Thursday, May 30, 2024


     So, this year's Trial of the Century concluded in New York, a city that was once the symbol of a great country; and what we told readers nearly a year ago would happen did. The deposed President of the United States was tried and convicted of doing essentially the same thing that former President Clinton was tried for in 1998: having an affair and lying about it when he got caught. In our postmodern New World Order, anything (officially) considered sexual impropriety is held by the Ameroboobs to be a greater crime than anything else. Being accused of that in America not only effaces a lifetime of good works; actual crimes---no matter how egregious or heinous---are typically hand-waved off as good business or smart politics. 

    Our friends at Vulture of Critique are, as of this writing, been the only ones who've bothered to ask the question that the Media should be asking: What was in the jury instructions? We'll probably never know (for National Security Reasons, of course); but if we to hazard a guess, it was probably a montage of what has happened to other high-profile and lesser-known personalities who didn't do what the Deep State asked them to do over the last few years. I'm sure that all through the 'trial' jurors were reminded subtly that even a former President wasn't above the law beyond their reach. 


    The Controlled Opposition---which has expended infinitely more time and energy defending Israel than it has defending its own candidate---predictably is clutching its collective bowtie and pretending to be outraged over the verdict. "Today is a shameful day in American history! House Speaker Mike Johnson fumed, “The American people rightfully see this is lawfare, and they know it is – and dangerous,” although Johnson largely owes his current position to Lawfare and colluding with the Democrats. 

   Tucker Carlson managed to blame the verdict on illegal immigrants. "Import the Third World, become the Third World!" Carlson commented. "That's what we just saw. This won't stop Trump. He'll win the election if he's not killed first. But it does mark the end of the fairest justice system in the world!"---as if the corruption in our Legal System only started last year---and adds: "Anyone who defends this verdict is a danger to you and your family."---as if anybody on the Right actually cares about threats to the American family. 

   Anyone interested in reading a flurry of this kind of hypocrisy can find a collection of it at the Log Cabin Republican site, Breitbart News. Julie Kelly, of Fox News, said about the only sensible thing among the entire punditocracy: "Republicans stood silent for 3 years as Biden’s DOJ/FBI investigated, raided, charged, prosecuted and incarcerated 1,400+ Trump supporters for Jan 6. They not only tacitly endorsed it but funded it. Of course this unprecedented conviction of Donald Trump would be the natural result. Today's verdict is as much an indictment of GOP weakness and cowardice as it is the lawless Marxist tendencies of the Democrats."

    Exactly. Those who rig elections will have no problem rigging trials. Voices like Julie Kelly's are drown out, though, the mass-denialism that the True Believers in the 'Conservative Movement' routinely engage in. They've learned nothing from any of this“Either way, the real verdict is in November!” proclaimed WEF Young Global Leader and potential VP pick, Vivek Ramaswamy. As if we can expect a fairer election than 2020 was; or that the same people orchestrating this trial aren't going to have any say over the electoral outcome in November. 

   Trump's legal problems and Republican complicity in them is by design. The lack of any support from the Party has opened a channel for Bush Machine-connected billionaires to step into the void and buy influence. Shortly after the verdict was announced, Shaun Maguire of WEF-connected Sequoia Capital plopped a $300,000 mega-donation to the Trump Campaign. Earlier today, it was reported that Tech Lord Elon Musk and Bush-Machine mega-donor Nelson Peltz were holding meetings with the campaign for top advisory positions. Peltz also serves on the Board of several of the WEF's corporate Strategic Partners, just as many of Musk's operatives are active within the apparatus of the Great Reset, and many WEF operatives work within Musk's Corporate Empire

     The True Believers aren't going to be convinced of any of this. Sex scandals---which is all that this legal farce was really all about--- are an obsession in this culture, so expect more lurid, soft-core media 'analysis' to surface as the verdict gets appealed---along with a few allegations of various sexual improprieties against Democrats just to get even. Lost in all of this will be any focus on the real problems facing our nation and the Great Reset will go marching on. 


Tuesday, May 28, 2024


      So Memorial Day sort of happened. It's supposed to be the unofficial start of Summer, but here on the West Coast, weather conditions seemed closer to mid-March. As for the Veterans, they seem to be getting much older and much fewer in numbers. There's nobody left from WW1, a handful from WW2 and Korea, and all of the Vietnam Vets are collecting Social Security and VA Pensions. There are some veterans of the endless wars that the Pentagon has fought since Bush announced the New World Order in 1990; but they don't seem quite as proud of their 'service' as the older guys. 

