in mind. This ought to be clear from their post-BREXIT propaganda, financial sabotage, and instigating political instability. They would destroy Britain if they cannot control it, as they have destroyed other countries who resisted them. Britain has rejected their tyranny and now must stand firm.




     The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank announced earlier its first series of investment projects, totaling $509 billion. The AIIB is a joint-venture established by China, Russia, and India as an alternative to Wall Street/EU controlled enterprises like the IMF and World Bank.

      The AIIB was inaugurated last year in Beijing as part of Xi Jinping's ambitious Great Silk Road economic project. The principles behind the AIIB and similar Western organizations are far different. AIIB is not used as ideological leverage over member states, but is premised on funding domestic infrastructure projects that result in beneficial mutual trade-agreements. The largest project funded this year, for example, was to upgrade and expand Bangladesh's power-grid.

       The upgrades, which are in tandem with upgrades a joint Indian-Chinese project to upgrade the port at Calcutta, are predicted to create millions of jobs in the poverty-stricken Bay of Bengal region. They will also increase efficiency and expansion of the Bengali manufacturing industry while facilitating the exchange of goods and services. The new Bengali power-grid will cover the entire nation with high-tech, secure, and inexpensive electrical energy.

         The cost of this upgrade is less than the cost of American military exercises in the South China Sea, and unlike the latter, the former will be a net return on the investment for all parties involved. The Bengali system, when completed next year, will be more advanced and provide cheaper energy than the US power grid, which sadly has become obsolescent. The United States has invested little since the Johnson Administration on building new power-stations and have seen no significant upgrades since the Reagan Administration. The inefficiency in our system, combined with the bloated municipal bureaucracies that administer them, have resulted in spiraling utility costs over here; and increasingly frequent and longer-term outages.

         The American Society of Civil Engineers have been warning for decades that the US electrical grid is in critical condition. A recent report noted that US energy infrastructure is "in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements nearing the end of their service-life...a large portion of the system exhibits significant deterioration with a strong risk of failure."

         Our system, the report noted, is also extremely vulnerable to cyber and terrorist attack. But the Ameroboobs by and large ignore all these warnings. There are no political candidates addressing critical infrastructure concerns; and Americans seemingly prefer public funds to be invested in border walls, military adventurism, increasing domestic espionage, and broader welfare handouts.

         Meanwhile, though, progress is being made in Asia. Besides the Bengali power grid, other major investments include a major highway system between Pakistan and Tajikistan; and rebuilding an Indonesian manufacturing district recently damaged during a natural disaster.

         Rebecca Chan, a spokeswoman for the Silk Road Project noted that "The AAIB motto is to be lean, clean, and green; and will also adopt world-class environmental safeguards."  She also pointed out that AIIB marks a new era in Chinese foreign investment policy. "The old days of China recycling the export dollars that it earned into US Treasury Bonds are over...with the growing cracks in the US dollar-dominated global financial architecture, the Chinese One Belt, One Road Initiative that aims to chart a new course in the Eurasian heartland, is a much better way to invest this foreign reserve."


       In the aftermath of BREXIT, the German government---the actual ruling power behind the EU---called an emergency meeting. Details of this upcoming meeting reveal now that the masks have finally come off the EU, and now we learn what many have suspected to be true. The European Union is simply an extension of the same German Imperialist policy which led to two world wars.

        The leaders in Poland, a country occupied by Germany from 1939-1945, exposed the details of Merkel's plan, which agreed upon in Berlin yesterday by delegates of the Reich and their French and Italian collaborators. Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski called the proposal an "ultimatum designed to create a European Superstate."

        Under the German proposal, member states would lose the right to maintain independent militaries, the right to internal taxation, the right to their own criminal justice systems, and their own central banks---all of these functions would be transferred to Brussels (i.e. Berlin). Consider that every one of these rights were also suspended under previous German occupations. 

        Now consider too that an EU military and police force will need personnel, and as we have seen with BREXIT, the native-born populations in Europe are largely opposed to such a plan. In this context, does Merkel's policy of flooding EU countries with Jihadist refugees begin to make sense? What better way to integrate and employ these millions of Moslems than in a security force? The new Wehrmacht and Gestapo and not going to be of European descent, although their leaders certainly will be. 

          As for internal taxation and central banking, which country in Europe (post-BREXIT)  has the strongest financial network? And the same context, do the motives behind EU's anti-Russia stance also become clear? The goal of German Imperialism from Bismarck to the Kaiser to Hitler to Merkel has been hostile towards Russia---which it sees as a competitor in European affairs. 

            It should also not be overlooked that Britain was the EU's former leader in mass-media. Now others will have to fill the void; and with the EU's proposed speech codes and German policies on hate speech, a Ministry of Propaganda and Culture will also be needed.

