Wednesday, June 1, 2016


   Another heroine of the American Left, the clipped-haired mean-faced woman in combat Nadiya Savchenko, is out of a Russian jail and back in Ukraine after President Putin exchanged her for two Russian hostages. In the country that gave the world FEMEN, Ms. Nadiya is a national hero; and consequently, the darling of the American Media Cartels.

    Ms. Nadiya, a former pilot in the politically-correct Ukrainian Air Force made headlines in 2014 after officials in the Donetsk Republic captured her and some terrorist partisans. She was deported to Russia for complicity in assassinating two Russian journalists. Now among the American Elite today, murdering Russian journalists is considered a noble and praiseworthy deed; and, aided by a few hunger-strikes and other theatrics, Ms. Nadiya's plight became a cause celebre among the effete Consciences of the West.

      She was sentenced to 22 years in prison, much to the outrage of an American media who only has praise for a legal system that guns down ranchers protesting over cattle-grazing rights. And the Neo-Nazi government in Kiev was outraged too. But Putin called Poroshenko's bluff and offered a prisoner exchange. After all the hysteria he'd whipped up, Poroshenko couldn't well refuse; and was obliged to release two valuable Russian prisoners for just  another ordinary madcap Ukrainian nationalist.  

     So, Ms. Nadiya returned to Kiev this week. Despite past membership in the Aidar Battalion---a collection of criminal thugs and Nazi psychopaths engaged in ethnically cleansing East Ukraine---as well as her conviction for murder and terrorism; Ms. Nadiya had been elected in absentia to a seat in the Ukrainian congress. Not that is too unusual in Ukraine: recall that this is the same legislative body which officially believes that Jesus was a Ukrainian and that Russia orchestrated the recent ISIS terror attacks in Brussels.

        No sooner had Ms. Nadiya gotten off the plane than the fun started.

     She stated immediately that that she would consider a presidential run, complaining that Poroshenko had been too soft on Russia. "I have a feeling that WW3 could happen," she explained, "Crimea will probably return to Ukraine during this world war." Ms. Nadiya arrived at Parliament for her first day several hours before it opened, singing the National Anthem on the doorstep.

      It's for the sake of maniacs like these that EU countries languish under sanctions, and American taxpayers shell out billions in subsidies. And why were these sanctions imposed? Because the people of Crimea and Donbas chose not to live under such lunatics, and Russia supported them. 

      But not everyone in Europe or America pays. As recent leaks from the TTIP conference show, Wall Street is planning to cash in quite handsomely on the sanctions. And Western defense contractors and other nation-building enterprises are also turning some good profits off the 'Crisis'. And none of this will matter to the Ameroboob who, though he can't find Russia on map, is nonetheless convinced that Russia is a greater threat to the region than a Neo-Nazi government backed up by an army of Skinheads, Jihadists, and other criminals.




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