    Surprisingly, the annual celebrations commemorating Whacko Left martyr George Floyd seemed unusually quiet; but Clown World was high gear nonetheless. The holiday coincided with the Jewish festival Lag B'Omer which typically includes celebrations with bonfires. The Israeli Government celebrated by firebombing a Palestinian refugee camp, burning alive an unknown number of civilians. The New York Times promptly echoed the sentiments of Neocon pundits that people calling such actions genocide are a bunch of anti-Semitic meanies. Pope Francis apologized to the Gay Mafia for the Church being 'homophobic' meanies too

   Strange alliances happened at home too. The President-in-Exile addressed the Libertarian Party Convention, and despite considerable pandering to the crowd failed badly to get their endorsement. Independent Candidate Robert Kennedy fared even worse; and the LP nominated a homo activist who formerly campaigned for Obama and supported mask mandates

   Meanwhile, following the Pentagon's ignominious defeat in Yemen, Head-of-State Biden addressed our brave xhes in uniform in Arlington to the effect that, despite our Pentagon's problems with attrition rates, gender dysphoria, obesity, crime, addictions, and suicide; our Military is still the toughest on the block. Not to be outdone, the Controlled Opposition dispatched shady Congressman Mike McCaul to Taiwan to throw some more gasoline on the smoldering coals, assuring our Deep State's puppet-leader that he can rely on the manly Alpha leaders in Congress to have his back.

    In the midst of all of this chaos, Jeff Bezos' propaganda organ The Washington Post took time to lament that a growing number of Chinese citizens no longer have positive opinions about the United States. Bezos blamed the Chinese Media for this situation, complaining that the Chinese Press doesn't promote American Exceptionalism to the degree that ours does. "Chinese individuals are now favoring the Chinese brand Luckin Coffee over Starbucks, opting for Huawei phones instead of Apple, and no one says the moon is any different when seen from the US now," the Post complains, "extensive coverage of American political polarization and public safety issues by Chinese media has led to the US losing its soft power advantage in China."

    Lue Xiang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences explained the obvious to the Chinese Media in response: "The US has always claimed to be the 'beacon of democracy,' but Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve their own interests through exercising democratic rights. Issues such as identity politics, social division, and wealth disparity are becoming more serious, and drug abuse has become an almost incurable problem in the US. The political polarization and poor social governance in the US have left Americans feeling hopeless, and the overall decline in social governance has made the beautifully packaged 'American Dream' appear pale and powerless." 

   America's sociopolitical leadership should be saying that in this Election Year and coming up with solutions to these problems---which seem obvious to everyone else. This is probably a reason why, for example, the Chinese Media could have headlines today about opening a new high-speed rail line while ours could only focus on sleazy political sex-scandals

    The events of the 2020s in the United States increasingly suggestive, in fact, of some kind of collective nervous breakdown. In 1935, Dead White Male W. Beran Wolfe wrote an article about the situation in Germany which has some unsettling parallels to the United States today.

    "A defeat of the striving for superiority, a loss of face, subordination and subjugation in an individual lead to the condition usually known as a Nervous Breakdown. Germany is having a nervous breakdown at present...The pattern of a nervous breakdown is simple. One fails in a critical situation because one's 'private logic' has been knocked out by the superior forces of Common Sense, the force of Reality. One goes through a brief panic, and as one recovers from the immediate sting of defeat, one builds up an alibi. If you can, you can save face by hanging the blame on a convenient scapegoat. The mechanism of a nervous breakdown typically crystallizes in some simple device whose neurotic nature is apparent to everyone but the neurotic...Once this pattern has crystallized, nothing else matters. Reason is thrown to the winds, reality is excluded from consideration. The neurotic believes that by protesting loudly enough, he will communicate his own self-deception to the rest of the world." 

    We certainly can see this pattern in operation in the contemporary United States. The illusion of a Silent Majority of dyed-in-the-wool American patriots was shattered by the Color Revolution in 2020. Denying the Reality that the so-called Conservative Leadership largely was responsible for the collapse of our Republic, Americans clung to the illusion of an impending Red Wave. As this never materialized, scapegoats (e.g. immigrants, the Chinese, 'anti-Semites,' etc.) were promoted. The crystallization is apparent in the utter disconnection from Reality in most political antics, as described above, and which have been noted here on a regular basis; and the fact that this neurotic behavior has been broadcast with considerable hysterical hyperbole from the Punditocracy is proof the dynamic going on here. 

   Wolfe also points out that sexual perversion and obsession is symptomatic of these tendencies: "Himself a homosexual, one of Hitler's first acts was to burn the works of Magnus Hirschfeld {a psychologist of the last century who studied homosexuality in-depth} who may have known too much and exiled him from the country. Freud, too, whose teachings would point uncomfortably to the  psychosexual infantilism of the men who govern German destinies was also treated to a literary auto-de-fe." We see this symptom leeching out into the public discourse as well; holding up the likes of Bruce Jenner and the latent-homosexual Red Pill types like Andrew Tate and Doug Wilson as spokesxhes for the cause. 