            The upcoming months will be Europe's last chance to follow Britain's lead and escape the clutches of the Fourth Reich. Poland is awakening to the danger, as is Austria, whose president promised a referendum this year. Poland and Austria were the first casualties of the last German attempt to dominate Europe. Let us hope that others follow and stop the Reich in its tracks.

Monday, June 27, 2016


    Seven people were injured this weekend after a knife-fight broke out between two rival political gangs in Sacramento, California. The American media establishment, who've been lecturing us for the past weeks on "the epidemic of gun violence" here and race-baiting over BREXIT,  are flummoxed. Two gangs of entitled young whites committing violence without firearms doesn't fit the editorial scripts.

      This incident is not unlike the violence that erupted at a Trump Rally in neighboring San Jose earlier this month. In fact, a lot of the same people were involved in both, at least from what the Media calls the protestors' side. And both stem from the same intrinsic causes, although the Media will never discuss any of these. They are:

       1. The Breakdown of the Family;
       2. The Breakdown of Public Education;
       3. The Breakdown of the Political System;
       4. The Breakdown of Traditional Religion.

       Naturally, suggesting any of this meets with a cynical sneer from effete Americans. But before you stop reading and head off to the Hookah Lounge, ask yourself one question: do things like lacking familial support, education, a fair justice system, and moral values ever contribute to crime?

        Of course these are contributing factors to crime---and disguising criminal activity as political discourse doesn't make it legitimate. Contrary to all the media distractions over Sacramento and San Jose, what the advocates and the protestors were defending or opposing is irrelevant. In civilized countries, protestors do not express opposition by showing up to rallies wearing masks, armed with knives and screaming through bullhorns. This is what gangsters do; and those who are carrying out these violent demonstrations need to be suppressed by the authorities.

        Will these outbursts of political violence continue? Of course they will. They have been increasing steadily during the last few years while Americans have been in denial about them. What we're seeing is the culmination of a social decline that began in the list above trickling down to the general public. Americans were happy to tolerate political gangsterism as long as the Bushmen, the Clintons, Obama, the Neocons, and the Neoliberals were redistributing the wealth and stabbing the other guy in the back. Now, a generation nurtured in that anarchistic atmosphere is behaving exactly how they were taught---both directly and by example---by the previous generation.

           The fundamental law of any Government is its own self-preservation, and when society breaks down Governments tend to react in one of two ways. Either it becomes Authoritarian domestically or creates wars abroad as a distraction. In light of Obama's recent military buildups and Republican proposals to beef up domestic espionage and militarize the police, we see where the post-election American future is really trending.

          Things will change only when our society agrees to reverse the four trends listed above; and the likelihood of that happening is practically nonexistent. All four of these mean taking personal responsibility and the Ameroboobs aren't about to give up their hard-won handouts and do that. We'll be told instead that playing the Game and being in the know means that there's personal profit in all these New Normals. The Smart Boys are the ones who know how to take advantage of a situation.

           So who cares about things like the breakdown of the family? Well, just don't forget that the same generation of feral children we've produced is already producing our feral grandchildren. Studies of the generation who currently under 12 are not shaping up to look especially promising. Not to worry, though---there are pills for that.


Sunday, June 26, 2016


     A year to the day after the US Supreme Court subjugated the American people to the will of homosexual interest groups, the Spanish Supreme Court struck a resounding blow for Freedom of Speech and Liberty of Conscience. Spanish judges dismissed two frivolous cases brought against Cardinal Antonio Canizares, for speeches His Eminence had made during a homily on May 13th.

      In May, the Cardinal gave an address highlighting society's need to protect the family against what he called 'The Gay Empire'. Cardinal Canizares went on to shame Spanish political and social leaders for their continual submission to homosexual interest groups; stating that their "promotion of Radical Feminism and gender theories are the most insidious of all threats."

       The Gay Mafia was swift to pounce on the Cardinal's words and---just as they do here in the US---resorted to their usual strong-arm tactics. An organization called Lambda, one of their international syndicates, filed Hate Speech charges against the Cardinal in a Valencia Court. They alleged that his homily "made homophobic and male chauvinist statements that incite nothing but hatred." At the same time, Lambda's natural allies in the Islamic Jihad, via a group calling itself The Spanish Immigration Network, filed a companion lawsuit alleging that the Cardinal was guilty of 'xenophobia' for questioning, in the same homily, the backgrounds of 'refugees' whom the EU is dumping onto Spanish soil.

         Today, the Spanish Court threw out both cases for lack of evidence. The judges scolded the plaintiffs in its decision, saying that "A generic accusation sprinkled with vague facts is insufficient to trigger a criminal investigation." The judge pointed out also that, the meet the legal test of Hate Speech under Spanish Law, there must be "clear intent to incite public violence against a particular group" and that "nothing in the May 13th homily rises to that standard."

         So the Cultural Marxists slunk from the tribunal in shame, while crowds in Valencia cheered the decision. Civil Rights' leaders throughout Spain had circulated petitions in support of the Cardinal during the investigation. Citizens of Valencia---in a show of solidarity---voluntarily repatriated two Madonnas desecrated by homosexual vandals during one of their so-called Pride Rallies.