   This again points to the fact that there is no political solution here. America's problems are spiritual in nature: we need to come to grips with Reality---not seek escape and evasion---and take responsibility for self-government again.


Sunday, May 26, 2024


     In this Election Year Show, two stories were circulated among the Controlled Opposition Media---one with considerable fanfare and the other discreetly ignored. Going along as though things like stolen elections, staged riots, Color Revolutions, and political persecutions of dissidents aren't really happening, the American 'Conservatives' are gushing over the prospect of a November Red Wave despite repeated humiliations---with or without interference---for the last three straight years. Removing the Democrats and continuing their tyrannies and usurpations under different management is their only objective at this point. 

    Apparently because of the widespread perception that there aren't enough extremists supporting the Republican cause, the President-in-Exile addressed the notoriously depraved Libertarians at their convention this weekend. The Libertarians are hardcore Social Darwinists. They oppose Government tyranny, but celebrate Corporate tyranny; oppose Government Militarism but are fine with private armies; and on social issues they firmly espouse unrestricted hedonism. Their position is basically the same as that of those favoring the Great Reset, only without the Virtue Signalling.

   The Conservative-Industrial Complex has been courting the Libertarians for some time. One of their icons, WEF Agenda Contributor and President of Argentina Javier Milei spoke at a recent CPAC Meeting to rave reviews. In addressing the crowd, the President-in-Exile won their support by promising to commute the prison sentence of another Libertarian icon, Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht was jailed during the Obama Administration, and didn't come to Trump's notice during his entire four years office; but that hasn't stopped the True Believers from exploding with glee over the announcement

   "Do you remember Ross Ulbricht?" one opines. "He had website called Silk Road that was an e-commerce platform similar to eBay, where consenting users chose what to buy and sell as long as no third party was harmed. Although legal items were sold, it was mostly used for buying and selling drugs, most commonly small amounts of marijuana. For this, the Obama reign of terror put Ulbricht in jail for the rest of his life." The FBI, however, had a slightly different opinion on the subject.

   Robert Kennedy also spoke at the Convention, pointing out the Uniparty's role in the Scamdemic and crimes related to Big Pharma, but was roundly booed.


      The other big campaign rally, which---for obvious reasons---got less attention was staged by Bush Machine sock-puppet Ron DeSantis in Florida. Enlisted in this cause was dual Israeli-American Robber Baron Isaac Perlmutter who is organizing a new Super PAC to line the RNC coffers and buy influence. Perlmutter has amassed a huge fortune, mostly by bankrupting companies and escaping with a Golden Parachute. Unlike Ulbricht, Perlmutter has always managed to stay one step ahead of the authorities, though he came very close to getting caught when his double-dealings at the Veterans' Administration came to light.

     To the True Believers, all of these concerns about courting extremist elements, pardoning criminals, and taking bribes from billionaire Oligarchs are only peripheral issues which magically will sort themselves out once we're rid of the Democrats. Cultivating this attitude is precisely what the Republican Establishment is counting on. This is why they've taken a united front to foment discontent, hunt scapegoats, and push a narrative while avoiding and discouraging any discussions of what their actual solutions might look like. This is because they really have no solutions: the illusion of saving the country is all that they have to sell. 



Saturday, May 25, 2024


      We might all remember around last Christmas the story of a failed Congressional candidate and one of our brave xhes in uniform named Michael Cassidy. Cassidy went berserk in the Iowa State Capitol and attacked a paper-mache statue representing Satan which was being displayed there by some activists on the Whacko Left for whatever reason. Cassidy's trial finally concluded yesterday with a plea-bargain down Malicious Mischief and an $855 fine. 

     Cassidy soon became a great hero to the Postmodern Right: he can well afford to pay the fine since the fundraisers for him went well into six figures. In fact, he raised almost as much money from that incident alone than he did during his Congressional run. There was considerable howling from the Controlled Opposition that even that sentence was too mean. Destroying statues on public property and such is only bad when Liberals do it. Our side really has become the Trash Culture we wish to destroy.

    Though both Cassidy and his supporters have spun the narrative to portray him as a patriotic American hero overcome with holy zeal, that the whole thing was a publicity stunt is obvious from the facts surrounding the case. It worked too: Cassidy is now a wealthy man and a celebrity besides. In our culture, doing and saying outrageous things and generating controversy is the ticket to success: it's the bold action that counts, reasoned argument, not so much. Even crimes as serious as murder can get a free pass if it's Politically Correct these days. These things ought to give us some pause to reflect upon what kind of Justice Americans can expect if a Red Wave somehow comes to power this year. 