          Cowardly American judges and politicians should take note. It is possible to say 'no' to these thugs. But unlike Spanish judges, modern American jurisprudence typically cares very little about actual Justice. Personal Profit and Political Correctness dictate US law; civil rights, not so much.

            And Cardinal Canizares, for his part, should stand as an example to Christian religious leaders. Too often in the effete West, clerics are willing to sacrifice their faith for public approval. The case may well have gone against him, but Cardinal Canizares held true.
And if Cultural Marxism is to be defeated, Spain has shown us how: by standing up for Justice and Faith.






     The Japanese Government, already exasperated by a series of American political and military blunders, was obliged to deal with more bad news on Sunday. The first incident came from the big mouth of US Vice-President Biden.

       Biden boasted in an interview with PBS that he had put some rather arrogant demands on Chinese President Xi Jinping (although he never specified when this alleged meeting occurred). Biden basically demanded that China either put pressure on North Korea or the US would put advanced THAAD missiles in South Korea, which of course are also in range of China. Biden then went on to threaten China with the possibility that the Tojos might retaliate too, with atomic weapons.

       "What will you do? Do you think we should stand back?" Biden allegedly demanded of Xi, "What happens if we don't work something out about North Korea? What happens if Japan, who could tomorrow, go nuclear tomorrow? They have the capacity to do it literally overnight!"

          The Imperial Government, who are in the middle of high-level diplomatic meetings with China over the Korean situation, exploded with fury. China well remembers, unlike the US, that Akihito's father bombed Pearl Harbor in the middle of peace talks. The Japanese leadership immediately denounced Biden's remarks, stressing that Japan has not, and never will, seek to deploy atomic weapons.

          Xi Jinping made no statement about the remarks, but appeared this weekend with Russian President Putin, who is in China this week on a state visit. The two leaders announced signing a new series of enhanced military, economic, and scientific cooperation.

            "As both Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi Jinping have said, the deployment of the Aegis Missile System in Poland and Romania, as well as the THAAD Missile System being deployed in Korea and missiles being deployed in Japan and elsewhere constitute a mutual danger for the two countries." said a Sputnik News Analyst, "We are looking ultimately at the vast majority of the world pulling together to create an alternative to the self-destructive and globally-destructive policies pursued by interests in Washington."

              As if this wasn't enough, yet another violent crime involving our brave men and women in uniform occurred on Okinawa---just days after the Pentagon promised a crackdown. In fact, this latest incident was almost a carbon-copy of the last crime. It seems that another female in uniform---with 4x the legal limit of alcohol in her veins---plowed her car into oncoming traffic, critically injuring two Okinawan citizens. No word from the Pentagon yet about what reforms they will take this time.

               At some point, Japan is going to have to start questioning whether having the US as an ally is worse than having them as an enemy. Maybe that process has begun: Tokyo recently announced a series of diplomatic reconciliations with Russia, and a meeting between President Putin and Prime Minister Abe scheduled to take place in September.

The New Powers in the Pacific

Saturday, June 25, 2016


      There is an interesting post at Citizen Tom's blog, which is part of an ongoing debate, apparently with a partisan of the Game Cult over the much-debated topic of female submission.

       In order to understand why this issue is debatable in the first place, we must bear in mind that 21st Century America is a deeply androgynous, sex-negative, and homosocial culture. Most of us who attempt to defend what remains of our former society are doing so in the context of our Christian pluralistic tradition. The Cultural Marxists in their attacks on Christianity intentionally distort Biblical and Patristic teachings on gender polarity to fit their absurd class-struggle social paradigms. But as Citizen Tom rightly points out, it is useless to expect Christian standards to apply to a non-Christian orientation.

      The problem, though, comes about when Cultural Marxist sophistries begin infiltrating the Church itself. The Game Cult has become an especially pernicious influence in contemporary religious thought because it accepts the fundamental premises adduced by Radical Feminism and cloaks them under the mantle of Christian Doctrine. For example, the Cultural Marxists falsely teach that certain Biblical passages advocate that women are inferior to men and that a woman's moral duty is to be in subjection to their husbands. The Game Cult wholly agrees with this---but teach it as a purified form of Christianity; allegedly freed from Feminist influence. In this we see that the Game Cult's version of Biblical gender-roles is nothing more than the Feminist myth of a nebulous patriarchal ecclesiastical conspiracy rewritten to accommodate a different audience.

       Citizen Tom explains that submission is an act of will. Whether he realizes it or not, this has been the teaching of the Church since the beginning. St. Clement of Alexandria, in his third chapter of The Stromata wrote at great length about love as an act of the will. Of course St. John and St. Paul had already outlined the same concept. Our contemporary culture holds---as the Game Cult does---that Love is nothing more than a combination of biological drives and subconscious impulses. But Will is what completes the dynamic. With it, we have stable relationships based on deep and true love; without it, we have broken, transient relationships; gender identity disorder; and neuroses.

         Christianity really teaches nothing innovative or revolutionary about gender polarity; it refines and explains the spiritual and theological background behind what already exists in human nature. Feminist duplicity and Game Cult opportunism have turned polarity into a competitive concept---when in reality it is a co-operative and complimentary one. St. Paul somewhere gives the metaphor of a pair of oxen yoked together, working for a common cause. Each gender has properties---strengths and weaknesses---unique to itself which the other must complete.

           Again, Citizen Tom explains: "The woman submits because she knows she is one with her man. She submits because they are so joined as to be one and the same. If a man wants his wife to love and trust him as a godly woman should, then he must strive each day to earn her love and trust."

             And that is an excellent summary of what female submission really means. What a contrast to the cutthroat power-struggle offered by our postmodernist realists. It is the ideal that Christianity offers. And, by the same token, one of the reasons that Christian ideals are detested by the cultural elites. By depicting these ideals as illusions; by fomenting chaos and competition between men and women, both genders become easy prey for those offering control and stability---for a price.




     While the American media foments hysteria over a referendum in a country in which they don't reside, and Congress engages in a ridiculous sit-in (as though Congressmen sitting around doing nothing is something extraordinary); the Pentagon is suffering yet another humiliation in the Pacific. The Pentagon announced that under pressure from the Japanese Government, all public Independence Day celebrations are forbidden on US military bases under Japanese jurisdiction.

       A shamefaced Pentagon spokesman reported to the press that "no US installations in Japan will celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks displays or concerts to demonstrate respect for Okinawan residents."

       Both the Pentagon and Japanese authorities are struggling to contain an out-of-control crime wave on Okinawa, most of which is traceable to US military personnel,  and exacerbated by the Pentagon's cavalier attitude toward these crimes. An investigative report published by the Japan Times gives us an insight into the Pentagon's attitudes. The text of the Okinawa Cultural Awareness Program---part of the USMC's diversity and sensitivity training seminar program---has these interesting excerpts:

         "We Marines can get carried away with the new-found awe the Okinawans hold us, and tend to go overboard by doing things that are not acceptable to the majority in their society."

          "We Marines see ourselves as good guys, but many Okinawans do not feel safe because of a few past incidents."

            "The Okinawan tends to be more emotional than logical. Self-serving and double-standards characterize their complaints, along with failure to take responsibility and a 'pass-the-buck' attitude. They believe that it pays to complain. Any time offense can be taken it will be used."

            Again, an outstanding specimen of American Leftist projection. Dr. Manubu Sato, of Okinawa International University agrees: "These lectures teach Marines two things: that they are above the law and that they can look down on Okinawans." And Okinawa's governor Takeshi Onaga added: "A prime example of the US military's arrogant attitude towards Okinawans."

              The Japanese Empire earlier this week dispatched special police to Okinawa to patrol the perimeters of the base at night. And though the 4th of July might be cancelled on Okinawa, USA Today is reporting that sources inside the Pentagon believe that the long-standing military ban on transgenders might be lifted this week. "The end of the service ban may come down as early as July 1st, just before the start of the 4th of July holiday!" the paper trumpeted.

             Now the Okinawans can be despised by both perverts and criminal thugs.

             Has Okinawa had enough of American Exceptionalism yet? The latest polls show about 20% of Okinawans favor independence, up from 5% in 2014.




Friday, June 24, 2016


    In the late 1930s, a political organized crime syndicate took over Germany. They proceeded on a course to unite all of Europe under A New Order, and chose as their emblem the Swastika---an ancient Aryan symbol of peace and unity. To partake of the blessings of this New Order, all a nation had to do was to give up its sovereignty and submit to the Party Leadership.

      In 1940, Britain stood alone against this movement. Yesterday, the British people lived up to their ancestors' heroism and, standing alone, drove another would-be New Order movement from its shores.

       So what better choice for a weekend entertainment option could there be than watching Allied heroes foiling the schemes of the authoritarian elites? Hence, we recommend a little-known, but above-average WW2 espionage thriller, Jericho.

       Jericho ran for one season on CBS in 1966 and was one of the last products of television's Golden Age. The series followed a three-man special operations' team: an American, a Briton, and a Frenchman with special skills, under the direct command of British Intelligence. They were assigned missions centered on sabotage, reconnaissance, espionage, hostage rescues and other similar tasks. Jericho was the code word of their team.

      The episodes are an hour long and are engaging because the plots follow no 'formula' type predictability common in espionage programs from the mid-1960s onwards. Usually the team is given an assignment with a perfectly-scripted plan---and things never go according to plan. In one episode, they return to London after breaking up a spy ring---only to discover that a traitor has fed them a false lead. They have only minutes---while being chased by the British Home Guard who've been tricked into believing the agents are enemies---to foil an assassination attempt on Winston Churchill. In another episode, they find the Nazis are using human shields against their target. In another, the team gets separated attempting to assassinate a German general---when they learn the mission has changed because the general intends to defect---and they must stop their partner. 