    Granted, there should have been no Satanic display in the State Capitol. Countries better governed than ours understand the threat that dangerous religious cults hold and take measures to suppress them (as ours used to do). However, just like in the cases of both crimes and social issues, the Postmodern Right maintains a double-standard when it comes to cults. The Moonie Cult, the Falun Gong, and Christian Zionists all are not only embraced by the Postmodern Right; they actively work with them in promoting agendas and crafting policy. This is not even counting some of the abominable positions taken by Reactionary Christian sects

    Due largely to the Groupthink cultivated by the Conservative-Industrial Complex, many on the Right are blind to how far our side has degenerated into a mere copy-paste version of the Left. Some are waking up to this fact. The problem with most True Believers, though, is that they have a mistaken view of the goals of political and social activism. Defeating the Left, for many of them, has become an end in itself and the means to do this---and what they plan to do afterwards---are irrelevant to that end. This is a very dangerous approach: we saw in the last century that based and Red-Pilled parties like the Nazis did in fact save their country from Bolshevism and made Germany a major power again; but the price for that was very high. We need to be better than the Left: not their equals in depravity. 

   We can't let that happen here---and most of all, we must guard against the type of denialism which imagines that it can't. Some of the statements coming from supposedly 'mainstream' Conservatives. and some of the dangerous fanatics approved of and promoted by their top pundits is proof that it can. We should remind ourselves of a quote from one of the prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials:

   "This verdict illuminates one of the most shattering truths that has emerged from this trial. If all of the leaders of the Third Reich had been sadistic monsters or degraded perverts then the events described here would have no more moral significance than an earthquake, or any other natural disaster; but what this trial has shown is that, under the threat of a national emergency, ordinary---and even able and extraordinary---men can delude themselves into the commission of crimes so heinous that they stagger the imagination. No one who has sat through this trial can ever forget them: men sterilized for political beliefs, a mockery made of friendship and faith, the murder of children. How easily it can happen." 

Thursday, May 23, 2024


     The title of today's article is taken from an old 60s Counter-Culture song but seems to be appropriate for the subject matter. The results of a study came out yesterday, which I think that we all saw coming and it speaks volumes about the state of American Culture. 

    "Marijuana use has become so mainstream in the US that the number of Americans who smoke the drug on a daily basis has surpassed the number who consume liquor with the same frequency, a new study has revealed. An estimated 17.7 million Americans used cannabis daily or almost daily in 2022...Prior to the wave of new marijuana laws, daily pot use reached a low point of less than 1 million Americans in 1992. Since then, per-capita rates of regular marijuana use have jumped 15-fold."


      Yes, yet another specimen of our exceptional culture that all of our enemies envy and want to destroy. An interesting---and probably not unrelated study that came out last year noted that within that same time frame found that American IQ Scores have been in consistent decline, noting that "test scores in three out of four cognitive domains were going down. This is the first time we’ve seen a consistent negative slope for these testing categories." 

    Before the usual Reactionary crowd starts piping up that this only happens in Liberal Pinko-Blue States, let's take a look at some actual numbers:

    Which would seem to indicate that most hardcore potheads are hardcore Fox News viewers: Minneapolis and Portland being the only Liberal strongholds in the Top Ten cities for Marijuana use. If anybody's interested in seeing some more data, 'Red States' didn't fare very well in deployment of other drugs either. Some of the cities with the lowest per capita drug use included some surprises: the lowest rates recorded in some cities allegedly suffering an "immigrant invasion" of violent drug gangs like Miami and El Paso and a few so-called Sanctuary Cities, for example.

   As we've noted here before, there is a major difference in the potency of Marijuana available since it's gone mainstream and what was circulating underground a few years ago. What's available today is comparable to Hashish in both its effects and potency and studies have shown a distinct correlation between cognitive decline and marijuana use as well as higher levels of intelligence-related birth defects in babies born to using mothers.

   China---which has had a tragic history from drug trafficking---did an in-depth article on the subject of drug abuse in America. Their report noted that "According to a report on the OpenSecrets website in April 2022, the marijuana and cannabis industry spent over $4.2 million lobbying on a variety of issues and legislation in 2021, including the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2021 which aimed to remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances. Amazon also spent $14.5 million funding lobbying activities between April and December in 2021 on a variety of bills, including the MORE Act, read the report. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), the sole Republican co-sponsor of the bill, has received more money from the marijuana industry than any other member of Congress with $52,100 in contributions received since his election in 2017." Considering the amount of loot that so-called Conservatives are raking off the Narcotics Industry, we can see why most of their rhetoric is only empty talk and scapegoating. China became the first country to ban high-potency Marijuana derivatives---many of which are available for retail sale in the US---in 2021 and its use except in industrial hemp is also banned. They also noted how our exceptionalism and exporting Democracy has led to social deterioration via narcotics in countries which our Pentagon has 'liberated.'