        In these reviews, we recommend programs that portray masculinity in a truer light than those portrayed today by certain elements of the Manosphere. Jericho is instructive here (in many ways like the BREXIT vote) that men going their own way is not a hallmark of true masculinity. The three characters: Sheppard, Andre, and Gage are Jericho. Great accomplishments are not achieved by men acting alone as individual units; nor are they achieved by some manly Alpha leader who knows how to manipulate others to do his bidding. Good men who are experts at what they do team up with similar men and get the job done, no matter what the obstacles.

         The contemporary Manosphere is premised on a warped theory of Individualism. While it is true that a man's primary duty is to himself and his own well-being, many contemporary Manospherians claim it as his only duty. They extrapolate from that premise that the superior man, the Alpha Male in their parlance, stands above the herd and knows how to exploit and control the weaknesses in others for his own benefit. In reality, that philosophy is much closer to that which governed the Nazi or EU leadership. 

         The superior man is one who has expertise and ability to earn the respect of other men who work with him as an equal. That is because the truly superior man has humility---a quality decidedly absent from most Manospherians---enough to understand that the gamut of human interactions and relationships are too complex for any single man to master. He must co-operate and organize with other men of ability, if common goals are to be accomplished. In the case of Jericho, this goal was liberating a world from the tyranny of those who presumed themselves Alpha Supermen

         In the Manosphere today, this philosophy has reached the reductio ad absurdum wherein alleged male role models play with sex-dolls and spend hours on X-box while despising men of the type portrayed in Jericho as chumps and unenlightened fools. This is the same attitude every street bum and petty criminal ever held. Unfortunately, it has become the prevailing attitude among modern American men. That is why modern US soldiers end up on their knees crying in front of the Iranians instead of breaking into a POW camp to rescue hostages like the Jericho team once did.

          Jericho is an excellent series, it is unfortunate that it was so short-lived. It's demise was really more a product of its era than its quality. In 1966, television programming was moving more in the direction of predictable, formula-dramas and mindless comedies than in gritty, realistic drama; a trend which has never been reversed. Had Jericho been released a few years earlier, it likely would have enjoyed greater success.

            Although Jericho is occasionally available on public domain sites, it is currently not as of this writing. A DVD set is probably the best way to enjoy this series---and well worth the investment. Action, intrigue, teamwork---and some truly innovative plots---Jericho is a unique series that inspires a loyal fan-following among those who've seen it. Some scenes were reportedly filmed on-location in Europe.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


   Congratulations are hereby extended to our freedom-loving brothers and sisters in Great Britain.

    BREXIT passed tonight, by a 52-48 percent margin; terminating Britain's four-decade servitude under the EU jackboot. The victory defied pundits' predictions, with heavy a turnout in Wales and the English countryside tipping the balance in favor of freedom.

    The smug, self-appointed Cultural Elites are still reeling from the shock; and lashing out in furious revenge. George Soros and his Wall Street mafiosos are retaliating with currency and stock crashes---all contrived, of course---and even Obama reportedly got out of bed to consult with the deflated David Cameron. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, a few celebrity blowhards are talking about secession as though either one of those two welfare-states could survive on their own.

     Reaction among EU chieftains has been subdued; the loss of one of the Union's major cash-cows is no doubt unsettling for them. Naturally, Germany---the leading profiteer off the EU, was the first to speak out. The Reich's Foreign Minister, Franz Steinmeier, lamented that this was "a sad day for all of Europe."

       True---for a Europe that has been leeching off of British taxpayers for the last 43 years who, along with their domineering overlords in Berlin, have been dictating British economic policy and micromanaging British social policy down to the last detail. But not a sad day at all for the millions of true Britons who stood up to the EU---and to the coalition of Cultural Marxists and Islamic Jihadists in their own country who opposed BREXIT.

      BREXIT's win is already drawing support from political leaders in France, the Netherlands, and Italy---all of which are pushing for withdrawal from the EU as well. In the upcoming weeks, the Cultural Marxists will be punishing Britain in many ways---causing financial and civil unrest (all of which will be carefully orchestrated), launching propaganda campaigns, and committing other crimes against the British people. This will be done to intimidate other countries not to follow Britain's example.

        But follow Britain's example, anyway. Slavery is easy, but freedom takes risks. And it's a risk well worth taking, in the end.



    An alarming report from the US Center for Disease Control recently confirmed something that the world's bachelors have long suspected: American women are now the fattest demographic in the world. Not only have the numbers of fat women increased in the Prozac Nation, but the Obesity Rate among our fair sex has hit an astounding 40%; or 2/5 of the female population.