     Today, over 2/3 of Americans favor legalizing Marijuana as opposed to only 1/8 in 1969. The shift has been the result of a massive Media blitz headed by the shylocks on Madison Avenue and billions from Corporate advertising and vested interests. It should come as no surprise that organizations like the World Economic Forum are big promoters of legalization. WEF Agenda Contributor Jeremy Berke, a writer for the sleazy Business Insider praised Canada's legalization efforts in 2018 and hoped that it would pressure the United States to follow suit. Tessa Love, another Agenda Contributor promoting the WEF's 'Green Technology' scams, is editor of's Cannabis Newsletter

    The question of how we can turn things around is not an easy one. There is no political will to address the problem; and considerable economic and ideological opposition to changing the Status Quo. The problem goes beyond simple recreational use, as the Chinese study pointed out, social malaise is a huge factor. 

    "An increasing number of young people are turning to drugs due to dwindling economic opportunities and the apparent death of the so-called 'American Dream.' Most of them take drugs because they're bored, or because of depression brought about by economic insecurity. Taking drugs allows them to dull the pain from modern American society...Apart from social recession or crises that stimulate drug use at times, the severe inaccessibility to quality education targeting young people is also another contributing factor behind the US' drug abuse problem," experts noted.

   In other words, Marijuana represents a form of Escapism which can be linked culturally to the pervasive apathy and loss of historical perspective seen in the narcissistic culture which lives for the present and has both contempt for its past and sees little hope in the future. The Drug Crisis is a symptom rather the cause of a far deeper spiritual problem rotting the United States from the inside out.

   The Globalist Elites though are happy with the situation. Not only is a stupefied and apathetic population easier to manage and exploit; addiction creates dependence. The ideal state---which our Oligarchy has nearly succeeded in achieving--- is one where social approval is tied to cannabis consumption. In the end, Marijuana use is now directed to its ultimate purpose: creating the illusion of freedom in a culture which no longer values liberty.








Tuesday, May 21, 2024


     After a 53-year career of undermining Western Civilization and working feverishly with global financial Oligarchs to build a Techno-Fascist Fourth Reich, WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab announced his retirement today, apparently settling back to an emeritus status within the organization. While Schwab's retirement from worldly affairs is certainly no great loss to humanity; it doesn't represent an overall gain. Schwab, like George Soros before him, appointed his carefully-groomed offspring to key positions and promoted fanatical henchmen to keep their Evil Empires going in perpetuity.

   Schwab's second-in-command and probable successor is Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, another aging Oligarch with suspected Nazi heritage and former CEO of Nestle. The WEF bureaucracy is packed with operatives with ties to Nestle. Along with BlackRock and the Gates Foundation, Nestle is probably one of the most powerful Corporate interests within the organization. Currently, Nestle is the world's top agribusiness cartel. In case anyone's interested, the next three largest conglomerates in that sector (PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Unilever) are also WEF Strategic Partners and Financial Octopus BlackRock holds significant shares in nearly all of the Top Ten.

    One of Brabeck-Letmathe's top agendas has been extending Big Ag's control over the food supply to the water supply as well. He remarked once that:

   “Water is, of course, the most important raw material we have today in the world. It’s a question of whether we should privatize the normal water supply for the population. And there are two different opinions on the matter. The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means that as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution. The other view says that water is a foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff it should have a market value. Personally, I believe it’s better to give a foodstuff a value so that we’re all aware it has its price, and then that one should take specific measures for the part of the population that has no access to this water, and there are many different possibilities there.”

   We don't know at this point who actually will replace Schwab, but Brabeck-Letmathe is a fair specimen of the type who likely will. Schwab has spent over a half century building this global criminal enterprise which grooms Young Global Leaders, many of whom have assumed high positions in Western Governments and industries. The WEF is a massive bureaucracy---a de facto government with its own bank, its own State Religion, and its own people in command of the military forces of the West. Its list of 'Strategic Partners' includes major banks, government contractors, energy consortia, media conglomerates, Big Ag, Big Pharma; along with old established Royal Families and activist NGOs. The WEF probably controls more economic sectors and political spheres than the entire nation of China at this point: yet, their stooges in our Deep State focus on the 'China Threat' instead of the real threat inside of our own borders. 

   In America's fake Election Year, neither Party---except for a few fringe candidates--are even addressing the hostile takeover of the United States by vested interests. In fact, this weekend Corporate apologist Rainer Zitelmann penned another article circulating widely within the Controlled Opposition Media explaining to the True Believers out there that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are excellent role models for the New World Order and that people who might oppose them are simply envious. 