      American women have come a long way since 1962, when psychologist Albert Ellis affirmed that "American women are generally agreed to be the most beautiful in the world." Throughout the late 19th to the mid 20th century, it was not uncommon for foreign bachelors to visit our shores in the hopes of securing an American wife. The most famous of these was when actress Grace Kelly landed the King of Monaco; architect Lisa Halaby got the King of Jordan; and President Kennedy's widow got a Greek oil tycoon. Despite what the Politically-Correct media says, men really do not prefer the big-and-beautiful female body type.

      But before certain Manosphere Gamer-types start crowing; the report also showed that American men are not far behind, at 35%.

      It's difficult to imagine this today, but the United States once prided itself on its culture of physical fitness. The movement really began in the Ivy League Schools during the 1880s. Academics then proposed that physical education and mental fitness were related concepts and the idea caught on in American public schools. President Theodore Roosevelt, himself a beneficiary of the philosophy, popularized the Active Lifestyle as a cultural ideal. Foreign leaders in both World Wars and Korea often remarked on Americans' seemingly limitless energy and endurance---as well as their ability to function as a team. President John F. Kennedy, by Executive Order, standardized physical fitness requirements in public education and made them mandatory in all public schools. 

      How did the American public go from being a fit and trim nation of champions to bloated basket-cases in less than 50 years?

       The problem really started in the early 1990s, when the Cultural Marxists began dictating national education policies. The Clinton Administration particularly promoted an idea concocted by the Academic Left commonly called Non-Outcome-Based Education. The premises behind this absurdity are that everyone is entitled to academic success and that no one should be required to achieve excellence. The Left naturally hates and envies anything or anybody that they perceive superior; and of course physical education is no different. Most such programs were either eliminated altogether or radically altered---and though the political Right feigned opposition to these innovations, they mostly accepted them since they and their offspring also benefitted from lower standards.

           As American physical fitness declined and national health issues began to increase, Americans reacted as they are wont to these days: looked for angles to cash in instead of demanding that we and our schools do better. Things like Fat Acceptance Movements, dietary programs, healthcare costs related to obesity, specialized apparel for fat people and the occasional lawsuit and scapegoating of the fast-food industry translate to big profit margins. Things like school Physical Education programs cost money.

            And so, postmodern America rolls off the world stage once again. But at least we can still boast of being the world leader at something.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016


  The United Kingdom joined the European Union on January 1st, 1973. Tomorrow is a national referendum in Great Britain on whether or not to leave the EU. British voters, ask yourselves one simple question:

   Is Britain better off today than it was in 1972?

   Recall that in 1972, Britain manufactured most of its goods domestically, was a world leader in technology, aerospace, and media; had the best military in Europe; riots and civil unrest were rare; a British Pound bought you what 13 Pounds do today; and nobody was seriously worried that the country would be under Islamic Sharia Law.

   The difference between then and now; brought to you courtesy of the European Union.

    It is time for the EU to die, so that Britain might live again.

         Because the UK didn't win two World Wars just to get bossed around by Berlin.





     While Chinese President Xi Jinping is busy leading this year's Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting---which will likely unite economically and militarily most of Central Asia, Obama and his LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon are expending US funds on some further pointless military exercises in the South China Sea. If Obama fails to start WW3, his Administration will likely be remembered as producing some of the most expensive photo-ops in history.

      This week, the Village People's Navy is taking its roadshow to the Philippine Sea and features two aircraft carriers. According to an Admiral, Marcus Hitchcock, these exercises are designed to show China "our unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike groups in close proximity," as if China is supposed to be impressed with a naval maneuver developed in the 1940s; and then boasts " No other Navy can concentrate this much power on one sea."

      Maybe if Admiral Hitchcock had spent more time studying naval tactics than political correctness, he would know that concentrating forces in an era of atomic weaponry is bad strategy. Weapons of Mass Destruction are called by that name because are designed to destroy mass concentrations. But then again, we are talking about a Navy led by Admirals who are little better than pirates. 

        China, though, at whom all these provocations are aimed is taking the matter seriously.

        "The timing of the operation---just ahead of a ruling on South China Sea disputes---is surely a calculated one" a Xinhua editorial stated, "After countless promises not to take sides in the dispute, the arrival of warships is hardly an aspect of the peaceful resolution Obama claims to support."

         China is certainly right to be suspicious; Obama's treacherous foreign policy record should automatically make foreign power presume his intentions are the polar opposite of his actual words.

          But the great danger involved in Obama's passive-aggressive foreign policy is not only that it isolates us economically and weakens us diplomatically. Obama has pushed the world closer to WW3 than any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unlike 1962, the US is in no position to fight a war on that scale---even presuming our cause is just, which it is not.