   "In capitalist societies, envy seems to manifest itself more intensely than in previous eras. In capitalist societies, social standing is not determined by lineage or birthright, for, before the law, everyone is equal. In reality, though, competition does not lead to equality but to inequality. And people can react quite differently to this inequality: some respond by striving to reduce the gap between themselves and the rich by trying to improve their own situation. Such people see the rich as a source of inspiration. They seek to learn from successful figures such as Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk by buying a biography or two and studying them to see what insights they can glean. Others react with envy. Like the protesters who set up a guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’ $23 million mansion in Washington, D.C."

  What this dumbbell willfully fails to realize is that resentment towards people like Bezos and Musk is less from envy of their wealth than the fact that---contrary to what Zitelmann asserts---in our 'capitalist' society everyone is not equal before the law. People like Bezos and Musk are laws unto themselves: government regulatory agencies are captured by Big Business and armies of lobbyists and soft-money donors literally write policies to their clients' own benefit. 

   Zitelmann hypocritically points to China as an example of successful de-regulation. After readers finish laughing over this assertion, we'll explain further.

    In contrast to the United States, China actually does take 'equality before the law' seriously. As an example of this, there was an explosion in China at an outdoor diner recently which killed 31 people. China threw the businessmen in charge of the operation in jail and later indicted the Government officials responsible for enforcing safety regulations. 

   Contrast this with America's recent disaster at the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. The very people responsible for the disaster were the ones tasked with dealing with it. No one has ever been held accountable, nor likely will they. The examples of these kinds of injustices could go on: Big Pharma getting protection from liability for effects of the Loyalty Vaxx; banks getting taxpayer bailouts for their own incompetence in causing economic turmoil; various other disasters and abuses of labor getting swept under the rug, etc. It's not envy that people feel: it's the resentment against uncontrolled and unaccountable power that these institutions freely employ against our guaranteed rights under the law.

   Dominated as they are with such attitudes and with the proliferation of the Prosperity Gospel within their ranks, it is unlikely that we'll see any significant restraint on unlimited Corporate power in the United States any time soon. The best than can be said of today's Republicans is that they don't fundamentally disagree with Moneyed Interests ruling the country, they just want to change the focus of how these interests are doing it. 





Monday, May 20, 2024


     After a weekend of gloating over the death of Iranian President Ibraham Raisi, Congress---under the nominal control of a political party---the 'Conservative' element was up in fighting form again. Not, of course, fighting for the Constitution or against government over-reach, or rebuilding our collapsing infrastructure; but a full-fledged scapegoat hunt was launched as the Election Season grows nearer. 

   The activists running around in diapers at campaign rallies are no doubt pleased, despite none of the Republicans' recent legislative endeavors making the slightest bit of sense. For example, after a top GOP Senator called for deploying atomic weapons on Gaza and Congress pushed a Bill to force the Junta to send Israel more weapons, the same Republicans embargoed Chinese cotton on the fake news story that China was committing Genocide against Moslems. Speaker Mike Johnson, who has been busy combing the countryside for cattle to send to Israel for a ritual sacrifice, and who hears voices in his head telling him that Ukro-Nazi mercenaries are an Army of God, gave the GOP a pep-talk on the need to support our NATO proxies allies, which this week conducted military parades showing off NATO's commitment to Western values


      Sadly, these things weren't the only displays of the Conservative-Industrial Complex' increasing disconnection from reality. Some pinhead on the Fox News Channel commented on the recent meeting between the Russian and Chinese Presidents that “This would never happen under Trump. This was one of Trump’s goals never to allow this to happen!” even though Putin and Xi met seven times during Trump's Presidency

     The real meltdown happened this morning, though, after the International Criminal Court indicted Zionist strongman Benjamin Netanyahu for Crimes Against Humanity. They also indicted three leaders of Hamas (no outrage over that, of course). Their terroristic threats against the ICC apparently went unheeded: maybe after witnessing Texas Governor Greg Abbott's leniency toward convicted killers on political grounds, the judges assumed that there would be no pushback if they threw in a few Hamas leaders for good measure. 

    The ICC has an interesting history. It was actually promoted by American Neocons until the other signatories to the ICC Treaty made it clear that American leaders wouldn't run it to enforce their New World Order. George "you're for us or against us" Bush---who supported the Treaty until then, withdrew from it in 2002. 

    Congressional Republicans---who haven't lifted a finger to stop any of the egregious abuses of the Legal System against President Trump or any other Americans illegally being persecuted---were quick to defend the Zionist leadership with threats of consequences that they would never dream of bringing against American judges who violate any of our Rights with impunity. 

   Aside from the sheer foolishness of attacking a legal entity whom the United States doesn't even recognize, such rhetoric illustrates once again that all of this blustering is yet another cheap publicity stunt. If all of these arm-flapping Alphas in the GOP want to start talking about keeping trouble-makers out of the country, maybe they should start with foreign NGOs, lobbyists, and some of the WEF scumbags who are actually a threat to the United States. 