          Obama's continual prodding of major powers: China, Russia, and, increasingly, Iran, is generating within those countries political elements who want a more hardline approach than their current leaders. Even more dangerous is his policy of employing highly unstable regimes as buffer-states between these powers. The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and the gangsters in Turkey have made no secret of their desire for war with Russia; the drug-addicted Wahhabi Saudi regime and their satellites consider the Shia Iranians infidels; and Duterte in the Philippines and Abe in Japan have territorial designs against China. Any one of these points is a time-bomb waiting to explode and suck the US military into the conflict.

          China is not going to leave the Nansha Islands voluntarily and has made this position non-negotiable. What the Iranian Navy did to our sailors in January is going to be mild compared to what the Chinese Navy is capable of doing. And more to the point, it will be a fight over an issue that the United States has absolutely no national interest in winning, although China does have a national interest in it.

          Unfortunately, this is the motive behind this and other regional conflicts. It is not about securing US interests; it is simply to grandstand and appear powerful before the Ameroboob electorate. And the Ameroboobs need to put down their hookah pipes and turn off the cable news long enough to think long and hard about the consequences of a war with China.

          But chances are, this will not happen. It won't be until the average American starts seeing Silkworm missiles coming into his neighborhood that he'll realize there's a problem. And even then, he'll probably just blame it all on whatever scapegoat of choice he blames for all his other problems, drop some more pills, and settle into another New Normal.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


    The Ameroboobs have managed to expend to date almost 10 days of outrage on the Orlando shooting, much to the enrichment of the Media Cartels' bottom lines. Even the US Senate, who recently had to authorize a sanctions-waver to buy critical rocket engines from Russia, managed to introduce and debate a gun control bill. An opportunity to infringe on liberties always gets Congress to spring into action; investing in American technology and infrastructure, not so much.

     Behind all the headlines interviewing every known relative of the suspect, and the carefully staged victims speaking out, the rest of the world has gone on. It's somewhat pointless to debate the merits or demerits of the Senate Bill; it is all political theatre and Orlando will be forgotten as soon as the Government-Media Complex encounters a new national crisis to exploit.

      Contrary to what most Ameroboobs imagine, the 2nd Amendment actually exists for a reason. It is no accident that the two most-heavily armed nations---the United States and Switzerland---owe their independence largely to an armed citizenry. For a contemporary example, consider Iraq. Both under Saddam Hussein and Bush Junior, Iraq had strict anti-gun laws. Those laws did not prevent the rise of ISIS; but importantly, the situation there has proliferated firearms among the population. Guess what the Iraqi people are discovering? That Iraqis with guns can fight back. They've even formed militias and have driven ISIS out of some areas. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms really works.

          But effete postmodern Americans shudder at the possibility that they might have to take enough personal responsibility even to defend themselves. Such a suggestion will be met with the cynical sneer and retorts to the effect that the 2nd Amendment didn't prevent Orlando or any other recent shooting. But what the media and politicians are carefully trying to keep Americans from realizing is that nothing could have prevented Orlando.

            The Pulse Nightclub shooting and most other cases like it were the handiwork of deranged lunatics who were obsessed with doing what they did. Existing laws against premeditated murder haven't prevented any of these killers from committing it. If there were no guns, an IED or poison gas may have been deployed.

             This is a difficult fact to face in a populace accustomed to safe spaces and hate-free zones. But it happens to be reality. There are, like it or not, evil people in the world who would kill you for no other reason than they feel like doing so. Access to guns; getting dissed by his homo lover; school bullying; sympathy for ISIS---these things and things like them are the excuses for, and not the reasons behind, Orlando or most other mass-killings.

              "Yes" some Liberal might pipe up, "But wouldn't you agree that we have an epidemic of gun violence today, while other countries do not?" To which we would answer, that is a relative thing. Compared to countries like Syria, Iraq, or Yemen right now---no. Compared to Switzerland---yes. Which brings up the point that, if we are seeing more violence than before, there must be some reason for this other than gun ownership, which has been legal since 1789 in the US.

                When we consider that most of these recent acts of violence---from mass shootings to urban uprisings---are being committed by people of roughly the same age, maybe we should consider that social and educational changes during the last 30 years might be a contributing factor?

                 But try and suggest that to the Ameroboob, and you'll hear: "No way! We're Exceptionalists! We got to get those gun-nuts (or whomever)! People died, now somebody's got to pay!"

                 And our political and media moguls can rely on just such a response. That's why they'll go on milking the Orlando tragedy for all the political and financial gain they can; whipping on the hate and the outrage; and in the end, nobody other than themselves will have been helped in the least.



      Allied media sources report this morning the good news that an unknown number of Christian and Yazidi women were rescued from the clutches of ISIS outside of Fallujah today. Zulfikar Baldavi, commander of an Iraqi Volunteer Unit, told the press that the female hostages were bound for the Slave Market but were abandoned in a cell when their ISIS captors fled Fallujah.

       ISIS and other Jihadists have forcibly deported hundreds of women to Turkey where they are sold in the Black Market slave trade. Turkey is a member of NATO; a Coalition Partner of the Obama Administration and, as such, largely has escaped world scrutiny for the numerous Crimes Against Humanity in which its government has been complicit.