  This whole disgraceful episode also further illustrates that the GOP Establishment is not in control of its own Party's policies. Madison Avenue shylocks hired by vested financial interests manufacture and market the GOP's positions and promote shady politicians who'll generate publicity for their causes. 







Saturday, May 18, 2024


      So this weekend, Social Media Trash Culture and the Churchian Right are engaged a major ratings and clickbait blowout because some sports figure who played in this year's Taylor Swift Bowl (or whatever they call the Super Bowl these days) made some remarks at a college commencement speech. Given the fact that most colleges and universities are basically scam operations selling degrees, expertise, and influence (at very high prices) and that our culture places little to no value on merit that supposedly comes with these commodities, one would think that we'd have higher priorities that what someone says at these fake displays---a relic of a once-great system that today only serves to create the illusion that education is really a national priority


     Harrison Butker, who made the speech, is himself a graduate of Georgia Tech, an institution heavily tied into Big Pharma. A product of the NCAA Money-Machine, another corrupt offshoot of the Academic Mafia which rakes in billions for these institutions. The athletes involved in this scam, like other graduates, typically go from four years of being celebrated and rewarded to being dumped on the streets to sink or swim once they're of no further use to the schools. Also like other graduates, only a small percentage ever go on to any kind of success in their chosen fields. 

    However, the American public would rather not think about any of that. Every year, these phony ceremonies have to have some kind of controversy or scandal around some speaker to divert attention away from seriously thinking about what a fraud and a cheat the whole system is to begin with. 

   Butker apparently said something to the effect that being a home-maker was a noble calling for women. In a culture where abortion is considered a sacred rite and murdering entire families is simply the cost of doing good business, such remarks were bound to be met with contempt. Between the Whacko Left Wing---which thinks that depopulation (i.e. genocide) is a worthy social goal and the Churchian Right---who value women and children slightly less than the the White Slave traffickers of 12th Century Turkey; one can well imagine what the tone of these online firestorms sound like. 

     Rather than descend into the gutter, let's talk about what being a homemaker actually involves. The Old Testament, with its often very succinct way of expressing profound truths describes the creation of Eve and by extension tells us about the Divine origins of complimenatrianism, which is considered on the level of obscenity in our postmodern dystopia though its practice was largely responsible for building civilization. The division of labor, where both genders worked together in the spheres for which they were best suited built societies. In fact, up until recently it was well-understood that genders become more specialized and differentiated as they advance

    Contrary to what Feminist revisionists and Churchian reactionaries teach, as families grew into communities, men produced and provided while women ran domestic affairs in the home. In Classical Times, women had the status of 'property' more because of their recognized value than because of any patriarchal oppression or silliness about the sins of Eve. This continued until our 'enlightened' generations believed that the Corporate State was more valuable than the family. Being a 'homemaker' had women in charge of maintaining everything relating to the household: even in large estates they managed the servants, the accounting, the logistics of supplying the goods and services for the household---it was not a drudgery or slavery as often portrayed by both its modern detractors and promoters. 

   In Ancient Rome, for example, one of the most obscure festivals was held every December exclusively for women. Little is known about this festival, since only women participated and they were sworn to secrecy. Even the name of the actual Goddess honored isn't known: she was simply referred to as the Good Goddess. Even the Caesar had to leave his own home while this event was going on and everyone from his wife to the servant-girls participated. Cicero told a story about how one of his old school-mates disguised himself as a woman to learn its secrets but was discovered and badly beaten by the celebrants. Apparently, the unenlightened Romans didn't realize that men could become women simply by identifying as one.

   With our advances in technology, women have the opportunity today to be both homemakers and to pursue interests outside of the home. The misogynists on the Left, however, don't want them in the home at all; while the misogynists on the Right don't want them out of the home for any reason. 

  While I agree with Butker's sentiments, the whole debate is really a distraction from how little our culture values women's traditional roles and how truly worthless we believe them to be. Consider that the skyrocketing rates of female infertility, gender dysphoria, suicide, and addiction among young women isn't even a topic worthy of discussion. Nor is there much concern about the fact that the US---in less than 20 years---has fallen to the bottom of developed countries in infant mortality rates or the numbers of women who have died in childbirth. 

   The reality is that our culture cares no more about women than it does for children; and this whole debate is only a smokescreen for people to pretend that they do. Access to unrestricted abortion, easy divorce laws, the social criminalization of all but homosexual sexuality, the practical forcing of women into male positions and so-called 'trans-women' into female ones---all of these are symptomatic of a deeply misogynist culture. We mouth platitudes about how we esteem women and motherhood while doing exactly the opposite. But like the Academic shows where Butker appeared; it's all about keeping up the illusion rather than facing the reality. 

Thursday, May 16, 2024


     While the verminous American Media was distracting public attention with the usual daily dose of celebrity scandals and political theater, Slovakian President Robert Fico was gunned down by a Whacko Left activist. The President is in critical but stable condition after several hours of intensive surgery. The Slovakian Federal Police have stated that the shooter confessed to political motivations---he was alleged by some sources to have worked for media subsidized by Western NGOs---and shot Fico because of the President's decision to suspend arms shipments to Ukraine

Slovakia won its independence in 1992 after the fall of the Iron Curtain and Fico was one of the nation's founders. Because of its strategic location, Slovakia was heavily pursued as an ally by Deep State interests. Fico, a patriot, increasingly became concerned at foreign political and economic interests imposing upon Slovakian National Sovereignty. His predictions were coming true: Slovakia eventually slid down the path of American Exceptionalism, plagued by cultural erosion, soaring crime and addiction rates, and widespread wealth inequality. Despite considerable Western interference in the election, Fico was elected to Prime Minister in 2023, a position he had held briefly twice before despite heavy foreign pressure against him. 

    Fico is hated by Western Deep State interests not only because of his opposition to sacrificing Slovakian interests for Ukraine; he has also gained popularity for his 'Euro-skepticism' and opposition to the Great Reset. Fico opposed the restrictions of the Scamdemic and one of his first official acts was open investigations into Corporate profiteering and abuses of governmental power during the so-called 'crisis.' Last week, his government rejected the Gates-backed WHO Pandemic Treaty; earlier this year, his government re-joined a cultural reform pact led by Russia and Belarus to curb Western Cultural Imperialism. Slovakian Minister of Culture Martina Simkovicova stated in January that “The innocent are being punished and that is sick, ideology should not interfere with culture. Non-governmental organizations related to LGBT  will no longer parasitize on the money from the culture department. Such practices have come to an end, we are returning to normality.”

    Fico's latest initiative was an attempt to pry foreign corporate interests out of Slovakian Media. Reporters Without Borders, itself heavily funded by shady Western NGOs, flew into a predictable rage over the proposal. These NGOs have---like their American counterparts---been fanning as much hatred, division, and violence in Slovakia as they do here, among other attempts to undermine social stability. Fico himself ominously predicted recently that "Some Slovaks are denouncing supporters of political forces they do not like as 'misguided blind folk' that they are ashamed to have as their neighbors. Politicians face obscenities in the streets. I expect this frustration to turn so intense that it could lead to the murder of one of the leading government officials," which sounds very similar to the situation that the Corporate Media has created in the United States.

   Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is visiting China, issued a joint statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping condemning the assassination attempt. The Russian Government issued a statement saying that "Fico is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it often goes against the mainstream narrative of the collective West. We condemn the heinous rhetoric of hate that has surrounded the assassination attempt in Western Media; this rhetoric has flooded a media space that is already dominated by pro-Ukrainian narratives. The West has “cultivated” a similar “rhetoric of hate” for years." Cui Heng, a scholar at China's National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation told the Chinese Media that "Such extreme actions, influenced by internal and external crises, indicates that the political and social landscape across Europe is showing signs of radicalization, with individuals on both sides of the political spectrum becoming increasingly extreme in their actions." 

   The extremist rhetoric in European Media is merely a reflection of the kind of cultural debasement that has been imported there by American Media Cartels. Contrary to popular belief, Big Media is the largest American export. The effects on societies where this cultural rot has proliferated is unmistakably damaging and nowhere moreso than its Country of Origin. 

   The Uniparty in the United States---which caused this problem in the first place by repealing laws against media concentration---is demanding various degrees of censorship against so-called hate speech defined by whichever interest group is promoting it. The real answer to the problem is not censorship or State-Controlled Media (which we have de facto because a few hundred Corporate Boards already control over 90% of its content). What we need is to reinstate sensible laws ensuring competition among media outlets again. The Free Market of Ideas would drown out the voices of extremism and dissension with truth and reason. 

   But such a return wouldn't suit the policy of the Globalist Cartels which thrive on instilling paranoia in populations whom they desire to control. Foreign Governments like the aforementioned China, Russia, and Slovakia have no choice but to embargo this dangerous propaganda from abroad and encourage the growth of domestic media outlets. This policy wouldn't work in the United States because the same vested interests promoting the Corporate Media control the governmental agencies which would be charge of regulating it. 

   Any long-term hope of actual Media reform is probably forlorn at this point. The best that we can do is expose these criminal enterprises for what they are and denounce extremism in all its forms in the few venues that we still have left to do it in. Foreign Governments maybe to protect their citizenry from outsourcing their minds to the Media Establishment, but here in the US, we have to start to taking the responsibility of thinking for ourselves and rejecting the 'narratives' more proactively.