      Baldavi also stated to the press that Allied Forces are continuing to clear Fallujah of Jihadi snipers and booby-traps. The Iraqi Volunteer Units are comprised of citizen-soldiers fighting alongside the regular army; in a capacity not unlike the French Maquisards in WW2 or the American Minutemen of our War of Independence.  

       In other war-related news, Syrian forces repulsed an ISIS counterattack against the recently captured oil fields east of Raqqa. Lebanon---a recent participant in the Alliance---announced that its forces had destroyed an Al-Qaeda camp on their northern border. The camp was apparently employed as a way-station for the Jihadi Ratlines; smuggling fleeing war criminals from the area.

       Russian military sources also announced that 2 1/2 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered by convoy this morning to refugee settlements southwest of Damascus.

                                                         Good Men Doing Good Things


      On Sunday, one of the largest mass-demonstrations to date took place on Okinawa. An estimated 65,000 Okinawan citizens rallied in the capital city of Naha demanding that the US base there be closed.

       The Pentagon's policies of redefining the soldier and deconstructing masculinity in the military---a process ongoing since the 1990s---has led naturally to substandard recruitment policies, poor leadership, and undisciplined and unprofessional personnel. The US military has suffered an ongoing problem with criminal behavior among the troops. This problem likewise has been exacerbated by the increasing policies of outsourcing military functions to shady private contractors. Okinawa has been hit especially hard by the effects of these policies. Okinawa is far removed from frontline military theaters; hence it tends to draw the types of personnel who, for whatever reason, are not top quality, even by the Pentagon's nonexistent standards.

        Much to the mortification of the Imperial Japanese government, Okinawan Governor Takeshi Onaga was among the speakers at the rally and demanded that Tokyo remove the base, to the applause of the crowd. Onaga also denounced the treacherous legal chicanery the Pentagon routinely employs to evade its obligations under the 1960 Status of Forces Agreement. By the rules of SOFA, US Military Law is applied to servicemen in Japan. But 1960, the Pentagon's premises were to see justice done to the satisfaction of the Japanese; today, like most the rest of the US legal system, it exploits legal loopholes to protect the criminal element.

          The situation in Okinawa is becoming a major problem for the Japanese Empire---at time when it is reasserting itself as a militaristic power. There is a small, but determined move for Okinawan independence brewing and the discontent in Okinawa is spilling over into the Japanese population at large. Last week, 10,000 protestors turned out in Tokyo to denounce visiting Pentagon chief, Ash Carter. Even more to the point, a resolution read in Naha on Sunday stated that the situation 'had become intolerable'. By some estimates, US personnel are responsible for nearly 90% of the crimes committed on the island.

            Okinawa is situated in the Ryukyu Island Chain between Japan and Taiwan; and the volatile situation has drawn China's attention as a regional security issue. Hua Chunying, at a Chinese Foreign Ministry press briefing noted today that the bilateral agreement between the US and Japan "should not target third parties."

             "There needs to be a serious discussion about how US presence on Okinawa serves the interests of the countries and peoples in the region." Hua said.

               Kantoku Teruya, a member of the Okinawan Parliament agrees. In an interview with Xinhua news, Teruya said that Okinawans are becoming increasingly incensed at the increasing crime, noise, and pollution emanating from the base, and with Tokyo's ongoing toadying to Washington.

                "The two governments view Okinawa as their military colony" Teruya said, "And they uphold the rights of the US military over the rights of the Okinawan people and ignore the burdens the base puts on the island. For generations, the Japanese government has bowed to the United States while treating the Okinawan people as inferiors."

                Matters may thus be reaching a point where Chinese diplomatic pressure may be required to bring the Okinawan people's plight to world attention. At any rate, the Imperial government is in a difficult situation. Their expansionist plans obviously cannot tolerate a colonial uprising; but closing the base is not an option either. After a series of military humiliations in the South China Sea, the Pentagon is not likely to relish the thought of being forced off a tiny island a few miles off the Chinese Coast. A plausible solution might be to relieve the American officers and replace them with Japanese ones: their army at least knows how to maintain discipline. But the Pentagon is not likely to welcome that kind of diversity in their ranks.

                   The ideal course though would be for Okinawa to begin a serious move for independence. As a sovereign state, it would have control over its own military, foreign policy, and its own law enforcement. Okinawa was once an independent country until forcibly annexed by the Japanese Empire in 1879. It was occupied by the US after WW2 from 1945-1972; and since returned to the Empire in exchange for operating a US base there. US-Okinawan relations were generally good until the 1990s, when our military itself began to decline.

                 An independent Okinawa has considerable economic potential as well. Though a tiny island, its tropical location makes it a viable tourist location; it's geographic location is ideal for a financial/commercial hub. There is some port potential as well. At any rate, it would do much better than now; as all peoples do when they claim their freedom.